Boursorama Bank review (2023): What we think of the first online bank in France, Boursorama notice: customer reviews and our expert opinion

Boursorama Banque Opinion: Is it worth it


(1) Source Le Monde/ – December 2022. Detail of profiles, tariff studies and their source since 2009 available on

Boursorama Banque: What we think of the first online bank in France in 2023 ?

Precursor in the field of online banks in France, Boursorama Banque claims to be 100 % online banking the cheapest in France. So, does the Société Générale online online bank live up to its reputation ? Here is our opinion on Boursorama Banque.

Boursorama characteristics

�� Opening premium Up to 150 €
�� Income condition No
�� Bank card Visa Classic / Visa Premier
�� Initial deposit from 50 €
�� Count of account No
�� Sponsorship Yes
�� Application Android / iOS
�� Mobile payment Apple Pay / Google Pay / Paylib / Samsung Pay / Fitbit Pay / Garmin Pay
�� 3D Secure Yes

Boursorama Bank in a few words

Before being an online bank, Boursorama is above all a market information platform open to professionals and individuals. His online banking activities began between 2005 and 2006. The service relies on a hybrid identity between online and physics bank with agencies present in the territory under the banner of the SG of which it is the subsidiary.

In 2013, the group decided to switch to the 100 % online and, after the full buyout by Société Générale, it claims to be the cheapest online bank. Unlike neobancs like N26 or Revolut, Boursorama offers certain products normally reserved for traditional banks such as savings booklets, real estate credits or consumer credits. Boursorama Banque which announced an installed base of 1.8 million customers in 2020 aims for 5 million members in 2023. She is now online banking leader in France.

Prices among the lowest online banks

Boursorama Banque offers current accounts of free visa bank cards (again under conditions). Three offers are offered and are accessible via progressive prerequisites. Here is the summary of these cards:

* If using the card at least once a month, otherwise € 5/month
** If using the card at least once a month, otherwise 9 €/month

Finally, on the tariffs side, Boursorama Banque is an excellent value for money with very few hidden costs and real free services that it claims. These are tariffs among the cheapest on the market, and therefore accessible to the majority of individuals, because the bank does not require entry conditions for normal use, unless you want to benefit from delayed debit.

The cards are free, but still require at least one use per month (which is completely accessible) otherwise they will pay additional costs.

The Freedom offer has arrived the last and constitutes an evolution of Kador, its former card reserved for a young audience (12 to 17 years old). The latter also has its own application with a controlled account by parents or legal representatives of the beneficiary. Everything is available for free, but remains limited in uses.

Opening an account at Boursorama Banque has the advantage of barely taking a few minutes

To make this notice, we have made an account opening directly from the mobile application, but it is quite possible to make a registration from the Boursorama site. First good surprise: the application clearly separates the steps and we do not find ourselves directly with a multitude of forms to fill out. The online bank highlights the fact that it is possible to fill out the form in less than 5 minutes and it is not far from the truth, subject to being able to provide all the elements and information requested below:

  • Address
  • Birthplace
  • IBAN (from its regular bank)
  • Photo of the identity document or recto verso passport
  • Your photo (taken via the application)
  • Family / Marital situation
  • Professional information
  • Annual income
  • Domiciliation or not of income at Boursorama
  • Savings capacity
  • Heritage (housing situation + estimate of individual heritage)

The latest questions are still quite intrusive. They mainly highlight the identity of the bank which aims to be a selective minimum, in particular concerning the capacity of deposit. The latter is also indexed to the various offers (we will come back to this later).

Then comes the reading and signing of the digital contract, still on mobile, and a validation of security via a code sent by SMS.

Depending on the information, the registration may or may not be validated after an automatic verification of a few seconds. In our case, this did not work and we had to go back to a conventional registration via the platform available from the site. Even if the refusal notification was clear, there was no element concerned concerning him, although we were directly invited to register from the Site.

For once, online registration was a little more detailed, with a clear grid of the prices via the choice of its card. In addition to the previous elements, it was necessary to provide proof of address including name, first name and address as well as a photo of the handwritten signature, no signature online.

Once all sent, the validation of the file takes five working days. In the meantime, there is the possibility of following his file via identifiers provided by email. Once the folder has been validated, your account is created, the identifiers and the card are thus sent to you directly by mail and you can use your account from the web platform or via the application.

If the registration process is rapidly, it is not necessarily the same for the validation of the file and the reception of all the elements linked to the account which take a while. We had to wait almost two weeks before we could use the account. Clearly, we are far from the speed of implementation of most of its competitors who make this element one of their strengths.

A fairly high initial deposit

Like most traditional banks, Boursorama Banque requests a first payment when opening the account. This payment ranges from 50 to 500 euros when the account is opened. As part of this notice, we opted for an Ultim card requesting an initial payment of 300 euros. This money can then be used and, fortunately, no additional costs are deducted from this operation. For Freedom, the account is obviously accessible free of charge without initial deposit.

Welcome bonus: Follow the good plans !

