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Bouygue Telecom fiber scam

Good morning,
I write this message to warn the people who will read this message and possibly to have help.
I made the fiber installed with my parents (aged over 70 years) provided that the installation is free.
The saleswoman on the phone sworn me that it was free.
During the installation, the technicians had my father sign a document by telling him that it was just a certificate to certify that the work was done.
In the end Bouygues invoiced an exceeding € 75 to my parents.
I have contacted Bouygues several times: their answer is to vomit.
“Since you have signed the intervention form with your” good for agreement “mentioned, we will not be able to make a refund. It is essential to read any document before affixing your signature ”
This answer is an admission: it is an assumed scam.
Especially that the whole subdivision was already wired and the wiring was very simple.
I don’t care about the amount to be paid, but I am disgusted by these bandits, these thieves who do not hesitate to scam vulnerable people.
What can I do ?
And how to alert consumers and authorities of unfair maneuvers of these bandits ?
Thanks to Quechoisir for monitoring and being present to protect consumers who are prey for thugs !
Good day

Gilou26 Consumer Officer ****
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Re: Bouygue Telecom fiber scam

Message by Gilou26 »10 Jan. 2021, 18:07

Sorry for this mishap. Already, you should have given yourself in the term “free” on the phone. Never nothing is free, you always have to pay for trade. Then, indeed, your parents should have read the certificate. Despite everything, you can possibly file a complaint for dol. Dol is a legal delit. It consists in making a buyer believe that he signs for something when in realitis he signs for something else. After the amount must be important. 75 €, you have little chance of it is successful. The famous € 75 corresponds to the price of the installation of the fiber. Being in a start-up to possibly change operator, this is the price of it. You have to pay them even if the sector is connected. I am connected to SFR Fiber currently and if I change at Bouygues I should whatever happen this sum. Here is in reality, it is not a scam but a voluntary concealment of information. As an example, my old SFR Numericable box made the soul at the end of November . SFR provided me with a new box in December but I had to pay € 75 for warranty. At no time, customer service informed me of this sum. I was surprised during my 1st invoice.

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Test of the Philips 55Oled804: one of the most interesting OLEDs of the moment

For this 2019 edition television, the manufacturer Philips promises a high -flying cinema experience, ensured by a very efficient P5 processor, a quality audio system and a play of light Ambilight ready to immerse us in the atmosphere of our programs. And this 55led804 clearly won us over, we explain to you why in our full test.

MEA photo

Where to buy the
Philips 55led804 at the best price ?

There are no offers at the moment

This test was carried out on November 09, 2019 and the market may have evolved since. Consult our comparison to discover more recent products potentially more relevant to you.

Our full opinion
Philips 55Oled804

November 09, 2019 09/11/2019 • 14:00

Philips 55Oled804, this is another TV that has the latest generation of OLED’s slab from LG. After the excellent Panasonic GZ1500 that we recently tested in its 55 -inch version, it is now time to see which special button on the manufacturer Philips is able to offer. The main argument put forward by the manufacturer concerns the home processor, the famous P5, here declined in its third version. A new chip, already praised by criticism in its V2, which would be even better in its different layers of image processing. The upscalling of a full HD source towards ultra high definition, for example, would be even better. The arrival of the new version 9 of Android TV and the Lighting System Ambilight would be the other advantages of the beast, as is its Multi Multi HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision. Let’s see it more closely.

Technical sheet

Model Philips 55Oled804
Dimensions 72.01 cm x 122.78 cm x 230 mm
Maximum definition 3840 x 2160 pixels
Screen size 55 inches
HDR compatible HDR10+, Dolby Vision
HDMI ports 4
Surround compatible No
Number of speakers 2
Speakers 50 watts
Audio output Helmets, optics
Price 1990
Product sheet

This test was carried out with a TV loaned by Philips.

The video test

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OLED tiles that are difficult to default

This OLED 804 series is available in version 55 (1790 euros) and 65 inch (2790 euros) and this is the first model that we received in testing. But in both cases, these televisions are equipped with an ultra HD 10 -bit 100 Hz slab and a 3rd generation Philips P5 image processor. We will come back more after the latter’s services. Before that, make way for a few measures of measures made in SDR and HDR using Calman software.

