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Comparison between Deezer and Spotify


Subscription package for Spotify

Deezer or Spotify, which application to choose to listen to music ?

Deezer and Spotify are the two most famous streaming musical listening platforms. Although similar, especially in terms of their price and the fact that they both offer a free version, they differentiate themselves by several points. Deezer or Spotify ? How to choose your music service in streaming ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each ?

You are looking for a mobile offer adapted to your needs ?

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  • The essential
  • That you chose Spotify or Deezer, There is a free version or a paid premium version.
  • Spotify is accessible from € 9.99/month and Deezer from € 10.99/month.
  • By subscribing to a Orange, SFR or Bouygues package, You can enjoy a Monthly price delivery On your Deezer or Spotify subscription.

Which offer to subscribe to benefit from a Spotify or Deezer reduction?

If you are looking for a mobile or internet offer to benefit from pricing advantages on Spotify Premium or Deezer Premium, it is towards Bouygues Telecom, SFR or Orange that you will have to turn. Here is the list of offers that allow you to benefit from a reduction on the music application of your choice.

  • SFR’s mobile packages
  • Bouygues Telecom Mobile Sensation Packages
  • The B & YOU Mobile Bouygues Telecom packages
  • Bbox Internet offers from Bouygues Telecom
  • Orange mobile packages
  • Open Orange packages
  • Orange Internet offers
  • Sosh mobile offerings
  • Internet offer Sosh box

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Zoom on the Deezer musical service

Known since 2007, the Deezer streaming service has been available from the Deezer website or since themobile app of the same name.

There are in free version, Free Deezer with basic features as well as in paid version, Deezer Premium, in Monthly or annual subscription.

The subscription Deezer Premium allows much more customizable listening. Indeed, you can create your own playlists and use the function Flow. This is a service that offers you a playlist according to the songs you are used to listening.

Deezer Premium works in Outside connection mode, That is to say that you do not need to use wifi or your mobile data in 3G/4G. You also have access to the words of the songs you listen to.

Finally, you can listen to all your playlists without being interrupted by advertisements. It’s’main advantage Deezer Premium.

  • Access to 90 million titles
  • Advertising cuts
  • Only random play mode is available
  • Deezer Free does not offer service in offline mode
  • Access to 90 million titles
  • No advertising interruption
  • Listen to random or not random reading mode
  • Sound quality up to 320kbit/s
  • Possibility to download songs
  • Deezer Premium Available in Outside Connection mode

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Free premium deezer the deezer premium subscription is offered Free for the first 30 days so that you can test the musical streaming service. There is also an offer for families, Deezer Family at € 14.99/month or at a more advantageous rate with an SFR or Orange offer.

Zoom on the Spotify streaming listening platform

Spotify is accessible in France since 2009, on the website or thanks to the Spotify mobile application. It is possible to take out a subscription Spotify free or a subscription Spotify Premium at € 9.99/month without obligation.

For a few years, Spotify improves its features and offers his subscribers playlists, called “Daily Mix” made tailor-made depending on listening habits. Every week, you can also listen to a playlist called “The Discoveries of the Week” which allows you to discover new artists, New songs, new musical genres. All these features are based on your listening tastes and habits and are often qualitative.

The table below presents the pros and cons of each version as well as their price.

  • Access to 70 million songs
  • Advertising cuts
  • Unlimited listening time per month
  • Zap as many songs as you wish
  • Suggestions of songs similar to those you listen to
  • Spotify Free does not offer service in offline mode but the data saving function
  • Sound quality up to 96kbits/s on smartphone and 160kbits/s on computer
  • Access to 70 million songs
  • No advertising interruptions
  • Unlimited listening time per month
  • Zap as many songs as you wish
  • Customizable playlists
  • Spotify premium is available in offline mode
  • Sound quality up to 320kbits/s
  • Service available on all your platforms

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To activate mobile data saving, follow these few steps:

  1. Meet in Welcome.
  2. Click on Preferences.
  3. Select Data saving.
  4. Click on Enable To trigger data saving mode.

Spotify Premium is offered with a 1 month trial period offered. The first month is also offered with the Spotify Premium family package at € 15.99/month, the Spotify Premium Duo package at € 12.99/month and the Spotify Premium Subscription Student at € 4.99/month.

