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Find the offer most suited to your company ! Are you at your disposal pro plans with or without commitment, Bbox Pro to take advantage of quality internet access as well as 4G tablet and keys offers.

Bouygues customer service: contact, assistance and schedule | 01 86 65 29 80


Bouygues Customer Service

How to contact Bouygues Telecom customer service ? What is the Bouygues customer service number ? His opening schedule ? Our article answers all these questions. In our guide, discover everything you need to know to be assisted by Bouygues Telecom, whether you are private or professional.

Talk to a Bouygues advisor
You want to talk to a Bouygues expert advisor ?
Call the free 01 86 65 29 80.

Talk to a Bouygues advisor

You want to talk to a Bouygues expert advisor ?
Call the free 01 86 65 29 80.

Bouygues customer service number: 614, 1064, 3106, etc.

  • 614 From a Bouygues mobile
  • 1064 From another position
  • 614 From a Bouygues mobile
  • 1064 From another position
  • 614 From a Bouygues mobile
  • 1064 From another position

Given on 08/09/2023.

How to reach Bouygues Telecom customer service by phone ?

I want to take out a bouygues telecom offer

If you wish to contact Bouygues Telecom to subscribe to one of its offers, the number of Bouygues sales service is the 3106, both from your mobile and from your fixed, and no matter what operator you call.

You will be in direct contact with an advisor to choose the Sensation package or thebbox that best suits you. You can also subscribe a non -binding package B & you.

Communication with the Bouygues sales department is free from a landline phone and deducted from your package from a mobile. Online waiting time is free.

In the event of a question or to find out the tracking of your order placed by phone, you can call the 614 where the 1064 For a Bbox, Mobile or 4G Box offer.

You can also call from abroad to take out an offer. The number is then +336 60 614 614. The service is available Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (price of a call to France).

To subscribe to a Bouygues Telecom package, you can also call Selectra 01 86 65 29 80 to be advised and obtain the offer most suited to your needs.

Bouygues customer, I want to contact my customer service

If you need to reach theBouygues Telecom assistance Regarding your current offer, several numbers exist:

  • For package customers and Bbox customers : dial 614 from your mobile, or 1064 from another position. The Bouygues Telecom Customer Service number to be composed from abroad is +336 60 614 614.
  • For Mobicarte customers : the corresponding number is 634 from your mobile Bouygues Telecom or 1034 from your landline phone or the mobile of a different operator. The Bouygues Telecom Customer Service number to be composed from abroad is +33 668 634 634.

From abroad, a call is billed at the price of a call to France. A voice server is also available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Bouygues Hours customer service: When to call Bouygues ?

Bouygues Telecom customer service is available From Monday to Saturday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Know that it is between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. that online waiting time is the least before being put in touch with an advisor.

Conversely, it is better to avoid calling in the early hours of opening, where the wait is generally longer. Therefore favor afternoon schedules.

In the event of an emergency (loss or theft of telephone for example), you must connect to your subscriber space.

Unable to reach Bouygues customer service ? Contact a Selectra advisor and let yourself be guided in order to take advantage of the partner offer best suited to your needs.

Bouygues Telecom customer service: online assistance

Bouygues Telecom has online assistance on its website, in the assistance section.

Connect to your Bouygues Customer Account And start navigating the platform according to your problem (internet, mobile, television, invoices, etc.)). It’s up to you to click on the corresponding sections.

Bouygues online assistance

You also have at your disposal a Bbox customer area allowing you to obtain an online BBOX analysis. This BBOX diagnosis allows you, after answering several specific questions, to identify any technical problem linked to your BBOX (Internet connection, television, fixed telephony, etc.), in order to solve your problem.

A specific question ? It’s on the forum that it happens ! In the same way, once on your Bouygues Customer Account, Look for the solution to your problem or ask your question directly. On the Bouygues Telecom forum, you will find help with Bouygues advisers but also with customers who have already experienced the same situation as you.

To be in contact with an advisor, you can also contact the service via the social networks (Facebook or Twitter) as well as by cat For questions related to your offer.

Cat advisers are unable to answer technical questions. You also cannot go through this support to terminate your Bouygues Telecom subscription.

If you prefer, you can go to a Bouygues Telecom store (schedules may vary depending on your location) or make an appointment online via the Bouygues Telecom club. Just select a pattern (subscribe to a fixed package or a Bouygues Telecom phone package, change bouygues mobile, after -sales service, etc.) then select a date and an appointment schedule available in Bouygues club store. No more waiting in store !

Bouygues customer service: and B & YOU customers ?

THE B & YOU customers can also take advantage of all Bouygues Telecom services (reception in stores, telephone assistance with advisers, online assistance).

On the Bouygues website, go to the section B and you my account And connect with your laptop number and password to access the customer service B and you.

Contact Bouygues Telecom by postal address

You prefer to write to Bouygues Telecom customer service, it’s possible ! Here is the address to note:

Bouygues Telecom

Customer service

60436 Noailles cedex

A complaint with Bouygues Telecom, you must write to theCustomer service address Bouygues Telecom, consumer service, 60436 Noailles Cedex.

