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ADSL: offers, eligibility. Everything you need to know

⚙️ A predictive test
In the event of non -fiber eligibility, our test allows you to determine if a fiber deployment is provided for at your address and under what approximate deadlines.

Bouygues Telecom fiber eligibility test

Find out if you are eligible for Bouygues Telecom fiber by testing your address.

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Bouygues Telecom

Find the Bouygues Telecom fiber offer with the best price at your address.


Find out what time your home will be connected to the Bouygues Telecom fiber

��How does our fiber eligibility test work ?

⚙️ A multi-operator test
Our test is Connected in real time to the operator BOUygues Telecom who sends us eligibility and the maximum debit to the address tested.

⚙️ A predictive test
In the event of non -fiber eligibility, our test allows you to determine if a fiber deployment is provided for at your address and under what approximate deadlines.

La Fiber Bouygues in France

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With Bbox Ultym

67% of the housing eligibille at the Bouygues fiber

Does Bouygues offer satisfactory fiber coverage near you ? To find out if the operator’s fiber is present in your town, go to our Bouygues fiber coverage page. By typing the name of your town, you access our Cover card who will provide you with the answer. More than the presence or not of the fiber, you will know especially if Bouygues covers your locality well in fiber.

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What is the Bouygues Telecom fiber cover in your city ?

351 MBS: the average flow rate of Bouygues fiber in France

If the eligibility test confirms the possibility of accessing fiber in your home, it does not indicate the real speed of your Internet connection. It is, in fact, prudent to test the line yourself. It is now easy by performing a bouygues fiber flow test. We also prepare you some tips for accelerating your flow.

71.95 MB/S Download Mobile
351.27 Mb/s Download fiber
Bouygues Telecom flow in France in 2022
And you, what is your flow ? Do the Bouygues Telecom flow test. Debit

150K: the number of reports Bouygues fiber failure on 2022

Bouygues is 2nd in terms of fiber network stability over the year 2022.

8GB/S: the maximum fiber flow of the Bouygues fiber internet offers

What fiber flow are you eligible at Bouygues ?

Even if certain fiber offers from Bouygues Telecom display a Max theoretical flow of you must make sure you are eligible by doing the Bouygues fiber deligibility test

Table of the amounts and descendant of the fiber bboxes

Bbox fiber Descending fiber flow Start fiber flow Learn more
Bbox Fit Fiber 400 Mb/s 400 Mb/s Learn more
Bouygues Special series Bbox Fiber + TV 180 Channels + Calls to Mobiles 1 Mb/s 700 Mb/s Learn more
BBOX Must + Prime and Universal + Fiber + TV 180 Channels + Calls to Mobiles 1 Gb/s 700 Mb/s Learn more
Bbox Ultym + Prime, Disney + and Universal + Fiber + TV 180 Channels + Calls to Mobiles 2 Gb/s 900 Mb/s Out/Bouygues-Telecom/Internet/Bouygues-Telecom-Bbox-Nullym-Fibre/Timeone/Widget/40

How to be sure you choose the right bbox fiber ?

Combining the advantages of optical fiber with an internet offer adapted to your needs is essential. To do this, you must take into account a certain number of criteria ranging from prices, to bouquets of TV channels via the type of commitment. The Bbox Fiber comparator helps see more clearly and make the best choice.

ADSL: offers, eligibility. Everything you need to know

adsl offers all that you need to know

How the adsl works ? For what speed and what uses ? What are the main ADSL offers ? What is the difference with optical fiber ? Here is all you need to know.

What is ADSL ?

To sum up it simply, the ADSL is the first generation of “broadband” Internet. Marketed in France since 1999, ADSL is a technology that is based on the traditional telephone network to offer users fast internet access. In addition to the telephone canal, the ADSL brings together two other channels, intended for the reception and the sending of data. Thanks to its great ease of installation, the ADSL was quickly deployed from the 2000s. In the mid -2010s, France had more than 22 million ADSL subscriptions. From now on, this number declines year after year for the benefit of optical fiber. In the 3rd quarter of 2021, the arcep, the telecoms regulator, identified a little more than 13 million ADSL subscriptions.

