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How to share Deezer music

You need a Deezer Music Converter tool, which is very professional in the download and conversion of music. Due to its rich and complete functions, its simple design and its stable system, it has become popular in many countries and regions in recent years.

Share a Deezer playlist

You have just joined Deezer and you want to recover playlists that you had created in other musical streaming applications, but you don’t know how to do ? Do not panic : SFR Actus explains how you can easily do this little sleeper tour which is nothing rocket science.

If changing musical streaming service could, in the past, be synonymous with loss of playlists composed with love, it is now ancient history. Here is what methods to use to recover your favorite reading lists created on Spotify, Apple Music, Napster or YouTube Music and take advantage of it on Deezer, whether you use the service on your smartphone or computer.

How to transfer a playlist created on another musical streaming application to Deezer

When we spent time concocting the perfect playlist with care, we don’t want to lose it. If you have just joined the happy users of Deezer and you are looking for how to recover your adored reading lists, you can trust Tune My Music, a free tool recommended by the music platform – and its competitors – to transfer directly and without taking of your library from one service to another. In just a few minutes, it will be done !

If you use Deezer on Android and iOS:

  • Access the menu Settings of your Deezer application
  • Select Transfer your favorites
  • You will then be automatically transferred to Tune My Music
  • Select the music platform from which you want to transfer your favorite playlists
  • Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to transfer your reading lists
  • Once the transfer has been made, select Come back to deezer To take advantage of your playlists on the Deezer app

If you use Deezer from a computer:

  • Go to your profile
  • Select Account settings
  • Access the tab Transfer your favorites (Remarque : Depending on the size of your screen, it is possible that it is in the drop-down menu More))
  • Click on Select a service
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Select the playlists you want to recover
  • Select Transfer to Deezer

Thanks to this transfer method, joining Deezer while retaining his favoritely classified and organized favorite songs is no longer a problem ! Whether it is your playlist specially designed for Halloween, your favorite romantic songs compiled for a successful Valentine’s Day or original strips of your favorite series, migrate your loved readings in just a few clicks.

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How to share Deezer music ?

Music is one of the important ways to express emotions, and people generally express their current emotions by sharing music. In this article, we will show you several ways of Share Deezer music with your family and friends. Some of them are so simple that you probably know them, while others solve the sharing problem in one go. Read this article and take a few minutes to get the answer.

Share Deezer music

Part 1: Share music by the Deezer application

Step 1: Download and install The Deezer app.

Step 2: Launch Deezer on your phone and Connect.

Step 3: Find the song you want to share and open it. Press on Share on Deezer, Then choose where you want to share the track from Facebook, Instagram or other options (if you select Deezer, you can share the track with other Deezer users). Or press Three points on DeezerThen choose the option Share.

Step 4: To share a playlist or an album, open it. Under the cover is a button Share on Deezer, Press it to select the platform you want to share. Or press Three points on Deezer(Or Three points on Deezer) in the upper right corner of the screen to select the option Share.

Part 2: Share music by Deezer Web Player

Step 1: Access the Deezer web player via

2nd step: Connect With your Deezer account.

Share on Deezer

Step 3: Find the unique track you want to share. Click on and select Share. In the context window, click the button TO COPY To copy the URL, then stick it to the platform on which you want to share.

Step 4: To share your favorite playlist or album, move the cursor to the cover. Then click on Three points on DeezerNext to the reading button, select Share, and copy the URL to the platform. Or open the playlist or the album, click on Share on Deezer, Or Three points on Deezerin the retail bar, choose Share and copy the link.

Attention: The DEEZER music sharing steps by the Deezer des office application are very similar to those of the web player. We will not repeat it here. Whether you share music Deezer via the application or the web player, the recipients can open the tracks with Deezer account or without Deezer account, but they can only listen to the first 30 seconds of each song without Deezer account.

Part 3: Share music by Deezer Music Converter

In this part, we will present you the best way to Share Deezer music with your family or friends. It allows your family or friends toListen to the whole song and save shared music intact. You don’t need to pay any supplement.

You need a Deezer Music Converter tool, which is very professional in the download and conversion of music. Due to its rich and complete functions, its simple design and its stable system, it has become popular in many countries and regions in recent years.

Tool required – Deezer Music Converter

Key characteristics of Deezer Music Converter

Deezer Music Converter

Deezer Music Converter

  • OKDownload Deezer songs.
  • OKConvert the songs to MP3/AAC/FLAC/WAV/AIFC/ALAC format.
  • OKPreserve Hi-Fi audio quality.
  • OKKeep the ID3 tags.
  • OK100% without viruses and plugins.

STEP 1 Start Deezer Music Converter

Download Deezer Music Converter by clicking on the button above. Install it on your computer and launch it. Then connect to Deezer with your Premium account.

Note: Don’t worry, please. The program is connected to the Deezer webplayer. Connection to the Deezer webplayer in the program only serves access to the Deezer media library, The program stores no personal data.

Start Deezer Music Converter

Step 2 Select the options preferably

For the second step, you need to select your favorite options. Move your cursor on the button Settings in the upper right corner.

Click on it and in the context window, select the output (MP3/WAV/AAC/AIFF/ALAC/FLAC), the binary flow and the sampling rate, specify a output On your local computer, modify the output file.

Select the preferably options

STEP 3 Add songs

Look for a single song to download or open your playlist or an album. Click on the blue button Add to the list.

Add songs

Step 4 Download Deezer songs in current format

Select the tracks and click on Convert To start the conversion immediately.

Download Deezer songs in everyday format

STEP 5 Check Deezer music downloaded to your computer

When the conversion is finished, the output folder window will appear, you can check the details. Until this stage, downloaded Deezer music consisted of current audio files, which can be permanently stored in the folder of your local computer.

Download Deezer songs in everyday format


After reading the games, you knew Share Deezer music with family members and friends. On the other hand, Deezer Music Converter is absolutely the best way. And that deserves your test. In addition, it can best respond to your Download and Conversion requests Deezer. So don’t hesitate, act now !

Note: The free trial version of Deezer Music Converter only allows you to convert 1 minute for each audio file, you can unlock this limitation by buying the full version.


Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter

Apple Music Converter is an excellent Apple Music music downloader for users who can download Apple music or playlists, M4P music and iTunes audio books in high quality audio formats MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, FLAC and alac.

Share your Deezer playlist with visitors to your blog

And if you offer your visitors the opportunity to listen to your favorite songs while surfing on your website (or blog) ? Deezer offers you to blog your favorite reading list. It takes a few minutes for hours of listening

You like to surf in music ? Offer this pleasure to visitors to your website (or blog). Here is what a reading list integrated into a site can look like (in this case Memoclic):

free music

Double-click the title of your choice to launch its reading.

You want to integrate this little module into your blog ? Go to Deezer and identify yourself. If you don’t have a Deezer account yet, go to this page.

Once identified On Deezer – and only if you have already created reading lists, go to the Playlist section .

There, Choose the playlist that you want to appear on your website. Here we have selected the Rolling Stones playlist. Then click on the Blogger button .

A pop-up appears:

Choose French . Regarding automatic reading, This does not work very well. Prefer to indicate to your visitors to double-click on a title to launch the reading of the latter, it’s safer.

Finally, click the Copy this code button .

Now go to the page where you write your blog Then paste this code in the desired page.

It’s done, your visitors will now be able to discover your site in music.

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