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Broom vacuum cleaners

If they have many advantages, broom vacuum cleaners are, on average, more expensive than trainee vacuum cleaners. Depending on the model, the cost can be a real drawback. Also, depending on the use you want to make of it, it may be more profitable to invest in a more classic wired model.

Comparison / 59 Bailed vacuum cleaners tested September 2023

The Balai vacuum cleaner is increasingly adopted by French households. Simple and practical, it seduces above all by its maneuverability and its wireless use. But they are not all as practical as they seem. Our comparison helps you sort.

Big cardboard on the household appliance market, the Balai vacuum cleaner gradually threatens the trainee vacuum cleaner in the houses. And for good reason, the “ground maintenance” category draws the small appliance sector (PEM) upwards for years according to the GIFAM (grouping of household appliances). Indeed, it occupies a quarter of the whole PEM with growth of 6.1 % in 2019.

This craze is not surprising since this device offers maneuverability increasingly worked by manufacturers, a suction power sometimes identical to that of trainers and an increasingly important autonomy. In addition, he relieves the electric wire and the dust bag.

Long confined to the role of secondary vacuum cleaner in homes, some current models can now claim the title of main device in small spaces. Embedded engines are more and more powerful, lithium-ion batteries are more “generous”; The brushes provided (often motorized) allow brushes to effectively and quickly clean all the house types of the house. The Balai vacuum cleaner can now be envisaged as the only vacuums aspiring the home, at least for small and medium-sized areas.

Rowenta, Kärcher, Miele, Dyson, Bosch, Philips, Xiaomi… All these brands offer wireless vacuums at variable prices. From entry -level to high -end, prices oscillate between € 80 and € 800. In order to help you make the best choice in your purchase act, we offer this comparison that lists many models. You can also consult our buying guide for the best devices of the moment.

Our test procedures

We measure the suction efficiency on different types of floors (parquet, fine carpet, long hair carpet). We also attach great importance to the handy and practical side of each model: is the vacuum cleaner easily, are the accessories many and well optimized, does the filter dirty a lot, is it washable ? The robustness of the device is also evaluated, part per part. Finally, we measure the sound level of the vacuum cleaner as well as their autonomy generated by their lithium ion battery.

Broom vacuum cleaners

How to choose your broom vacuum cleaner

Light, handy and versatile, broom vacuum cleaners are not lacking in assets. Wireless, these devices work thanks to a rechargeable battery. If their autonomy and aspiration power are often limited, they generally remain sufficient for daily cleansing daily. Quickly out, quickly stored, they prove to be very easy to use and are very successful. But although they are increasingly acclaimed by households, the models present on the market – dominated by Dyson – are not all worth and display very unequal performance. What to choose gives you his advice to make the right choice and find a wireless vacuum cleaner at the best value for money.

  • 1. Why buy a broom vacuum cleaner ?
  • 2. What are the main brands ?
  • 3. Who are the most efficient broom vacuum cleaners ?
  • 4. What criteria to take into account to choose your broom vacuum cleaner ?
  • 5. How to buy your device at the best price ?
  • 6. How to maintain and store your broom vacuum cleaner ?
  • 7. How to repair and recycle your device ?

In summary

  • The maneuverability of wireless vacuums is their greatest asset.
  • This type of device is rather intended for a extra cleaning than a deep cleaning.
  • The average lifespan of a broom vacuum cleaner is 5 years and 8 months.
  • On average, it takes a budget of around € 250, although some brands, such as Dyson, draw prices up with models at more than € 600.
  • Most devices are now equipped with a more efficient lithium-ion battery, but also more expensive.
  • The maximum autonomy announced by the manufacturers is measured at low power, which can considerably swell its duration. On average, broom vacuum cleaners have an autonomy of ten minutes at full power.
  • The regular maintenance of a wireless vacuum cleaner is essential to guarantee its suction efficiency, but also prolong its lifespan.
  • If they are space -saving and easily tidy up in a vertical position, broom vacuum cleaners can sometimes be precarious stability.
  • In the vast majority of cases, the breakdowns of broom vacuum cleaners come from the battery.
  • If your broken down device cannot be repaired, it should be recycled. Likewise for batteries.

