Citroën CXPERIENCE | The concept car that reinvents codes, Citroën 19_19 Concept | Concept because in futuristic design

The trip to Ë-Confort mode

19_19 Concept offers a universe specific to each passenger.

Citroën CXPERIENCE Concept

Citroën CXperience Conceptcar Design Face

On the occasion of the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Citroën unveils the concept Car Cxperience, the latestbird of the spirit “Be Different, Feel Good”. Its extraordinary silhouette and aerodynamic lines reinvent the codes of the high -end sedan. And it also shows inside with a global approach to comfort!

Citroën CXperience Conceptcar Exterior Design Profile

Horizontal lines

With Cxperience Concept, Citroën expresses the spirit “Be different, feel good” all in power. Its extraordinary silhouette, 4.85 m long, 2 m wide for a pavilion at only 1 m 37, illustrates the brand’s desire to mark its difference on the segment of high -end sedans.

The rafters and their double chrome bar stretch to the lights accentuating the width of the vehicle. The attention is thus particularly paid on the “V” diurnal fires which give it a technological look made up of thin blades 3mm wide, in the interstice of which elegantly integrate the indicators.

CITROEN CXPERIENCE Concept Car Interior design

Contemporary Inspiration Interior

The interior of Cxperience draws its influences from contemporary architecture and decoration. An innovative design which is expressed all in shape and horizontality, from the seats to the dashboard. The high -end materials used are adorned with a very energetic citrus yellow shade.

CXPERIENCE ASSIES are made from a warm coating with a quilted effect. Like the dashboard, the files are cut in an elegant walnut essence wood which gives the whole a very architectural rendering.

Citroen Cxperience Concept Car Yellow Seats

Well-being of body and mind

Wood of walnut essence, geometric fabric “” water green “”, dark leather with unstructured design, citrus colors, soothing brightness. The CXPERIENCE Concept interior is worked in spaces and materials that embody the expression of the brand on the territory of the high -end and the comfort.

If the concept of comfort has always been intimately linked to Citroën, “Citroën comfort” has become a real signature of the brand. Today it incorporates a more global dimension and criteria as multiple as brightness, habitability, ergonomics or connectivity.

CITROEN CXPERIENCE Concept Car Confort interior seats

The Citroën Advanced Comfort program

The challenge of the Citroën Advanced Comfortvise program to put all the components of the automobile at the service of well-being and peace of mind, at each stage of the design.

Acoustic and visual comfort, high -end seats, living room spirit, feeling of conviviality and riding comfort. Cxperience Concept was designed to create a real bubble of well-being, for all passengers ! The concept is also distinguished by an intuitive man-machine interface, designed to ensure digital continuity between the driver and his passengers via their digital universes.

Citroen CXperience Concept Car Dashboard with screen

No more exchange, more sharing

CXPERIENCE is welcoming, comfortable and hyperconnected … A real intuitive man-machine interface thought to ensure digital continuity between the driver and his passengers via a multitude of digital equipment. 19 ” panoramic screen in 16/3 format, connected services, smartphone, connected tablet as well as a whole new sharing application, “Share with U”, which will allow you to exchange all types of files (music, games, videos. ) with his traveling companions.

Citroen CXperience Concept Car Hybrid Motorization

Hybrid technology at the service of Xperience

And as car well-being comes above all through driving pleasure, Cxperience Concept puts technology at the service of the driver’s experience. Its hybrid plug-in traction channel combines efficiency and duration efficiency by developing exceptional dynamic services thanks to its petrol engine from 150 to 200 hp and the energy generated by the 80 kW electric motor.

Cxperience Concept can also drive in 100% electric for an autonomy of 60 km in urban use and limit its consumption on the road by alternating the two energies. And on highways, the heat engine will take over to provide a cumulative power of 300 hp and compete with the largest sedans.

The trip to Ë-Confort mode

Citroën 19_19 concept on a seaside road

After Friend One Concept, an electrical concept of urban mobility, Citroën presents 19_19 Concept, the second electrical concept celebrating its centenary, which expresses its vision of extra-urban mobility.


Born Citroën*

19_19 Concept is a high-tech object with spectacular design, inspired by aeronautics. It pushes comfort to the extreme, recreating a real living room rolling in the passenger compartment, placed on intelligent suspensions, giving the feeling of flying over the road. Innovative and futuristic, it offers an autonomy of 800 km, autonomous driving techniques and a personal assistant who interacts with passengers.

Concept Car Citroën 19_19 Face on a seaside road

Concept Car Citroën 19_19 from back on a seaside road

A futuristic vehicle

A futuristic front side

The design of 19_19 concept is aerodynamic. The front incorporates a double plexiglass, lower and upper cover. The upper hood goes up very high above the wings, acting as a wing and support for the Full LED light signature, integrating the brand’s chevrons and the Origins logo. The interior and technique are visible. The structure of the suspensions, the wheels, the interior of the wings are decorated with streaks reminiscent of the rafters.

A technological rear side

The rear side echoes the front side: the tailgate bubble, the aerodynamic sub-bar, the light signature, with two lines of light by integrating the rafters and forming a spout. Two Lidar (laser detection measurement systems) are positioned at the back of the pavilion. The sub-basing is designed as a skatebord, which reveals the batteries and all the technical elements. He is adorned with three blue, white, red features.

Concept Car Citroën 19_19 in profile on a seaside road

Zoom on the rear wheels of the concept car Citroën 19_19

A spectacular design

A transparent capsule

By its fully glazed cash register, 19_19 concept is similar to a transparent bubble. He impresses with the length of his wheelbase and his faux ultra-short door. Very curved, the cabin cell begins the base of an airplane wing on each side, producing an impression of robustness and width. At the front, the plexiglass is tinged with black and blue on the back, a nod to the blue of little Rosalie, heritage of the brand. At the front, passengers can see and be seen, while the rear has a micro-perforated film, preserving their intimacy.

XXL wheels

19_19 Concept seems suspended above XXL wheels (diameter: 930 mm and tires 255/30 R30), developed with Good Year. The tire and the rim seem to be one, the rubber extending on the rims, contributing to acoustic comfort. The wings, both disintegrated from the body and integrated into the wheels, suggest completely independent wheels: the cabin seems to be placed on 4 spheres, isolated from the road. Their central spinner remains fixed, revealing the Citroën Origins logo when 19_19 concept rolls.

Interior of the concept because Citroën 19_19 with woman and child on board

Concept Car Citroën 19_19 top view on a seaside road

Born Comfort*

19_19 Concept offers a universe specific to each passenger.

The driver’s place offers intuitive commands, a head-up display of driving information through the windshield, an ultra-confidence seat and a loudspeaker in the headrest.

The front passenger has a meridian with motorized liftable footrests and the rear seats are designed as a sofa. Each passenger has his own sound zone, with individualized contents sent to him directly.

The simplified dashboard as much as possible, in its lower part, a glass area which can be transformed into a screen projection screen. The steering wheel is floating, marble appearance and has a screen in the center scrolling all generations of Citroën logos.

The doors open in an antagonistic way and allow optimal access to all passengers, by the absence of a midfielder.

19_19 Concept has intelligent suspensions, intelligent active steering with an anti-roll and anti-gîte system, in addition to suspensions with Progressive hydraulic stops. Outdoor jacks and disturbances are therefore deleted. The wheels and tires also contribute to suspension comfort. Intelligrip technology, intelligent sensor system, allows 19_19 concept to determine the optimal driving mode, impacting speed, braking, handling and stability. The impression of flying over the road!