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How to watch TV live Bouygues

THE Bouygues TV channels live are concerned but also the replay programs as well as the VOD and SVOD as Netflix. The simultaneous viewing option allows you to watch different programs of the same TV service on different devices. It is thus possible to watch a movie on giant ocs on your television while a loved one watches “Game of Thrones” with OCS City on his tablet for example.

Bouygues TV channels: List of Bbox TV channels and bouquets in 2023

Bouygues Telecom offers two types of television offer, the TV channels included in its offers Triple Play Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym, as well as complementary TV bouquets. By subscribing to a Bouygues offer, you can benefit from 150 to 180 Bouygues channels depending on the Bbox you choose or your adsl or fiber eligibility.

  • The essential
  • Bouygues Telecom allows Watch more than 180 TV channels With its offers Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym.
  • In addition to the Bouygues TV channels, it is possible to Subscribe to additional TV bouquets (entertainment, international, sport, youth. )).
  • The Bbox Family TV bouquet is the most complete, with 47 TV channels for € 14.99 (€ 1 in the first month).

TV channels included in the Bbox TV

The Bbox Sensation Very High Speed is no longer offered by Bouygues : If you subscribe to this offer, you can contact the Bouygues Telecom operator to obtain a Fiber or ADSL BBOX, depending on the eligibility of your accommodation.

Bouygues Telecom offers a BBOX TV bouquet included in its offers Bbox Must, Bbox Ultym and Special Bbox series in ADSL or fiber. In total, they are More than 180 TV channels proposed. Here is the list of Bouygues TV channels included in the offers:

Details of the Bouygues TV channels – Valuble on February 07, 2023

Bouygues TV channels Channel
Mosaic 0
TF1 1
France 2 2
France 3 3
Canal+ (in clear) 4
France 5 5
M6 6
Arte 7
C8 8
W9 9
TMC 10
Tfx 11
NRJ 12 12
LCP/Public Senate 13
France 4 14
Cnews 16
Cstar 17
Gulli 18
TF1 Films series 20
The team 21
6er 22
RMC Story 23
RMC Discovery 24
Chérie 25 25
Lci 26 27
Paris first 31
Breizh TV 32
Suits you 33
RTL9 34
TV5 World 35
TF1+1 36
Game One 60
Game One+1 61
MCM 62
Bet 63
People 24 64
MTV 67
Drive in Movie Channel 87
Gulli 100
Canal J 101
Tiji 102
Pitchoun TV 103
My science and junior life 105
Ushaïa TV 120
History 121
Souvenir from Earth 133
Gong 135
J-one 139
Tech & Co 140
NRJ Hits 150
MTV Hits 151
Urban trace 152
Latina trace 153
BBLACK Africa 156
Mezzo 160
Stingray Classica 163
Equidia 190
Auto Moto 191
Sport in France 192
Fashion TV 215
Luxury.TV 216
Men’s Up 217
Kto 218
Museum TV 219
Lucky Jack 233
Astrofoer.TV 234
House & TV work 235
Euronews French 240
France 24 241
BFM Business 242
Public Senate 24 hours a day 243
LCP 100% 244
B Smart 245
France 24 English 250
France 24 Arabic 251
I24News 252
Africa 24 255
CNN International 256
Skynews 257
Bloomberg Television 258
Al Jazeera English 259
Al Jazeera Arabic 260
CNBC Europe 261
Medi 1 Sat 262
BBC World 263
NHK World 264
Al Arabiya 265
IDF1 300
Canal 31 301
Tomorrow 302
Telebocal 303
TV78 304
VI à Grand Paris 305
Ere tv 306
BFM Paris 307
TL7 314
BFM Lyon 315
Telegrenoble 316
TV8 Mt White 318
Maurienne TV 320
Matele 323
Weo Picardy 325
BFM Grand Lille 326
BFM Grand Littoral 328
ASTV 329
Bordeaux TV7 334
Tvpi 335
7alimages 336
Noa 337
Vià Occitanie Toulouse 341
Vià Occitanie Montpellier 342
Vià Occitanie Pays Gardois 343
Vià Occitanie Catalan country 344
BFM Alsace 349
Viàvosges 351
Viàmirabelle 352
Canal 32 353
TV8 Moselle is 354
Mosaik TV 355
BFM D!CI TV Southern Alpes 358
Maritima TV 359
BFM Nice 360
BFM Toulon 361
BFM Marseille 362
BFM D!CI TV Haute-Provence 363
Viàlmtv Sarthe 369
Teenant 370
Vendée TV 371
Norman channel 377
Tebesud 382
Tebeo 383
TVR 384
TV BIP 394
TV Tours 395
Via telepaese 400
Canal 10 Guadeloupe 402
Tahiti TV 404
Madras FM TV 406
TV Antilles 407
France 3 Alps 470
France 3 Alsace 471
France 3 Aquitaine 472
France 3 Auvergne 473
France 3 Basse-Normandie 474
France 3 Bourgogne 475
France 3 Brittany 476
France 3 Center 477
France 3 Champagne-Ardenne 478
France 3 Corsica 479
France 3 Côte d’Azur 480
France 3 Franche-Comté 481
France 3 Haute-Normandie 482
France 3 Languedoc 483
France 3 Limousin 484
France 3 Lorraine 485
France 3 Midi-Pyrénées 486
France 3 Nord-Pas-de-Calais 487
France 3 Paris IDF 488
France 3 Pays de la Loire 489
France 3 Picardy 490
France 3 Poitou-Charentes 491
France 3 Provence-Alpes 492
France 3 Rhône-Alpes 493
France 3 HD 494
Basque etb 520
Tve 521
TVE 24 HORAS 522
Deutsche Welle Gb 549
Deutsche Welle All 550
Arte all 551
Romania TV 580
Russia Today 589
Armenia 1 622
Algeria canal 630
Al Aoula International 635
Arryadia 636
Assadissa 637
Tunisian national television 640
Hannibal TV 641
TRT World 690
Haberturk 691
Vox Africa 701
H Live TV 702
KBS World 775
French CGTN 800
Mandarin TV 801
NTD 802