Guide purchasing vacuum cleaner visual opening

Why buy a broom vacuum cleaner ?

Wireless vacuum cleaners have gained popularity in recent years, in particular thanks to their convenience and easy use. Despite their many advantages, this type of household appliances also presents some negative points. Overview of the advantages and disadvantages of broom vacuum cleaners.

What are the advantages of a wireless vacuum cleaner ?


The practical aspect of the broom vacuum cleaner is one of its major assets. Light, easy to handle and intuitive, these devices are devoid of electric wire. No need to connect them and disconnect them ! It is thus possible to move freely through the room to be cleaned – or from one room to another – without being limited by the length of the cord. Which offers freedom of movement and speed of execution. The absence of a wire also allows you to suck crumbs, hairs and dust in narrow areas or difficult access, such as stairs or the interior of a car.


Unlike sled vacuum cleaners, wireless vacuums take up little space. They are therefore easier to store discreetly in a corner or in a cupboard. Beware, however, of their stability, sometimes precarious in a vertical position. When possible, place the device on its support or charging station.

Wireless vacuum cleaners are particularly light. Depending on the models, the weight of this type of device varies from 2 to 4 kg on average, compared to 4 to 9 kg for sleds.


Wireless vacuum cleaners are often equipped with accessories that can easily clean various surfaces such as hard floors, carpets or furniture. Some models also have a removable tube, which allows you to use it as a hand vacuum cleaner. This function is particularly practical for cleaning the interior of your car, removing the hair from your pets from cushions and armchairs or even rid the closets of crumbs and other debris.

Are there disadvantages ?

The main drawback of wireless vacuums is their cost. Unlike sled vacuum cleaners, models within 100 € are rare. You have to pay € 200 on average for the purchase of a wireless device but the prices easily exceed € 600.

Sound level

Not easy to soundproofing this type of device without impacting its weight – and therefore maneuverability. Nevertheless, the broom vacuum cleaners being more intended for extra cleaning, the nuisances are only short -lived.

45, 60 or 90 minutes … manufacturers most often announce maximum autonomy, that is to say the autonomy measured on the lowest power level. At maximum power, the battery of wireless vacuum cleaners does not last more than ten minutes on average, depending on the measures made in the laboratory by our experts.

Suction power

Compared to a sleigh model, wireless devices mostly have lower suction efficiency. Some rechargeable broom vacuum cleaners, however, offer high maximum power, but over a short time.

On this point, therefore difficult to establish generalities. To see more clearly, our experts have tested, in detail and real conditions of use, the performance of more than a hundred references.

Tank capacity

This is one of the main weak points of the broom vacuum cleaners. Due to its size and maneuverability claimed, this type of device has a small capacity tank: between 0.2 and 1.3 l. For comparison, a sled vacuum cleaner, with or without bag, contains between 1.1 and 4.6 l (2.4 L on average). Therefore, it is necessary to frequently perform the emptying.

Battery life

According to our latest reliability survey, the battery is the most common problem on this type of device. In total, 16.8 % of breakdowns are linked.

What are the different types of broom vacuum cleaners ?

On the market, there are currently three main categories of wireless vacuum cleaners. Each has additional advantages and disadvantages.

Stick Tube Two in one
Composition One block Two parts (engine and tube) Stick with integrated hand vacuum cleaner
Tank capacity Large (1 l on average) Low (0.6 L on average) Very low (rarely over 0.6 l)
Device weight Heavy (about 3.3 kg) Light (about 2.75 kg) Light (about 2.5 kg)

Guide Purchase vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner tube IC16049 0345 01 00

The so -called “tubes” models consist of two parts: the engine and a long tube on which the brush is attached. This type of device can thus be transformed into a hand vacuum cleaner in a few seconds, offering versatile use. Dyson, in particular, made a specialty.

