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Free Cyberghost trial: Take advantage of this legal tip

Simply ask to be refunded and provide the requested information (email address linked to your account, etc.). Without asking for the slightest justification, the support will access your request.

Free Cyberghost VPN for PC

Download Cyberghost VPN in progress

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Light VPN and very easy to use, Cyberghost allows you to secure your connection by masking your online activities and changing location by taking another IP address.

Cyberghost VPN is a VPN client using remote servers as intermediaries to protect the Internet connection and change IP address. The current version of Cyberghost VPN is number 8, it was published on 10/16/2020. It is a simple functional update of the customer but it nevertheless offers a general refreshment of design, promises “more performance than ever” and adds the possibility of connecting using the Wireguard protocol. Released in spring 2019, the previous version 7 brought in particular the connection in one click, the intelligent connection to the nearest servers and the stream servers filters. As it is a simple VPN customer, not all changes are made in terms of software: thus Cyberghost VPN has in recent months offered an (paying) option to have a dedicated IP and stopped the support of L2TP and PPTP protocols for safety reasons. Like most VPBs, Cyberghost works on paying subscription, but it is often offered on promotion at very low prices.

Main features

  • Anonymity: Cyberghost VPN changes the user’s IP address so that it cannot be traced by computer hackers. It thus offers the safe preservation of the information contained in this address. Note that the user can choose the identification number that will be displayed on the web server.
  • Unlocking: This software is able to access certain sites even if the administrator has banned their Navigation URL. It is able to bypass the firewall of the operating system so as not to be taken into account by the various connection filters.
  • Protection: In case of malicious people have access to an IP address, Cyberghost VPN can make additional data protection by encrypting it. The transferred files will only be accessible by the user connection port.

Free Cyberghost trial: Take advantage of this legal tip

Free cyberghost trial

Is it possible to use Cyberghost VPN for free ? And if yes, how ? Our goal is not to have you languish, we can already tell you that yes, it is possible to enjoy this service for free. We are going to explain to you later, how to get a free cyberghost trial.

Cyberghost: a free trial that can last up to 45 days

Like what we have mentioned in our tutorial explaining how to try NordVPN for free, Cyberghost also offers a free trial to attract new users.

It is once again thanks to the satisfied or refunded warranty provision that it is possible to try this VPN for free. Except that there is a small difference.

Indeed, the duration of the satisfied or reimbursed warranty of cyberghost varies depending on the subscription that you will take. It will either be valid for 14 days or for 45 days.

Here is a quick summary:

  • 1 month subscription: 14 days
  • All other subscription durations (6 months and 2 years) : 45 days

You will understand, the free cyberghost trial depends on its satisfied or reimbursed warranty. It should also be noted that This refund guarantee is without the slightest condition. This means that without having to provide the slightest justification, you will be able to obtain a refund at the end of the period. And if you have been convinced by this VPN supplier, then you can very well extend your subscription.

Now that you are aware of all this, we will be able to explain to you, step by step, how to enjoy the VPN of Cyberghost for free.

How to take advantage of Cyberghost VPN for free ? (Tutorial)

We invite you directly to get to the heart of the matter. Following you will find the four steps to follow to try Cyberghost VPN for free.

In the event of a question or problem, do not hesitate to contact the supplier’s customer support. He will be able to answer you.

1. Take a subscription at Cyberghost

As surprising as it may seem, to enjoy a free trial at Cyberghost, you must first subscribe to a subscription (that is to say pay).

As said above, The duration of commitment you choose will determine the duration of this free trial. By taking a 1 month subscription, you will have the right to 14 days of trial know costs. While with all other offers, you can enjoy Cyberghost for 45 days.

To obtain a subscription, go to the official website of the supplier:

Once rendered on the home page of the site, click on “‘ get cyberghost “in order to be brought to the prices grid.

Cyberghost home page

Select the subscription that suits you by not forgetting that the duration of engagement will determine the duration of your free cyberghost trial. The cheapest subscription (when we talk about monthly prices) is not very surprised by 2 years.

Once your choice is made, press the “Subscribe” button.

Cyberghost VPN subscription price

All you have to do is pay your subscription, select paid options if you wish (dedicated IP, password manager and/or antivirus), then enter your email address. Validate the whole by clicking on “Subscribe now”.

Following that, Cyberghost will ask you to define a password for your account.

2. Download and install the application on the devices (s) of your choice

The second step is to download Cyberghost for free. You will find all the platforms and operating systems supported in your customer area.

Click on the “Download application” button visible next to the option you are interested in. Once the file has been downloaded, start the installation.

To install Cyberghost, you will have nothing complicated to do. Simply follow the steps that will come to you.

3. Take advantage of Cyberghost’s VPN for free

Now that the VPN application is installed, all you have to do is take advantage of the free trial offered by Cyberghost.

Take advantage of this period to experience this solution and thus make a full opinion about it.

