Disney will launch its advertising subscription offer in France and Europe on November 1, 2023, Disney Prize: what are the best offers and subscriptions in 2023?

Disney (2023): price, subscriptions, catalog, screens, all

Note that unless you have chosen the formulas with one year commitment, you have the possibility of going from a Disney+ offer to the other each month according to your needs and your desires. It is always good to know.

Disney+ will launch its subscription offer with advertising on November 1, 2023 in France and Europe

Disney+ in France will launch in November a subscription offer with advertising, thus offering its subscribers even more options and maximum flexibility to choose the subscription best suited to their needs. This offer follows the success of the United States by advertising subscriptions, offered by the streaming platform.

From November 1, 2023, the new subscription offer with advertising, as well as two other offers without advertising, will also be available in 8 other European countries: United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Jan Koeppen, President of The Walt Disney Company Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) declares: ” The launch of advertising marks a new stage in Disney+ evolution on the markets in Europe: we thus offer more choice to our subscribers and new communication opportunities to advertisers. Disney+ continues to stand out in the world of streaming today with unequaled quality, iconic series and successful superproductions, while guaranteeing a simple and fluid viewing experience. »»

Disney+ subscription prices in France will be on November 1:

The subscribers will keep their current subscription, which will be renamed Disney+ Premium, and will have the opportunity to go to the standard subscription or the standard subscription with advertising. *

Disney+ makes available to its subscribers a catalog of award -winning series, successful films and original Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star. From timeless cartoons to inspiring documentaries, passing dudrame to comedy, all greeted by critics. Everyone will be able to appreciate “The Full Monty: the series” and “Grey’s Anatomy” as with award -winning series such as “The Bear: on the spot or to take away” and “The Mandalorian”.

The reinforced parental control implemented by Disney+ provides a viewing experience adapted to the age of each, thus restricting access to certain content and allowing the creation of profiles locked by a PIN code. A suitable way to secure the viewing of the youngest members of the family without altering the pleasure of their elders.

*Current subscribers who choose not to change their subscription formula will be invoiced at the new price from December 6 or after this date.

About Disney+
Disney+ is the reference streaming platform for films and contents of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic brands, but also of Star, its world of general entertainment. Disney+ is a platform with a wide variety of original feature films, documentaries, series in real and lively shots and short films, in addition to unprecedented access to its incomparable catalog of films and TV content Disney group studios. Disney+ is the content platform for all of its studios (Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm) and in the star world, those of the studios 20th Century Studios, Disney Television Studios, FX, Searchlight Pictures and more.

Disney+ (2023): price, subscriptions, catalog, screens, all know

From November 1, 2023, there is change at Disney+. A new offer joins the platform and the SVOD increases its prices. We explain everything you need to know in our Ultimate Disney Price Guide+.

Posted on August 31, 2023 at 5:06 p.m

Disney Plus Films

Whether you want to follow the latest MCU series or review the classics of your childhood, Disney+ is the ideal video streaming platform. But what is the price of Disney+ in 2023 ? At the start of 2022, the Mickey streaming platform increased the price of its Disney+ subscription after adding the Star section to its catalog. Bad news: a new price increase is planned From November 1, 2023.

Since its launch in France in 2020, Disney+ has managed to conquer the hearts of many users. While Netflix suffered a regrettable leak in 2022, Disney+ always attracts more subscribers to the four corners of the world. In spring 2022, The platform had 14.4 million new registrants.

A success that is not without reason. Indeed, Disney+ offers an impressive number of programs. Whether you are a fan of Marvel, Disney and Pixar, Star Wars or the National Geographic, you will necessarily find your happiness behind the Disney subscription price+.

Before succumbing, you too, we take stock of Disney subscriptions and prices+. As you will read, some operators offer you to subscribe to the Disney+ subscription to make your life easier and save some savings in passing. We tell you everything in this Disney Prix Guide+ 2023.

What is the price of a Disney+ subscription in 2023 ?