The engine block is at the top of the device. The latter is therefore easy to handle to vacuum to the height of a man, especially since it is quite light (about 2.75 kg). On the other hand, the tank suffers from a low volume (0.6 L on average).

Guide Purchase vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner Sticks Rowenta Air Force Serenity RH9151WO 001

The stick is designed in a single block, which generally allows it to be held in a vertical position even when it is not fixed on its loading base. In this way, it turns out to be easy to store or pose in case of interruption during cleaning.

This type of device is also equipped with the largest reservoir capacities on the market (1 L on average), but turns out to be heavier (about 3.3 kg) and, therefore, less handy. The weight, concentrated downwards, intended essentially for soil maintenance and not height surfaces.

The two in one

Guide Purchase vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner 2en1 IC16049 0353 01 00

The “two in one” combines the two previous categories. More concretely, it is a stick integrating a detachable hand vacuum cleaner. The tank, common to the two elements, nevertheless suffers from a reduced capacity, rarely exceeding 0.6 l. These models hold in a vertical position and are lighter (around 2.5 kg) and handy than the sticks.

Should we opt for a broom vacuum cleaner rather than a sleigh vacuum cleaner ?

Broom vacuum cleaner Sled vacuum cleaner
Clean small surfaces Clean supermarkets
Use for a limited time Use for unlimited duration
Eliminate the hair of a pet on armchairs and carpets Clean up in the whole house: hard floors, carpets, carpets and parquet floors
Clean the tiles after meals Clean the ceilings and shelves in height
Clean your car or motorhome Clean the garage
Clean the stairs Eliminate dust from parquet floors with slits, carpets and armchair
Particularly effective use for hair, crumbs and dust on hard floors More effective use on more imposing dirt

Depending on your use

One of the first elements to be determined before the purchase of a broom vacuum cleaner is the use you will have: do you plan to use it for a extra or deep cleaning ?

In addition, wireless vacuum cleaners are more suitable for daily use. To clean your overflowing home, it is better to turn to a sleigh vacuum cleaner.

Depending on the area of ​​your accommodation

Apartment or house ? If wireless vacuums offer great freedom of movement, they also have limited autonomy, especially at full power.

Bailed models are therefore more dedicated to the suction of dirt from small surfaces. If you want to vacuum a large area, it may be necessary to interrupt the cleaning session to recharge the battery and drain the tank.

Good to know. To compensate for autonomy concerns, some manufacturers offer wired broom vacuum cleaners. Nevertheless, the radius of action of the device is limited, depending on the length of the electric cord. They do not have a battery and can only be used in the sector. As for the ability of the dust collector (or the bag), it remains limited, which requires drain them regularly … and therefore possibly interrupt cleaning.

Depending on the type of soil and the type of dirt to aspire

Guide purchasing vacuum cleaner Type Type Adobestock 428178940

Cleaning the kitchen table, daily dusting on a daily basis, elimination of your pet hair armchairs or sofas … If there are models suitable for all uses, vacuum cleaners displaying good versatility on all types of surface surface And for all kinds of deposits (dust, hairs, textiles or food residues) are not legion.

Among the main weaknesses of the broom vacuum cleaners is the suction of dust in parquet floors, or on carpets and carpets. Nevertheless, some high -end models are doing very well, as shown by the results of our laboratory test.

If you want to favor simple dusting, you will have more choices. The cheapest devices can be more than enough. The same goes if your goal is to get rid of your armchairs and carpets of your animals: on this point, wireless brooms, with a rotary brush, have made big progress.

Regarding voluminous and sticky food waste, such as cereals, a strong suction capacity and a diameter of the suitable orifice remain necessary. It is therefore better to find out about these elements beforehand.

