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Kaltura’s video platform (VPAAS) is not really intended for those who want a full -to -use video platform, but rather to those who prefer a personalized solution. Kaltura customers select video recording, webcasting, storage and à la carte, assembling a platform that will be produced by Kaltura’s professional services. The platform has been mainly designed for media companies, but its customers can also buy additional partner solutions or use the Kaltura API and/or the Kaltura open source developer network for even further customization.

Comparison of the best video platforms of 2023

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has become synonymous with online video. And for good reason, before YouTube, to share a video on the web generally meant:

  • Understand how to import a camera video file on your computer
  • Download this file to your own website, FTP site or other network
  • Create a link to this video so that other people can find it and use it

And it was just from you. As online reading was practically unknown, your spectators had to download the video in its entirety, then convert it so that it could be read on the specific multimedia player they had installed.

Anyone of age to remember the time before YouTube also remembers the efforts necessary to find and watch an online video, but not really how to host it and share it.

But youtube’s video platform has changed everything.

The launch of YouTube simplified the sharing, discovery and broadcasting of online videos. In fact, nowadays, sharing online videos is so easy that we often forget the real complexity of the YouTube platform.

When a user imports a video on YouTube, it is automatically converted to commonly accepted formats, hosted for free and cut into small segments that can be dynamically disseminated with a minimum stamp and excellent quality, even on internet connections the weakest. Not only does youtube allow creators to add subtitles generated by machines to their videos, but it also indexes a large number of information on each video, whether the title, tags or comments left by spectators. This allows other people to easily seek and browse the YouTube public library, always more important, looking for relevant or interesting video content.

Today, more than ten years after the introduction of YouTube, all generations expect to be able to share and watch videos on their laptops and their smartphones in a few.

A narcotic 93 % of Internet users, an amazing figure, Internet users watch online videos at least once a month, and YouTube remains the most popular site. The most active social platform .

When it comes to getting new information, learning something or entertaining, the majority of people today prefer to watch a video rather than reading a text. O Watching online videos has also started to eat the total time that Americans spend watching television.

YouTube is not always the best platform to host your videos

To meet the needs of companies and university institutions, organizations that often need a way to take care of video differently from what YouTube, focused on consumer, has to offer. Consider the following video trends:

  • Companies create videos often covering information far too sensitive to risk downloading it, even, “private” on YouTube.
  • Teaching establishments now depend both synchronous and asynchronous video solutions to provide high -quality hybrid learning experiences to various students of students whose life and education have been disrupted by a global pandemic.

The good news is that, whatever your needs, there is today a video platform that suits you. But how do you know what you need?

The 10 questions to ask in your request for a video platform proposalWhat defines a video platform ?

A video platform is an asynchronous video technology allowing to create, host, search and broadcast online videos. It allows you to easily capture, manage and visualize video content for communication, education or entertainment. Unlike real -time synchronous videoconferencing technologies that support live two -way video conversations, video platforms offer a range of solutions for video on demand and, more and more, for continuous live video , from a person to several.

The main current video platforms vary considerably in terms of capacity. Some are more oriented towards consumers, while others are built for institutional use. Some are intended to be autonomous, while others will easily integrate with other commercial systems. Some are designed to be complete systems as soon as they leave the box, while others are sold as personalized deployments.

The differences between video platform technologies are so numerous that it can be discouraging from dissecting and comparing all the features and packages. First of all, we will distribute the features of video platforms in a few basic categories to allow you to better understand the options available to you.

What a video platform can do

Understanding the whole range of features that a video platform can offer will help you assess the best long -term solution for your needs. The most flexible and complete video platforms can combine the following functions:

Accommodation and video management

Visualization and productivity

Video creation

  • Secure and public video hosting options
  • Automatic video processing
  • Management of user authorizations
  • Network effective broadcasting
  • Video analysis according to the spectator
  • Cloud deployment
  • Integrations and API for developers
  • Brand customization
  • OTT and monetization
  • Multi-source interactive HD video readers
  • Smart video search
  • Video subscriptions & markings
  • Video navigation tools
  • Marodated notes, discussions and bookmarks
  • Transcription, subtitling and accessibility
  • Reading at variable speed
  • Native mobile applications
  • Video recording with one or more cameras
  • Screenshot & record of slides
  • Capture & recording of meetings
  • Live broadcast & Webcasting
  • Automated & Programming Registration
  • Video/Video editing
  • video quiz

Where to start ? We have compared information from independent analyst reports, customer reviews and platforms themselves to help you start to compare the best video platforms on the market.