Test the servers dedicated to streaming, gaming, as well as download. Do not hesitate to perform speed tests to see how this VPN is doing.

In this way, once the free trial is completed, you will be able to make an informed choice: request a refund or continue your subscription.

4. Cancel your free cyberghost trial to get you back in full

Cyberghost could not convince you during this free trial period ? Or you just don’t want to have to pay anything to use a virtual private network ?

You must then contact the supplier’s customer support. Customer service can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week thanks to an online cat. Through the latter, you will have no trouble dialogue in French with an agent.

Simply ask to be refunded and provide the requested information (email address linked to your account, etc.). Without asking for the slightest justification, the support will access your request.

According to our own experience, it will then be necessary to wait a few days before seeing the money appear in your bank account.

One last advice: do not wait on the last day to request a refund. Leave yourself a few days of margin to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Why choose Cyberghost: our opinion

Why opt for Cyberghost’s free (and limited in time) trial rather than a real free VPN that will remain over time ?

Well because this VPN supplier has a lot of assets to assert. Unlike completely free offers, it does not impose the slightest limitation from a bandwidth and debits point of view. It will not put your online security in danger either, will respect your privacy, and will be able to help you if you want to bypass certain geo-restrictions or blockages.

We have aroused your curiosity ? Discover in the lines following a quick presentation of the service made available by Cyberghost.

Cyberghost offers one of the best Virtual Private Network currently. Its service has the advantage of being relatively affordable without cutting the general quality of it.

After being able to try it for free, you will have no trouble getting a subscription for just over € 2 per month, which is really close to free.

The application made available is compatible with many devices (Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Firestick, etc.). It will also be possible to use Cyberghost on 7 devices at the same time with a single subscription.

Cyberghost application

What’s performance ? The flows that we have seen, especially using the Wireguard protocol, are excellent. The drop in speeds (inevitable when using a virtual private network) is relatively low. You will thus have no trouble making use of this free cyberghost trial to: watch high definition content on streaming services, download voluminous files, or even play online securely.

Speaking of security, the supplier does not skimp on the means. It has implemented a policy of non-conducting the logs on its servers (which guarantees your anonymity), a Kill Switch is available through its application and strong encryption is used to protect your Internet traffic.

You want to find more information about this VPN before trying it for free ? With this in mind, remember to consult our Cyberghost opinion.

As a reminder, it will be necessary to use the satisfied or reimbursed warranty of cyberghost to benefit from a free trial. A few days before the end of this warranty, you will only have to contact the support via online cat (which is available 24/7 and in French) in order to be reimbursed. And if you want to continue the adventure, know that the supplier offers a substantial reduction on its 2 -year plan.


You still ask yourself questions about the free cyberghost test ? If this is your case, take the time to read the following.

Does the free cyberghost trial require a means of payment ?

If you opt for the free trial of 1 day reserved for Windows, MacOS and Linux users, then no, you will not need to enter a means of payment (bank card, paypal, etc.).

On the other hand if you want to test Cyberghost VPN for free for longer, you will need to enter a payment method. Indeed, to enjoy a free trial ranging from 14 to 45 days, we will have to subscribe to a paid subscription then play the refund guarantee in order to be fully reimbursed.

The 14 -day warranty is offered with the 1 month subscription while the 6 months and 2 years subscriptions come with 45 days warranty.

What are the differences between the free trial and the guarantee satisfied or reimbursed ?

The main difference between the free trial and the satisfied or refunded warranty of Cyberghost is that in the first case, you will not have a payment method to be informed. All you need to take advantage of it is an email address. On the other hand, the disadvantage of the free cyberghost trial is that it is only valid for 24 hours. So this leaves you shortly to properly test the service … and above all enjoy it !

Although it is necessary to pay first, the guarantee satisfied or reimbursed has the advantage of being valid for 14 to 45 days. You will have all the time to take advantage of Cyberghost’s VPN. Above all, if you don’t want to pay anything, the purpose will be the same. A simple message to customer support will be enough to recover your money.

For this reason, we advise you to opt for the satisfied or reimbursed warranty. And if the test is conclusive, you will only have to continue to enjoy Cyberghost after this period of 14 or 45 days.

How much is Cyberghost ?

The price of the subscription to Cyberghost will depend on the duration of engagement for which you will opt. As with the vast majority of VPN suppliers, the longer you get started, the more the monthly cost of the subscription drops. At Cyberghost, it will take € 11.99. For a 6 -month commitment, this will come back to € 6.99 per month, or € 41.94 in total.

The cheapest subscription is available for € 2.19 per month (this includes 2 months offered). However, the latter engages you over 2 years. Now it’s up to you to see what is the best for your budget and your needs.

Free cyberghost: how to test VPN ?

Free cyberghost trial

Faced with the number of VPNs that exist on the market, it has become more and more complex to make a choice. This is why providers offer free formulas or tested at no cost. The objective is to be able to get a fairly precise idea of ​​the tool and to verify several important elements such as the speed of its connection, the ability to unlock websites or the conviviality of its interface.