Finally, the crumbs, they, suffer on the contrary of their lightness. More concretely, they are projected to the outside by the rotary brush instead of being sucked.

To find out the performance of the broom vacuum cleaners and find the most suitable model for your needs, see our detailed comparative test.

Depending on your budget

If they have many advantages, broom vacuum cleaners are, on average, more expensive than trainee vacuum cleaners. Depending on the model, the cost can be a real drawback. Also, depending on the use you want to make of it, it may be more profitable to invest in a more classic wired model.

What are the main brands ?

Several leaders share the market, such as Dyson, Electrolux, Hoover, Rowenta or the German brand Bosch.


Dyson dominates the market, in particular “sticks”, of which he made the specialty. Over the years, the manufacturer has evolved – alongside its competitors such as Rowenta, Hoover or Bosch – the performance of wireless vacuums in terms of suction or design power of the main brush. Nevertheless, the products of the English brand are more expensive than the average, pulling prices upwards. Some models are thus displayed at more than € 600. If Dyson intends to offer high -end devices, a high price does not always guarantee the best performance, as our comparative test points out.


Electrolux offers different types of broom vacuum cleaners, with stick, tube or two models in one. Like its competitors Bosch and Rowenta, the Sans Fil of the Swedish household appliances can count on a five-year use expectations. However, our latest reliability survey highlights more of the brand’s battery dysfunctions of this brand.


Hoover presents itself as a specialist in vacuum cleaners. Its founder was one of the first to design a modern vacuum cleaner. But if the brand says it is a pioneer in the matter, its products are now largely competed by other firms such as Bosch, Dyson or Rowenta. Furthermore, if the average life expectancy of broom vacuum cleaners is lower than that of sleds, our reliability survey showed that on this point, Hoover ranked far behind its competitors.


Rowenta is a brand of German origin specializing in the manufacture and sale of irons and vacuum cleaners. Regarding the latter, it offers a wide range of devices ranging from brush models to robots, passing through its many sleds. According to our latest reliability survey, it is in the top 3 brands of the most reliable broom vacuums, alongside Dyson and Bosch.


Brooms, hand, robots … Bosch offers a large range of vacuum cleaners to meet all user needs. The German brand is betting on reliable and good quality devices. Our reliability survey thus highlights a hope of 5 years, positioning Bosch on the second step of the podium, just behind Dyson.

Are the leaders better ?

Not necessarily … it is difficult to establish such generals ! Only our independent laboratory tests make it possible to issue a reliable opinion on the different models. To find a wireless vacuum cleaner at the best value for money, see all the results of our comparison online, as well as the opinions of our experts and our reliability survey.

Who are the most efficient broom vacuum cleaners ?

What are cheap broom vacuum cleaners ?

If market leaders offer more than € 600 aircraft – such as the Dyson V15 detect Absolute or the Vorwerk Kobold VB100 – there are much more affordable alternatives. It is thus possible to equip yourself for a hundred euros. This is particularly the case for wireless vacuum cleaners of distributor brands. But these entry-level models, at the cost of which are more attractive, are they efficient ? Our independent experts sought to answer this question. The tests carried out in the laboratory made it possible to identify models with (very) limited performance. To avoid cluttering yourself with an ineffective vacuum cleaner, it is better not to be seduced by any device at low prices !

What are the best broom vacuum vacuum ?

On the shelves as on the internet, the references are very numerous and the prices make the big gap. Faced with this multitude of models, difficult to navigate for consumers. So how to find a broom vacuum cleaner at the best value for money ?

To help you make the right choice, our independent experts have tested more than a hundred products. Each device has been sifted: aspiration performance, autonomy, ease of use … and the conclusion is without appeal: not all.

Are the broom vacuum cleaners reliable ?

Alongside its European partners, What to choose evaluated, in February 2022, the reliability of the broom vacuum cleaners present on the market. From this survey, it appears that the life expectancy of this type of devices is brighter than that of the sleds.

