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Download Adobe Premiere Pro

With your subscription you have access to Adobe Creative Cloud to save all your creations, not lose them and be able to open them from any device.

Adobe Premiere Pro Free for PC

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Used by many audiovisual professionals, Adobe Premiere Pro is an essential reference for video editing thanks to a full panoply of tools and compatibility with other Adobe software.

The current version ofAdobe Premiere Pro is here 14.7, She was published on 08/12/2020. This update corrects only various problems: non-anchored panels interrupting the operation of keyboard shortcuts, audio loss of H files.264 having several mono flows. This version also improves stability during automatic recording when first pro is not active. The previous version 14.6 (published on 01/17/20) brought only two new features: the management of coding and decoding DNXHR 444 12 bit; As well as a quick export option via a button in the first pro header bar. Previous versions 14.5 and 14.4 had however led more new features such as the management of the Colorimetric Work Space Rec2100 PQ and that of importing the Apple Prores RAW codec, the automatic detection of stage mounting points or the improvement of automatic cropping.

The software Adobe Premiere Pro is specially designed for quality video editing with its various features. Assembly and even video editing requires an adequate and efficient tool in order to obtain a satisfactory result. Being renowned software in the world of film or video clip, Adobe Premiere Pro offers a great way to make videos. Indeed, it has a extensive multicamera mounting option. With this function, it is possible to mount the sequences in a simpler way, regardless of the number of cameras used to film them. In addition, we can refine as much as possible the assembly with the fitting tool. Thus, the fitting will be done directly in the assembly via the keyboard. Like all other Adobe software, Premiere Pro is no longer distributed in physical format but only online via the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service.

The way of reading the videos produced is significantly more efficient. The uninterrupted reading function allows us to apply filters and adjust their parameters, all during reading. This software saves considerable time thanks to outstanding performance and greater stability. With an intuitive and customizable interface, the software is now significantly easier to use. The new monitor panels include, for example, a customizable buttons bar. Thanks to a technology identical to that of Adobe After Effects, it is now possible to eliminate the jolts of the camera or even automatically lock a plan. This new function deletes the effects of moving, the flawling shutter defects and the other imperfections due to the movement.

Download Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is professional video editing software, this is one of the references for cinema, television and the web in terms of video editing. It has a multitude of features, offering almost infinite creation possibilities. A little complex, its interface in French is difficult to seek for novices, which will have to follow tutorials to master the most common commands.

Essential features

Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful tool that allows you to make your video montages and create your short and feature films using configurable and flexible tools.

Users can easily import video clips, images, music and other multimedia content in their fall, before dragging them in one of the tracks of the timeline, to integrate them into your project. Each element can be cut, moved, cropped or deleted from its track. Each media will be visible in an individual track.

Adobe Premiere Pro incorporates an impressive catalog of transitions, audio files, melted and effects to personalize according to your needs. You can add music, titles and subtitles for the most common tools.

Assembly, but also editing of images (tones, additions of shadows, filters) going as far as the possibility of putting a whole sequence in a specific color ! You can even touch up the sounds (to make them richer for example) and synchronize them perfectly with the videos. And to go even further Adobe Premiere Pro Contains tools that make it possible to convert dialogues into indexed texts, faces detection, etc.

More advanced features

Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to create animations and support the superposition of scenes using a green background system (Chroma Key). The new intelligent Adobe Sensei system found in other software in the range, brings different improvements and automation. For Adobe Premiere Pro, the intelligent cropping system automatically adjusts the location of the camera as a function of the frame dimensions: square, 16/9, vertical, etc.

Other effects also allow you to manage the speed of scrolling a sequence so as to give a slower or acceleration effect, to correct colors using a chromatic corrector, to blur elements or even to significantly improve image stability.

Note that Adobe Premiere Pro is compatible with other Adobe software, such as Photoshop and After Effects (which allows you to add special effects to your videos).

With your subscription you have access to Adobe Creative Cloud to save all your creations, not lose them and be able to open them from any device.

You can download and install Adobe Premiere Pro on PCs equipped with the Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10 operating system.13 or later, in 64 -bit architecture only. You must also have a multicœur processor of at least 8 GB of RAM and a screen with a resolution of 1280 px x 800 px.

Like most other software from Adobe’s creative suite, you can download and test Adobe Premiere Pro for 7 days. Beyond that, it will be necessary to take a Creative Cloud subscription adapted to your needs.


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