On which equipment to access Deezer or Spotify ?

Spotify or Deezer equipment

Whether it is the Deezer or Spotify platform, it is possible to access it via several devices. Here is the list of all the devices you can listen to the music on Spotify or Deezer:

  • From your smartphone or tablet,
  • on your computer (PC or Mac),
  • via your connected watch,
  • Thanks to an audio system such as Sono, Bose Music, Google Home, Devialet Phantom, etc.,
  • via a vocal assistant like Amazon Alexa, Siri, etc.,
  • On your smart TV (Android TV, Samsung TV, etc.)),
  • Via your game console (the Xbox One or the PlayStation 3.4 and 5),
  • from your car.

You are looking for a mobile offer with Spotify or Deezer ?

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Spotify vs deezer: how much the subscription costs ?

The Spotify Premium service is available at € 9.99 per month and Deezer Premium at € 10.99Strong> per month, both without commitment.

The two streaming musical listening platforms are also Available at even smaller prices Thanks to your mobile or internet package. Indeed, they are both associated with operators thanks to partnerships:

  • The Deezer app is in Partnership with Orange and SFR. Orange allows its subscribers to take advantage of the Deezer Premium service in 1 €/month for 3 months then € 9.99/month. SFR allows its mobile subscribers to benefit from Deezer Premium to 6 €/month for 12 months, then € 9.99/month.
  • The Spotify service has a Partnership with Bouygues Telecom which allows access to the premium service free for 3 or 6 months (According to the Bouygues subscribed offer) then at € 9.99/month.

Whether you are subscribed to Deezer or Spotify, the two offers are without engagement, It is therefore possible to terminate the option at any time from your Orange, SFR or Bouygues customer account.

Spotify or Deezer, how to take out the offer ?

How to take advantage of Deezer ?

Just go to the Deezer website, select Deezer Free Or Deezer Premium and create an account.

happy woman

To benefit from Deezer Premium at a reduced price, you can take out an Orange Internet or Mobile offer:

  • an orange mobile offer,
  • An Open Orange offer,
  • A livebox internet offer.

Customers of a SOSH offer, mobile package or SOSH box, can also take advantage of Deezer Premium at a reduced price.

After choosing your orange package, select the Deezer Premium option and add it to your package.

If you are already one of Orange customers, go to your Orange customer area and then in My options. Choose the streaming music service then click on Subscribe this option.

How to take advantage of Spotify ?

Whether it be Deezer or Spotify, It is possible to subscribe to the musical streaming service on the website. Thus, go to the Spotify site then Start free trial. Create a Spotify account to activate and access the platform.

You can also take advantage of Spotify by subscribing to a mobile offer or internet Bouygues Telecom:

  • A Bouygues mobile offer: Sensation package with bouygues commitment or bouygues package without obligation,
  • A BBOX Internet offer.

If you subscribe to Bouygues Telecom, in the section My options, Select aplay options Then Entertainment, and finally click on Discover on the option Spotify Premium. It will then suffice to follow the instructions on the screen and create your Spotify account to start enjoying unlimited music.

You want to take out a Bouygues offer with Spotify ?

Deezer vs spotify: which application to choose according to your needs ?

You do not know which application to choose between Spotify or Deezer ? OUR DEEZER Spotify comparison allows you to understand the common points and the advantages of each of the musical streaming platforms.

The two musical services are available via their website or the mobile application. They offer an identical sound quality of 320kbits/s and an offline mode to continue listening to your playlists, even when you do not have access to WiFi and you do not want to use your mobile data.

perplexed man

Whatever the platform used, there is a Spotify or Deezer student subscription at € 4.99/month each and a family subscription at € 14.99/month for Deezer and € 15.99/month for Spotify. It is also possible to benefit from a trial period in order to test the service during a delimited period. Spotify allows a 1 month trial period and Deezer offers a 30 -day test period.

If the Deezer service had, for years, an advantage over its competitor by offering the Flow function (a service that creates a tailor -made playlist according to your listening habits), Spotify has not allowed itself to be done and also offers similar features. Indeed, when you have a Spotify Premium account, the platform offers you personalized playlists according to your listening, and creates a new playlist of songs to discover every week.

