Bouygues Telecom – Grand Ajaccio Baléone, Bouygues closest in Thouars | Hours, address, appointment

Bouygues Telecom store in Thouars: timetables, addresses and services of Bouygues stores


Finally, before moving to Bouygues store, call Bouygues customer service at 1064 (from a fixed line Bouygues) or at 614 (from a Bouygues mobile line). A Bouygues advisor will direct you to the solution to adopt.

Bouygues Agency



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      Store schedule:

      Open Monday to Saturday: 09:30 – 19:30

      Founded in 1994, Bouygues Telecom is a major actor in telecoms in France. The operator has more than 500 stores to his credit.
      To design and market its mobile, fixed and companies offers, Bouygues Telecom employs more than 8,000 employees, who put themselves at the service of more than 20 million customers.

      Designed according to the concept of a contemporary connected house, your Bouygues Telecom Baleone store allows you to discover the latest mobiles and accessories, exhibited in “Libre-Essayayer”, but also all new digital uses, especially those made by 4G Box.

      Bouygues Telecom offers this unprecedented solution which allows households, whose internet connection at home is too slow, to access the Internet in very high speed, thanks to the quality of its 4G network.

      The entire Bouygues Telecom Baleone team is happy to welcome you to guide you and help you find the offer, service and product most suited to your need.

      Bouygues Telecom store in Thouars: timetables, addresses and services of Bouygues stores

      Find a Bouygues store in Thouars: address and timetables of shops nearby

      Details of the Bouygues stores in Thouars

      You plan to go to Bouygues store ? Here is an overview of the Bouygues in Thouars shops or around:

      Is there a Bouygues store open on Sunday in Thouars ?

      Unfortunately, no Bouygues store is open in Thouars on Sunday.

      How to make an appointment in Bouygues store in Thouars ?

      To ensure an effective shop visit, we advise you to set up an upstream appointment. It is possible to Program an appointment in store via the Internet, or directly by phone.

      How to make an appointment in Bouygues store by Internet ?

      Bouygues store meeting

      For Make an appointment in Bouygues store in Thouars, Here are the steps to follow :

      1. Find the Bouygues agency near you
      2. Do a search with the name of the agency on a search engine
      3. Open the boutique file on the Bouygues website
      4. Push the button Make an appointment
      5. Three options are possible: purchase of a box, acquisition of a smartphone, or replace its old mobile
      6. Select the date and time of your appointment
      7. Complete your contact details and click the confirmation button

      Your request for an appointment taken into account, you just have to get around in store on the defined date.

      If your request has no connection with the subscription of an offer, nor a renewal, you are not obliged.e to apply for an appointment.

      Join a Bouygues agency in Thouars by phone

      You will prefer not to go through the Internet ? You can contact the agency of your choice to set a date.

      How to contact the Bouygues shops in Thouars ?

      Bouygues Thouars store Phone number
      Bouygues Telecom CC Chambourcy store
      RN 13 Route de Mantes, COC CARREFOUR CENTER
      78240 Chambourcy
      Bouygues Telecom Amiens store
      39 rue des 3 Cailloux
      80,000 Amiens
      Bouygues Telecom La Roche sur Yon boutique
      2 place Napoleon
      85000 La Roche-sur-Yon
      Bouygues Telecom CC Saumur store
      51 Bd Mal Lattre de Tassigny, CC Leclerc
      49400 Saumur
      Bouygues Telecom CC Saumur store
      51 Bd Mal Lattre de Tassigny, CC Leclerc
      49400 Saint-Aunès

      Prepare your arrival in Bouygues store in Thouars

      You plan to go to one of the Bouygues de Thouars shops (formerly called the shops Bouygues Telecom club)) ? Above all, it is useful to find out about the procedures carried out in the Bouygues store, as well as the necessary documents.

      Some time ago, the Bouygues shops were called Bouygues Telecom club. This name is no longer relevant, they now bear the name of the operator.