Given the origin of the slab (LG Display, found on many televisions) and the skills of Philips in the world of TV, it is not surprising that we see that measures in film mode are very good. Starting with color loyalty with an SDR source and with the TV set in film mode.

The measures show a Delta E 2000 of 1.4 which is an excellent value. As we indicate in each of our tests, if this measurement is less than 3, then the eye is no longer able to make the difference on this fidelity of colors. But our probe yes.

Which allows us to say that the 55led804 is not as perfect as the Panasonic model, but it remains perfect for the human eye.

Good news also for all your SDR sources, color reproduction will be perfect and total. As our probe attests, the coverage of the color space Rec 709 is 99.1 %. It’s just perfect and faithful to the manufacturer’s promise !

Despite some small irregularities noted by the probe, the gamma curve shows an excellent result on the entire measurement with a value of 2.2, again a perfect score.

Our different measures also show that the image of this 55 inch is nothing too hot, essentially due to the dominance of red over the entire measured spectrum, but also on the measurement of white. The two measurements made, one at 30% and the other at 100%, the distribution of primary colors clearly show that red dominates strongly in “film” mode. On the other hand, like its rival from Panasonic, this 55 inch OLED offers a high peak of brightness that we measured at more than 700 cd/m² with a white window at 10%, then stood at 136 cd/m² when ‘A white image occupies the entire slab.

Still in cinema mode, but this time with a DCI-P3 source, the result is just as good. The Delta E 2000 measured is now 2.9 What remains under the note of 3. Be careful however, again the Panasonic 55GZ1500 or the LG OLED55E9 do slightly better and even if it is not guaranteed that your eye makes the difference, let’s say that a few colors remain are above 3.

The Philips 55Oled804, however, is back on its ability to restore the entire DCI-P3 color space and REC 2020. Respectively, we measured 82 % and 60 % and we did not manage to obtain, including by using the other modes of the TV. In addition, we find in addition to the “personal, lively and natural” modes of “ISF day” and “ISF night” modes, but which will not have done better. There is no doubt that after calibration, the panel of this Philips 55led804 can do better.

A superb video experience ..

So much for the purely technical part of our test which, let’s specify it all the same, only intervenes a few days after the start of our tests. In order not to be influenced by these measures that we now know excellent on OLED TVs of latest generations.

Photo 9

Photo 10

Photo 11

So yes, whatever the program we look at with this OLED, we take a real slap. The image is contrasting, bright, beautiful and many other superlatives still. Our reference content does not cause us any real criticism: it is clear, Philips also knows how to take full advantage of the LG Display slab, here controlled by its excellent third generation P5 processor. The fact that the slab manages both HDR10+ content and Dolby Vision is an indisputable advantage. Here no jealous and certain scenes from the “Another Life” series available (among others) on Netflix in Dobly Vision are completely stunning of dive, detail and dynamism.

Photo 12

Photo 13

Obviously, we are not immune to distinguishing pixels and other digital or saccades when we look at an old series on Netflix, but this SD content carried on a 4K slab remains is completely satisfactory.

Photo 15

Photo 16

Photo 17

Photo 17b

So inevitably, when we feed this 4K Blu-Ray TV, the result is excellent. The image processing engine is effective and, even if we are not fans of these options, Philips offers many options to boost resolution (ultra resolution), colors (color improvement, etc.) or even improve the fluidity of the image (perfect natural motion and other movement compensation). Noise reduction options and MPEG artifact reduction are also offered to try to smooth the defects of the image, but we should not expect miracles either.

Photo 43

Photo 44

Photo 45

Note that we measured a latency for a 33 ms display time, which is really a lot for a “game” mode of a 2019 TV. The best of its kind now have an input lag of about 15 ms which makes them more suitable for a gaming, even if we were not frankly embarrassed during our tests on this TV. Note however that our measures tend to show that the calibration of the game mode is rather saturated. The colors are less faithful in favor of a slightly more dynamic image.

… but also sound and light

Now, when you test a rather premium OLED TV, given the good quality of the image, you have to look in detail what makes the difference. And at Philips, the details are not, since it is Ambilight technology. This famous LED system placed on the three sides of the device (top, left and right) and which is seriously helping to create an original and very successful experience.