The 10 best 2023 video platforms

  1. Youtube
  2. Panopto
  3. Brightcove
  4. Vimeo
  5. IBM Watson Media
  6. Kaltura
  7. Yuja
  8. Hungry
  9. Media Platform
  10. Microsoft Stream


Recommended for: The video content for the general public, the monetization of video content and the constitution of a large and committed public online

When it comes to hosting and sharing video content for the public, there is no better library to maximize potential spectators. YouTube offers a free platform to download video content on demand and live streaming. If you try to publicize your video content to the world or to develop an audience engaged around your video content, YouTube is your platform. YouTube offers users the possibility of paying to promote content on its platform in order to gain visibility, attract subscribers and, of course, allow the discovery of your videos both on its platform and in search results Google. He can even help transcribe videos and produce subtitles generated by a machine.

Of course, if you want the content of your videos to be shared in private and safe with a limited audience of your choice, YouTube may not be the best solution. Although youtube allows users to make their videos not listed or share them in private with individual users, for most organizations, these options are not secure sufficiently . Another potential security problem lies in the fact that the conditions of use of YouTube (CGU) which stipulate that you grant you a free rights license and the right to copy and redistribute your video content.


Recommended for: Securing and sharing of videos and meetings of meetings, secure live streaming, remote video communication & collaboration, learning and development of employees, online and mixed learning, and it is a ready -to -use platform whose price is adapted to the evolution of your needs.

When you do not want your videos to be shared with the whole world, or even with people within your organization they were not intended, Panopto provides the most complete and secure video solution.

Panopto was designed to promote the rapid and secure sharing of information and detailed knowledge through video. It is a complete video platform provided with a set of tools for the management and creation of videos that even allow the most new users to produce interactive videos optimized for understanding, retention and commitment. Panopto also includes a large number of video integration for systems already used by companies and educational establishments, including unified communications solutions, learning management systems (LMS), content management systems ( CMS), collaboration tools, etc.

An all-in-one platform, Panopto can be used to record and broadcast live videos, as well as to centrally manage the entire video library . The platform automatically supports production in the background, including video compression, transcoding and streaming optimization. It indexes each word pronounced or displayed on the screen in each video for research purposes. Thus, spectators can quickly find relevant content in the videos, to the place of the chronology where the word has been mentioned or displayed. Panopto also includes extensive authorization checks for spectators, making it a solid solution for secure sharing (or behind a paywall) of private or confidential video content, while allowing the public sharing of videos between several.

Panopto is an ideal solution to allow more effective communication, collaboration and learning in companies and higher education establishments. Organizations that have a specific need to monetize online video content by inserting dynamic advertisements, or those looking for a video marketing solution, should consult the next video platform on the list.

Panopto - The best online video platform


Recommended for: Creation of OTT video experiences, video monetization and content marketing

Brightcove’s video broadcasting platform allows companies to broadcast live videos live and on demand for a large audience, with additional care to create OTT video experiences (over-the-top), allow dynamic insertion of advertisements and video analysis. Unlike Youtube, companies do not give in the license to do video content using Brightcove for accommodation and continuous dissemination.

First designed for the external distribution of videos, the Brightcove video platform is largely aimed at sports and media companies, as well as marketing and communication teams. The platform fits into platforms such as Marketo, Eléqua and Google Ad Manager, which offers a wider range of data to inform the marketing strategies and tactics which in turn contribute to a better return on investment.

As BrightCove’s video management solution is mainly designed to broadcast videos to anonymous external spectators, it is lagging behind other platforms when it comes to taking charge of collaboration and learning needs organizations and schools. Brightcove is all or nothing when it comes to securing video content – it does not have advanced safety checks to limit access to specific internal video content. In other words, all your employees or your students will have access to all the videos of your library. Brightcove also does not have the technology allowing spectators to search for the content of the videos. In addition, you will need your own solutions to produce video content because Brightcove does not include any video recording or any robust assembly tool.

Brightcove - Video Platform


Recommended for: Monetization of creative video content, creative video production and collaboration and content marketing

Originally, Vimeo was a video platform dedicated to digital films and media which, thanks to a very committed community of creators, developed considerably to perhaps become the second best known video platform after YouTube. However, unlike Youtube, you will not find on Vimeo advertisements that arise everywhere. This is because in 2018, Vimeo has evolved by going from the simple video viewing portal to a distribution solution for video creators.

