Cheap 4G, comparison, cheap 4G package: 4G subscription comparison in August 2023

Cheap 4G package: 4G subscription comparison in August 2023

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4G packages

Evolutionary package every 6 months, the possibility of developing the package.

Package price: 8.99 € /month

Scalable 1 to 20GB engagement 24 months

Internet 20 GB
Then 0.05 €/MO

Evolutionary package every 6 months, the possibility of developing the package.

Mobile from € 1

Package price: 8.99 € /month

100GB without obligation

International calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 13GB in 4G included from EU/DOM

Package price: 9.99 € /month

2h 100mo engagement 24 months

Internet 100 MB
Then 0.05 €/MO

International calls, unlimited SMS and 100mmo/month usable in Europe, Dom and Andorra

Mobile from € 1

Package price: 2.00 € /month for 12 months, then € 7.99 /month

200 minutes 200MB without obligation

Internet 200 MB
Then 0.05 €/MO

International 200 minutes, 200 SMS or MMS and 200MB usable from the EU and the DOM

Package price: 2.00 € /month

2h 100mo without obligation

Internet 100 MB
Then 0.05 €/MO

International 2h calls, unlimited SMS/MMS, 100MB usable from Europe and DOM

Package price: 4.99 € /month 4 months offered

2h 100mo engagement 12 months

Internet 100 MB
Then 0.05 €/MO

International calls, unlimited SMS and 100mmo/month usable in Europe, Dom and Andorra

Package price: 2.00 € /month for 12 months then € 7.99

Unlimited 10GB without obligation

International calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 10GB usable from the EU and DOM

Package price: 5.99 € /month

Little 10GB without obligation

Flexible package that adapts to your consumption

Package price: 5.99 € /month

The six 20GB without obligation

Internet 20 GB
Blocked beyond

International calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 7GB usable from the EU and DOM

Package price: 6.99 € /month

30GB without obligation

International calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 10GB usable from the EU and DOM

Package price: 7.99 € /month

Unlimited 80GB without obligation

International calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 13GB usable from the EU and the DOM

Package price: 9.99 € /month

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Cheap 4G package: 4G subscription comparison in August 2023

You want to take out a 4G package at a low price, but you do not know which one to choose from the multitude of choices that arise at you ? In order to allow you to opt for the cheap 4G package that suits you best, we have brought together in this guide the different mobile offers offered by the main French operators, as well as all the information likely to help you make the right choice !

Cheap 4G package: Top 3 to 20 September 2023

Lifetime price € 4.99 per month

  • �� 5 GB in France
  • �� Unlimited calls/SMS
  • �� 6 GB in Europe

Lifetime price € 4.99 per month

  • �� 5 GB in France
  • �� Unlimited calls/SMS
  • �� 5 GB in Europe

Lifetime price € 7.99 per month

  • �� 1 GB in France
  • �� Unlimited calls/SMS
  • �� 1 GB in Europe
  • The essential
  • Many cheap 4G packages can be found under 10 or 5 € per month.
  • The majority of 4G packages at low prices are with Unlimited calls and SMS. Some have only 2 hours of calls per month.
  • It is easy to find a Cheap 4G package without obligation : only Bouygues still offers packages with 12 months commitment.
  • there is no Cheap unlimited 4G package, But you can find offers with more than 200 GB of data for less than 20 €.
  • THE Table table below presents a selection of cheap 4G subscriptions, under 10 € per month and with at least 5 GB of data.

How to find a cheap 4G package ?

Cheap 4G package

Several solutions are available to you if you want Find a cheap 4G mobile plan:

  1. You can first Compare mobile offers proposed by the various operators present on the market, in order to be able to find the cheapest 4G package ! To do this, use a tender comparator as Selectra which brings together the most interesting mobile plans and updates them regularly.
  2. On the other hand, most operators practice promotions on their packages by making their new attractive price customers benefit during the 1st year of their subscription. The price of the offers then returns to the initial rate after 1 year. For example and for any new subscription, Orange offers a reduction ranging from € 5 to 15 € per month for 1 year Depending on the subscribed package. THE Sales periods and others Annual events are also conducive moments to flush out a Cheap 4G package. Operators most often practice Attractive reductions On their mobile offers at different periods of the year: winter sales, d ’summer, Back to school promotions and School vacation, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.
  3. Some operators and MVNO offer Mobile offers without much more attractive commitment than packages with commitment :: Sosh, Red by SFR, Free, Bouygues Telecom with its packages B & you, Prixtel, Mobile NRJ, etc. Indeed and thanks to the cost savings caused by the dematerialization of their shops and their after -sales service, these subsidiaries and web operators can afford to break the prices of their mobile packages !
  4. Many operators regularly offer to regularly offer limited series and tips On their mobile packages. As their name suggests, these special series are limited. In addition, the price of these at a discount packages can generally increase after 6 months or 1 year. On the other hand, more and more limited series now display a Guaranteed price for life who does not increase, even after 1 year; This is particularly the case for the limited series of Sosh !
  5. THE Private sales are also an ideal opportunity to enjoy Good deals on 4G packages operators. They take place more rarely in the year. Free And Red are operators who organize the most private sales, in partnership with specialized platforms: Veepee, Showroomy, etc. It is finally possible to Subscribe a quadruple play offer to pay for your cheaper 4G package. Indeed, most operators offer a Discount ranging from € 3 to 15 € per month on your mobile plan, Depending on the offer subscribed and provided that you simultaneously have a mobile and internet subscription.

Register for the Selectra newsletter to receive once a week or alerts to receiving alerts 4G on promo packages or consult our promo page of operators !

What are the advantages of taking out a cheap 4G package ?

Advantages to take out a cheap 4G package

Take out a Cheap 4G subscription has several advantages:

  1. Take advantage of an offer that specifically meets your needs and your budget. Indeed, you can take out a full package including many mobile services at low prices: Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS And bulky data envelope. Moreover and if you have limited needs in communication and/or in the Internet, 4G packages at less than € 5 per month exist.
  2. Savings not negligible over time.
  3. If you have subscribed a Cheap 4G package without obligation, you can Change for free at any time For a more interesting offer.

Cheap 4G package: Detail of offers by operator

In order to allow you to easily view the various mobile offers offered throughout the year by the main French operators, we have all referenced them in the following tables. For the sake of clarity, we classified the offers by operator.

You want to take out a 4G package at a low price ? A Selectra advisor supports you from Monday to Sunday to the most competitive mobile offer depending on your eligibility and your needs !

The 4G Passe Orange and Sosh 4G packages

Orange offers all year round 5 non -binding mobile offers. Orange’s more expensive packages are only available with smartphone and 24 -month commitment. In addition to regularly offering its mobile limited series, Sosh offers all year round 2 4G subscription formulas without any commitment. Here are all the current offers:

Unlike Orange, Sosh does not offerInternet + Mobile offer. On the other hand, you can make significant savings by subscribing The Sosh box and a mobile plan at the low-cost operator.

What a cheap 4G mobile plan at Bouygues ?

Bouygues packages::

Bouygues Telecom offers all year round Several 4G and 5G packages with 12 -month commitment.

B & You packages ::

In parallel with its limited special series, the operator offers all year round 3 to 4 4G mobile offers without obligation.

The cheap 4G offer of SFR and Red

The operator offers a selection of SFR Mobiles 4G and 5G SFRS. They are not subject to a commitment, apart from high -end packages which are only available via 24 -month commitment. Apart from the promotions that it practices regularly, the Red subsidiary offers all year round Options with excellent data/price ratio!

4G mobile offers available at Free

Free offers only 2 4G packages: its limited series (which turns into a free 5g package at the end of 12 months), and its € 2 package with 2 hours of calls.

Which operator to choose for a 4G offer ?

In order to be sure to choose the best operator, different criteria should be taken into account.

Choosing your operator according to its 4G coverage

There 4G cover differs according to each operator. In September 2023, the operators Orange, SFR, Free And Bouygues Telecom announced to cover 99 % of the French population in 4G. On the other hand, the territorial coverage ensured by the operators is lower: 95 % For Orange, 95 % For Bouygues Telecom, 95 % For SFR And 82 % For Free (data July 2023)).

In the end 2023, The entire hexagonal territory should be covered in 4G according to’Arcep.

