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Bankin: Full review – Test of the Account Aggregator

A notification system warns the user before he is uncovered or when a suspicious operation takes place on his account. In addition, the application helps to make forecasts, but also to save your money.

Bankin’- manage his budget and bank accounts

Bankin’- Manage your budget and bank accounts is an application to manage your budget.


Bankin’- Manage your budget and bank accounts is an application to manage your finances.

Using a clear and intuitive interface, the application allows the user to quickly view their budget and expenses. These are automatically categorized: rent, races, transport, taxes, leisure, etc.

Tools make it possible to follow the evolution of its finances and the history of transactions in the form of graphics. Thus offering an overall vision of accounts to simplify their management.

Indeed, the application authorizes to have different accounts, even if these are not in the same bank. A search engine allows you to easily find an expenditure per amount, date, category or name.

A notification system warns the user before he is uncovered or when a suspicious operation takes place on his account. In addition, the application helps to make forecasts, but also to save your money.

Bankin ’synchronizes data daily. The application is compatible with most French banks. It integrates 350 banks in total, Paypal including.

It ensures secure connection and is protected by PIN code, digital imprint or facial recognition.

The application is free, a premium monthly version is available.

Bankin: Full review – Test of the Account Aggregator

Bankin opinion

Among the aggregators of accounts, the Bankin application is a leader. It not only makes it possible to group your accounts, but also to save on these fixed expenses or to take advantage of a cashback program. What are the features, the strengths and weaknesses of the Bankin App ? Answer to all your questions about the Bankin ‘app’.

What is an account aggregator ?

A Bank account aggregator is an independent application of banking establishments which makes it easy to manage all of your bank accounts on a single interface, even if the accounts are held in different banks.

In addition to comfort, the account aggregator provides access to functions much higher than those offered by banking applications to analyze its budget more finely.

The Bankin ‘application: Presentation of the aggregator of accounts

The French Fintech Bankin ‘was created in 2011 and is today leader in the field of account aggregators. The application is sophisticated and is aimed at individuals as well as companies. Its designers have bet on a refined interface so that its use is as intuitive as possible.

Features of the Bankin ‘application’ in short


The Bankin application has many features, including:

  • Categorization of expenses : Each expense is classified in the category attributed to it. The customer no longer needs to do his accounts because he directly obtains the detail by position: races, transport, leisure ..
  • Forecast of the end of the month : at any time, the user knows the position of his accounts in real time and at the same time consults a forecast to find out the position of the account at the end of the month.
  • Transform : Bankin’s flexibility allows you to make transfers in a few clicks between accounts or in the direction of third -party accounts.
  • Follow one’s savings : the Bankin ‘application’ offers simple and clear graphics to follow the state of savings as close as possible.
  • Automated budget : Bankin ‘estimates the ideal budget for you and helps you save more clever.
  • Cashback program : Take advantage of a cashback program in more than 400 general public brands.
  • Analysis of fixed expenditure: Bankin ‘analyzes your invoices and offers cheaper packages adapted to your needs,
  • On purpose : Get a flash loan to finance your projects with Bankin.

Bankin, Bankin Pro and Bankin Plus offers

Bankin ‘offers 3 formulas, a first free formula, a second pay for individuals and finally a third paid, adapted to professionals.

  • Personalization of expenditure categories
  • Transactions score
  • Personalized grouping of accounts in spaces
  • Personalized budgeting for each space
  • Transactions exports
  • Summary of professional accounts
  • Programmable alerts in case of movement

Install the Bankin app

To download the Bankin ‘app, simply go to the App Store or to Google Play Store and let yourself be guided. Bankin is also available on the web, with a personal space Accessible on the Bankin site ’.

Dangerous bankin ? Application and data security

Bankin ‘claims to take all measures to Protect data confidentiality of its customers. The company is ACPR approved – Administrative authority backed by the Banque de France – and applies the same security standards as the largest international banks.

THE encryption algorithms used are the most robust on the market and no banking identifier is never visible within the application.

Bankin ‘insists on his Supervision by French and European laws. The application complies with the rules recommended by the CNIL and is supervised by the European Directive on Payment Services No. 2 (DSP2). Customer data is neither sold nor exchanged.

Opinion on Bankin ’: our application test

Registration on Bankin ‘takes only a few minutes and the Synchronization of accounts is carried out in a few seconds. The data is thus loaded and categorized immediately and a cambert graphic is published to have an overview of the distribution of spending in previous months. Our opinion on Bankin is largely positive.

Bankin ‘advantages and strengths

Man telephone from his living room

From Benefits of the Bankin Application ’, We quote in our opinion:

  • The free version of Bankin ‘ which is already quite complete. The account aggregator is easy to install and quick to handle. Navigation is intuitive and pleasant.
  • The possibility of being able to add certain foreign banks is a plus.
  • Expenses are explicitly listed, which makes it possible to verify that there is no superfluous sample or no other anomaly on the account.

Bankin’s drawbacks and weaknesses

From Bankin’s weak points ’, We quote in our opinion:

  • The subcategories are incomplete. It is impossible to separate certain distinct positions. For example, we cannot separate the baby-sitter expenses from the expenses of crèches which are however not the same services.
  • The impossibility of classifying a real estate purchase or a car purchase, which distorts the accounts: the distribution of posts loses relevant for the period concerned.

Bankin ‘or Linxo ? Our opinion

Bankin ‘is aimed at people who prefer simplicity of use and sobriety. If the user does not feel the need to personalize everything, the free version of Bankin ‘is enough for him. Bankin ‘is better positioned for Customers with accounts abroad.

For a user with a slightly more complicated situation, with more numerous accounts and more varied categories, will undoubtedly be more comfortable with Linxo which allows more personalization. On the other hand, if he wishes to access the most interesting option in Linxo, the forecast budget slipping at 30 days, he must pay for the premium version.

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