      Services accessible in your Bouygues store in Thouars

      Bouygues Boutique Customer Service

      By passing through a Bouygues agency in Thouars, you can take advantage of the services below:

      • The subscription of a box or mobile offer : access to fiber or ADSL, 4G or 5G packages, etc.
      • Purchase of a new smartphone : Compare the latest models (iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony, etc.)). For a package subscription with a new phone, Bouygues Telecom advisers can even activate your SIM card.
      • Renewal of your internet or mobile subscription : your duration of engagement ends soon ? You want to change your offer ? This request is made in Bouygues store.
      • After -sales service and assistance : in case of malfunction on your mobile or box equipment. Be careful however, it is strongly advised to control certain points before moving to the store (see part on breakdowns), because the majority of internet or mobile worries can be resolved in a few minutes at home.
      • Mobile recovery : Bouygues Telecom can make the buyout of your old mobile under certain conditions.

      You want to take out a bouygues offer ?

      What documents to prepare for my agency visit ?

      Before going to the Bouygues de Thouars store, remember to have the necessary supporting documents. Indeed, in particular in the context of membership, certain parts are essential.

      • A piece justifying your identity
      • A piece justifying your identity
      • A banking identity statement (RIB)
      • A piece justifying your identity
      • A banking identity statement (RIB)
      • A canceled check or your bank card

      The subscription of a Bbox in Thouars

      Adsl Bouygues offers available in Thouars

      As a resident of Thouars, you may not (yet) have access to fiber optics. To find out, you must carry out an eligibility test that will direct you to technology accessible in your accommodation:

      Here are several Bboxes that you can nevertheless subscribe to Thouars, without being eligible for optical fiber:

      How to benefit from very high speed bouygues in Thouars ?

      Very high speed bouygues via the 4G network

      By living in Thouars, it is possible to have a weak adsl speed but that the 4G network is efficient. If this is your case, the Bouygues 4G+ box is an offer that could be suitable for you.

      With this non -binding box, you benefit for € 32.99 per month:

      • Internet in very high speed via the 4G+network, which offers flows up to 10 times higher than with ADSL.
      • 70 channels thanks to application B.TV.

      Bouygues fiber via a public initiative network

      Thouars is in a RIP Zone. This means that you are in an area covered by a public initiative network: a project led by certain local authorities in order to accelerate the deployment of fiber in less dense areas.

      Indeed, the major French operators (including Bouygues) have abandoned certain rural areas regarding the deployment of fiber optics, for the sake of profitability, because there are few customers and the deployment work is complex. Public initiative networks thus complete the private deployment work (carried by SFR, Orange, Bouygues or Free) by calling on infrastructure operators responsible for building new lines.

      The fiber optic networks carried by the RIPs are open to everyone, so that all operators are able to market fiber to residents of these regions. Thus, if you are not directly eligible for Bouygues fiber, it is possible to enjoy it via the RIP installed in your region.

      The subscription of a fiber bbox offer in Bouygues store

      In Bouygues store, subscription of your internet offer is made by the advisor, a very practical way if you have any questions.

      If you wish to subscribe in this way, it is advisable to make an appointment beforehand (see part on taking the appointment).

      No Bouygues store near you: subscribe by internet or by phone

      There is no Bouygues Telecom store near you ? You can absolutely Subscribe by phone or on the Internet.

      Subscribe a bouygues offer by phone

      For a telephone subscription, put yourself in connection with an advisor to 01 86 91 99 90 . Your subscription will only take a few minutes.

      Subscribe a BBOX on the Internet

      It is also possible to subscribe to a BBOX by going through the Internet. This will take only few minutes :

      1. Go to Bouyguestelecom.Fr.
      2. From the site menu, access the tab Internet box.
      3. You get an overview of all the Bboxes marketed by Bouygues. Select that of your choice by clicking on Test my address.
      4. Perform the eligibility test from your postal address or fixed line number.
      5. Once the eligibility test is completed, Bouygues presents the offers that you can subscribe. Select an offer by clicking on the button Choose this offer.
      6. The summary of the command is displayed. Click on To validate.
      7. Click on Order, After possibly adding some options to your offer.
      8. Enter your address and personal information, before choosing a delivery method.
      9. Proceed with the payment and finalize your order.

      Your Bbox is ordered ! Bouygues will give you the equipment a few days later.