Today, Vimeo’s freemium economic model offers basic accommodation and video dissemination solutions for independent content creators, as well as video tools that will interest the creation teams, independents, advertising agencies and advertising agencies and advertising agencies and advertising agencies and advertising agencies media companies, with special attention to customers looking for external video content solutions. Vimeo offers Vimeo Stock, a platform for buying videos free of rights, similar to Getty Images or Shutterstock. Vimeo Stock allows its community of creators to sell their license video collections, in addition to the video content generated by the users of the.

Vimeo tools include a video player that can be personalized for brands, video monetization solutions, collaborative tools and workflows, live broadcasting, video analysis and some private video sharing options. Of course, the available solutions will depend on your subscription level – live streaming capacities and business class confidentiality parameters, for example, are only available for premium subscribers.

For those looking for a video platform that supports organizational productivity and knowledge sharing applications, Vimeo is not up to. Vimeo creation tools are mainly designed for marketers and will not be as effective in recording training, tutorials, conferences, demonstrations and presentations. Vimeo always asks creators to manually mark the videos to promote discovery.

Vimeo - Video platform

IBM Watson Media

Recommended for: OTT video streaming, video monetization, live streaming and simulated live, and video intelligence.

Now known as IBM Watson Media, the platform has started as a live streaming platform between peers called ustream. Acquired by IBM in 2016, the solution will ultimately be called IBM Video Cloud before being renamed of its current name in 2020. Today, the Watson Media platform is oriented towards media streaming such as news, sporting events and other entertainment online, as well as streaming of corporate events live.

Although it is always mainly a live broadcast platform, Watson Media has evolved a lot since its creation in peers mode. Like Brightcove, IBM Watson Media offers broadcasting and video accommodation solutions in the cloud that support the content by subscription and à la carte, OTT, as well as secure accommodation and broadcasting and Request for internal videos for companies.

Companies looking for an all-in-one video solution capable of improving internal collaboration and training may find that this video platform has many essential features, such as integration into other business applications, Multicaméras recording and multiple flow reading, the search for passages in chronology and collaboration tools in video.

IBM Watson Media - Video platform


Recommended for: OTT video broadcast, video monetization and creation of a personalized video platform with components adapted to your needs

Kaltura’s video platform (VPAAS) is not really intended for those who want a full -to -use video platform, but rather to those who prefer a personalized solution. Kaltura customers select video recording, webcasting, storage and à la carte, assembling a platform that will be produced by Kaltura’s professional services. The platform has been mainly designed for media companies, but its customers can also buy additional partner solutions or use the Kaltura API and/or the Kaltura open source developer network for even further customization.

With OTT solutions that allow media companies to monetize their own video content, multiple live broadcast modules and several plug-ins for video recording, companies will find in Kaltura a large number of choices of features. However, as with any highly personalized solution, Kaltura customers have an interest in defining their use of long -term video, failing which they may have to recreate large parts of the platform in order to take charge of cases of cases future use.

Kaltura - Video platform


Recommended for: Video transcription and search possibility, simplified video management with download by drag and drop

The Yuja company video platform offers a portfolio of video tools designed to create, manage, discover, collaborate and broadcast live video content on any device. Yuja has a friendly drag and drop interface to download video content, and all the platform videos are very consulted. In addition to video content management, Yuja also offers essential tools designed for conference capture and live dissemination of conferences.

For those looking for a robust and all-in-one solution with personalized support, Yuja is not up to. As this is a solution to build yourself, it is also difficult to predict scalability due to the increase in costs when adding products.


Recommended for: Securing and sharing of internal videos, secure live broadcast and corporate video communications

MUMU is a video platform focused on companies that offers solutions and services to capture and securely share videos live and on demand within companies. It is a end -to -end platform that is often used for executive webcasting and corporate communications.

The platform does not include integrated integrations for third -party learning management systems (LMS), which will make the workflow more complex for organizations that plan to use their video platform to create and share more content training. Finally, the QUMU video research team are less advanced than those of other platforms cited here.