To reach customer service B and you by mail, it is at this address:

Bouygues Telecom B & You

Customer service

60436 Noailles cedex

Bouygues customer service for professionals


If you are not yet a customer, the Commercial service for companies can be reached at 3100 . You will be put in contact with an advisor with which you will decide the offer made for you.

As a “business” customer, here are the useful numbers:

  • 0 800 942 342: For technical fixed telephony assistance, a BBOX company, concerning the Internet or networks (free call from a fixed or mobile in France, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm).
  • 617 Or 0 825 825 617 : for mobile assistance (0.15 €/min + price of a conventional call, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). You must then type the figure corresponding to your situation (question on your offer, broken mobile, etc.)).

Online, two spaces are available, professional customer service if your company has less than 10 employees and the business customer area if your company has more than 10 employees to its credit.

To access Pro Customer Service (less than 10 employees), you can use the “classic” Bouygues customer service numbers: 614 from a mobile or 1064 from a fixed job.

Pro customer service

Find the offer most suited to your company ! Are you at your disposal pro plans with or without commitment, Bbox Pro to take advantage of quality internet access as well as 4G tablet and keys offers.

THE Bouygues Pro customer service It is :

  • Websites and mobiles dedicated to pros
  • 550 Bouygues stores divided into France with a space dedicated to professionals
  • 3000 specialized advisers
  • Pro advantages (amplified internet speed, intervention in less than 8 hours, change of mobile within 24 hours in the event of a breakdown, etc.)

Bouygues Espace Customer Company

For companies (over 10 employees), go to Bouygues Espace Customer Company To benefit from online assistance. Then click on the section corresponding to your problem (fixed or mobile telephony, Bbox company, internet and networks, etc.) in order to find a solution.

On your Bouygues Customer Account, You also have access to your last 12 invoices and you can update or activate new services and new options.

Bouygues Telecom customer service quality

Bouygues Telecom regularly publishes his Quality indicators so that you are informed and that you can compare the quality of the operator’s services with that of other FAI. It is the arcep (regulatory authority for electronic communications and posts) that has authority when it comes to communicating official measures.

Thus, ARCEP published last July some elements concerning the quality of Bouygues customer service as part of its “customer satisfaction observatory”. Here are the notes obtained by Bouygues

  • 7.1/10 on satisfaction with internet services
  • 7.6/10 on satisfaction with mobile services
  • 6/10 for Internet customer service
  • 5.8/10 for fixed customer service
  • A 82% Internet service problem solving rate (better score)
  • a 75% mobile customer service problem solving rate

On all indicators, Bouygues is rather in the average of suppliers, oscillating between the 2nd and 3rd place of the rankings, a sign of good reliability and an experience now demonstrated.

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You enjoy On a daily basis of your Bouygues Telecom offers, products and services. Sometimes, Your needs are changing And you want to change your package or phone, where you can have a question about your last invoice, a question about how your phone works or need a helping hand in using your BBOX services. It’s normal !

At every moment, Bouygues Telecom is by your side And offers you easily accessible solutions on the Internet, thanks to the new version of Online assistance on the site, in your Customer Area or via the customer area application. But also, of course, always by telephone with our advisers, and now the possibility of also exchanging visio.

On the Internet (smartphone, mobile and tablet), your customer area is accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day !

Thanks to your Secure customer area, You can know everything about your fixed and mobile lines, follow your consumption, consult your invoices, activate or delete options, pay an invoice by bank card in complete safety or even modify your billing date … in a few clicks, you Manage your Bouygues Telecom account. To access, click here !

You prefer to use an app ? Thanks to The customer area app, Available for Apple and Android smartphones, it’s even easier to find the information you are looking for ! And if you are customers Bbox, You can access a new feature “Bbox management”. In a few clicks, you can in particular:

  • Personalize your WiFi password and share it with your friends via SMS or by displaying a scanner qrcode;
  • Launch a WiFi flow test thanks to the “Speedtest” function;
  • Access an assistant to install your BBOX and / or your WiFi repeater optimally;
  • Diagnose and solve a problem encountered on a service (Internet, telephony, TV) and, if necessary, make you recall by a Bouygues Telecom advisor.

New online assistance

By becoming a Bouygues Telecom customer, you have free access to an online assistance space which allows you, independently, to find the answers to all your questions and solve the possible problems that you may encounter. Diagnostics, manuals for phones, network weather, prices since and up international … What to find all the useful information on a daily basis !

A new version of online assistance has recently been put online. It is now easier to use, more fluid and above all more personalized: it adapts to the offers you hold to offer an experience and solutions adapted to your situation.

By telephone

If you prefer a contact by phone, Bouygues Telecom advisers are available from Monday to Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Just call it 1064, From a mobile or a fixed phone; The call is free !

In Visio thanks to visual assistance

For a few months, Bouygues Telecom has been offering a service Visual assistance ! During your telephone exchange with an advisor, this one can, with your permission and temporarily, use the camera of your smartphone to guide you step by step. To find out everything about visual assistance, click here !

On the Internet, via the customer area app, by phone or visio, You are always well accompanied by Bouygues Telecom !