For lines with insufficient flow, Bouygues Telecom offers a 4G bbox offer. She allows to Watch 70 Bouygues TV channels live and unlimited Thanks to the app B.TV.

Bouygues Telecom’s paid TV bouquets

Bouygues Telecom offers Several TV bouquets Complementary for Bbox customers. Depending on the tastes of each find Bouygues TV bouquets on different themes (youth, diverse, cinema and much more). Or without commitment, You can access additional TV channels live or replay.

The Canal+ TV bouquet with commitment

The Bbox TV Canal+ bouquet is a bouquet to view Canal Group TV channels+. With this bouquet, look at all major sports competitions, series, entertainment for adults or young, live or replay from € 22.99/month. Here are the TV channels included in the Bbox Canal + TV bouquet:

Details of the Canal+ Bouygues channels – valid at September 20, 2023

Canal TV channels + Channel
Channel+ 4
Canal+ Sport360 41
Canal+ Foot 42
Canal+ Sport 43
Canal+ Cinema 44
Canal+ Large screen 45
Canal+ Series 74
Canal+ Kids 106
Canal+ Docs 130

You want to subscribe to the Canal+ offer with Bouygues ?

The BeIN Sports TV bouquet

The Bbox TV bouquet with beIN SPORTS is the 100% football offer. For € 14.99 without obligation, you can watch all the Ligue 1 events, Ligue 2, UEFA Champion’s League, UEFA Europa League, as well as American sports on the channels:

Details of the BeIN SPORTS TV channels – Valuble at September 20, 2023

BeIN Sports TV channels Channel
beIN SPORTS 1 51
beIN SPORTS 2 52
beIN SPORTS 3 53
beIN SPORTS MAX 10 214

You want to subscribe to the BeIN Sports offer with Bouygues ?

Bbox cinema TV bouquets

Bouygues Telecom offers three TV bouquets dedicated to the cinema:

  • OCS Max (n ° 46)
  • OCS City (n ° 47)
  • OCS shock (n ° 48)
  • OCS Giants (n ° 49)
  • OCS (n ° 50)
  • Ciné+ first (n ° 75)
  • Ciné+ thrill (n ° 76)
  • Ciné+ Famiz (n ° 77)
  • Ciné+ Classic (n ° 78)
  • Ciné+ Club (n ° 79)
  • Cinema+ emotion (n ° 80)
  • Action (n ° 81)
  • Action Max (n ° 82)
  • TCM Cinema (n ° 83)
  • Paramount Channel (n ° 84)
  • Paramount shift channel (n ° 85)
  • Eurochannel (n ° 86)
  • Ciné+ first (n ° 75)
  • Ciné+ thrill (n ° 76)
  • Ciné+ Famiz (n ° 77)
  • Ciné+ Classic (n ° 78)
  • Ciné+ Club (n ° 79)
  • Cinema+ emotion (n ° 80)
  • Action (n ° 81)
  • Action Max (n ° 82)
  • TCM Cinema (n ° 83)
  • Paramount Channel (n ° 84)
  • Paramount shift channel (n ° 85)
  • Eurochannel (n ° 86)
  • Dorcel TV (n ° 280)
  • XXL (n ° 282)

Non -exhaustive selection of BBOX TV bouquets classified by price. The referencing of these offers is free.

TV channels and à la carte services

Bouygues Telecom offers several à la carte TV channels and services from € 1.99 per month:

Details of BBOX options – Valuable on September 20, 2023

TV channels/Service Channel Rate
Star tve 524 € 1.99/month
Africa Melody 187 € 1.99/month
Playzer 189 € 1.99/month
Top Health TV 225 € 1.99/month
M6 Music 169 € 2.50/month
TV clubbing 183 € 2.99/month
Fight Sports 198 € 2.99/month
Mytf1 Max € 2.99/month
Blackpills 92 € 2.99/month
Nina November 709 € 2.99/month
English TV 505 € 3.90/month
My Zen 224 € 3.99/month
Tfou max 117 € 3.99/month
Berber TV 645 4 €/month
Melody 184 € 4.50/week
Israeli Network 620 € 4.90/month
Olplay 197 € 4.99/month
E-cinema 88 € 5.99/month
Amazon Prime Video 91 € 5.99/month
ORTC 750 € 6.90/month
Filmo TV 90 € 6.99/month
Golf Channel 205 7 €/month
Netflix 89 € 7.99/month
Salto 93 € 7.99/month
Disney+ 94 € 8.99/month
Unlimited x 279 € 14.99/month
Jstv 771 49 €/month

Non -exhaustive selection of bbox bouquets and tv channels classified by price. The referencing of these offers is free.

Adult bouquets

Bouygues Telecom offers 9 bouquets of programs reserved for adults. Here are the 5 most important:

Non -exhaustive selection of adult TV bouquets classified by price. The referencing of these offers is free.

International bouquets

Bouygues Telecom offers a set of TV bouquets dedicated to foreign culture and language chains (valid on September 20, 2023):

  • African (€ 6.90/month) and African TV bouquets (€ 11.90/month).
  • The German TV bouquet (€ 8.90/month).
  • Maghreb TV bouquets (€ 8.99/month) and Maghreb+ (€ 14.99/month).
  • The Arabia TV bouquet (€ 7.99/month).
  • The Berber TV bouquet (€ 5.99/month).
  • The large wall TV bouquet (€ 8.88/month) for Chinese channels.
  • The Lebanese TV bouquet (€ 6.99/month).
  • The Lusophone TV bouquet (€ 7.99/month).
  • The Italian TV bouquet (€ 5.99/month) for Italian channels.
  • Russian TV bouquet (€ 9.99/month) for Russian channels.
  • The ZEE TV bouquet (€ 15.90/month) for Indian channels
  • The Turk TV bouquet (€ 3.99/month).

What are the additional services included in the Bouygues TV offer ?

When you subscribe to a Bouygues TV offer, it also allows you to access a number of TV channels, to benefit from services such as replay or SVOD BOUYGUES.

Look at your favorite replay programs

In addition to the Bouygues TV channels that you can watch live from different screens, it is possible to Watch your programs again thanks to the Replay Bouygues service. Available the day after their broadcast, discover the programs you missed the day before. Shows, series episodes or films can be Available only for a few days for some and a few months for others.

If you are interested in a program, enjoy the GO volume included in your Bbox to save it and view it when you wish, without being afraid that it will no longer be available in replay.

Bouygues SVOD service

Bougues provides you with its Bbox VOD service containing Over 5,000 films, series or documentaries. Available for rent or purchase, take advantage of the list of Bouygues TV channels, a varied catalog, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Namely, the content proposed in This service by the operator is paying, Programs can be rented or purchased depending on the available offer.

