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Children’s connected watch

It’s been 1 year since Noah has his Kiwipwatch watch and we love it all! A real means of communication to leave him a little bit of freedom.

Children’s connected watch

⭐ Welcome to our collection of Connected children’s watches ! Chrono-Kids are a band of small superheroes recognized for their expertise in children’s watches ! Here you will find our great collection of connected watches to equip your child, small or large ! Whether in primary school or whether it is in high school, everyone will find their happiness ! Which connected watch to choose for the wrist of my boy or my princess ? What materials favor ? What features to choose ? GPS, calls, bluetooth, steps? We explain everything to you, equip yourself with your super glasses and follow the chrono-guide.

At Chrono-Kids we like to offer you the greatest possible choice of quality watches. But we do not leave you in the middle of nature without helping you choose ! When we talk about connected watch, it is easy to feel lost between different models, price ranges and features. In order to see more clearly, it is possible to differentiate 3 categories of connected watches ::

The child connected bracelet: The bracelet is often fine and very pleasant to wear. Perfect for the little ones and as the first watch or second watch. Easy to use, it gives the time and has very practical features for small athletes. Very often, it is a stem counter, an estimate of the distance traveled and burnt calories, and a heart rate sensor. Very useful tools for measuring your performance during sports activities ! Design side, their finesse and variety of color make it a major ally for a successful college style ! It is, most often, obviously waterproof in order to be used in aquatic environment. Finally, the case has a USB port or a socket allowing you to connect a helmet or headphones, which will allow your child or teenager to listen to his favorite music at any time ! Connected children’s connected bracelets are a very good Christmas gift idea for younger people who want to set foot in the digital world ! The price ranges are also affordable, making it an obvious choice for parents !

The child connected watch with SIM card: An excellent compromise between the price and the features ! This type of connected watch will allow your child to be completely independent, to make calls with his integrated SIM card and to receive notifications and important alerts. Many features are then possible via the touch screen of the different models: HD camera, educational games, pedometer, GPS. This type of watch offers many advantages to parents, and in particular tranquility ! With the geolocation function, it is then possible to know the position of your child at any time ! The child has him on the dial of an an alert or emergency call button if necessary. This type of watch offers many more features, but will require a new package to operate optimally.

The Intelligent Child Watch: The top of the children’s top ! The principle remains the same as the connected watch with SIM card with very often even more features. However, smart watches need to be connected to the child’s smartphone to operate optimally. The connection is very often made by Bluetooth and some watches models also offer a WiFi connection ! Which is a plus when you are at home ! The smart watch is therefore intended for the older ones who already have a phone.

Kiwipwatch, The connected phone watch for children !

Kiwipwatch, this is the First connected watch dedicated to children aged 6 to 11 labeled French Tech. With a SIM card, it is its first means of communication. She can call, send voice messages, synchronize with her best friends.

The watch is geolocalized And configured by the Kiwip parental application Available for free on Android and iOS.

Features innovative



Vocal chat

Best friend


Safety area


Activity sensor

An intuitive application and practical to manage kiwipwatch from anywhere


Kiwipwatch Works with a SIM card, choose the solution best suited to your needs


Available at:

fnac Auchan e-leclerc lick


It’s been 1 year since Noah has his Kiwipwatch watch and we love it all! A real means of communication to leave him a little bit of freedom.

Carole G.

A watch that works wonderfully.. simple and practical functions for him..Sweet music for a wake -up.. The SOS function is the one that reassures my son the most. Now place at tests.

Titi l.

We have taken the proposed package with the watch and there is very good network coverage. Question use it is very simple as much for us as the child. The application is great and the location very precise. (. ) The class mode is great. So what positive.

Natacha n.

Bought at Christmas for our 8 -year -old son, we are very happy with the Kiwipwatch! I was very surprised by the very good quality of the sound on appeal. I am reassured to know my son reachable wherever he is and geolocation works perfection. Being able to manage the School mode is top.

Daisy H.