MOMU - Video platform


Recommended for: Secure live streaming for events and the media, communications and corporate video events, and creation of a personalized video platform with components adapted to your needs

Mediaplatform is a end -to -end video platform, designed to disseminate large -scale events and media, and to allow the secure exchange of ideas and communications by video within a company. Mainly used by companies as a live broadcasting solution of “One-to-Na-many” type for plenary meetings, customer/partners’ presentations and events, Mediaplatform was praised by analysts for the flexibility of its deployment options.

Mediaplatform offers software and services allowing companies to create a personalized video platform to meet their needs – it is not delivered with a unique ready -to -use configuration. Instead, customers choose mediaplatform video suite that includes Broadcaster for live broadcasting, Ondemand for on -demand broadcasting, live video broadcasting applications, engagement analysis, Video broadcasting solutions and Wanop, as well as their remote presentation product for web broadcasting, Bridge.

As with other personalized platforms, companies must anticipate potential use cases to be sure that the solutions adopted best meet their long -term video needs. Mediaplatorm video recording options offer fewer and remotely recording possibilities. Video reading does not understand as many functions of collaboration and personalization of viewing experiences. Its modules also offer less good assistance to mobile users than other video platforms.

Those who seek to maximize the return on investment should compare the total cost of Mediaplatform solutions to that of other all inclusive video platforms, while taking into account the additional complexity linked to the implementation and management of integrations with Other equipment and commercial systems.

Media platform - Video platform

Microsoft Stream

Recommended for: Sharing private videos and collaboration

Microsoft Stream is a solution for hosting and broadcasting business videos reserved for Microsoft Office 365 customers. Microsoft Stream fits into other Microsoft Office applications, including SharePoint, Yammer and Teams, but integrations with non -microsoft systems are limited.

Assessed from a series of applications to download, encode, secure, deliver and broadcast video content in the cloud, Stream is above all a video content management system designed for internal collaboration .

Stream is missing a number of functions found in other video platforms. In addition, even if Stream may seem “free”, because it is often grouped in Teams, there are accommodation costs that will increase as your video library will grow. Stream invoices the amount of video storage used, which means that prices can be unpredictable and difficult to budget for organizations.

Microsoft Stream - Video content management

Video solutions are now essential tools for communication, collaboration, learning and productivity within organizations.

Today’s video platforms offer a wide range of options that go beyond what real-time videoconferencing solutions can do . They go from the capture and video production tools to the secure management and sharing of videos, including the monetization of videos, etc. Whether you need a youtube to reach a large audience, a “private youtube” for internal videos or a streaming platform to monetize video content, there is necessarily a video platform that meets your needs.

The most complete and secure video platform on the market

Independent analysts and customers agree that Panopto offers the most complete business video solution. Flexible recording applications, precise management and video security solutions, the best support for video research and an ever -wide offer of ready -to -use integrations are all included in a system with all tools essential to your organization to use the video, today and tomorrow.

Test the Panopto video platform

Contact our team to request a demonstration adapted to your needs and start your free trial.

Simplified video

Everything you need to create, manage and share superb videos.

287 million creative people, entrepreneurs and businesses trust Vimeo

287 million creative people, entrepreneurs and businesses trust Vimeo

Create, change and quickly share content, whatever your budget or expertise.

Streaming and hosting for hundreds of thousands of spectators in 4K, 8K, HDR and Dolby Vision.

Personalize your video player, manage safety authorizations and quickly find content.

Automatically create chapters, apply your brand kit and optimize your SEO SEO.


Save, put online, cut, cut, cut, create gif, and much more. You do not know where to start ? The creation of content has never been easier thanks to our AI generating scripts and the assembly assisted by the AI. And you can always improve your video by adding interactive and clickable elements.


Organize your content in a magnificent Library video. And thanks to the self-transcription, you can at any time carry out a search by subtitles. SIMPLIFY the revision thanks to notes with time code, image by image. Collaborate with the people of your choice, protect your video with a password or keep it out of sight.


Host your video on our customizable and advertising player. Integrate it on your website, publish it on social networks and define authorizations so that only good people see it. Then follow the performance of your videos from a unique dashboard.

Films and series

The main streaming services

Video platforms on demand by subscription are now well installed in the daily life of the French. The prices are quite homogeneous from one to the other; Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, OCS, Canal+ Series, Apple TV+ and Disney+ try to distinguish themselves by their contents. Overview of the main services.