Watch Bouygues TV channels on TV or computer

Thanks to the’Application B.TV, you can watch Over 70 TV channels directly from your tablet or smartphone.

Likewise, you can take advantage of your programs on your computer. This feature gives access to 70 channels, including TNT channels, as well as Disney Channel, Ushuaïa TV, LCI, Paris Première. To benefit from these features, you just have to be a customer of Bbox Must or Bbox Ultym.

You are not yet BBOX customer in Bouygues ? Contact Selectra so that an advisor will direct you among the Bouygues Internet offers: 09 87 67 18 00 (Monday-vendredi 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Updated on 08/31/2023

Former editorial manager, Marianne joined Selectra in 2014. A graduate of a Master 2 International Media, she is the manager in charge of all the contents of the Télecom pole.

How to watch TV live Bouygues ?

The Bouygues TV offer complements Bbox Must and Ultym offers but not only. There are other ways to enjoy the Bouygues TV, whether through application B.TV but also by taking advantage of Multi-Ecrans and Multi TV Bouygues services. Find in this guide all ways to watch Bouygues TV.

Bouygues TV Direct: What are the channels included in the Bouygues Telecom TV offer ?

TV Box Telephone

The Bouygues TV offer concerns above all the Bbox must and Bbox Ultym subscribers. The Bbox Fit which remains the cheapest bouygues internet offer does not include a TV decoder.

Whether in ADSL or fiber, the Bbox must and ultym subscriptions include more 180 Bouygues TV channels Live and many of them also include replay, multi-ecrans and HD quality functions (high definition).

Teva, Ushuaïa, RTL9, Paris Première, Trace or even history are only some of the channels included with Internet offers. However, some differences exist between Bbox ADSL and fiber subscribers:

  • THE Bbox ADSL and Fiber both give the right to fifty HD channels (54 for ADSL and 55 for fiber). The Bbox Fiber offer, however, gives access to 26 HD+ channels of superior quality.
  • Only subscribers Ultym fiber Can benefit from 4K quality with Bouygues TF1 4K TV channels, 4K and Ultranature 4K festival.

For the rest, all BBOX subscribers benefit from additional services with in particular more than 30 replay services depending on the Bouygues TV channel, more 5000 videos in the VOD Bouygues catalog and also the possibility of subscribing to more than 40 thematic bouquets optional TV channels.

It is also possible to add a subscription to the SVOD Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or the Bouquet of OCS Bouygues channels directly from its BBOX.

What are the channels of the different Bouygues TV channels ? To find the complete list of Bouygues TV channels as well as the extent of additional options and bouquets, consult our Bouygues TV article.

How to watch a Bouygues TV channel live on Bbox ?

Bouygues live TV with the Bbox Must and Ultym

To watch Bouygues TV, simply have a subscription to the Bbox Must or Ultym. These ADSL or fiber Internet subscriptions include a TV decoder which, once connected to television, allows you to watch any Bouygues TV channel live.

As a reminder, Bbox subscriptions with the Bouygues TV option are thus:

  1. There BBOX Must is at the cost of € 36.99/month in ADSL and € 39.99/month fiber.
  2. There Bbox Ultym is at the cost of € 40.99/month in ADSL and € 46.99/month fiber.

These prices do not take into account BBOX promo which often give the right to a substantial monthly reduction in the first year.

To watch a live TV channel live with its BBOX decoder, it is possible to consult the list of channels accessible from your customer area by selecting its BBOX line. You must then click on “My Bbox and my fixed line” then “List of channels” in order to access All the available channels With its Bbox subscription.

You want to take out a Bbox Bouygues offer ?

How to achieve Bbox TV connection ?

To make the BBOX TV connection, First there are two scenarios according to the distance between his modem and his TV decoder. Before connecting your decoder to television, it is indeed necessary to connect the modem to the TV decoder:

  1. With the Ethernet cable, By connecting one end of it to the Ethernet port its BBOX modem and the other end to the Ethernet port of its TV decoder.
  2. With two CPL sockets (not supplied by Bouygues but sold in store or on the operator’s site), CPL adapters allow you to connect the Ethernet cable from Modem Bbox to one of them and a second Ethernet cable to the second. Then just connect the CPL sockets to electrical sockets.