The price of the subscription to Deezer or Spotify is the same: € 9.99 per month without commitment. On the other hand, the price with partnership of each offer is different:

  • Deezer with SFR is offered at € 7/month for 12 months, then € 9.99/month, or € 84.92 For the first year of subscription.
  • Deezer with Orange is offered at € 1/month for 3 months, then € 9.99/month, or € 92.91 For a full year of subscription.
  • Spotify Bouygues is offered for free for 3 or 6 months, then € 9.99/month, or € 89.91 Or € 59.94 For a subscription year.

If we stick to the price only, the SFR offer is slightly more advantageous during the first year.

DEEZER Spotify comparison: the summary table

You now have all the cards in hand to choose between Deezer or Spotify And to judge who is the best mobile operator to listen to your favorite songs.

Here is a summary table to help you see more clearly and to decide between the two offers.

  • Access to 70 million musical titles
  • No advertising cuts during your listening
  • Quality sound (up to 320kbits/s)
  • Access to tailor -made playlists
  • Zapping at will
  • Tailor-made discovery playlists
  • Listen to offline mode
  • Service available on all your platforms
  • Access to 90 million musical titles
  • No advertising cuts during your listening
  • Quality sound (up to 320kbits/s)
  • Access to tailor -made playlists
  • Flow function to discover songs
  • Listen to offline mode
  • Service available on all your platforms

Selection of offers classified by price. Free SEO.

Many other musical streaming platforms exist on the market, such as Tidal, Qobuz or Amazon Music. Remember to look at these other offers to go to the one that suits you best.

Updated on 09/21/2023

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Comparison between Deezer and Spotify

How Deezer compares to Spotify ? You may wonder the unique differences and characteristics of these two popular continuous music services before deciding. We read here Characteristics and comparisons between Deezer and Spotify as a reference.

Comparison between Deezer and Spotify

The comparison table between Deezer and Spotify

Number of user 250 million users including 10 million paid 489 million users including 205 million paid
Subscription package DEEZER Free, Deezer Premium, Deezer Famille, Deezer Student Free Spotify, Spotify Premium Personal, Spotify Premium Duo, Spotify Premium Family, Spotify Premium Student
Musical library More than 90 million titles Over 80 million titles
Sound quality 160 kbits/s mp3 for free, 320 kbits/s mp3 for premium, 1411 kbits/s flac for premium 160 kbits/s Ogg for free, 320 kbits/s Ogg for premium
Compatible devices Android, iOS, computer, TV, car, audio systems, game console Android, iOS, computer, TV, car, audio systems, game console

Deezer vs Spotify: Subscription package

Deezer and Spotify both offer free and paid subscription options, and Spotify can offer more subscription options, but Spotify has more free restrictions than Deezer.

Subscription package for Deezer

Read the table below for Deezer subscription plans, prices and characteristics.

Subscription package for Spotify

Read the table below for Spotify subscription plans, prices and characteristics.

Deezer vs Spotify: musical library

A few years ago, Spotify had a clear advantage on Deezer. This is difficult to find a big difference and make a choice now. According to my personal experience, almost all the songs I want to listen to can be found on Spotify.

If you want to listen to regional niche songs, Deezer does a good job. So if you are looking for something different, Deezer is a great option. In general, it is difficult to say which is the best in your own music library, because everyone has their own forces or characteristics.

Deezer vs Spotify: sound quality

No matter the quality of the sound source, even the best amplifier and the best output, that makes no sense if your ears can not distinguish them, but the uncompressed audio format like Flac becomes more and more popular, especially For audiophiles.

Deezer has high -definition audio files that are encoded in FLAC (an uncompressed audio format, and stremed at 1.411 kbit/s)). The FLAC format keeps more data, on the contrary, MP3 is a compressed audio by cutting down a lot of details but a small size. And if you are a Sonos owner and a Deezer Premium subscriber, you can upgrade at no additional cost to take advantage of the CD Deezer quality music service. He broadcasts at 16 bits/44.1 kHz, The same resolution as the CD, and the same audio quality as rivals such as Qobuz and Tidal.

The highest audio quality available on Spotify is 320 kbit/s in OGG which shaves the parts of the audio which could be considered inaudible, so it preserves most important data. In this sense, some may say the differences in audio quality between the compressed and the uncompressed, but if at the upper level, we can make the difference with external speakers, in particular connected hi-fi devices.