On average, all brands combined, it is 5 years and 8 months, against more than 8 years for more traditional models. Nevertheless, not all brands are equal: some are doing very well, until you compete with the trainee vacuum cleaners.

In general, the first minor breakdown appears after 3 years and 8 months. Some brands are nevertheless done better than others. Major breakdowns arise later: after 5 years of use on average. But then again, this is the big gap from one brand to another.

A third of the broom vacuum cleaners are no longer in service after 4 years of use. A much more important figure than for the drain vacuum cleaners, since they are only 14 % to be out of use after 5 years of use.

Among the most frequent problems, we raise the concerns of battery (16.8 %) and engine (11.5 %).

Nevertheless, a breakdown does not necessarily imply changing the device. In most cases, it is possible to repair a broom vacuum cleaner at a reasonable cost.

What criteria to take into account to choose your broom vacuum cleaner ?


Light and intuitive, broom vacuum cleaners are distinguished above all by their maneuverability. But their main asset lies in the absence of. During your cleaning session, you can move through the entire home without being limited by the length of the cord, which allows both freedom of movement and speed of execution.

But for pleasant use, other elements are important to take into account such as the handle, the buttons or the indicators present on the device.

The handle

In order to maneuver the broom vacuum cleaner with ease, the models available on the market are all equipped with a handful. For greater comfort of use, favor those that are ergonomic. In other words, a handful closed and studied to accommodate your hand.

The trigger or the button

Guide Purchase vacuum cleaner Gachette button IC16049 0371 00 19

Pay attention to pimples. Should we maintain a trigger (“turbo” or “boost”) continuously to use the device at full power ? If it is necessary to keep a finger pressed throughout the cleaning, it will be tiring. Prefer a device with an autonomous walking button.

The power drive

Guide Purchase Variator Variator Vacuum Power IC16049 0368 00 8

Most models offer power variators that allow you to vacuum more or less, depending on the type of dirt to be eliminated. In addition to the number of levels (two, three or more), check how to activate it (automatic adjustment or manual adjustment):

  • a sliding button, with a notch for each degree;
  • A different button for each level;
  • A single button, activated after starting the device, usually called “turbo” or “boost”.

The power level

Guide Purchase Vacuum Vacuum Power Power IC16049 0371 00 18

In addition to selecting the power level, the visualization of the chosen power level is important. Clear and readable information, simple LED or digital screen, will bring you greater comfort of use.

The battery level

Guide Purchase Vacuum Balai Level Battery IC16049 0398 00 19

In practice, knowing the remaining battery level, in full cleaning session, can be practical. The most high -end devices can be equipped with a screen with the remaining duration of use, depending on the selected power level. Other models have several diodes which go out as the unloading.

Prefer a vacuum cleaner clearly displaying the battery level, for example thanks to several light lights or a dedicated display. This will allow you not to have to interrupt your cleaning in the middle of a room.

Likewise, broom vacuum cleaners are equipped with a load indicator that activates (or deactivates) as soon as the battery is loaded. It can be a simple light indicator that changes color when the battery is full.

The type of battery

Guide Purchase Vacuum Vacuum Type Battery IC16049 0368 0011

Most of the batteries present in broom vacuum cleaners are today in lithium-ion, technology notably used for smartphones and electric cars. Compared to other types of batteries (Ni-MH), they claim greater endurance, better autonomy performance as well as in charge of time time.

If the lithium-ion batteries are more convincing, they are not eternal however. It is therefore relevant to opt for a removable battery model, which avoids calling a professional when it must be replaced.


The autonomy announced by manufacturers is most often maximum autonomy, measured on the lowest level of power. At maximum power, the autonomy is generally much lower: ten minutes on average, depending on the tests carried out in the laboratory by What to choose. Nevertheless, a short duration is not necessarily disabling if your wireless vacuum cleaner is dedicated to small cleanings. A power drive can be useful to save energy.

