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Automatically send suspicious files to the cloud to analyze them. If there is a threat, all users of Avast will be protected.

Free antivirus Avast 2023

Free antivirus Avast 2023

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Avast is a free antivirus which has been extremely popular in France since its formalization about twenty years ago. And for good reason, the solution is one of the few to be entirely free for all operating systems.

Today, Avast is a big name in the field of antivirus, so it is not surprising that free antivirus lift and its other formulas bring together more than 435 million users around the world. For the anecdote, know that the company was born in the Czech Republic in the late 1980s.

Download Avast has been a reflex in France for years as the editor’s antiviruses have been popular. Nevertheless, you should know that the company was bought by Nortonliflock in 2021 for the sum of $ 8.6 billion. The group was renamed Gen Digital in 2023, it has many brands, notably Norton, Avira, AVG and others, but each of them continues to evolve under its own name.

Free antivirus avast software

Download free antivirus Avast is simple and efficient, if you can enjoy the software in a few minutes. Indeed, he settles down quickly, after which he performs his first search for viruses to ensure that there is no malicious software on your device. Often, it is even installed by default on certain computers.

If Avast has an entire section which is dedicated to protecting your device through a complete analysis, know that the software does not stop there. Indeed, you are free to carry out a targeted analysis of certain elements, to do a personalized analysis or to scan the device when launching. For personalized analysis, you must select the files concerned.

In parallel, Avast has a tool that is responsible for checking the reliability of your WiFi. From the main menu, you must also choose the main agents to choose your defense line. It is also possible to go to the quarantine area that hosts files possibly dangerous. It is since the latter that you can, for example, delete the elements of your choice without they can impact the rest of your device when eliminating.

In short, downloading Avast allows you to enjoy maximum protection for your machine. In addition, the software can boast of staying light enough to maintain a negligible impact on the device, be it your computer or your smartphone. Thus, you are assured that performance and autonomy remain up to it when it turns. It is a real advantage and it has been proven in the last AV-Test report published in May 2023.

Free antivirus avast is free of charge, which means that its features are logically a little less complete than those of its Avast One counterpart. If you still have a doubt, know that you can go from the free version to the paid version to benefit from additional features.

Faced with free antivirus Avast, Avast One includes the same features, except that there is unlimited VPN, a prevention tool against phishing as well as simultaneous use on several devices. This formula also counts on a mode entitled “Do not disturb”. When active, you do not receive any notification from software.


Download Free Antivirus Avast has been possible from many devices. Indeed, you can first obtain the software from a computer with the Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 versions (in (32 and 64 bit). If you have a Mac, the device must use MacOS 10.11 or a later version. We note that the tool does not work with Linux.

In addition, Avast has a service accessible from a smartphone or tablet that works with Android (6.0 or more recent). For iPhone, it is the Free Security mobile application that it is possible to download if you have iOS (14.0 or more recent).

If you want to get Avast One, know that we find an application compatible with Window, MacOS, Android and iOS devices.


Download Avast Antivirus Free is… free, as the name of the software indicates. This antivirus without cost and without subscription aims to offer a simple and secure solution, where the publisher hopes that users end up switching to a paid offer.

Avast has some formulas in its range in addition to its free antivirus. Among these, we find Avast One, we have mentioned its features above. Here is the details of the prices for this premium subscription.

  • Essential / A device (PC, Mac, Android and iOS): free
  • Individual / 5 aircraft (PC, Mac, Android and iOS) for one account: 31.08 euros during the first year instead of 89.99 euros
  • Family / 30 aircraft (PC, Mac, Android and iOS) for six accounts: 41.88 euros during the first year instead of 119.99 euros

To this, it should be remembered that you can completely start by using free antivirus avast then switch to a paid offer later, whether Avast One or other. Otherwise, know that you are completely free to keep the offer at no cost.

With all its paid offers, Avast includes a free 30 -day trial period.

Alternatives to Avast

Free antivirus avast is a great option on the market. The software has the merit of being light and free, which leaves you all the time to use it free of charge, even if it means switching to a premium subscription later. Nevertheless, you can find several alternatives, notably Avira Free Security.

Instead of downloading Avast, you can choose Avira Free Security. If this brand belongs to the same group, it is published under its own name, where this formula can boast of being free also. In the same way, we find this antivirus on devices operating with Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

Like free antivirus, avira free security includes several features. In this sense, there are tools to detect and eliminate viruses as well as password manager that allows you to no longer forget your codes (and avoid putting the same each time).