Deezer vs Spotify: compatible devices

Now streaming music supports many devices and will be compatible with other devices in the future. Spotify and Deezer support streaming on many devices:

PC & Mac PC & Mac
Mobiles & tablets Mobiles & tablets
Connected objects Connected objects
Audio systems Audio systems
Vocal assistants Vocal assistants
Video games Video games
Car Car

Deezer vs Spotify: Discover the new music

Look for something new for listening is pleasant and interesting and we are happy to spend time in the new ones to balance musical tastes. Spotify has done the best job in this aspect, which offers various ways to discover new music, in particular:

Discover : Music based on your tastes or habits will be recommended, including the best recommendations, new versions and more categories based on an artist you recently listened to.

Discover Weekly : Automatic updating every Monday according to your listening history and that of other Spotify fans.

Browse: You can discover perfect music here, including: charts (the most played songs in your country and around the world), genres & moods, new features, discovers, concerts, podcasts, videos (only available in some countries).

Radar Release : Each Friday update with music published in recent weeks, featuring the artists you listen to the most, the artists you follow and some discoveries based on recent listening.

Spotify radio : You can sit down and listen to your favorite music or personalize the station according to your tastes while listening.

Daily Mix : Based on the different styles of music that you listen to regularly, each mix presents your favorite artists, as well as new discoveries to correspond to the atmosphere.

Friends : Display the listening activity of your friends or the public profiles that you follow, including brands and celebrities, only available on the desk 1190p.

Artists’ profiles : You will find all the outings available for a particular artist, and everything you need to know about them.

Discover the new Spotify Music

With more than 90 million titles in the Deezer catalog, there is also a lot to explore. Here are some useful features to help you, including: flow, canals, playlists, mix, research.

Deezer Flow : This is your personal channel and your music mixed with new recommendations in an infinite flow.

Playlist : If you play a good song after another with millions of playlists created by people who love music. Playlists are divided into Picks, Popular and Top track playlists.

Mixes : Based on your favorite songs, but remixed to focus on a single theme or musical genre.

To research : Explore the whole of Deezer’s musical catalog by typing the name of an artist, album, track or #tag (#Rock, #metal, #90’s) in the bar with the magnifying glass.

Discover the new music Deezer

Conclusion: Deezer or Spotify, which should I choose?

Deezer offers a very diverse music catalog compared to Spotify or Apple Music, and you can find a lot of albums you want but not available in your countries. Deezer Premium is a good plan for Sonos owners who want a quality CD at an advantageous price that Tidal and Qobuz. And Deezer Premium is a great and unique feature to discover new music. However, the service also lacks certain aspects, for example, the organized content is not up to par, and social functionalities are not as good as Spotify.

Spotify is distinguished by its new look, its excellent features such as Discover, its videos, its exclusive content and its social features. But applications and websites are not as easy to navigate and browse as Deezer. Different users have their choice of streaming music services, the gaps are not fatal, so it all depends on what we really like.

If you want to use these two programs together, Move the Spotify Playlist to Deezer or move the Deezer Playlist to Spotify, you can use Spotify Music Converter or Deezer Music Converter to download music/Playlist Spotify/Deezer to your local computer and transfer them. Alternatively, you can also use the all-in-one sidify all-one tool directly to help you download and transfer Spotify and Deezer songs.

Spotify Music Converter

Spotify Music Converter

  • Convert songs/Spotify playlists to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/ALAC/AIFF.
  • Preserve the high audio quality of Spotify after conversion.
  • Keep metadata to better organize the music library.
  • A click to engrave spotify music on CD.
  • 100% without viruses and plugins.

Deezer Music Converter

Deezer Music Converter

  • OKDownload Deezer songs.
  • OKMP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFF/ALAC as output format.
  • OKPreserve Hi-Fi audio quality.
  • OKKeep the ID3 tags.
  • OK100% without viruses and plugins.

Sidify all-in-one

  • Record songs from all popular streaming services.
  • Convert music to streaming into MP3/WAV/AAC/FLAC/AIFC/ALAC format.
  • Maintain optimal quality (ultrahd, hifi or master).
  • High speed & automatic integration of ID3 tags.
  • 100% without viruses and plugins.


Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter is an excellent Apple music downloader for users who can download Apple music or playlists, M4P music and iTunes audio books in high quality audio formats MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, ALAC and Aiff.

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Spotify or Deezer, which platform is the best ?

Spotify, the world leader in music streaming now has almost 205 million people subscribers and 489 million users and users worldwide. The Swedish platform is therefore n ° 1 on the market. Deezer, its French competitor, has less than 10 million people subscribers. In this article, discover our comparison between Deezer and Spotify and choose !

1. Prices and subscriptions

Spotify or Deezer

Let’s get to the heart of the matter: the prices

The two platforms offer two main types of subscriptions, as follows:

  • At Spotify, the free subscription is called Spotify Free, you can enjoy your music, but with advertising cuts and zapping is not unlimited
  • At Deezer, the free subscription is called free, listening is random and there are also advertising cuts
  • Spotify Premium: € 9.99/month for personal subscription (1 month free)
  • Deezer Premium: € 10.99/month for personal subscription (1 month free)
  • Spotify family: up to 6 accounts for people residing under the same roof, € 15.99/month (1 month free)
  • Deezer Family: up to 6 accounts also, € 17.99/month (2 free months)
  • Spotify students: € 4.99/month (1 month free)
  • Deezer students: € 5.99/month (2 free months)
  • Deezer Premium Annual: You pay for your subscription to the year, at a rate of € 98.80/year for a personal subscription (instead of € 131.88/year with a monthly subscription) and € 196.99/year for A family subscription (instead of € 215.88/year)
  • Spotify Duo: 2 Premium accounts for couples living under the same roof: € 12.99/month

Note: Whether it’s Spotify or Deezer, the two platforms accept gift cards. On, you can directly buy your Spotify gift card, a great gift idea to offer or offer yourself !
Buy a Spotify gift card

2. Musical contents of Spotify and Deezer

Whether it’s Spotify or Deezer, it is not the offer of titles to listen ! At the beginning of 2023, Spotify had more than 80 million titles, including 4.7 million podcasts. As for its French equivalent Deezer, more than 90 million titles were offered in early 2022.

3. Sound quality

The standard sound quality of Spotify is 160 kbps, at Deezer it is 128 kbps. As for paid subscriptions, they allow you to take advantage of 320 kbps, for Deezer as Spotify.

Exception at Deezer: The platform offers high definition CD quality of 1,411 kbps as part of the Premium subscription.

In terms of sound quality, Deezer is therefore more efficient than Spotify.

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Smartphones
  • Some cars
  • Some televisions
  • Game consoles
  • Connected watches

4. Spotify or Deezer features

has. Creation of playlists
Whether it’s Deezer or Spotify, the two platforms allow you to create personalized playlists for many hours of listening to your favorite titles.

B. Downloads and listening offline
Spotify allows you to download up to 10,000 titles per device, to a maximum of 5 different devices. You can take your music and your podcasts everywhere, and listen to them in offline mode.

Deezer also allows you to download content to listen to in connection mode, the limits vary from one device to another. For example, you can download 1,000 albums from an Android or iOS device and 2,000 to a computer.

vs. Recommendations
Spotify offers you personalized recommendations and playlists according to your musical tastes, thanks to powerful algorithms. The same goes for Deezer, the platform will allow you to discover or rediscover selected titles just for you.

5. Go from Spotify to Deezer or Deezer to Spotify

You want to change platform, but you don’t want to lose your playlists ? No problem. It is quite possible to migrate your Spotify to Deezer playlists, and vice versa.
The Tunemymusic tool allows you to transfer your playlists from one service to another with ease.

6. In what languages ​​are platforms available ?

You hesitate between Spotify or Deezer and the language barrier can tip the scale ?
Unsurprisingly, Deezer being French, everything is available in French.
As for Spotify, the company offers a French version carefully translated.

The supports are also available in French.

Spotify or Deezer: what to choose ?

If your motivation is exclusively financial, turn to Spotify. Indeed, the subscriptions are slightly cheaper.
If you want to best manage your subscriptions, consult our article on the subject.

If you are a person passionate about music and audio quality matters to you, then turn to Deezer.

This comparison between Deezer and Spotify has certainly allowed you to better understand the two musical platforms, you just have to raise the sound !