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Coriolis Telecom

Present on the telecoms market since the start of mobile telephony in 1989, the French group Coriolis, quickly established itself as the specialist in mobile telephony solutions for companies, first marketing operators’ offers and its own telecom offers and by offering its customers unique value -added services on the market.

The group now has 60,000 customers, more than 200 distributor partners and employs 2,000 people.

At the service of companies for over 30 years, Coriolis Télécom offers a full range of products and services reserved for professionals.

Why choose Coriolis Telecom?

Coriolis Telecom provides companies with a full range of telecommunications products and services: fixed, mobile, internet and cloud services. Coriolis best meets their needs thanks to its Multi-RESSE Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom-but also multi-constructors (Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG, HUAWEI, Wiko, Crosscall, MTT…).

Coriolis provides you with quality services, the choice of the best fixed and mobile networks, an ISO 9001/2008 certified customer service, a customer area accessible on the Internet 24/7 and simplifies the management of your telecoms by being your only interlocutor.

Is Coriolis Télécom really an operator ?

Coriolis is an operator because it markets, invoices and manages the entire value chain of activation of subscriptions to the after-sales service for its own mobile, fixed, internet and cloud offers as well as associated services, under His own brand.

Coriolis is also one of the only operators to offer solutions on several networks due to its partnerships with Orange, SFR.

How to reach my operator Coriolis Telecom ?

Depending on your situation, Coriolis Entreprise solution user or telecom manager, you will find the different means to contact us at the following address: https: //

Can I buy or subscribe to an offer on the business ?

Our site presents a wide range of mobile, internet, fixed and cloud pros materials and packages. This presentation is not exhaustive, other tailor-made offers are offered by Coriolis to meet the requirements of your sector. It is for this reason that we favor exchanges with our regional agencies. These agencies, reachable free from a landline at the 0 800 333 800, will be able to meet your needs; It is also possible to fill out an online form so that an advisor contacts you: https: //

What is the difference between and ?

“Coriolis.Com “is the consumer site of Coriolis Telecom, it is aimed at individuals; ” ”is the site dedicated to professionals. It brings together all the offers reserved for businesses, as well as the associated services (for example, an avant-sales customer service, after-sales exclusively reserved for companies).

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Coriolis Telecom is a virtual operator that offers mobile packages with or without commitment, and phones. Coriolis also resells SFR Internet boxes by offering a discount for customers taking a box+mobile offer.

Coriolis’ mobile network

As a virtual mobile operator, Coriolis does not have his own telephony antennas. Coriolis therefore established partnerships to rent the mobile networks of Orange and SFR. The non -binding packages of the Brio Liberté range are for example only available on the 2G/3G and 4G network of SFR. The voice + SMS without data packages are however available on the orange mobile network.

From Vodafone to Coriolis

Coriolis Telecom is originally the French subsidiary of Vodafone, 3rd world mobile operator in number of subscribers. She became Coriolis Telecom in 1999. Coriolis is a virtual mobile operator (MVNO), which does not have its own network. The company uses orange networks for packages with phone, and SFR for packages without phone, cheaper. Coriolis ADSL and Fiber boxes have been marketed since 2012. Coriolis is also a telephone operator and ADSL for companies. The founder and current leader of Coriolis, Pierre Bontemps, and known to all the French, since he appears in person in the TV pubs of the operator.

Coriolis, pioneer of misunderstanding packages

As early as 2008, Coriolis innovated, by being the first mobile operator to market plans for the hearing impaired. This offer in deaf directions is supported by a specific customer area in LSF (French sign language).

Additional information on Coriolis

Some figures on Coriolis Telecom:

  • Creation in 1999
  • 200 Coriolis stores everywhere in France