  • 1. Netflix, the pioneer
  • 2. Amazon Prime Video, video … in addition !
  • 3. Canal+ series, the channel response+
  • 4. Apple TV+, the original
  • 5. Disney+, the Empire counter-attacks
  • 6. Paramount+, the most recent
  • 7. Author cinema platforms, for demanding moviegoers
  • 8. OCS, the end of a French pillar
  • 9. Mk2 curiosity, guaranteed without algorithms
  • 10. Free oqee cinema

Since the arrival of Netflix in France in 2014, SVOD platforms (Video Subscription on Demand) have been permanently settled in the daily life of films and series lovers. These subscription video services offer films, series, unlimited documentaries against 6 to 20 € per month, terminated at any time. One in three French households is subscribed to Netflix and, all services combined, video on demand has 8.7 million daily users.

Ported by the popularity of the series – first American, international then – and their attractive offer, their ease of access (on televisions, but also tablets and smartphones), streaming platforms meet a strong demand from our time. Today, the content is enriched, more varied (cooking emissions, documentaries, cartoons, etc.) and multicultural. Certain platforms, notably Amazon, have even got hold of the retransmission rights of sacred sporting events in France: the web giant broadcasts matches in the evening of Roland-Garros and certain Ligue 1 and League 2 football match ( acquired law until 2024). At the same time, the offer in films and series continues to expand day after day.

In total, there were 78 platforms in France in 2020. Most are confidential and positioned on specific content (manga, sport, youth, live performance, author cinema, etc.)). But the main ones are essential. Overview.

The main streaming services

Subscription Trial period Number of users Number of simultaneous screens
monthly annual
Netflix Essential with pub € 5.99 5 profiles per account 1
Essential € 8.99 5 profiles per account 1
Standard € 13.49 5 profiles per account 2
Premium € 17.99 5 profiles per account 4
Amazon Prime Video € 6.99 € 69.90 30 days 2 3
Ocs 2 screens € 10.99 1 2
3 screens € 12.99 1 3
Canal+ Series 1 user € 6.99 1 1
2 users € 9.99 2 2
4 users € 11.99 4 4
Apple TV+ 6 users (family sharing) € 6.99 69 € 7 days 6 6
Disney+ € 8.99 € 89.90 7 profiles per account 4
Paramount+ € 7.99 € 79.90 7 days 6 profiles per account 2

Netflix, the pioneer

Decrypage Svod Logo Netflix

Netflix, present in France since the end of 2014, woke up the video on demand market by subscription that had been stuck until then. Today, it is ultradominating: it claims 10 million subscribers in France. Its flagship argument is no longer the price: Netflix is ​​among the most expensive streaming services. But according to Médiamétrie, 61 % and 58 % of subscribers at Canal+ Series and Amazon Prime Video nevertheless also watch content on Netflix (2).


  • Essential with advertising: € 5.99/month (1 screen, HD content)
  • Essential: € 8.99/month (1 screen, HD content)
  • Standard: € 13.49/month (2 simultaneous screens, Full HD content)
  • Premium: € 17.99/month (4 simultaneous screens, Full HD and Ultra-HD content)

Contents accessible in streaming and download (excluding internet connection), except as part of the essential offer with advertising (only streaming).


It is possible to subscribe to the service from the Netflix website, from the mobile application (to download in the App Store or the Google Play Store) or from the application offered in the interface of Internet boxes. Netflix is ​​indeed distributed by Bouygues Telecom, Free, Orange and SFR. Free even incorporates the essential offer in its service package with the Freebox Delta (€ 49.99/month). Netflix has also established a partnership with Canal+, which joined the essential offer in the film-series pack at € 34.99/month.


It is undoubtedly the largest, and the Netflix catalog is enriched with dozens of titles each month. Films, series, documentaries … Everyone will always find something to watch. Netflix offers many original productions in different fields, Japanese animation (The Seven Deadly Sins, The Knights of the Zodiac…) In the series (13 Reasons Why, The Crown, Life, Stranger Things…) Going through films (Mowgli: The legend of the jungle, Suburbs…) or the shows of comedians (Dany de Boon: Hauts-de-France, Fary is the New Black…). It also negotiates the exclusive dissemination rights of certain programs.

Amazon Prime Video, video … in addition !


At Amazon, streaming is one of the services included in the Amazon Prime loyalty program at € 6.99/month. Films, documentaries, shows and series are added to free delivery in 1 working day, to the 5 GB of free storage in the Amazon Drive cloud (Amazon nevertheless announced the closure of this service at 12/31/2023), Delivered in less than 2 h (Amazon Now), to video games and at will (Prime Gaming and Prime Reading) and unlimited music (Prime Music).


