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A credit commits you and must be reimbursed. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Is it possible to take out a mortgage from an online bank ?

Is it possible to take out a mortgage from an online bank?

During research for a mortgage, the question of the type of bank to be asked can be essential. Indeed, traditional banks are no longer the only ones to offer real estate credits. Online banks have designed advantageous offers. You don’t know which bank player to turn to you ? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of loans from online banks.

  • Today, several online banks offer real estate credits. There is notably Boursorama, Bforbank, Monabanq, Fortuneo or Hello Bank!.
  • Online banking services are completely dematerialized. Unlike traditional banks, you do not have an advisor and you cannot go to an agency.
  • Online banks make you benefit from advantageous financial conditions.
  • With them, you cannot often finance a complex real estate project. They are rare to offer the zero -rate loan.
  • To find the best mortgage, it is advisable to go through a broker.

What are the online banks offering the mortgage ?

Online banks appeared in the late 2000s. Today, establishments offer all the services of a traditional bank. It is therefore possible to take out a loan from them. It hasn’t always been the case. At the start of their history, online banks only offered the opening of a bank account and associated services (cards, booklet, etc.)).

With the success of their formulas at moderate prices, Online banks have taken the plunge and offer real estate credits . You can thus submit your financing file from a mortgage to the following banks:

  • Boursorama: The Bank offers real estate credit solutions fully online, from € 100,000 for a period of up to 25 years;
  • Bforbank: Since 2017, it is possible to borrow to buy your main or secondary residence in the Crédit Agricole subsidiary;
  • Monabanq: the banking organization reserves its real estate loans to its customers. It finances between € 30,000 and € 480,000 for real estate projects for borrowers. It also offers the zero rate loan system (PTZ);
  • Fortuneo: The online bank of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa highlights its real estate credits without case fees. It offers loans from € 80,000 to € 2,000,000 for a maximum period of 25 years. It finances rental investments.
  • Hello Bank! : Online banking finances all types of real estate projects. It is necessary to domicile your income there to obtain the loan.

What are the differences between an online bank and a traditional bank ?

The biggest difference between a conventional banking organization and an online bank is of course the fact of having agencies. Traditional banks have agencies spread across French territory. Some actors choose to be present only in large cities, others to strongly mesh each region.

The second difference is based on the prices offered. The commercial offer of online banks is based on generally more attractive prices than those of conventional banks. This drop can be offered due to lower operating costs (less staff, less rents, etc.)).

There are other also notable differences:

  • The completely dematerialized operation of online banks based on instant messaging, emails and telephone calls;
  • The cost of a bank card: it is often free for online banks;
  • Support on complex real estate projects is often only possible in traditional banks;
  • Accessibility to simplified services for online banks (mobile application, in particular);
  • Attractive commercial offers among new banks (sponsorship, welcome offer, etc.)).

You will find below a table to summarize the differences between an online bank and a traditional bank:

Characteristic online bank Traditional bank
Possibility to get an appointment in agency X
Current banking services X X
Mortgage X X
Online accessibility of services X X
File fees X
Management of complex real estate projects X
Offer accessible to a broker X

Real estate loans: what advantages, including an online bank ?

Online banking offers are often financially interesting. This is the main asset of these organizations.

Afterwards, All their services are dematerialized . They therefore offer effective communications solutions. Their customer service is effective. Customers do not have a personalized advisor, but customer service teams have access to their file to quickly answer their questions.

Banking services subscribe and manage online from a smartphone application or the website’s customer area. This is the case even for real estate loans. Online banks provide their customers with simulators allowing them to estimate their monthly payment, interest rate and length of loan. They then get an offer that they are free to accept or not. The signing of loan contracts is done in a dematerialized manner.

The disadvantages by subscribing to a mortgage from an online bank

The first drawback of an online bank is the absence of advanced personalization. These establishments cannot support complex real estate projects. In addition, the amounts loaned are often lower than those that could have been obtained with a traditional bank.

Thus, relay loans, rental investments or the purchase of VEFA are rarely funded by these organizations. The zero -rate loan is also not supported by all online banks.

Finally, you should know that most online banks only lend their customers. It’s necessary at a minimum domicile its income from the organization to obtain a credit.

Here is a summary of positive points and negative points of online mortgage:

The positive points The negative points
Interesting prices Not supporting complex projects
The possibility of managing your loan easily from your phone No ptz
Efficient customer service Obligation to be a customer or to domicile their accounts

The importance of being accompanied by a mortgage broker

For Find the best mortgage offer , It is sometimes necessary to spend a loan professional. A broker can indeed help you negotiate the loan rate, but also quickly present a online banks comparison Available on the market.