The Cyberghost VPN is interested in you but you hesitate ? So much the better because it also offers to test its stress -free application by not spending money and its trial period can last up to 45 days. To find out more about the free cyberghost test, read the rest of this article.

Is Cyberghost a free VPN ?

Cyberghost offers a free test for its new users. Nevertheless, it is not A free VPN However, since Cyberghost has only paid packages. He currently has three pricing offers from different times in progress. So how can he offer a free test without having a € 0 formula ?

In fact, the subscription to one of its packages gives the right to a reimbursement guarantee which acts as a free test limited over time. Anyone can benefit from the reimbursement which is without any condition. The most picky will say that the test becomes free that at the end of the process, which is indeed the case. That said, the user gets it whatever happens if he follows the different steps we are going to describe below.

Test Cyberghost for free in 3 steps

Whether you want to try the Cyberghost application before subscribing to its service or simply using it punctually, its free test is the option to favor. Let’s take stock and see how to take advantage of the free cyberghost test.

1. Subscribe to a Cyberghost subscription

Since there is no free formula or test version of its application, it is first necessary to subscribe to its service. You will have the choice among the following three offers:

  • 24 months (+ 2 free months) at € 2.19 / month
  • 6 months at € 6.99 / month
  • 1 month at 11.99 €

Finally, the price does not matter since you can request your refund afterwards. On the other hand, it is interesting to recall that only subscriptions of 6 months and more benefit from a repayment guarantee within 45 days against 14 days for the monthly subscription. In other words, your test will be longer by opting for the 6 -month or 18 -month commitment when it may be shortened with the monthly offer. This is why it is advisable to choose a long -term subscription (minimum 6 months).

Several payment methods are made available – Banking cards, Paypal and Bitcoin. Keep in mind that the amount spent is only temporary.

2. Use VPN for 14 or 45 days

When the subscription is carried out, you can now install the software, Testing the Cyberghost VPN in full to give you an opinion.

The entire features of Cyberghost VPN will be accessible to you without limit during the given trial period, i.e. 14 or 45 days depending on the subscription chosen. This is an element that differentiates it from the limited free formulas of certain suppliers.

As a reminder, during the free trial you will have access to:

  • Over 9000 servers
  • 90 locations
  • Powerful encryption type AES of 256 bits
  • A quick connection without bandwidth limit
  • All blocked websites
  • All geo-restaurant streaming content
  • 7 simultaneous connections on several devices

And this is just a little overview of everything you can enjoy since the assets of this VPN do not stop there.

3. Contact customer service before the end of the trial period

When the trial period comes to an end, you will have to make a decision: keep the subscription or request the reimbursement of your purchase. In the first case, no action is required. The subscription will continue and will be automatically renewed. If, on the contrary, you want to benefit from the free cyberghost trial, you will have to contact its customer support before the end of the test period.

The approach is very fast and facilitated by the presence of an instant messaging accessible 24 hours a day from the Cyberghost website. It allows you to put you directly in touch with a customer advisor to tell him about your refund request. The technical teams are attentive and very friendly. You can even exchange in French with them.

Your request will be processed in a few hours and you will receive your refund in 3 to 4 working days. Once the money has been spent in full reimbursed, you will have test the VPN Cyberghost for free.


You still ask yourself questions about the free trial offered by Cyberghost ? To try to answer it, we made a series of questions and answers.

What are the features offered through the free cyberghost trial ?

There is no limitation imposed by the free cyberghost trial. You will be able to take advantage of the same features as those who pay a subscription. From the Cyberghost application, it will therefore be possible to connect to more than 9000 servers in 90 countries, enjoy servers optimized for streaming, an advertising blocker, a kill switch, etc.

As a bonus, you will not have to undergo limitations regarding your bandwidth consumption or the performance offered.

Is it possible to take advantage of a free trial of cyberghost without a bank card ?

Yes, this is a possibility that exists. Cyberghost is one of the few premium VPNs to still offer a real free trial that does not require a bank card. This free trial will last 24 hours. All you need to take advantage of it is an email address not linked to an existing cyberghost account.

All that said, 24 hours is relatively short. If you want to take the time and test Cyberghost VPN more at length, it is better to subscribe to a subscription, since they all come with a satisfied or reimbursed warranty (which can last up to 45 days). Although this requires the payment of a subscription at first, you will have much more time to make your own opinion on the service offered by Cyberghost.

As a reminder, in order to recover your money, you only have to contact customer support via the live cat function available 24/7. The refund will be granted to you without asking questions.

How much is cyberghost after the free trial ?

The price of the subscription to Cyberghost will depend on the duration of engagement for which you will opt. The most economical choice is the 2 -year subscription that is offered at only € 2.19/month. In contrast, you will have to pay € 11.99 if you want to pay months after month.