  • € 6.99/month or € 69.90/year to subscribe to the Amazon Prime loyalty program, which gives access to Amazon Prime Video. Up to 3 simultaneous screens, HD contained.
  • Amazon also offers Prime Student, an offer for students at € 34.95/year (4 years maximum).
  • Contents available in streaming and download (excluding internet connection).
  • A “Warner Pass” at € 9.99/month gives access to all HBO series and 12 Warner Bros Discovery channels (Warner TV, Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, etc.)).


Amazon Prime Video is available for subscribers to the Prime program. The service is accessible with its Amazon identifiers from the dedicated website (, from the mobile application (to download in the App Store or the Google Play Store) or from the connected box and TV apps.

Freebox Delta subscribers (€ 49.99/month) have access to Amazon Prime Video without additional cost.


When it started, the Prime Video catalog was pale against those of its competitors. He distinguished himself from Netflix by his cinema catalog. Now Amazon still offers as many films, but also successful series (Fleabag, Maradona, Mixed, Mr ROBOT, Reache, Upload, etc.), shows (Laughing out), documentaries (Show it to no one to anyone)).

In October 2022, Amazon signed agreements in France with Warner Bros Discovery and Sony, with the key to distribution agreements, exclusive or not, of series (Dmz, Peacemaker, pretty Little Liars, The original, etc.) and films (Spider-Man: No Way Home, UNCHARTED, Morbius, etc.)). In the spring of 2021, Amazon got hold of the MGM studio, its 4,000 films and 17,000 episodes of series. And in early 2023, the giant recovered the coveted HBO catalog (Game Of Thrones, Westworld, The Last of Us, etc.), lost by OCS (which, for its part, disappears). A now very muscular catalog.

Canal+ series, the channel response+

Decrypage Svod Logo Canal Plus Serie 2

Launched in March 2019, Canal+ Series is the response of Canal+ to cope with Netflix. This is the cheapest offer to penetrate the Canal universe, a service dedicated to series streaming. The content of the platform, made of original series, American, European series, animated films and documentaries, is rich and of quality.


All offers integrate HD and 4K.

  • € 6.99/month for 1 user
  • € 9.99/month for 2 simultaneous users
  • € 11.99/month for 4 simultaneous users

Contents available in streaming and download (excluding internet connection).


Canal+ series is available on computer, smartphone, tablet and connected televisions (Samsung, Sony, LG, Hisense via the MyCanal application). The service is also offered on TV keys (Apple TV, Android TV, Apple TV) and game consoles (Xbox and PlayStation). You will also find the Canal+ offers in the Free, SFR, Orange and Bouygues Telecom boxes.


The Canal+ series catalog is made up of original creations (The legendary office, Marie Antoinette, War of the Worlds, The torch, Valid, Versailles, etc.), from American and European series (Orders, Killing Eve, Mood, The Shield, etc.), animated series (Esther notebooks, Moot-mob, etc.) and documentary series. The offer also incorporates the entire Lionsgate+ platform catalog (ex-StarzPlay), made up of many films and series.

Apple TV+, the original

Decrypage Svod Logo Apple TV 1

Launched in 2019, Apple TV+ only offers original Apple creations: series, films, documentaries, children’s shows, shows, etc. The catalog is less rich than on other platforms, which finance the production of programs and buy others. But Apple’s content, they are only found at Apple.


Launched at € 4.99/month or € 49/year, the Apple TV+ subscription costs € 6.99/month or € 69/year today. 6 people will be able to take advantage of the same subscription through Apple’s family sharing function.


Apple’s service is available from an Apple TV and on iPhone or iPad from the application to download in the App Store. It is also offered in the Apple TV app on certain smart TV (Samsung, LG and Sony), at Free, Google TV, Roku, PlayStation and Xbox. The contents are finally accessible from a browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) on the TV


Apple describes its thin catalog as a choice of quality on the quantity. In fact, the content of Apple TV+ content is without comparison with that of Netflix or Amazon: you will only find a few hundred films, series, documentaries, but all are original exclusive creations.