On the other hand, AVG Antivirus Free is also a good alternative to Avast. Once again, the two software belongs to the same group, where the second is compatible with several devices while being free. As for his tools, it includes all the elements necessary to fight against viruses and external threats. If it is less known than its counterparts in France, it remains available in the country.

If you want a reference antivirus that wants to be more complete and more premium, you can try Bitdefender Internet Security. The publisher of the same name brings together more than 500 million users worldwide while this offer is compatible with Windows. To obtain it on Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, you have to choose the Bitdefender Total Security formula. With all the formulas, you benefit from a trial period at no cost of 30 days.

Presentation of free antivirus 2023 by the publisher

Free antivirus avast offers essential protection against viruses and malware. It includes a scan for your domestic network which detects 12 types of safety faults on your router as well as a whole new password manager that allows you to connect to all your online accounts using a single password. Free antivirus avast Seeing itself rewarded by PC Mag which attributes a note of 4.5 out of 5 as well as the mention “Excellent” during the PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice Award.

Free antivirus avast features

  • Continuous protection against viruses and spy software
  • Makes it possible to ensure the reliability of electronic letters sent and received
  • Protects infections from instant messaging software
  • Prevents attacks from diverted websites
  • Reveals the reputation notes of websites awarded by the community

On -board technologies:

  • Antivirus and anti-espion engine
  • Real-time anti-rootkit protection
  • File agent / email shield
  • Web shield
  • P2P/Instant messaging shield
  • Network agent
  • Suspicious equity agent

Download free antivirus. Allow more than 30 years of cybersecurity experience

Protect yourself from viruses and other malware with free antivirus. Avast defends the security and confidentiality of 435 million people worldwide.

Also available for Mac, Android and iOS
Also available for PC, Android and iOS
Also available for PC, Mac and iOS
Also available for PC, Mac and Android

Best protection 2022

Best ranking 2022
Download free antivirus

Best ranking 2022
Secure navigation and messaging
Wi-Fi network security
Easy to install and use
More than 30 years of experience in cybersecurity
Free antivirus avast
World renowned antivirus, for all devices

With more than 30 years of experience, we have created an antivirus software that is both easy to use and equipped with the largest threat detection network in the world, powered by machine learning and providing network security that does not slow down any device (PC, Mac, Android or iPhone).

You prefer to download Avast One ?

Avast One contains our award -winning antivirus software, as well as some of our best confidentiality cleaning and protection tools, all in a single practical download.

6 antivirus protection layers

Integrated protection of operating systems is not always enough. With free antivirus Avast, you can automatically perform smart analyzes (on software, files or applications) and detect any potential front door for malware, send suspicious files for Cloud analysis, get alerts in case of threats , etc.

Analyze your devices to detect vulnerabilities that are difficult to find.

Automatically send suspicious files to the cloud to analyze them. If there is a threat, all users of Avast will be protected.

Suspicious equity agent
Be immediately alerted if one of your applications suddenly behaves suspiciously.
Be alerted in the event of suspicious files (to limit the risks of opening it).

Analyze your devices when your system is off, to remove malware without any risk.

Store potentially dangerous files and isolate them completely from the rest of your operating system.

Free antivirus avast offers you even more

Free antivirus avast is more than just antivirus software. It also includes these security and confidentiality features.

Wi-Fi network security

Secure all your Wi-Fi connections, even on unsecured or public networks. Prevent pirates and intruders from connecting to your network and accessing your personal and sensitive files.

Secure all your Wi-Fi connections, even on unsecured or public networks. Prevent pirates and intruders from connecting to your network and accessing your personal and sensitive files.

Our intelligent firewall monitors all the network traffic between your PC and the outside world in order to block malicious intrusions.

Secure navigation and messaging

Stay safe when you browse, send emails or work online. Block malware and risky downloads, and prevent your device from being hacked to integrate a network of bots.

Protect yourself against malware allowing hackers to control your device and enlist it in a network of bots. Boot networks are used to send spam, steal data, distribute ransomware, commit fraudulent acts and other potentially illegal activities.

The web agent prevents users from visiting malicious sites by blocking those where he detects malicious code or malware.

The email agent alerts you before you click on a potentially malicious attachment.

Ransomware protection

Prevent hackers from accessing your personal files, modifying them or locking them to take them hostage.