He will guide you to the offers best suited to your real estate project. It will also save time. It is he who offers you the quotes. You don’t have to take steps with each banking organization.


Well real estate, car, work or a simple purchase to be financed, Boursorama Banque offers you many credit solutions to meet your needs. Take advantage of a full range to carry out all your projects.

Our credit solutions (1)


To acquire your main or secondary residence, choose the Boursorama Banque mortgage and benefit from one of the lowest levels on the market, a 100% online route, without any intermediary costs and personalized support for each stage.

Eco -friendly personal loan

You want to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle ? Doing optimization work on the energy balance of housing ? With the Eco -Responsible Bankrama Eco -responsible Loan, benefit from a rate submitted for your eco -responsible projects after validation of your proof.

A credit commits you and must be reimbursed. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Personal loan

The Boursorama Banque personal loan allows you to carry out your renovation, work, purchase of new or used projects. A cheapest elected cost credit solution for the 2nd consecutive year in 2022 (2) .

A credit commits you and must be reimbursed. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Click click

Unexpected ? A favorite ? With click click financing, finance your projects thanks to a fast and online credit, from € 200 to € 2,000 with a price among the cheapest on the market, 3 fixed, clear and simple to understand, without proof.


This in fine credit allows you to borrow, from a fixed rate, a sum defined thanks to your financial assets to finance the project of your choice, by reimbursing only quarterly interest, and capital at the end of the duration.

A credit commits you and must be reimbursed. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Like more than 5 million customers, join us in a few clicks

Step 1

Enter your personal information and download the app

2nd step

Continue on the mobile course and scan your supporting documents


An official identity document


List of eligible parts

  • National identity card (front / back)
  • Passport (pages where your signature and your photo appear)
  • Residence permit in France (front / back)

A banking identity statement (RIB)

To your name and first name, detained in another banking establishment located in a country of the European Economic Space, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or the overseas departments.

How to properly transmit your documents ?

  • Max 2Mo
  • Take up without reflection and shadow
  • Set on a white support
  • No cut / truncated photo
  • No blurred photo
  • No photo or screen photo
  • No black and white photo

Step 3

Sign your contract and proceed to your first payment

Step 4

Take advantage of your BOURTHORAMA BANKE account and pay immediately with your virtual wallet*

The opening of a bank account is necessary to access our personal loan offers, click click and mylombard. It is not a prerequisite for mortgage.

frequently asked Questions

How to enter a financing request for a mortgage ?

You can enter your request from the “Products” then “mortgage” section of your customer area.

Click on “I request a mortgage” to obtain a response in principle by filling out a 6 -step route. The loan request does not commit you. You can also make a simulation by clicking on the tab concerned.

Once the response in principle has been obtained, you will then have 10 days to send us online the entire supporting documents requested. Beyond 10 days, you can always send us your file but in the event of a rate variation, the proposed rate will no longer be guaranteed and will then be updated.

Trick : Boursorama Banque finances projects of minimum 100,000 euros, with a minimum duration of 7 years.
The maximum duration is:

  • 20 years in the event of credit repurchase
  • 20 years if we finance notaries fees
  • 22 years if we finance work at the same time as the acquisition
  • 24 years in case of VEFA
  • 25 years for other projects

How to make a mandate of mortgage ?

Boursorama Banque bought your external real estate loans, if the remaining capital due is 100,000 euros minimum.

For this, you should go to the “Products” then “mortgage” section. You will be able to simulate the repurchase of your mortgage and make a request directly online.

If the credit is already owned by Boursorama Banque, it is advisable to contact customer service directly.

How click works, funding in 3 times ?

CLIC funding allows you to spread an expenditure in 3 monthly payments. It is between € 200 and € 2,000.

The simulator tells you the maximum amount you can borrow according to your average outstanding outstanding at Boursorama Banque.

You cannot take out several clicks simultaneously. The first click must be fully reimbursed to be able to take out a new.

Deadlines are taken at 30, 60 and 90 days from the release of funds.

Regarding costs, we invite you to consult our price brochure.

What is MyLombard credit and how to subscribe to it?

Mylombard credit is an ultimate personal loan whose obtaining is conditioned by the compulsory pledge of financial assets (securities account, PEA or Boursorama life insurance) detained at Boursorama Banque.

You can borrow up to 50% of the valuation of the eligible values ​​of your portfolios (securities account, PEA or life insurance) held at Boursorama Banque.