The rotary brush

Guide purchasing vacuum cleaner Broom rotary brush

The main rotary brush, also called electro-brosse, partly determines the suction quality of the broom vacuum cleaner. Most often with polyester, nylon or carbon fiber hair, it is automatically activated thanks to an electric motor in order to collect the maximum deposit.

On some models, it can be deactivated. This option can be useful for sucking the lightest dirt, such as confetti or crumbs. The rotary movement of the brush can indeed project these light materials outwards, which complicates their aspiration.

However, manufacturers rarely offer this possibility, which requires costly development.

Tube type brooms also allow it to be removed, which is not necessarily the case with the Stick or two categories in one.

The suction width (or trace width) of the brush can also make the difference: the wider it is, the more quick cleaning allows. If some are around 29 cm, others measure only 20 cm. The suction width should not be confused with the width of the brush itself: it is not because a brush is wide that it sucks over its width.

Another criterion can play on cleaning efficiency. This is the suction of dust or dirt on the sides of the brush (criterion “borders cleaning” in our comparison). This capacity is particularly useful for sucking along the plinths and walls. As a rule, this is a weak point of the broom vacuum cleaners. For the least efficient models, it is necessary to use a sucker.

Finally, more and more manufacturers offer integrated lighting at the front. If this option can be useful to better identify dirt on the ground, it is not necessarily essential.

The noise

Although many manufacturers claim silent models, a rechargeable broom vacuum cleaner that spares your ears, it does not exist. It is difficult to soundproofed them. Indeed, the installation of sound insulation would increase the device and would complicate its manipulation. A sharp noise, even unpleasant, is also inherent in the electric motors used, not only in the device, but also in the rotary brush.

However, if you intend your wireless vacuum cleaner with extra cleaning, its duration of use is limited.

Framed nuisances for sleds

Since September 1, 2017, European regulations have obliged trainee vacuum cleaners to have a “Acoustic power level […] less than or equal to 80 decibels”. However, rechargeable wireless vacuum cleaners are not (yet ?) concerned by this measurement. For comparison, an oral conversation in a house amounts to 50 dB and the sound of a motorcycle, at 100 dB, according to the European Commission.


Guide Purchase vacuum cleaner IC16049 0371 00 13

Broom vacuum cleaners have several filters. Those placed before the engine are intended to maintain the particles and debris in the tank. Those placed after aim to remember finer dust, pollens and other mites excrement. To maintain their effectiveness, remember to clean them and replace them regularly.

More and more models also offer a cyclonic filtration system located in the tank to prevent suckled dust from racking the engine filter and reducing the quality of. The disadvantage is that these filters take up a lot of space in a tank of a capacity already limited.

Some manufacturers can also highlight the presence of HEPA filters, but it is not enough to guarantee filtration efficiency.

The reservoir

Guide Purchase Vacuum Vacuum Reservoir IC16049 0353 02 5

The capacity of the tank of wireless vacuum cleaners is generally low: between 0.2 and 1.3 L for the models tested by What to choose. The type of device may be enough to make the difference: the tubes are generally equipped with smaller tanks than the sticks, even if some models derogate from this rule.

It may be interesting to pay attention to it: the smaller the tank, the more it will be necessary to drain it frequently.

The accessories

Accessory Use
Long Borders and corners of the pieces
Bristle Fragile furniture and surfaces
Furnishings brush Vehicle seats, armchairs and textile sofas
Mini-Turbo-Brosse Vehicle seats, armchairs and textile sofas

Guide Purchase Vacuum Vacuum Accessories IC16049 0371 00 25

To adapt to all supports, the manufacturers offer various accessories, provided as standard or optional for integrated hand vacuum cleaners or tubes, such as Dyson, Hoover models or certain references of the Rowenta brand.