We have just bought this watch to make our 9 year old son more independent while reassuring him. After a difficult start -up that came from our operator, I thank the after -sales service team who was very welcoming, very efficient and very fast on the care of this PB. A watch that works wonderfully.. simple and practical functions for him..Sweet music for a wake -up.. The SOS function is the one that reassures my son the most. Now place at tests.

Titi Laet

My 2 boys 10 and 7 years old have been watching them for a year (purchase in May 2017 Purchase at the Paris Fair at the top !) We call ourselves every morning from my departure to work when they arrived at school, around 20 to 25 min and in the evening at the end of the school ! Super reassuring for them as for me.

Marjorie M.

Very happy to have offered this watch for my 9 year old daughter for her birthday. The mistress left us a word in her notebook to tell us that the connected watches were prohibited at the school after a brief discussion by explaining the functions of the watch and especially the class mode she accepted that my daughter the door ! No plan exceeding. I recommend this watch !

What is the best connected child watch ?

What is the best connected child watch

The connected child watch is the accessory that the little ones love to bring to their wrist to do like the big ones. The brands today offer models to various and varied functionalities. How to choose it ? We tell you everything !

Formerly considered a gadget, the Children’s connected watch has now become an essential accessory. GPS, camera, messaging system, calculator, games … These connected watches have many options that children and parents love.

Why buy a children’s connected watch ?

Your child is now tall, he can go alone to school or to his various activities of the day. But like all the mothers of this planet, you are sometimes worried not to hear from him. The children’s connected watch was initially created to reassure parents. Alternative to the smartphone, the Children’s GPS watch is the ideal solution to be in communication with your little protégé at any time.

How to choose your child connected watch ?

Note that it is important to start on an educational watch to learn to read the time. These models will be more suitable for its age. But if you want to offer your child a connected watch, it is possible to find models for sale from the age of 3 years. To help you in your choice, here are some criteria to take into account before making your purchase:

  • The date and time: A watch is used above all to give the time ! Some watches offer a reading of the time with needles or in digital form. You choose. The important thing is that it is well readable for your child.
  • Battery : Opt for a watch with good autonomy so as not to recharge it all the time. On average, the battery life can last from 24 hours to 72 hours (see more on certain models). But beware, GPS functionality can consume a lot of battery.
  • Connectivity: Check that the your child’s connected watch either compatible with your phone. In general they are compatible with Android or iOS but sometimes only one of the two.
  • Design : The connected watch must be intuitive via the buttons or its touch screen. Nor should she be too big for her wrist.
  • Water resistance: Choose a watch that has a good degree of water protection to prevent your child with damage when he washes his hands.

What are the features of the child connected watch ?

All children’s connected watch models do not at the same time have safety functions and entertainment applications. It’s up to you to see if you need a connected watch for your child’s safety or a watch to entertain it with games and applications. Here are the different features that a connected watch can have:

  • Calls and messages: The connected watch must be fitted with a SIM card. You can exchange written messages via an application with Internet connection. You can save numbers and block unknown numbers. Know that you can deactivate the watch during class hours so as not to disturb it during its school lessons.
  • The SOS button: In case of danger, it is possible to press the SOS button for 3 seconds so that you are alerted to your smartphone. Check that the child GPS watch has this functionality.
  • The camera : Your offspring can try photography or video. If something unexpected happens, there are also children’s connected watches where you can activate the camera remotely to see what’s going on around him.
  • Geolocation : You can choose a connected watch with GPS option in order to be able to geolocate your child. Depending on age, this option should not be used excessively because it can be very intrusive.
  • The security perimeter: You can delimit a safety perimeter in which your child can move. If it comes out of this perimeter, you will be warned.
  • Games and entertainment: The connected watch can be equipped with several various games (address, reflection, etc.) which are perfect for stimulating the child’s cognitive development. You also have applications to dance, jump or count your steps.

Our selection of children’s connected watch

Discover our selection of connected children’s watch.