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Deliveroo – Restaurants delivered

Download Deliveroo is very simple, you must create an account or connect using the Facebook social network. If you want to order delivery, you must start by adding a phone number and a postal address so that the delivery man can find your accommodation.



Deliveroo is a meal and home shopping delivery platform. The service was founded in the United Kingdom during 2013, it quickly extended to other countries to conquer a hundred cities in just two years.

From now on, Deliveroo occupies a place of choice in its segment, the service is used by millions of people in the world while it presents itself as a serious competitor of Uber EAT.

How to use Deliveroo ?

Download Deliveroo is very simple, you must create an account or connect using the Facebook social network. If you want to order delivery, you must start by adding a phone number and a postal address so that the delivery man can find your accommodation.

On the other hand, know that it is possible to have several addresses and to change it according to your location on Deliveroo, remember to check that you are in the right location before ordering.

By adding your address to Deliveroo, you can see all the available signs nearby. Each restaurant or each store is accompanied by a sheet indicating the name, address and estimate schedule for delivery. Then you will find the details of the products in different categories, either starters, dishes, desserts, drinks or others for restaurants. You just have to add the menu of your choice to the basket, confirm the address and then adjust from the mobile application.

With Deliveroo, you are free to pay using a bank card, but also via mobile payment thanks to solutions like Apple Pay. As soon as the order is validated, you follow all the steps of delivery while you can see the location of the delivery man on the available card.

On the other hand, you can use Deliveroo to place an order for delivery, but it is also possible to choose the option of withdrawal on site, in which case it is you who must go to the restaurant concerned.

Otherwise, Deliveroo offers occasional offers according to shops, you may be entitled to discounts on menus, delivery to delivery or rewards.

Download Deliveroo is free, you do not need to pay to install the mobile application and place an order with the trade of your choice. As we said, you pay your meals or your shopping directly from the service using various payment methods.

Nevertheless, know that Deliveroo has been offering two paid subscriptions for a few years, they have the respective name of Deliveroo Plus, you have the choice between gold and silver formulas. The first is 5.99 euros per month, it includes the free delivery on all orders of at least 12 euros. For its part, the second is 2.99 euros per month for the free delivery on all orders of at least 25 euros. The latter is offered for a year if you have an Amazon Prime account.

What is the compatibility of the platform ?

You can download Deliveroo from a smartphone or tablet, it is only necessary that the device works with Android or iOS operating systems.

If there is no Deliveo office application, you can go to online service with any computer with an internet browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.).

What are the alternatives to Deliveroo ?

Deliveroo is a good mobile application for people who want to order meals or shopping, whether it is to have you delivered or get there to recover it. The platform is very popular, so that many establishments are present, whether restaurants or large distribution signs. However, the English company is not the only one present on this market, you can find alternatives like Uber Eats.

Rather than download Deliveroo, you can opt for Uber Eats, the two services are in direct competition, we recall it. Like its rival, the American service of origin is accessible through the mobile application on iOS and Android or online service. It is free, where you can also take a monthly subscription to be entitled to some additional advantages.

Like Deliveroo, Uber Eats leaves you very time to order races or meals with restaurants. This brings together a large number of very popular fast foods, but not only. The principle is the same, you order and set from the service and then you can view the steps of your order until it arrives at home.

If you are a follower of McDonald’s, be aware that there is a dedicated mobile application that can save you through Deliveroo. Indeed, the McDo+ platform is accessible from smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS, where it remains completely free.

With McDo+, you can order a menu with fast food, where it is possible to have your meal delivered or have been delivered to recover without waiting for your meal without waiting. You can become a member of the free loyalty program to take advantage of some advantages on the mobile application.

Deliveroo – Restaurants delivered

Deliveroo - Restaurants delivered icon

To order dishes from the best restaurants and have you delivered at home in complete facilitates, use Deliveroo ! Take advantage of a fast and reliable delivery of take -out dishes with special offers, free dishes, discounts and much more.

Fancy a good little dish without cooking ? Order your favorite meals and drinks to eat the juicest steak, the best royal couscous, the most delicious sushi in the neighborhood, the most authentic pizza or your favorite burger. From breakfast to dinner, Deliveroo is the best delivery service, efficient and simple, which helps you find succulent dishes from the best restaurants in the area.

Deliveroo features:

Order at any time

– Order quality dishes from appreciated local restaurants; Delivery of refined dishes from all the great restaurants in France.

Fast delivery of dishes

– Order dishes and receive them at home within about 30 minutes thanks to a ready-to-take dishes service offered in addition by quality restaurants.

– Find out in all facilitates the kitchen you want, filter the results to see organic meal options, gluten -free, vegetarians, vegans, hallal or kosher.

Order delicious quality restaurants like:

Daily bread

And much more !

– Deliveroo is available in many countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Australia.

Order dishes when you need them, experience fast deliveries and discover large gourmet restaurants, and the most popular restaurants in your region with Deliveroo!

For more information and to access customer service, go to https: // deliveroo.Fr. If you enjoy Deliveroo, take a few moments to assess us on Google Play Store. Thank you for your support!

Deliveroo – Restaurants delivered – version 3.145.0

What’s new we regularly make improvements to the app. Update the latest version to take advantage of it !

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