Among the most common, there are:

  • The long sucker, to absorb dust and waste against borders and in corners;
  • the bristle brush, to clean fragile furniture and surfaces without damaging the surface;
  • The furnishing fabric brush, generally small width and provided with a red velvet band so as not to damage the coatings. It is particularly relevant to remove animal hairs or dust on armchairs or textile sofas;
  • the mini-turbo-brush, which has the same properties as the main rotary. For example, it is suitable for cleaning car seats or sofas and armchairs dressed in fabric.

The storage of the main parts is carried out either on the broom vacuum cleaner or in the charging station or the charging support. For other accessories, you will have no choice but to store them yourself in a cupboard ..

Good to know. Not all broom vacuum cleaners are provided with such a variety of equipment. However, a large rotating brush alone is not suitable for all surfaces or for all corners. In the same range, several models, delivered with more or less series accessories, can cohabit. Also, it is preferable to check, beforehand, the different elements sold with the model chosen according to your interior. For brand devices, it is generally possible to buy accessories separately from the manufacturer’s site or from a dealer. This is generally not the case for distributor brands (MDD) or “No names” brands which do not make the devices they market themselves.

How to buy your device at the best price ?

How much is a broom vacuum cleaner ?

There are rechargeable broom vacuum cleaners at all prices, for all budgets. Entrance models with higher -end references, prices oscillate from 80 to more than € 600. According to a GFK study, published in 2020, a budget of € 257 must be provided on average to equip yourself.

If they are therefore generally much more expensive than the sled vacuum cleaners, this difference is explained by various elements such as the cost of research and high development of these models with new technologies (lithium-ion battery, digital engine, cyclonic filtration… ) and the price of batteries.

Where to buy a cheap broom vacuum cleaner ?

Buy your wireless vacuum cleaner in store

The broom vacuum cleaners are offered in various brands, starting with stores specialized in household appliances (Darty, Boulanger, Conforama, etc.). The latter do not have the exclusivity. You can thus supply yourself in large food areas (U system, Carrefour, Auchan, etc.) as well as in local brands (connection, gitem, pro & cie, etc.).

The main asset of buying a wireless vacuum cleaner in store is the possibility of comparing several models. Do not hesitate to handle them to assess their weight, maneuverability or ergonomics. Some stores sometimes even offer to try them in “real conditions”. Take advantage to take them in hand, but be careful not to be fooled by the marketing speeches of the sellers !

Buy your wireless vacuum cleaner online

It is possible to buy your broom vacuum cleaner directly on the internet. Different models are generally available on the sites of specialized household appliances, with a choice often wider than in stores. The “Pure Player” (Amazon, Cdiscount, Conrad, Villatech, etc.) also offer a wide offer, notably thanks to their marketplace.

Some manufacturers directly market their products online (Dyson, Bosch, Electrolux, Hoover, Philips, Rowenta, etc.), others refer to a list of stores and resellers.

How to find your device at the best price ?

During promotion periods (sales, black friday, barred price, etc.), it is possible to buy a wireless vacuum cleaner at a reduced price. But watch out for false promotions !

Some manufacturers also offer reimbursement offers (ODR) which allow you to request the reimbursement of part of the price of the product after purchase. Read the refund conditions well and carefully fulfill your file to prevent it from being refused.

How to maintain and store your broom vacuum cleaner ?


Regular maintenance of your wireless vacuum cleaner is essential to guarantee its suction efficiency, but also its lifespan.

Dust collector emptying

Guide Purchase Vacuum cleaner Blai Draid Push collector istock 1371040614

Equipped with low -capacity tanks, broom vacuum cleaners must be regularly emptied. Ideally, do it after each cleaning session or each time the battery requires being recharged.

Wireless brooms being predominantly “bagless”, it is often difficult not to drop part of the detritus on the ground during the emptying of the tank. Manufacturers compete in inventiveness to facilitate this maintenance operation, necessary but forbidden … The dust collector, like the cyclonic filter, is not necessarily removable of the engine block. In the absence of a dedicated emptying system, it is necessary to return the device or the engine block in its entirety. If you are allergic to dust and/or pollens, plan to make this maneuver outside (or entrust it to another person …).

