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How to do your video editing on the Gopro Quik application

You want to make video montages easily and quickly with your GoPro ? We explain how to take control of the Quik application.

Goopro Quik

Gopro Quik is a video editing application for iOS and Android created by the famous gopro firm creator of high -quality nomadic cameras. Create video montages, add music and images.

Why use Gopro Quik ?

What are the news of the latest version of Gopro Quik ?

With which Gopro Quik OS is compatible ?

What are the best alternatives to Gopro Quik ?


Gopro Quik (ex Quik – Video editor Gopro and GoPro App) is a free multiplatform utility that allows you to display, control, manage and modify your photos and videos taken with the famous Gopro camera. The application must be connected to GOPRO via Wi-Fi to allow you to view the recorded files on it from your phone. Gopro Quik also offers you the possibility to download files directly to your phone and automatically transfer them to your computer.

The application can also transform your videos and photos captured into a quiksory to which you can add some video effects and music. Gopro appquickpropose also to crop or redirect your photos and videos, as well as the configuration of certain parameters such as resolution, sound, etc. Gopro Quik replaces a Gopro remote control by allowing you to control your camera from your phone: turn it on and off, take photos or film, use Timelapse mode, check the condition of the battery, etc.

You can also share your creations or Quiksory on social media sites and broadcast live via Facebook, YouTube or compatible video platforms directly from the application. GoPro Quik can also capture photos from recorded videos. Finally, it gives you access to all updates for your GoPro.

Finally, note that the Gopro Quik application also allows you to handle your gopro camera remotely to frame the images, launch or stop recording, adjust the settings, etc. In addition, GoPro subscribers have unlimited cloud storage space for their content.

Why use Gopro Quik ?

Gopro Quik (ex Quik – Gopro video editor) allows you to create professional video montages in just a few minutes. The application will quickly find the best moments of a sequence, the user then adds effects, text and a soundtrack. The tour is played, it only remains to share. Above all, it allows users who have a GoPro device to recover the videos and modify them.

Goopro Quik

Gopro Quik allows direct transfer from your GoPro camera to your mobile device, but also to process the videos taken with your smartphone. Besides, at the first start, the application asks you if you have a GoPro, answer no and go discover what it offers you for your personal videos.

Quik recovers the metadata of videos, analyzes them and find the best moments. Pre -recorded styles are offered with transitions, coherent effects, etc. The user can let the application choose cuttings and key images, but everything is fully customizable for those who want an in -depth edition.

At start -up, the application asks you to connect or create an account. At the bottom of the screen, locate the link to continue as a guest, which makes it possible to avoid creating an account if you don’t want it.

What can we do with GoPro Quik ?

Goproquik allows you to make video montages, but also photo to create slideshow. The transitions are automatic, and you have many themes (some are free).

Goopro Quik

The tools are numerous: the scoring, the rotation, the addition of texts and titles, acceleration or idle, GoPro Quik also allows the addition of stickers to display a speed for example, the automatic activation of the audio in the event of voice detection and many outing choices to adapt to the media on which we plan to publish. Recording is made in 1080p, 720p or 60 images/seconds. Gopro Quik benefits from integration with social networks for rapid export to Instagram And Facebook.

To access it, click on the studio menu, you will arrive at the mounting tool. Quik will then ask you for the access rights to the media of your mobile, unless you have launched the tool directly from a GoPro file. Select it, or the documents you want to use.

The mounting interface offers a menu located at the bottom of the screen and which allows you to access the different tools: chronology, themes, music, duration, format.

Goopro Quik

In chronology, you can put your hands in the timeline and change the order of objects that compose it. You can also edit each to add/modify text, crop, filter, change the individual duration (for a photo for example), etc.

In theme, you can choose predefined video templates, they have the formatting of title, transitions, etc. Some are free and can be used without subscription.

In music, you access the Quik music library. As with themes, some content is free, the others are paid (bear an icon in the form of a flash on a blue background). Note the possibility of adding your own music by clicking on the blue library blue icon located at the end of the line.