Movies, series, documentaries … From the great classics to original programs, Disney+ offers a very rich catalog Between € 5.99 and € 11.99 per month in France from November 1, 2023. For the moment, the platform offers only one subscription but it will change this fall. Like Netflix, Disney+ chooses to add an advertising offer to seduce spectators in a tighter budget. However, do not expect to take advantage of the same advantages as the “classic” more premium offer. What a difference between the offer with Disney+ pub and the classic SVOD subscription ?

Disney+ Standard package with advertising

The real advantage of this new Disney+ offer is its price. While the other subscription sees its price increase, the offer with Disney+ advertising is offered at only € 5.99 per month. There is therefore talk of the most affordable formula of Disney Svod.

For less than € 6 per month, subscribers will be able to take advantage of their favorite content interspersed with promotional messages for just a few minutes. If you are used to downloading your favorite programs to watch them off-line, note that the offer with Disney+ advertisement will not allow you. In addition, viewing is limited with 2 screens. Regarding the quality offered by the offer with Disney+advertising, your content will be in Full HD and in sterero 5.1.

Disney+ standard package

Without advertising, the standard Disney+ package is the most balanced. For € 8.99 per month, You can enjoy your series and movies on 2 screens simultaneously, On any device, whether it is a question of your smartphone or your TV.

Quality is the same as for the formula with advertising, namely Full HD (1080p) and sterero 5.1. However, the difference lies in the fact that your programs are not polluted by advertisements and that You can download content To take advantage of Disney+ even without internet.

It is possible to save 15% the monthly price of your Disney+ subscription by committing you for the year. This costs you, thus, € 89.90 per year, instead of € 107.88.

Disney+ Premium package

To go to the next level, you will have to pay € 11.99 per month for the Disney Premium Package+. It is about the most complete offer of SVOD, with access to the platform on 4 simultaneous screens : on your smartphone, your TV, your computer or your tablet. If you are several in your home or want to share this subscription with your loved ones, it’s ideal.

At this rate, Disney+ invites you to take advantage of all your programs in Ultra HD (4K). Note that some films and series on the platform benefit from HDR 10, Dolby Vision as well as Imax Enhanced. Finally, you can download your favorite content in an unlimited way to be able to look at them when you are not connected to the Internet. All of this, without engagement.

If you want to save a few months every month, you can choose the annual Disney+ subscription which will then come back to € 119.90 instead of € 143.88. This represents monthly economy with a lower price of 16% To subscribe to Disney+. The only constraint ? 12 -month commitment.

Summary of Disney+ subscriptions in France

Disney+ Standard with pub Disney+ Standard Disney+ Premium
Price € 5.99 per month € 8.99 per month (or € 89.99 per year) € 11.99 per month (or € 119.99 per year)
Simultaneous screens 2 2 4
HD (1080p) Yes Yes Yes
UDH (4K) No No Yes
Download No Yes Yes
Advertisement Yes No No

Disney Plus Avis

Note that unless you have chosen the formulas with one year commitment, you have the possibility of going from a Disney+ offer to the other each month according to your needs and your desires. It is always good to know.

Now let’s move on to Disney competitors+. Indeed, the SVOD market is merciless and many alternatives are available to you. Other platforms have just as interesting catalogs.

What alternatives to Disney prices+ ?

Despite the richness of its catalog, Disney+ subscriptions do not interest you ? Other streaming platforms are available in France. Here are the alternatives to Disney+, there is something for everyone:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • DNA, Crunchyroll


For a long time, Netflix dominated the SVOD market. If solid competitors have pointed out their nose, the red n platform remains a must for your sessions of Binge-Watching. Among its original programs, you will be able to watch Stranger Things, The Chronicle of Bridgerton, Arcane or The Umbrella Academy. Currently, Netflix offers 4 subscriptions, from € 5.99 to € 17.99 per month.

Amazon Prime Video

Without making too much noise, Prime Video is essential on the SVOD market. The platform unveils a well -supplied catalog of films, series, animes and documentaries with very good original contents such as The Lord of the Rings: the rings of power, The Boys or Orelsan: never shows anyone to anyone. For € 6.99 per month, you benefit from this rich catalog but also free home delivery on Amazon, Amazon Music Prime, Prime Reading and many others ! With the recent addition of the Warner Pass and the exclusive distribution of The Last of Us, Video premium is now a must in the SVOD landscape.

