Connected thermostats: our selection of the best models in 2023, the connected thermostats to control its remote boiler

Zoom on connected thermostats to control your remote boiler

– Part temperature adjustment by part
– Visualization of consumption
– Absence management

What are the best thermostats connected in 2023 ?

At a time when gas and electricity prices are exploding, it becomes more and more urgent to reduce our ecological impact; Intelligent thermostats are allies of choice to save energy. Discover our selection of the best connected thermostats, which they come from Nest, Netatmo, or elsewhere.

The invention of the thermostat is not new, but the device has experienced a small revolution in recent years by becoming more connected and more intelligent. At the forefront of this industry, we find one of the pioneers on the market, since bought by Google. The principle is simple: it is always a question of controlling the temperature of its interior so as not to heat unnecessarily and thus avoid the waste of energy. These functions ” intelligent On connected thermostats allow not only to limit your consumption (and your invoice, we are not going to lie), but also to be part of a connected object ecosystem to save energy.

If they could seem a little expensive a few months ago, the recent explosion of gas and electricity prices makes them significantly more attractive. In addition, the current context in terms of electricity affects all daily uses. So much so that it is suggested not to recharge your smartphone at any time of the day.

Find our selection of the best connected thermostats below, as well as advice concerning installation and integration into an existing heating system, with electric radiators or not. Because saving energy is only half of the problem, we recommend reading our guide to the best connected objects to save water. To control all of this, you can use a voice assistant, and that’s good: we have a complete guide on the connected speakers ! The other way to monitor consumption of appliances is to invest in a connected ecosystem. If you have a rather old house, we advise you to consult our selection of the best connected sockets.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen: the best connected thermostat available

As its name suggests, Nest Learning Thermostat is distinguished by its learning faculties. Thanks to its many sensors which measure the current temperature of the home, the humidity, the movements and the ambient light, it is capable of establishing an ideal temperature and of regulating itself according to your habits.

It is possible to control the temperature remotely from your smartphone (iOS and Android), tablet or computer, which allows you to use features like ” Self-absence “To manage the production of hot water and the temperature differently during programmed absences.

The connected thermostat is compatible with mixed boilers, domestic hot water preparers, boilers, heat pumps, multizone systems, OPENTHERM heating systems and hydraulic heated floors systems. It’s just the best connected thermostat for your home. The Nest Learning thermostat of 3rd generation is available at less than 249 euros.

Nest Learning Thermostat 3 in short

  • Remote controllable via computers, mobiles and tablets
  • A “self-absence” mode is very practical
  • He is Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatible

Tado ° Intelligent air conditioning: the alternative

The Tado ° V3+ pack includes the connected thermostat and an internet bridge. Tado can be controlled remotely via smartphone (iOS, Android), tablet or computer. It is compatible with 95 % of heating systems as well as with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Apple Homekit.

Thanks to its geolocation function, it manages consumption according to the location of the smartphone, but can also be programmed. As with Nest, its multiple sensors allow it to adapt according to situations.

It is equipped with a system that prevents the user if he notes a dysfunction of the heating system and also offers detailed reports on energy consumption. If the basic kit is already sufficient, it can be supported by many accessories to extend compatibility with other heating systems. You can also buy thermostatic heads to be fixed on radiators to manage them individually.

Tado ° V3+ in short

  • He offers detailed reports
  • It is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Apple Homekit
  • Several accessories to improve the experience

SOWEE: the amazing EDF subsidiary solution

EDF launched a connected offer via its subsidiary SOWEE, an interesting solution in many ways. SOWEE being both electricity and gas supplier, it can offer you a turnkey solution, including the contract and the connected station. It is for this reason that the station is not for sale strictly speaking.

It supports the contract for an additional 5.99 euros per month with two kits for individual electric radiators. It will be necessary to add 1.99 euros per additional kit, that is to say by electric radiator. These kits will be useless with a classic boiler. We can consider that part of the additional cost of the station is absorbed by the savings made thanks to better management of energy consumption, but the end result will be very dependent on your accommodation, its insulation, etc.

For the rest, the connected station is complete. It does not only serve a connected thermostat, but also displays various information such as air quality, weather, time, and even the estimated journey time until your work. Finally, the station incorporates an speaker with the Alexa connected assistant … which means that it offers all the features of an Amazon Echo.

The SOWEE in short

  • Energy (S) and station connected subscriptions in the same contract
  • A screen that displays a lot of information, with Amazon Alexa
  • EDF’s expertise

You can also buy it separately at less than 300 euros.

Zoom on connected thermostats to control your remote boiler

In the era of “all connected”, many thermostats allow you to control your heating remotely from your smartphone or tablet. Among the most famous we find Netatmo, Somfy, Nest, Qivivo … Thanks to a dedicated application, they allow you to visualize your consumption and adjust the temperature of your accommodation, wherever you are and at any time.

Many boilers’ manufacturers offer their own connected devices. Designed specially for their boilers, they optimize performance to achieve more savings. We will see the main advantages of each.

Migo by Saunier Duval

Migo Saunier Duval

This intelligent connected regulator makes it possible to remotely control its heating and hot water. In addition to conventional features (temperature adjustment and programming, absence mode, etc.), it also acts on modulation of the power of the boiler.

Most :

The mobile application allows you to know the condition of your boiler in real time and to contact a after -sales service in the event of a dysfunction
– The regulator works with the modulation of the boiler
– Local weather info via the Internet allow you to anticipate temperature variations

The price: € 276 excl

Elm Touch by Elm Leblanc

Elm Touch Elm Leblanc

The ELM Touch intelligent thermostat is compatible with most brand boilers (all those equipped with Heatronic 3 or 4 regulation). Tactile and intuitive, it benefits from many features to reduce gas consumption (up to 6% more compared to a standard or nothing standard thermostat).

Most :

Weather detection: The regulator can connect to the local weather via the Internet and take it into account to adjust the temperature in real time.
– Self -learning mode: memorizes the lifestyle of the occupants to adapt the programming of heating as close as possible to the needs
– The presence function allows you to detect when users are there or absent and reactivate heating if someone comes back earlier than expected.

The price: 240 € HT

Frisquet Connect by Frisquet

Frisquet Connect

The Frisquet Connect box is compatible with all Frisquet Visio boilers. It allows the adjustment of heating and hot water remotely, but also to program operating time slots and the desired level of comfort.

Most :

Access to consumption history of each month
– SMS alert system to prevent a boiler defect

The price: 157 € HT for pack 1

Erelax by Vaillant

Vaillant Erelax

The Erelax modulating connected regulator is compatible with the valiant boilers. It allows power modulation of the boiler to avoid unnecessary steps/stops. It incorporates three parameters: room temperature, outside temperature and hourly programming.

Most :

Email notification in the event of simple dysfunction on the boiler
– After -sales service button to request an intervention or control of the installation
– Consumption display and monitoring

The price: € 368 excl

Cozytouch by Atlantic

Cozytouch Atlantic

The Cozytouch application from Atlantic allows the management and control of its remote boiler. It is compatible with Naema models.

Most :

– Part temperature adjustment by part
– Visualization of consumption
– Absence management

Price: € 256 including tax

Smart TC ° by De Dietrich

Smart TC of Dietrich

The Smart TC ° connected thermostat from De Dietrich allows you to manage your heating installation remotely from a dedicated application. It is compatible with most soil and wall boilers from the brand. It improves the performance of your boiler by almost 4%.

Most :

– Precise temperature control
– Possibility of setting up alerts in the event of dysfunctions
– History and consumption monitoring

Opture for the connected thermostat designed by the manufacturer of your boiler will allow you to further increase the performance of your installation and make you save more !