Chrome 78 Now Allows to make your own theme for the Browser, activation of Google Chrome Dark Mode: Operation – Ionos

Chrome Dark Mode: how to activate dark mode in Google Chrome

Step 3: In the research field, type “Dark Reader” and install the extension.

Chrome 78 Now Allows to make your own theme for the Browser

The New Tab Page Customization Menu V2 Available Behind A Flag in Chrome 78 Canary has progressed Further to Bring the Ability to Create A Custom Theme For Chrome Browser. Chrome Browser Already Ships With 20 Themes To Customize Browser Appearance, Now Chromium Team Added “Custom Color Picker” To Colors Menu to Let You Make A Theme On Your Own.

Till Now on Part of New Tab Page Customization, Chromium Team Added Colors Picker and 20 New Themes To Colors Menu. Do Remember, Google Offers Planty of Themes For Chrome Browser On Web Store, Recently Chrome Team Published 14 News Themes also. Without Further Ado, To see the New Features in Action, in Latest Chrome Canary, Visit Chrome: // Flags and Enable Below Three Flags and Relawch the Browser.

NTP Customization Menu version 2

Chrome Colors Menu

Custom Color Picker for Chrome Colors Menu

The Last Flag Mentioned Aboved Appeared Recently in Chrome Flags Page and Started Working from TODAY ONWARDS. Here is How You Can Create Custom Theme In Chrome Browser

1. Launch Chrome Canary

2. Click Customize, Select “Color and Theme”

3. Click on the Pencil Icon in the Circle, and Enter Values ​​for R, G and B from 0 to 255 or Enter Hex Code, Click Tick Mark to Apply Changes to the Browser.

Chrome Custom Color Picker Color and Theme

4. Now visit “background” section and upload an image from your computer or select from the collection Displayed and click done, you can even turn on “Refresh Daily” for Chrome to Automatically Change New Tab Page Background.

NTP Customize Background Refresh Daily menu

5. Soon Chrome Will Allow to Curate Shortcuts for NTP On Your Own When You Visit “Shortcuts”, at present not working, you can choose Another option to Show Shortcuts from Most Visited Websites on NTP.

Till Now to Modify Chrome-Look, You need to visit Web Store and Installe Themes Available, But now Can Create a Customized Theme for Chrome Browser on Your Own, What Do You Say On These Improvements Google is Bringing to Chrome Browser?

Chrome Theme

Screenshot of Windows 11's

Manual activation of the dark mode of

Step 1 : Create a Google Chrome shortcut for your office if you haven’t done it yet.

2nd step : Click on the Chrome icon right -bit of the mouse and select “Create a shortcut”. If necessary, confirm that a shortcut must be created on the desktop.

Step 3: Press the name of the new shortcut icon twice to rename it, for example “CHROME Monde Dark”.

Step 4: Then click on the icon right button and select “Properties” in the context menu.

Step 5: Under “shortcut”, add a space in the “target” field and the following text: “-Force-Dark-Mode”.

Step 6: If you are now starting chrome by double-clicking on the new shortcut, it opens directly in dark mode.

Screenshot of shortcut properties in Windows 11

Activate the dark mode of chrome on PC: macOS¶

Automatic activation of the dark mode of

Step 1 : Open the “settings” by clicking on the gray button in the shape of a toothed wheel in the dock. You can also click on the apple in the upper left corner of the screen and choose “system preferences”.

2nd step : Press “General”, then on the option “Fashion appearance”.

Step 3: You now have the choice between three options, especially “dark”. Select it to activate the dark mode throughout the system, Chrome included.

Step 4: If you choose “automatic” here, the dark mode is activated and deactivated throughout the system depending on the time of day. This is also appropriate for the dark mode of Google Chrome.

Screenshot of Mac's

Please note: during automatic configuration, you don’t only activate the Dark Mode in Google Chrome, but for the entire device. Your messaging, calendar and all menus also appear in dark mode. If this is not what you want and only the dark mode of Chrome interests you, you must activate it manually.

Manual activation of the dark mode of

Under macOS, you will need an extension to activate the dark mode of Chrome, for example Dark Reader, which is free. Here’s how to install it:

Step 1 : Open the main menu by clicking on the three points on the far right of the address bar.

2nd step : Then select “Other tools”, then “Extensions”.

Step 3: In the research field, type “Dark Reader” and install the extension.

Activate the dark mode of chrome on Android and iOS¶

Automatic activation of dark mode: Androidution

Step 1 : Click on the Round Trungling Roue button to access the system settings.

2nd step : Then select the “Settings” option.

Step 3: You can activate or deactivate dark mode, which includes the dark mode of Google Chrome.

Screenshot of the

The dark mode applicable to the whole system has been introduced with Android 10. For older variants of the operating system, it is possible to download applications that activate dark mode. As Android devices suppliers most of the time add their own user interface At the standard software, the given explanations may not be perfectly suited to your smartphone.

Automatic activation of the dark mode: iOS¶

Step 1 : Access the settings by clicking on the gray toothed wheel button.

2nd step : Then select the “Brightness and display” option.

Step 3: You can now choose between the “clear” and “dark” options. If you choose this second option, dark mode is activated throughout the system, including in Chrome.

Screenshot activation of dark mode in iOS

Dark mode only works for devices equipped withiOS 13 (iPad OS 13). The older variants of the operating system do not offer dark fashion.

Manual activation of dark mode: Android and iOS¶

IOS and Android smartphones operating systems do not yet officially activate dark mode. However, there is a Android tip. Here’s how to do:

Step 1 : Open Google Chrome and enter the following command in the address bar: “Chrome: // Flags”.

2nd step : A research field opens, in which you can enter the following command: ” #Enable-Android-Web-Contents-Dark-Mode”. You can also search for the “Force Dark Mode” option.

Step 3: Change the “Default” parameter to “Enabled”.

Extension to activate the dark mode on chromeruction

In the web store chrome, the category “Extensions” offers extensions for dark mode that can be added for free. You will then find them in the Chrome browser, at the top right, by clicking on the puzzle symbol. Just touch “Dark Mode” To activate or deactivate the dark mode on Chrome. Those who wish can also pin the extension.

Differences between dark fashion, black theme, incognito mode and night mode

Dark chrome mode, or dark fashion, should not be confused with other terms such as chrome dark theme, incognito mode and night mode:

  • Dark theme of Chrome: This is a dark theme for Chrome composed of different elements. Several themes of this type are available in the web store chrome. Just look for “Dark theme”.
  • Incognito mode: Activating this mode allows you to surf in private on the internet in a separate window. Your history is therefore not preserved.
  • Night mode: This term generally designates an adjustment of the camera. This is activated when there is little light in the environment, mainly at night.

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