It therefore allows you to finance a project, while continuing to arbitrate, buy, sell on your accounts (life insurance, securities account, PEA) and have your funds, subject to respecting the ratio determining your capacity to ‘borrowing. These funds cannot be used to invest in the stock market.

You can find all the information relating to MyLombard credit and its subscription in the “Products” section then on “Crédit Mylombard” from your customer area.

How and under what conditions can I request a personal loan ?

You can request a personal loan from the “Products” section, then “personal loan” from your customer area. You will also find on this page a loan simulator, accompanied by all the information relating to the personal loan.

If you are not yet a customer, a page is dedicated to credits on our portal.

To take out a personal loan, it is necessary:

  • to be a tax resident in mainland France or overseas departments
  • to be at least 18 years old
  • to justify a minimum amount of income
  • to hold a bank Bankrama bank account for at least 3 months
  • not to be registered with one of the files managed by the Banque de France
  • to have a French phone number (06 or 07)

The domiciliation of wages is not compulsory. You have the possibility of requesting your personal loan with a co-borrower. The latter must also sign the contract and provide the necessary supporting documents. It is necessary to have a joint account beforehand.

Your monthly payment is taken from your bank account each month, on the anniversary of the loan. For example, if the release of funds takes place on March 18, your first deadline will be deducted on April 18 and then every 18th of each month. The date of debit of the due date is not modifiable afterwards.

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Boursorama Bank credit solutions

Discover all our online credits offers

Boursorama Banque offers a full range of credits to support its customers on a daily basis in each of their projects, by offering them the financing solutions that are most suited to their needs.

A mortgage for all your projects

A project to buy in the new, the old or on plan, with or without work ? A credit repurchase ? Whatever your project, Boursorama Banque will offer you the most suitable mortgage with the lowest rates on the market.

Make your Online credit simulation, Then make all your online mortgage request: zero paper, a real -time principle response at the end of your credit request, no intermediary fees, no personal contribution requested.

And for complete and reassuring support for your project and your family, discover our borrower insurance (with our partner CNP).

Boursorama Banque is also an offer of Consumer credit Suitable for each type of project: personal loan, express credit or Lombard credit.

A personal loan whatever your project

A personal project, or a new car – new or used, work to develop your home, apply for a personal loan from € 2,000 and up to € 75,000. Make a Online credit simulation, You will immediately see thanks to our credit comparator that our offer is competitive. Make your request for a car loan, work loan or for your personal projects with our 100% online course, you will have a final response in real time, and your funds may be available within 8 days on express request from you. And if you want to be quiet, you can take out borrower – optional – (proposed by our partner Sogecap (3)).

You have an ecological project – vehicle or work ? Good news: Boursorama Banque offers you a rate stored with our eco-responsible personal loan (from € 2,000 to € 50,000) upon presentation of proof.

The mini credit in one click

An unexpected in your budget, a replacement appliance or a last -minute holiday/a weekend ? Our mini Express Credit Click CLIC refundable in 3 times brings you flexibility in the management of your monthly budget. Make a simulation of the desired amount, from € 200 to € 2,000, immediately see the fixed, clear and easy to understand costs. Then ask Your online credit, You will have a real -time response, and the possibility of immediate payment of funds. Then refund in 3 times, at 30, 60 and 90 days.

Borrow thanks to your financial assets with MyLombard

With the MyLombard credit, Boursorama Banque invites you to borrow from € 10,000 to € 2,000,000 thanks to your financial assets. Lombard credit is an in fine credit, you will only reimburse interest for 5 years and capital in one go, at the end of 5 years or in anticipation.

An online simulation allows you to estimate your borrowing capacity, then make your credit request completely online, without any proof, and receive the funds within 8 or 15 days according to your choice.

* With Google Pay and Apple Pay

(1) Offers subject to acceptance and study of the file by Boursorama (lender)

(2) Bestaux/squirrel study at work – January 2022 and checkmoncrédit/Squirrel at work – January 2023. Classified as cheapest bank on the personal loan in 2021 and 2022. These studies include 4 main categories of personal loans offered by credit institutions, namely: new vehicles; used vehicles ; Housing improvement work and various personal loans (trips, weddings, etc.)). See methodology adopted, the limits of the study and the detail of the Bestaux and Checkmoncredit article .

(3) Death insurance, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, total temporary incapacity subscribed to Sogecap. Boursorama is registered with the organization for the register of insurance intermediaries under n ° 07 022 916 as insurance broker.