      Subscribe a Bouygues Telecom package in Thouars

      In Bouygues store, you can also take out a mobile package. Discover an overview of the offers sold by Bouygues Telecom and the different ways of subscribing.

      What are the Bouygues Thouars mobile packages ?

      Bouygues Telecom offers two types of packages: B & YOU packages without commitment, and Sensation packages (with a commitment of 12 or 24 months). B & you are somehow the equivalent of Sosh or Red offers, belonging to Orange and SFR.

      Here are three Bouygues packages that are among the most popular offers:

      The subscription of a Bouygues in store package

      If you live near a Bouygues Telecom store, it may be very interesting to move for the subscription of your Bouygues mobile package. On site, you can ask your questions live, and also visualize telephones in real life.

      In this case, it is best to make an appointment in advance.

      Take out a Sensation package with a new mobile Allows you to benefit from the ‘Bouygues Telecom smartphone advantages: Smartphone at reduced prices, payment in several times, buyout of your old phone, mobile loan in the event of flight or breakdown.

      No Bouygues agency near you: subscribe online or by phone

      As with an internet offer, a Bouygues package can be subscribed in stores, but also online or by phone.

      Subscribe a Bouygues mobile offer by phone

      To subscribe to a Bouygues mobile package by phone, simply call 01 86 91 99 90 . The advisor will guide you in the choice of your offer.

      Subscribe a bouygues package by internet

      To subscribe online, the procedure is fast and simple. Just follow the stages indicated:

      1. Click on this button to go to the Bouygues website: subscribe to a Bouygues by Internet package
      2. Go to the game Mobile packages site and pamper between the Sensation or B & You range range.
      3. Click on the button Discover the packages.
      4. Choose a package and add it to the basket.
      5. You access the summary of your order. Personalize your offer if you want by selecting options, then click on Order.
      6. Specify your contact details and a delivery address.
      7. Finish the command.

      Your Bouygues mobile subscription is then taken into account ! Your new SIM card will be delivered to you in the coming days.

      Cut, breakdown or incident on Bouygues equipment in Thouars: can you be helped in store ?

      The gestures and checks to be carried out before going to Bouygues store

      Many dysfunctions of box or mobile equipment are able to be corrected by yourself.

      Rather than going to Bouygues store in Thouars, So make sure you have made all the checks below.

      • I tried to restart my box.
      • I have tested my connection from several devices.
      • I tried to access several websites.
      • I tested my connection with an ethernet cable.
      • I did a flow test that diagnosed a connection problem.
      • I checked that no announcement was made regarding a general incident on the Bouygues Telecom network in Thouars.
      • I consulted the page assistance.Bouygues Telecom.Fr To get answers to my questions
      • I checked that my SIM card was well positioned in the smartphone.
      • I used my SIM card from another phone, without success.
      • I checked that no network general incident has been announced in the Thouars region.
      • I used another charger to recharge my phone, without success.
      • I made an online diagnosis via after -sales service.Bouygues Telecom.Fr.

      Finally, before moving to Bouygues store, call Bouygues customer service at 1064 (from a fixed line Bouygues) or at 614 (from a Bouygues mobile line). A Bouygues advisor will direct you to the solution to adopt.

      The after-sales service in Bouygues store in Thouars

      If none of the previous suggestions allowed you to find a solution to your problem, you can go to Bouygues store To try to obtain more information. Know that the answers you get will probably be the same as those communicated on the phone.

      In store, it is also possible to do exchange or replace Your faulty equipment. However, you should know that for an exchange of boxes, the process must first be started with customer service, at the risk of not being able to exchange in stores.

      Deployment of Bouygues fiber in Thouars and Mobile Coverage

      The deployment of Bouygues fiber in public initiative networks (RIP)

      In 2019, thanks to the deployment of public initiative networks, 2.5 million premises were connectable to fiber, and there were more 460,000 customers (Source: RIP Observatory report 2019, Avicca).

      Via Axione (Bouygues Energie and Services subsidiary specializing in telecom infrastructure), Bouygues participates in the evolution of connection in RIP zones. In 2019, we counted 10 rip operated by Axione, which cover 19 departments.