Disney+, the Empire counter-attacks

Decrypage Svod Logo Disney Plus

In the United States, Disney+ recorded 10 million registrations from the first day. Launched in France a few months later, in March 2020, and in dozens of countries thereafter, the service now has more than 152 million subscribers (221 million by counting subscribers to its other platforms, Hulu and ESPN+ )). The platform is owned by the Walt Disney Company Empire through its subsidiaries Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm and National Geographic Channel.


Disney+ is accessible for a subscription of € 8.99/month or € 89.90/year since February 2021. Like Netflix, the platform is about to launch an offer incorporating advertising. Content accessible in streaming or download.


Registration on from the web browser of a computer or mobile device, or from the Disney+ application (iOS, Android). Disney+ is also available on connected TVs (Android TV, HISENSE, LG Sous Webos, Panasonic, Samsung on Tizen), TV Keys (Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku), Playing consoles (PlayStation, Xbox) and Box operators.


The Disney+ catalog brings together more than 500 films, 15,000 episodes and 80 original Disney productions+. In particular, you will find original series such as Falcon and the winter soldier, The Mandalorian And High School Musical – The musical: the series. He also has the superb documentaries signed national geographic.

Paramount+, the most recent


We knew Paramount+ on the starting line, here is the service officially launched in France. With him, content from the channels of the MTV group, Showtime, Comedy Central, CBS, Nickelodeon and the catalog of Paramount pictures. Launched in the United States in 2014 (under the name of CBS All Access), the service already has more than 40 million subscribers. A serious competitor for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and the others.


The subscription costs € 7.99/month or € 79.90/year. Out -of -connection mode available for certain content.


Paramount+ is available from the ParamountPlus or the mobile application (iOS, Android). The following devices are also compatible: recent Samsung televisions (after 2017), Android TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and Roku, Apple TV Keys. Orange and Canal+ are service distributors.


The service claims 4,000 programs, films, series, documentaries, etc. The Paramount+ catalog brings together the Showtime channel programs (Dexter, Californication, etc.), CBS (Magnum), MTV (Jackass), COMEDY CENTRAL (South Park), Nickelodeon (Spongebob, Dora the Explorer) and paramount pictures (The Godfather, Star Trek, Top Gun, Titanic, transformers…). Paramount+ also promises exclusive content, and an agreement signed with Gaumont allows it to offer 200 additional films at launch.

Author cinema platforms, for demanding moviegoers

The cinetek


The platform has constituted its catalog of 1,400 feature films (including 450 exclusively) by asking 80 directors to draw up the list of their 50 bedside films. This service offers an info mine (biographies, filmographies) and bonuses.

  • Accessible on computers, smartphones and tablets
  • Chromecast compatible
  • 1 simultaneous flow
  • Prices: rental of a film for € 2.99; Subscription to a selection of 10 films/month for € 2.99/month or € 30/year



It bases its offer on cult, classic and independent films, rewarded at festivals. Every day, the platform adds one to its catalog and remove another, so that only 30 are available.

  • Accessible on computers, smartphones, tablets and via Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku and Samsung Smart TV
  • Streaming or download
  • 5 devices per account, 2 simultaneous flows
  • Compatible Google Cast and Airplay
  • Prices: € 11.99/month or € 95.88/year, 7 days of free trial



Tënk focuses on authors’ documentaries. The platform offers 70 films permanently and adds 7 new ones every Friday, for a broadcast of 2 months. They are then offered for rental (€ 2/48 hours) among the 600 available in VOD.

  • Accessible on computers, Android TV and Apple TV
  • Airplay and chromecast compatible
  • Available in streaming only
  • Prices: 6 €/month or 60 €/year


Cine Universe

Platform dedicated to independent cinema. Its catalog of 5,000 feature films includes contemporary classics, but also more confidential nuggets.

  • Prices: rental from € 2.99 or subscription (€ 6.99/month, € 9.99/month or € 15.99/month depending on the catalog chosen)
  • Accessible on computers, smartphones, tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Orange box
  • Chromecast and Airplay compatible



One of the pioneers of video on demand. Created in 2008, the service selects the films of international directors, brought together by topical themes or subjects and offers bonuses (backstage, cut scenes, filming anecdotes, etc.)).

  • Accessible on computers, smartphones, tablets, connected TV, Amazon Prime Video, Molotov.TV and Internet boxes
  • Prices: Unlimited subscription to € 6.99/month or € 69.99/year

OCS, the end of a French pillar


OCS, a major player in video streaming in France (3.3 million subscribers), should disappear in the coming months. Orange, its main shareholder, has just sold the company, as well as Orange Studio production activities, to its historic channel partner+. The small French bouquet, in competition with the American behemoths that are Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ or Paramount+, was heavily in deficit. Customers should migrate to Canal+ as the launch of new commercial offers.