Goopro Quik

Duration allows you to manage the duration of each media of your timeline and format allows you to choose the final display format of your video.

When you are satisfied, click the button to save located at the top of the screen. All your creations appear in “My montages” from the studio menu. To export them, click the export button that allows you to save the result on your device and share it as you want.

Wall is what ?

Gopro Quik has evolved to transform. It is no longer a simple video creation application, but it is also a multimedia file manager (images, photos and videos). Thanks to Mural, you will be able to find all your files in the same place for simplified management.

The wall option requires a GoPro Quik account.

What are the news of the latest version of Gopro Quik ?

Gopro Quik is regularly updated on all supports. The last added function is the possibility of going back to a modification or to put it back in place.

With which Gopro Quik OS is compatible ?

You can download Gopro Quik for free, in French, to smartphones and tablets under iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

What are the best alternatives to Gopro Quik ?

Capcut is one of the most downloaded video editors. It offers video editing tools, but also the application of many animations and filters. Its interface is completely translated into French and quite simple to handle thanks to its very complete menu located at the bottom of the screen. The display of the timeline and the various layers changes depending on the selected menu, which allows you to lighten the screen. Note the possibility of adding filters and effects in favorites. To download for Android and Apple.

Inshot is a video editor for Android and Apple. Very complete, it offers a very large number of features. In addition to the video, it also allows you to make photo editing and collages. Some tools and themes are only available in premium version. To download for free and to explore, in particular to discover the tutorials included which allow you to reach a specific effect.

Kinemaster is also very well rated on the Play Store and the App Store where it is available for download. Its only defect: it contains advertisements. Otherwise, it is free and offers many interesting features (entertainment, removal of the background, stickers, etc.)). Its interface stands out from the others by an orientation in landscape mode which allows you to organize the menus in a different and accessible way. As with others, a premium subscription is planned which unlocks all the tools offered.

How to do your video editing on the Gopro Quik application ?

How to do your video editing on the Gopro Quik application?

You want to make video montages easily and quickly with your GoPro ? We explain how to take control of the Quik application.

What is the Gopro Quik application ?

The Gopro Quik application allows you to download your media, control your camera, but also make your montages and touch -ups ! We will see in this article how to use it. The free version offers basic features, we advise you to take the subscription for even more choices in your assemblies !

How to use the Gopro Quik application ?

1. Download your GoPro media to the application

When you have downloaded your gopro media to the application.

2. Wall

Go to the wall tab and click on the blue button + add to Mural. This tab includes all your images in a place in the form of an event. This private space allows you to find your images at any time.

3. Create an event

You will need to select your images that you can recover from the application, the phone or the Gopro Cloud. Once the images have been selected, you need to create a new event. Give a title to this. You can then have access to the assembly.

4. Mounting interface

In the assembly interface, in the main “chronology” tab, you will have access to all the selected media to organize your assembly. Change each clip one by one by clicking on it.

In the “Cut” tab, you can select your favorite moments from the video either manually or thanks to the Hilight car.

Record: to adjust the format of your video

You can also add filters and correct the colors, contrasts of the image, adjust speed, volume or add text.

5. Choose a theme

You will have access to a dozen themes that each have their transition. More choices available with the Gopro subscription

Example of assembly carried out with the Quik application during the Gopro Defender training day

6. Music

The GOPRO application offers a right -free music library for your assembly. But you can also select your own music.

7. Duration

The application offers optimal durations for your social networks ! Perfect for Reels and Story Instagram, but also for your Facebook and YouTube video posts !

In short,

The Gopro application offers the possibility of making your assemblies quickly and easily. Access basic settings in the free version, but for total access to features, we advise you to take the subscription. Let your creativity speak !

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The application is top but it quickly saturates the phone memory. Do you have a solution ?

Hello, indeed, raw media in 4K or more take up a lot of space. I can advise you to use the application for a temporary transfer. Do not hesitate to download your media to an external source, a hard drive for example. You can also download your media directly to your computer so as not to saturate your phone.

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