Anti-ransomware agent

Protect your personal information. Do not leave your personal documents (photos, files …) become hostage of a ransomware. Automatically prevent unsuccessful applications from modifying them, delete or encrypted.

Data violations alert
Receive alerts in the event of a password associated with your email account.

Secure your email accounts and passwords. If a password associated with your email account is the subject of a leak or hacking, you will receive an alert that will allow you to immediately restore your account security.

More than 400 million users tell us their digital life

The interface of your software is great. You have done a good job over the years. I only have good to say about Avast !

Thank you avast for everything you do. I use your software on my mac OS X and Windows computers. Your products are the best on the market.

I have been using Avast for over a year and I think it is one of the best free protections on the market.

“Avast, a famous cybersecurity specialist, received a total of three awards for its exceptional performances. This demonstrates how reliable security services are and safe. »»

Best rated in 2022 by AV-comparative
Easy to install and use

Avast antivirus software is looking for safety and performance problems and instantly signals what to correct. It also protects you in real time by analyzing unknown files before they reach your device. In addition, it is free, so try it.

How to install
Protect yourself immediately by following these 3 simple steps:
Click here to launch the download.
Click here to launch the download.
Click here to launch the download.
Click here to launch the download.
2. File opening
Open the downloaded file and accept the installation.
Launch the installation program and follow these simple instructions.
System configuration required

All devices require an internet connection for automatic safety and programs updates.

Executing PC Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8 Or 7 (versions 32 and 64 bit, except Starter and RT editions), 1 GB of RAM and 2 GB of free space on the disc.

Mac running macOS 10.12 (sierra) or later.

Android Androogle Android 6 Android smartphone or tablet.0 (Marshmallow, API 23) or subsequent version.

iPhone/iPad running iOS 12.0 or later.
Free antivirus avast
Download our award -winning and free antivirus
Also available for Mac, Android and iOS
Also available for PC, Android and iOS
Also available for PC, Mac and iOS
Also available for PC, Mac and Android

Frequent questions (FAQ)

Is there a 100 % free antivirus ?

Yes, there are many free antiviruses, but not all of them provide the same level of protection. Free antivirus avast is completely free and provides the protection you need.

What does antivirus software does and how does it work ?

To block ransomware attacks and other emerging threats, Avast relies on its network of 435 million users using advanced machine learning techniques. Free antivirus avast detects, blocks and eliminates all types of malware: viruses, adware, spyware, Trojan horses, etc. It also protects your Wi-Fi network and defends you in real time against phishing attacks, dangerous sites and other threats to your devices.

Avast antivirus is really free ?

Free antivirus avast is really free. You don’t have to pay money to benefit from its essential protection. If you are looking for more security and confidentiality features, you can opt for Avast Premium Security.

Avast free antivirus has an impact on the performance of devices ?

Free antivirus avast secures PCs in real time, without causing their slowdown. Our worldly recognized protection blocks malware, phishing attacks, Wi-Fi threats and other. It is both complete and light software for the resources of your system.

How to detect and delete viruses and other malware ?

Free Avast antivirus detects and blocks all types of malware in real time, to prevent them from infecting your computer. In parallel, it analyzes your PC to automatically delete viruses and other malware before they cause damage.

If you are ready to take up the challenge, you can also try to delete viruses and malware manually.

Why is Avast One one of the best free antivirus ?

With its advanced technology (based on AI) and its network of more than 435 million users, the free antivirus of Avast can detect all threats, from their appearance, and protect in real time the set of his community.

Our antivirus engine is only one of the many reasons why free antivirus Avast is regularly recommended and rewarded with independent experts (PCMAG, AV-COMPARATIVES, AV-TEST, etc.)). We have one of the best antivirus on the market because we have antivirus protection that meets all your needs.

In 2021, Avast released Avast One, a new improved product. It is available in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and Germany.

Why is free antivirus a better than Windows Defender ?

Renowned Microsoft Defender, Windows Defender is not powerful enough to compete with other big antivirus for PC. It protects PCs against most types of malware, but its protection against phishing is limited to Microsoft Edge. To protect yourself on other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), you must install free antivirus avast. Microsoft Defender does not obtain such a good score with independent test laboratories as AV-comparative. For complete protection against online threats, it is better to use Avast, the antivirus the most people trust in the world.

For more FAQs, visit our support center

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