Mk2 curiosity, guaranteed without algorithms


With its MK2 Curiosity offer, MK2 is aimed at moviegoers. The group is distinguished by promising that no algorithm will come to orient the choices of the spectator, which will be guided in the catalog through a selection developed by programmers. MK2 prefers to talk about online “cinema club” rather than supply of videos on demand. His ambition is even to establish himself as a cinema media, punctuated by a weekly newsletter.


MK2 offers 3 films as part of free access in Avod form (advertising video on demand, that is to say with advertising). To cut advertising and access the entire catalog, you must subscribe for € 5.99/month without commitment. In any case, you must create an account.


You can subscribe to the service and access content from the dedicated site ( or from the mobile application available under Android and iOS. Note that the application is compatible with Chromecast and Airplay, which allows you to broadcast the videos on your TV if it is compatible. You will also find the application in the blinds of Apple TV and Android TV.


MK2 Curiosity offers a catalog made up of 400 films, documentaries and short films. Far from blockbusters that make the success of competing platforms, MK2 describes its catalog by authors and directors, and by theme. At launch, we find for example the film in sketch of John Landis, Hamburger Film Sandwich ; the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune (Frank Pavich) on the chaotic project of director Jodorowsky to adapt the novel as a film Dune by Frank Herbert; But also works signed Ryusuke Hamaguchi, Andrea Arnold, Robert Bresson, Michael Haneke, Tobe Hooper, Abbas Kiarostami, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Laura Poitras, Lotte Reiniger, Frederick Wiseman, Edward Yang… Notice to connoisseurs !

Free oqee cinema

Oqeebyfree logo

For its first streaming offer, free bet on the whole free. The programs will be punctuated by advertisements (Avod, for Advertising Video on Demand). Oqee cinema is reserved for freebox subscribers.


No subscription, access is free (reserved for freebox subscribers).


You can access films and series from your Freebox Player (Freebox Revolution, Pop and Free Devialet) or via the OQEE BY Free Smartphone application (iOS and Android), on Apple TV and Android TV TV TV.


The Free Service opens a catalog of 300 films and series. On the program, blockbusters (Limitlessness, xxx, Godzilla, Hellboy…), Youth films (Muppets in space, Tintin, Stuart Little 2…), series (Damages, Funny ladies, Startup, Taken…), Comedies (White nights in Seattle, 30 years otherwise nothing), thrillers, cartoons and dramas. An offer for the very general public.

SPLIIIT • The idea that annoys the giants

The world And the team To find out, Deezer or Spotify to listen to music, Microsoft 365 to take advantage of office automation software, Apple Arcade to play online, and of course Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Canal+ Series, to miss anything series and films of the moment … with as many subscriptions, the bill ends salted ! Unless you are interested in Spliiit, this start-up launched on a very simple idea: bringing users together to share subscriptions. Everyone can offer sharing their own subscription to a service, and take advantage of someone else’s subscription to another platform.

Today, via Spliit, you can access Disney+ for € 2.71/month (instead of € 8.99), Netflix for € 5.08/month (instead of € 17.99) or Deezer for € 3.50/month (instead of € 10.99) ! Conversely, sharing your Disney+ subscription can bring you € 6.75/month.

The offer, certainly interesting, however raises questions. Is it very legal ? The general conditions of Netflix, Deezer and the others well prohibit any commercial use of their service. But it is the subscribers, and not Spliiit, who contravene there. The start-up positions itself as a “agent provider of payment services”: it puts users in relation and manages payments, nothing more. Clearly, by sharing your access via Spliiit, you are at fault ! The risks incurred are however low … The worst scenario would perhaps lead the platform concerned to put an end to your subscription, after several warnings probably.

Another question: why do platforms let Spliiit make, while a priori, each subscription sharing amounts to letting a potential subscriber slip ? The company claims 110,000 active customers, surely too little for the nuisance to justify the legal costs that a procedure would cause. Unless you have the means … To date, three platforms, Apple, Netflix and Disney, have attacked SPLIIIT for counterfeiting, violation of the general conditions of use, unfair competition and parasitism. The case takes its course.