Once this connection has been made, it is necessary to connect your TV decoder to your television with the HDMI socket provided. Once this connection has been made, it is enough to connect the supply cable to the TV decoder and turn it on to start looking at the TV live Bouygues.

If you need help for BBOX TV connection, Bouygues has the online bbox assistant service that accompanies you step by step to make the installation. My Bbox assistant automatically detects the equipment and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Be careful however, when all the connections are made and the Bouygues TV decoder on, you must also make sure you be connected to the correct HDMI source to watch a Bouygues TV channel live. To do this, simply select the HDMI port number chosen from the menu of its remote control.

Multi-screen: how to enjoy live TV Bouygues on several screens ?


The service Bouygues Multi-Ecrans Allows you to look on several screens, simultaneous or delayed, all Bouygues TV programs. Several screens concretely means the screen of your television but also of your smartphone, computer or tablet.

THE Bouygues TV channels live are concerned but also the replay programs as well as the VOD and SVOD as Netflix. The simultaneous viewing option allows you to watch different programs of the same TV service on different devices. It is thus possible to watch a movie on giant ocs on your television while a loved one watches “Game of Thrones” with OCS City on his tablet for example.

The multi-screen service also makes it possible to ensure continuity between the different supports used and thus to take a film started on smartphone with Netflix to finish watching it on television.

Bouygues gives access to the multi-screen service for Four different devices. The screens are automatically saved, it is however possible to modify them in your customer area if necessary.

Regarding compatible devices, certain TV bouquets like OCS BOUYGUES Also allow you to connect directly from the mobile application or the chain’s website (OCS allows 5 simultaneous screens). In the same way, Netflix has its application and website to look directly from your computer. In the case of Netflix, however, the number of screens depends on the type of subscription subscribed with the SVOD. For RMC Bouygues, on the other hand, the multi-screen service is not available.

For bouygues beIN SPORTS TV bouquets or the various BBOX thematic bouquets, it is also possible to watch BOUYGUES TV with application B.TV.

B.TV: the application to watch the Bouygues TV channels live

B.TV application phone

Application B.TV is free and it is accessible for all Bbox customers, mobile packages and Bouygues prepaid cards. The application can as well be used in 3G/4G and in Wireless.

Application B.TV allows you to watch More than 70 Bouygues channels live or on demand and also listen to radios and podcasts. It also gives access to various features such as the programs guide, the function read from the start or even the possibility of using the B application.TV as a remote control or “caster” a bouygues tv channel live to your television.

To connect to the application, you must first enter your username and password. For BBOX customers, the identifier is the email address Internet @Bbox.Fr and, for mobile and 4G box customers, the Line number. The password is the one associated with your customer account.

When the application is used with the cellular network, the Mobile data count varies depending on the case:

  • Those who have a mobile plan, without option B.TV, consume the mobile data of their package with b.TV.
  • On the other hand, if option B.TV is subscribed, only listening to radio, VOD and navigation in the application are deducted from the package.
  • For Bouygues prepaid cards subscribers, mobile data is billed.

The mobile option B.TV is available for subscribers to a B & YOU package (€ 6/month) or sensation (€ 5/month).

Multi-TV option: how to watch Bouygues TV on a second TV ?

Bouygues Telecom also offers the multi-TV option which allows you to benefit from all BBOX (VOD and BBOX services) content on a second television. Perfect for families, it will be possible to watch football on the living room television and cartoons on another television from the house !

The multi-TV option can be subscribed within a limit of one (for VDSL subscribers) or two (for FTTH fiber subscribers) by home. It gives the right to a second Bouygues TV decoder for each subscription, the fiber subscribers by placing two orders now guess three Bouygues TV! The offer is without engagement And she is billed € 7.99/month For Bbox Must and Ultym customers (fiber or ADSL).

For Subscribe to the Bouygues Multi TV option, From the customer area, just follow these three steps:

  1. Select your Bbox line.
  2. In the “Options and Services” section, you must select “Discover” in the “Multi TV” option.
  3. Click on “Subscribe” and finalize the order.

THE CPL sockets are also included with the Miami TV decoder and allow a wireless connection at the Bbox.

Is it possible to watch the two Bouygues TV at the same time ? No problem if you have a FTTH fiber connection. On the other hand, for VDSL subscribers it is necessary to have a downward speed greater than 15MB/s to watch its televisions simultaneously.