DNA, Crunchyroll

If you are fans of Japanese animation, you have rather interest in choosing a dedicated platform as Crunchyroll or DNA. It allows you to discover new animes that make a lot of noise like Chainsaw Man, Demon Slayer Or Jujutsu Kaisen but also classics like One Piece, Naruto or Hunter x Hunter.

For the most curious, here is how to discover the Disney+ International Calatogue in other countries ..

How to subscribe to Disney+ ? (Tutorial)

Loki, Ahsoka, The Bear, Red alert are all programs that you can watch without moderation on Disney+ from only € 5.99 per month. You are convinced ? Perfect. You just have to subscribe. Here is how to subscribe to the Disney+ subscription in 2023.

Capture D

Subscribe to the Disney+ subscription on the official website

  • Go to the official Disney website+
  • Click on “Register”
  • Find out your email address
  • create a password
  • Choose the Disney+ monthly or annual offer
  • Define the payment method

All special offers for Disney+

If it is more common to subscribe to Disney+ directly from the website, this is not the only way to subscribe to the SVOD platform. Indeed, you can also subscribe to Disney+ from your Internet access provider. The price of the Disney+ standard offer can even lower, if we take into account the offers negotiated by suppliers. We think in particular of Bouygues Telecom which arrives with good news for the Disney subscription+. We explain to you.

Disney+ reduced price with Bouygues Telecom

By subscribing to the Bbox Ultym of Bouygues Telecom, The ISP offers you 6 months of subscription to Disney+ without paying anything. Then, you can access SVOD for € 8.99 per month. This is the same Disney+ price as that practiced on the official website, but you will therefore save half a year, more than 50 euros in normal time. It is always good to take. Especially that it avoids scattering, paperwork level.


Bbox Ultym Fiber

Downspout 2 Gb/s

Unlimited Fixed & Mobiles

180 TV channels included

Disney+ increases its prices and launches an offer with pub

Disney+ considerably increases its prices. To limit breakage and keep a maximum of users, the streaming service also launches two new offers, one with advertising. Furthermore, like Netflix, Disney wishes to end the account sharing.

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Disney+ is the Disney SVOD platform. It is available on your mobile devices, computer, connected TV, etc. Films, series, documentaries, Marvel universes, Star Wars, everything is there !

  • Downloads: 168
  • Release date: 20/09/2023
  • Author: Disney
  • License: Free license
  • Categories: Video – Leisure
  • Operating system: Android, online service, Windows 10/11, iOS iPhone / iPad
  • Android
  • Online service
  • Windows 10/11
  • iOS iPhone / iPad

Disney+, the streaming service dedicated to the original creations of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star, presents its new tariff grid. It will come into force from November 1, 2023 in France, in a context where Disney+ continues to lose subscribers for the third consecutive quarter.

A new premium offer is born. However, the most attentive will note that the services included are identical to the current subscription, which is actually hiding behind this new formula. Only the rate differs, going from 8.99 to 11.99 € per month or from 99.90 to 119.90 € per year. Disney has indeed chosen to launch new cheaper offers to better pass the pill from this price increase, which is worth the old single subscription to be renamed premium.

Moreover, without action on the part of users, their current subscription will be automatically tilted on a premium subscription. If they refuse, but still wish to keep their subscription to the SVOD platform, they will be able to choose from the two new offers launched by Disney. The standard offer takes up the current subscription rate, namely € 8.99 per month or € 99.90 per year. However, it must be satisfied with a 1080p definition, abandons Dolby Atmos technology and is limited to two screens instead of four.

Finally, already available in the United States, an advertising offer is born. Based on the standard subscription, it loses in comparison with the latter the possibility of downloading content and is only available with a monthly invoicing, at a price of € 5.99.

After Netflix, Disney+ tackles the account sharing

Finally, in the footsteps of Netflix, Disney wishes to end the account sharing. “We are actively studying the means to tackle the issue of account sharing and the best options allowing paid subscribers to share their accounts with their friends and family”, explains Bob Iger, Disney boss. “Later in the year, we will start updating our subscription contracts with additional conditions and our sharing policies. “”

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