What internet speed thanks to ADSL ?

In a few moments, a simple connection to a telephone central made by a technician gives access to a very fast internet speed, generally between 1 and 15 megabits per second (MB/S). This connection speed is variable, in particular depending on the distance between the box and the telephone central, the quality of the telephone line, the type of box used, and the type of connection chosen. On average, an internet user with internet access thanks to their telephone line would benefit from a flow rate greater than 11 Mb/s. An unusual connection speed with that offered by MoDem 56K in the early 2000s. With a flow now over a thousand times more powerful, the ADSL therefore allows you above all a stable navigation, and much faster. In addition to high speed internet access, you can also have, as an ADSL customer, unlimited telephony, digital television, video on demand. Another revolution allowed thanks to the ADSL: the wireless Internet. Indeed, if they have a wired connection thanks to an ethernet cable, ensuring optimal flow, the boxes also offer the possibility of connecting to Wi-Fi, for maximum freedom.

Which adsl offer to choose ?

  • The Dual Play box: Internet + landline

The “Dual Play” formula offers a double service, including internet access and fixed telephony. This offer represents an economical solution, especially for subscribers who watched television, or are satisfied with the channels received thanks to TNT. At Bouygues Telecom, this corresponds to the Bbox Fit offer including ADSL broadband Internet, as well as the fixed phone line with unlimited calls to fixes in France and more than 110 countries.

  • The triple play box: Internet + landline + TV

Today widespread, the “triple play” formula no longer offers two, but three services: a broadband internet connection; A fixed telephone line generally including unlimited calls to fixed in France, and sometimes to mobiles and abroad; and finally a TV decoder to access all TNT channels in high definition, as well as multiple thematic or foreign chains. This bouquet corresponds to two ADSL offers at Bouygues Telecom: the Bbox Must and the Bbox Ultym. The two formulas include calls to fixed and mobile calls in France and to fixes of more than 100 countries, as well as a TV decoder allowing access to more than 180 channels.

How to open an ADSL Internet line ?

If you move into accommodation that is not yet eligible for optical fiber, there is a good chance that you can take out an ADSL offer. If your accommodation is new, or its telephone line has been deactivated, the connection requires a simple intervention, carried out by our technicians. To find out if you can choose an ADSL offer, you can do an ADSL eligibility test on our site without further delay.

ADSL, ADSL 2+, VDSL… what differences ?

ADSL is now available in different versions, which offer flows even faster than the classic ADSL: ADSL 2+ and VDSL.

ADSL 2+, technology today the most widespread in France according to ARCEP, thus provides a speed of up to 25 Mb/s. To take advantage of it, the distance between your nearest telephone central box must be less than 2.5 km away. Beyond that, the connection speed in ADSL 2+ becomes close to a classic ADSL line.

But what is the difference between ADSL and VDSL ? VDSL technology uses higher frequencies to provide an even faster connection speed: up to 50 Mb/s in downward or even 100 Mb/s flow for the shortest lines. As with the ADSL 2+, the efficiency is indeed maximum when the line between your box and the telephone central is less than a kilometer.

ADSL and optical fiber: what differences ?

The difference between adsl and fiber is major. The fiber does not use copper wires of the traditional telephone network, but a glass or plastic wire with much higher performance. The flows can now reach up to 2 GB/s in data receipt, and up to 600 Mb/s sharing data. Download a big file, launching a movie or sending a video only takes a few seconds.

To be able to benefit from it, this new technology must be deployed – commune by commune, district by district -, then each accommodation must then be connected. In the 3rd quarter of 2021, more than 28 million premises could have access to fiber, and more than 13 million households were already subscribed to it.