Beyond the cover, Mobile networks operators make it possible to judge the quality of their services (Voice and data)). The flows vary depending on the areas (dense, intermediaries or rural).

As we can see in the previous table, Orange comes first by offering the best quality of mobile services in France; closely monitored by SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free.

These rankings are given as an indication. We advise you to opt for the operator who offers the best coverage and the best network quality in areas you frequent the most.

Choosing your operator according to the quality of its customer service

There customer service quality is another important point to take into account in the choice of a mobile operator. It allows you to judge the degree ofefficiency of an operator in problem solving or Joinability and its reactivity.

In 2020, the operator Bouygues Telecom was rewarded for the quality of its customer service by winning the prize Customer Excellence; issued by Ipsos, The Service Academy And Trusteam Finance. Sosh also received this gratuity in 2020, for the 3rd consecutive year.

The price Customer Excellence reward each year since 2017 the most deserving companies, based on rigorous criteria in particular on the satisfaction and the customer recommendations, there customer culture, as well as performance.

Updated on 08/07/2023

Enzo is freelance editor for selectra and takes care of the guides and articles in relation to smartphones.

Cheap 4G package: the best unlimited mobile offers without obligation

A mobile connection is today essential to browse the internet, watch your favorite videos and communicate on social networks. Nothing like a 4G mobile package with satisfactory connectivity power to meet your expectations for using the Internet on smartphone. For those who seek to make great savings on the purchase of a new 4G package, without cutting off on the quality of the mobile network, Jechange helps you find the cheap 4G package that suits your situation perfectly. The best offers of 4G mobile packages at broken prices are shared in this article !

Cheap 4G package

Subscribe a cheap 4G package ➡️ Free call to

Subscribe a cheap 4G package

Cheap 4G 4G mobile packages: our selection in September 2023

THE Cheap 4G mobile package offers, This is not what is missing, as well among historical operators and their subsidiaries (Free, Bouygues, Orange, Sosh, SFR, Red) as on the side of Mvno (Coriolis, Lebara, Syma, Cdiscount, NRJ Mobile, Prixtel, Youprice, La Poste Mobile, Auchan Telecom, Lycamobile, Nordnet Mobile, Crédit Mutuel Mobile). By comparing all these offers, you will be able to benefit from a good mobile connection without compromising on your budget. THE Competitive 4G packages are legion; They are even cheaper among MVNOs.

Here is our top 10 updated Good deals 4G/4G packages+ large operators and MVNOs:

Cheap 4G package


Cheap unlimited 4G package: why opt for a 4G mobile offer at a low price ?

There mobile telephony has experienced considerable progress over the past decade. Operators adapt to growing demand to allow mobile users to obtain a 4G mobile package by favoring the value for money. THE Ideal 4G package is then the one who is at an affordable price while remaining bulky data To feel like you are surfing without limits on the internet from your smartphone. Some mobile operators have launched Unlimited 4G offers. When we see a Unlimited package in 4G, A completely natural reaction would be to say that you will never have the means to take out such a package.

Now, a Unlimited 4G package is not necessarily overpriced ! The proof : Free mobile offers a 5G mobile plan, also available in 4G, at 250 GB for less than 20 euros per month (€ 19.99/month to be precise). THE Price of this Free Mobile Package open to 4G smartphones defies all competition. for the Freebox subscribers ! € 9.99/month Only, this is the preferential price reserved for them. An unstoppable argument to convince future customers of the operator led by Xavier Niel.

As of Bouygues, the operator is focusing on its range of Low cost 4g cost b & you without commitment to highlight promotions offering Unlimited 4G on weekends. From Saturday 00:01 to Sunday 23:59, thanks to the“Unlimited internet on weekend” option, You surf the Internet unlimited from your mobile, without counting the gigas of your package. THE Bouygues weekend option price is of 6 €/month without commitment to Bouygues Telecom and Sensation packages ; and of 8 €/month for the B & YOU packages.

