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The connection to the Google Play Store fails, because the name of the application package is not found

When you connect to Google Play Store, you can meet an error like this:

The name of the application package is not found in your Google Play console account. Connect to your Google Play Console account and make sure your application is published.

This error is displayed when you try to connect to the Google Play Store before Google knows the name of the package of your application. Make sure to create the application first in the Google Play console and publish it on one of the tracks integrated at least once. Follow the steps below to solve the problem.

Resolution of this problem

Check that you have the appropriate application package name and that the application is published in the Google Play console.

Check the name of the application package

First check that you used the correct name for the application package. You can see it in the Google Play console:

  • Connect to the Google Play console.
  • Check that the application exists in the list All applications .
    • If the application does not exist, create it and follow the publication steps below.
    • If this is not the case, follow the publication steps below.


    If you have the correct application package name and it still does not work, it means that the application has not yet been published in the Google Play console. First publish it here on the track Production, Beta Or Alpha . App Center does not support the tracks created manually.

    • Connect to the Google Play console.
    • Check that the application exists in the list All applications . Create the application if it does not exist.
    • The state probably indicates Draft. Your goal is to have the state Published.
    • Access the application settings.
    • Follow all stages of the console to publish the application.

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    Google Play developer account

    Inevent Author

    Updated 21/7/23 by Chioma Okenwa

    • How can I create a Google Play Developer account ?
    • Two -factor authentication
    • How can I set up a test environment for my application ?
      • Configure application licenses
      • What is an internal, closed or open test ?
        • Internal test
        • Closed test
        • Open test

        You can publish your application on theAndroid Play Store via your account Google Play Developer. When you create an application for publication, Google directives and rules require that you configure your account yourself.

        Before creating your account Google Play Developer, Make sure you will be able to provide the billing details of your organization.

        How can I create a Google Play Developer account ?

        1. You must first configure your Google account. It is recommended to create a non-personal Google email address, because you will not be able to modify the holder of the Google Play Developer account. If you already have a Google account you want to use to connect to your developer account, go to the next step.
        2. To save your Google account as a Google Play Developer account, click here. After logging in with your Google account, you will have to provide the following information:
        • Public developer name
        • Contact name
        • Contact email address (it must be checked)
        • Contact phone number (it must be checked)
        • name of the organization
        • Organization address
        • Organization’s phone number
        • Organizational website

        Read the Google Play distribution agreement for developers, who lists the conditions of use, payment issues, confidentiality and products. If you agree, you must accept the conditions, complete the form and click on Create an account and pay.

        Click on Pay (pay)

        1. On the next page, you will need to enter your payment details to pay the unique registration fees of $ 25. Click on Pay (pay) once you have finished.

        You can pay the registration to your Google Play Developer account by GPAY or using your credit or debit card. Prepaid cards are not accepted. The type of cards accepted may vary depending on your location.

        Go to Play Console Confirmation

        1. After that, a pop-up window will appear to confirm that you have created your Google Play Developer account. You can click on Go to Play Console (go to the game console) To access the menu of your developer account and define preferences and details of your account.

        Consult the help of the Google Play Console in order to have other information on the management of the developer account.

        You can request official assistance from Google for troubleshooting by consulting the Contact us page.

        Two -factor authentication

        Authentication with two factors is a Google Store safety rule that customers must use according to the configuration of their store.

        In the event that you have activated two factors authentication and you have given us a overall access, You must add your phone number and Inevent business number so that we can publish the application.Please, contact your customer successful success for the number that shorts be entered.

        Click here to find out how to set it up.

        How can I set up a test environment for my application ?

        Google Play Console Provids Setup features to help you and Others beta test the licensing of your application before it is published. By implementing licensing, you can make use of the play console features to test your application’s police and the handling of different lossing responsibilities or error conditions.

        The beta testing of your app allows you to fix any technical or user experience from the least impact possible so you can release the best version of your app on google play.

        Through Licensing Application, You Are Able to Create A List of Gmail Accounts for Testing Your Billing and Subscription Integration In The App. Your own development is always considered a license test.

        Configure application licenses

        1. Connect to Google Play Console
        2. Click on Setup (Configuration)> License testing (license test)

        Configure application licenses

        1. In category Add License Testers (add testerslicense), You can enter the Gmail addresses of your testers.
        2. In the lower right corner of the screen, select Save Changes (Save changes).

        For more information on licenses, see this page.

        What is an internal, closed or open test ?

        Using the Play Console, you can test your application with three private groups before putting it in production.

        Each trial group will help you collect the comments you need to make the necessary changes to your application as it is developed.

        Internal test

        This is a near and personal test technique. The application is shared with a maximum of 100 testers, which will test it in search of problems, bugs and seeds.

        Closed test

        The closed test function is used to test the preliminary version of the application with a more important group of testers than for internal tests.

        Open test

        This is the final and extensive form of application test, because everyone can participate in the test program and submit comments. You can do the test with a large group of people and put the test version on Google Play.

        For more information on how you can set up internal, open or closed tests, visit this page.