      Information about the deployment of the fiber optics Bouygues in Thouars

      You want information on the deployment of the fiber optics Bouygues in Thouars ? You can already consult the Fiber deployment map arcep.

      This card allows you to zoom in on the city of your choice of thouars to view Bouygues fiber coverage rates. It is also possible to follow the evolution of deployment per quarter.

      Another way to obtain information on the subject is to turn to the Thouars town hall.

      Contact the Town Hall of Thouars: E-mail address : [email protected]
      Phone : +33 5 49 68 11 11

      What is the state of the Bouygues mobile network in Thouars ?

      In 2022, Bouygues covered 99% of the French population in 4G. Bouygues had a total of 24,106 4G sites in service in early December 2022 (source: ANFR). Bouygues Telecom thus appears as the 2nd operator in terms of number of 4G sites.

      Nevertheless, the antennas are distributed in majority in large agglomerations, this means that your mobile network will probably be less effective in Thouars. To have a more precise idea of ​​the mobile coverage of your accommodation, see the 3G / 4G / 5G coverage card Available on the Bouygues Telecom website.

      �� Now go to 5G with Bouygues surf at lightning speed now by subscribing a 5G package:
      01 86 91 99 90 (free service)

      How to reach Bouygues Telecom Thouars customer service ?

      THE Bouygues customer service can be reached by different means, the most practical is probably the phone. To do this, several numbers are at your disposal.

      You are already a Bouygues Telecom customer ? From a mobile phone the number to be composed is the 614, From a landline phone the number is 1064, And if you are abroad you will have to join the +33 660 614 614.

      If you are not yet Bouygues Telecom customer, contact 01 86 91 99 90 for the subscription of an offer.

      How to make a change of operator ?

      Orange, free and sfr points of sale in Thouars

      Good news for Thouarsais who would like to change operator, Bouygues is not the only one to be present in the city !

      Find here Orange, SFR and free shops in Thouars ::

      • Orange Thouars stores
      • SFR Thouars agencies
      • The Free Center Thouars

      What are the steps to change operator ?

      ⚡ Your change of operator in 5 min our experts help you find the best offer and take the steps for you ! Call Selectra to: ☎️ 09 87 67 37 94 (free service) Announcement – Selectra Service

      Bouygues termination

      Contrary to popular belief, operator change procedures can be done quickly and easily.

      Indeed, whether you are an internet or mobile client, if you want to keep your number (fixed or mobile), the process is simplified.

      1. You must start by choosing a new operator and a new offer.
      2. Then compose the 3179 From your line concerned (fixed or mobile) to obtain your RIO code. This is a 12 -character code that identifies your line.
      3. Go to the subscription of your new offer according to the desired mode: online, by phone or in store. During subscription, you will have to send your line number and your Rio code to the new operator.
      4. Once this information is in hand, the new operator takes care of everything: termination with the old access provider,.

      As specified by Arcep ‘The subscriber must not make a termination request to the operator he wishes to leave‘. Indeed, in the case of a portability of the number, it is up to the new operator to take care of the termination procedures.

      If you were still engaged with your operator, Resilization fees will apply, up to your offer and the time remaining before the end of the contract. If it is an internet termination, it is also necessary to take into account fixed termination costs. These amount to around 50 €.

      However, many operators offer the reimbursement of some of these costs to new customers (generally up to € 100).

      Bouygues Thouars termination address: at which address to send his mail ?

      You wish to terminate without necessarily subscribing to another operator ? In this case, you will have to send a termination letter in Bouygues by post, at the following address:

      Bouygues Telecom customer service
      Bouygues Telecom
      TSA 59013
      60643 Chantilly Cedex

      Bouygues agencies of the largest cities in France

      You plan to move to one of the largest cities in France ? Find out about Bouygues points of sale Present in your next host city:

      • Bouygues Paris shops
      • Bouygues Marseille shops
      • Bouygues Lyon shops
      • Bouygues Toulouse shops
      • Bouygues Nice shops
      • Bouygues Strasbourg shops
      • Bouygues Montpellier shops
      • Bouygues Bordeaux shops
      • Bouygues Lille shops
      • Bouygues Rennes shops

      Line opening, eligibility test, change of internet and mobile operator

      From Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m