Cheap 4G package without obligation: the best offers

If you are one of the customers who are cooled by an offer when it commits you for a certain time (1 or 2 years), a Cheap 4G package without obligation is exactly what you need for your mobile. By comparing the different 4G mobile offers without obligation, You will find the one that best suits your smartphone user profile with the advantage of not being linked to your long -term operator. Sosh is a good example to mention to talk about cheap and non -binding 4G packages. The Digital and Low Cost of Orange has since its inception on the non-commitment combined with ultra-competitive prices, while keeping the quality of the Orange network. The 20 GB 4G Sosh package is for example € 11.99/month, without engagement. For this low price, the 20 gigas envelope, including 12 unlockable gigas during use abroad, is interesting. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited in France.

The full range of inexpensive 4G packages without commitment from Sosh from € 5.99/month ::

  • Sosh 100 MB 4G package has € 5.99/month. 100 MB from Europe. 2 hours of calls.
  • Sosh 1 GB 4G package has € 7.99/month. 1 GB from Europe. Unlimited calls.
  • SOSH 20 GB 4G package has € 11.99/month. 12 GB from Europe. Unlimited calls.
  • SOSH 130 GB 4G package has € 15.99/month. 20 GB from Europe. Unlimited calls.

Among the low cost operators, there is also Red by SFR which offers non -binding 4G, flexible and economical mobile plans for its customers. The 4G RED headlight and accessible for your wallet is the RED 80 GB RED Package at € 11.99/month without commitment. It’s a Cheap 4G data package who assures you a good margin of mobile data each month. Throughout the year, Red surprises with promotions and good deals on its 4G packages, such as a RED package offered at the same price, but benefiting from a Data boost.

The full range of Cheap 4G packages Red by SFR without commitment of the € 4.99/month ::

  • Red 5 GB 4G package at € 4.99/month. 6 GB in EU/DOM. Unlimited calls.
  • Red 20 GB package4G at € 9.99/month. 10 Goen UE/Dom. Unlimited calls.
  • Red 80 GB package4G at € 11.99/month. 16 GB in EU/DOM. Unlimited calls.

Whether you subscribe to a cheap 4G package at Sosh, Red or any other operator offering Mobile packages without binding at low prices, This type of plans offers the freedom to change operator and listen to their desires If a better offer arises For example.

Good to know the main operators (except free) sell Cheap Smartphones without 4G package and without commitment.iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Google: you can choose from the famous phones brands. Smartphones without 4G package are 4G compatible (and even 5g for some) and unlocked to be used on any French mobile network.

How to compare inexpensive 4G package offers ?

The key to comparing the inexpensive 4G package offers in an effective way is to dwell on the characteristics of the offers that interest you:

Mobile data : We must first define what are your needs in terms of data consumption. While some users are satisfied with a few mobile internet data megaoctes, others need a hundred gigas to satisfy their different uses on smartphone.

Calls and SMS : Most 4G packages have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. However, 4G packages with less data, which are often the cheapest, have a limited number of calls: this is the case with Mobile packages € 2 and their 2 hours of calls included.

Network coverage : Before committing to a 4G/4G+mobile operator, it is always good to check its network coverage in your region. You can indeed find the rare 4G package pearl and see you after the fact that the operator’s network coverage offering this package is poor at home. A simple verification will save you a false joy.

Promotions : be on the lookout for Promotions Mobile Packages launched during the year by operators for a fixed period. You will often see these promotions under the name “limited series”.

Why opt for a cheap 4G package ?

If you are looking for a reactive experience when you use the Internet on your phone by using the full potential of your favorite applications that require a fluid connection, 4G is advantageous. 4G packages have good value for money; You enjoy a Important data envelope For a monthly sum that remains reasonable. As seen previously, many promotions allow you to subscribe a 4G package to a very affordable price.

If you are looking for a 4G mobile plan at an affordable price, know that Box customers discounts apply for the purchase of a mobile plan at Orange (Open Packs), SFR (Multipack offer), Free (Freebox + Mobile) Or Bouygues (Bbox + mobile offer). The principle of Box + Mobile Package Offers : If you already have a box with one of these operators and also take a 4G package, you save every month on the price of your package. At the house of Red Or Sosh, You can also associate a box and a package in your basket (and find them on the same invoice), but combine the 2 subscriptions does not give you the right to a discount.

Ask us, we do it for you !