Note, some manufacturers now offer devices with suction station station, that is to say with a suction system that makes it possible to drain the tank of the device without user intervention. The detritus are transferred to a larger capacity (or bag) tank located directly in the station which is inevitably more bulky than a conventional charging station. If they already exist for robot vacuum cleaners, they remain not very widespread with regard to brooms.

Filters maintenance

Guide Purchase Vacuum Wallet Cleaning Filter Adobestock 53784247

To guarantee the effectiveness of your wireless vacuum cleaner, it is essential to maintain your filters well. If the devices have several filters, not all of them are removable. To find out how to clean them, see the manufacturer’s user manual. In the absence of information, use a soft brush to drop the dust in your trash can. Another vacuum cleaner (sled for example) or a compressor can be used, taking care not to vacuum or blow on the filter with too much power, which may damage it.

Washable filters ?

Some vacuum filters claim to be washable, others not. If there are still detritus, remove them delicately using a small brush. Then pass the filter under tap water, cold or lukewarm. Attention ! Always let a filter dry after washing before replacing it in the vacuum cleaner (at least 24 hours, in the open air).

Careful battery recharge

If they are deemed efficient, lithium batteries require special care. Repairers we interviewed recommend recharging the battery after each use. By letting it unload completely, you would risk using it prematurely.

Take care of the charger: Avoid making it fall and carefully store the wire after use, taking care not to draw or twist the power cord.

Regular cleaning of accessories

Remember to regularly get rid of dirt and dust accessories. They will only be more effective. This is particularly the case with active brushes and more particularly of the rotary roller which they are composed. It is generally removable, without or with tool. Short dust and hairs can be removed by hand. Long hair or threads sometimes require the use of scissors or a tool provided.


Guide Purchase Balai Storage

Wireless vacuum cleaners have the advantage of being space -saving. Nevertheless, to store them safely, you will have to make some arrangements.

The “tubes” generally do not stand up alone. In other words, to be kept vertically, this type of device must rest on a wall support or a load station, when it exists. In the latter case, the installation must be placed near an electrical outlet.

“Sticks” or two devices in one without tube can, more frequently, stand anywhere anywhere. Beware, however, of the precarious stability of this kind of vacuum cleaner when it is in a vertical position.

How to repair and recycle your device ?


Guide Purchase vacuum cleaner Istock repair 1337180384

Broom vacuum cleaners have a shorter lifespan than sleds. On average, the first breakdown appears after 4 years of use, or even from 3 years for certain brands such as Hoover. In most cases, the problem can nevertheless be resolved rather easily.

The battery no longer works

In almost 2 out of 10 cases, this is a battery problem. It is then possible to replace it. It will be all the easier if it is removable and it will save you a passage from the repairer (so the additional labor costs that can result from it …). Replacing a lithium battery still has a cost: up to 120 € for a broom vacuum cleaner.

If your vacuum cleaner no longer takes care, the problem can also come from the device itself or the charger.

An accessory is broken

From now on, major brands offer accessories, or even spare parts directly on their website. On average, count between 20 and 50 € to replace an accessory. Distributor brands, first prices or lower notoriety generally do not offer this possibility. Some even market any spare parts or, when they do, do not engage in a sufficiently long availability period.

The engine no longer works or badly

If the failure of the battery or charger is dismissed, the problem can be greater and require the replacement of the engine (when provided as a spare part, etc.). A repair often not very profitable since it represents almost, for most brands, the price of a new product. Unless the new “repair bonus” lighten the bill ..

To recycle

Your broom vacuum cleaner no longer works or no longer properly ? At the end of life, remember to recycle it. A device with a lithium battery should no one be thrown into the household waste trash cans. It must be left in a Deee collection center or in the store where its replacement is purchased: traders have an obligation to take over.

In the same way, if the battery is replaced during the life of the device, it must be recycled.