Photo 19

Photo 20

Besides, Philips regularly reminds us: ” This technology is one of the purchasing criteria for our customers. Those who used ambilight are fans »». And we understand why. First of all because this techno can be deactivated when the atmosphere of the film does not lend itself to it wherever the effect underscores certain spectators. But when the function is activated, it is a real festival.

Photo 21

Photo 22

Photo 23

Photo 24

To try to produce the best possible effect, there are several lighting options in Ambilight settings such as ” Follow video, follow audio, follow color, follow the flag or follow application »». Each option then gives access to a submenu with several settings. For example, under the option “Follow video” we find “standard, natural, football, live, game, comfort and relaxation”. We would be tempted to say that there is something for everyone and that the result really convinced us.
It is even possible to personalize the lighting according to a flag of country. The result works very well with the colors of the French banner. What put even more atmosphere during a football match ?

Photo 25

Photo 26

Photo 27

And Ambilight does not only provide when it comes to watching a film or a series. It also works very well in video games.

Photo 28

Photo 29

Photo 30

Photo 31

And why not in audio programs such as concerts. Indeed, Philips also offers ambilight audio settings. Under the “follow audio” option we find the settings “Lumina, Colora, Retro, Specter, CT, rhythm or even party” which, there too, put more or less atmosphere in the living room.

Photo 32

Photo 33

To save energy, it is possible to deactivate the slab. Thus, consumption that we measured between 150 and 220 watts depending on the modes (film, game, etc.) and options (with or without ambilight) used, it is possible to drop to around 28 watts when only speakers and techno ambilight are used to listen to music for example. Yes, you have read that right, it is not ridiculous to use this TV so as its speakers are far from being ridiculous.

A versatile audio system

On this OLED of the 804 series, Philips did not integrate a Bowers & Wilkins audio system as evolved as on the 934 and 984 series presented at IFA last September. However, the two 10 watt lanes and the 30 watt bass box present at the back of the screen provide a sound well above the average.

Photo 18

Photo 34

The different audio adjustment options are quite different and effective in finding your account. During our tests, we especially alternated between the “film” and “IA mode” modes which met our expectations very well. We even found the IA mode particularly effective in going from one type of program to another: an action film to a “quieter” series on Netflix, for example.
Finally, we were unable to experience this function for lack of compatible devices, but remember that Philips Ambilight technology is compatible with the manufacturer’s bulbs. It is therefore possible to extend the light experience even more if you have such connected bulbs. As long as the TV is connected to an amp, your evenings could clearly take a nightclub atmosphere.

Design, ergonomics and connectors

And since we approach the addition of an external audio system, let us specify that the addition of a sound bar will not be easy. Indeed, the feet of the TV are very low and install a sound bar without hiding the bottom of the image is impossible. Damage.

Photo 35

Photo 36

At the rear, the connection is distributed in a classic way, accessible by the side and the underside, but no cache is concealing all this to perfect a little aesthetics. This is not really critical since, as we said, the slab is almost close to the furniture: the cables that pass behind are therefore not really visible.

Photo 37

Photo 38

This will be more problematic in the context of a wall installation, in particular on an adjustable support. If necessary, it will be necessary to tinker a little to make a beautiful “cable management”.

Photo 39

Photo 40

When we receive a TV in testing, the first step is to configure everything. Well, it is clear that the cloud is good, even for living room products. After switching on, the TV offers you to configure it manually, or by associating your Google account. In a few minutes, we find on its TV all its multimedia applications, configured and ready to be used … or almost. Indeed, some will have to be installed. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, VLC, Youtube, Molotov, Plex … The Android TV application store is lacking.

Photo 41

Photo 42

And the remote control allows you to take full advantage of all applications. On the battery side, we find all the keys dedicated to TV check and, side front, a complete Alpha digital keyboard. We did not really use the latter on the occasion of our tests, because the presence of Google Assistant allows you to do without to look for videos on the different streaming services.

Price and availability

The Philips Philips 55Oled804 is available at a price of 1790 euros and it takes 2790 for the declination of 65 inches.