Like many online banks, Boursorama periodically offers welcome offers with higher or lower sums. If you wish to open an account and benefit from these offers, it is recommended to follow updates on our good plans or on our Twitter account @FrandroidBonPlan in order to be informed of it.

Boursorama regularly offers special operations such as the Pink Weekend with a welcome bonus that can be up to 170 euros. Of course, these offers are subject to conditions and are proportional to the chosen offers. So be sure to read the details and conditions of these offers before you start.

Sponsorship at Boursorama Banque

Again, Boursorama Banque offers sponsorship bonuses from the moment you are in possession of a Bungerama Banque Banque or Joint bank account. If the godson opens an account at Boursorama Banque, the godfather receives 110 euros and the godson receives a sum of 80 euros credited on its new account. There are some conditions to be fulfilled in order to benefit from the sponsorship offer. For the Boursorama sponsor, you must have one or more accounts at Boursorama Banque. For the godson, you must reside in France and have never been a Customer of Boursorama Banque. Godson and godfather must be major. In addition, it is impossible to sponsor if you are only a customer of the Welcome offer.

Banking products worthy of a traditional bank

The bank cards offered by Boursorama Banques are visa type. Consequently, they offer the same insurance guarantees of the organization.

It is also possible to domicile your income directly on Boursorama even if it is not a prerogative for the opening of an account.

Boursorama Banque offers additional paid guarantees with in particular the “Boursorama Protection” option. This offers insurance distributed over 2 options: one offer at 0.99 euros per month against theft and another at 1.51 euros per month which guarantees against theft, breakage, fraud and the usurpation of identify.

Being attached to the SG, Boursorama Banque also offers other additional insurance products listed below:

  • Life insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Accounts insurance (provident)

Finally a real cashback platform

At the end of 2020, in order to respond to new banking uses, Boursorama launched a cashback platform called The Corner, allowing its customers to obtain discounts, vouchers and cashback with many brands like Amazon, La Redoute, Shein, Cdiscount or Zalando and Ikea.

This service is directly and free from free from the Boursorama Banque application. Very practical to follow up on its orders and the savings made. It is also a peculiarity of Boursorama where other banks use external platforms, making this use less convenient.

Various banking products

Again, like a classic bank, Boursorama offers a range of savings products, which is practical if you wish to make Boursorama your main banking establishment.

Boursorama Banque also offers Real estate and consumption loan offers, Again inherited from the contracts available at Société Générale. Good surprise, however: the rates are very competitive with 1.64 % for real estate and 1 to 3 % for consumption. To take advantage of it, you must nevertheless be a bank customer and have an account for at least three months, which has closed the door to external customers. To find out more about these loan offers, go to the dedicated online bank page.

Still no cryptocurrency management, but a brokerage platform

Balance Bank does not offer a portfolio or services related to cryptocurrencies. We would have liked that such a function naturally appeared at Boursorama Banque, especially when we know the group’s stock market activities.

However, like what certain neobancs can offer such as Vivid or Lydia, Boursorama has also launched its own stock market platform accessible to all, without any condition of entry and without brokerage costs: Boursoonmarket. This platform meets these new needs by opening up access to a full range of assets with more than 40,000 products (turbos, warrants, certificates, ETF and OPC) whether there are immediate or sustainable investment. Boursorama has teamed up with leading players and asset issuers such as Société Générale, Goldman Sachs, Blackrock or Sycomore AM. We therefore remain in the continuity of the group’s stock market activities, but by gaining accessibility and to exist in the face of growing competition in the field.

Our opinion on the Boursorama Banque mobile application

Now let’s move on to the mobile application that really makes the point of experience. The presentation is extremely neat and we are already far from the web app that the bank could offer before. The application first gained menus ergonomics, clearer and better arranged, where we used to get lost in functionalities.

In the right points, we note the automatic and precise categorization of the financial operations of the account (food, petrol, leisure). Too bad the operations take 24 hours to appear in the customer area even if it is possible to permanently know whether or not you are far from the payment ceiling for your bank card. We also like to be able to configure alerts by notification or by SMS of the balance of the account.

Boursorama Banque Opinion: Is it worth it ?


Please note: the worst online bank that I have never seen. Already it is a mission to have online customer service see impossible. Then to make a simple transfer abroad, you have to wait several weeks. To date, the beneficiary has still not received our transfer (more than 3 weeks) for a showing € 8,380. They do not want to communicate the Swift number so be careful in case of research impossible to trace the transfer. In the after -sales service they do not want to hear anything by saying that it is more their problem that the money left. Except that the beneficiary bank can do nothing without the Swift number. Choose any bank but especially not Boursorama

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To close an account these really complicated it has been 3 months that we send email the answers her long. Already to have an advisor these galleys, but in addition when he tells you we are in charge and that these still not close ! And that every month he takes -15 euros for not having used your bank card these really shit!

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Only verified customers

Total disaster !! Welcome bonus never paid despite lots of calls and emails that have remained unanswered. A shame suddenly I closed the account. Don’t go, total scam!!

Inadmissible. My partner applied for an account opening. Being a foreigner but a member of the European Union The procedure was extremely complex with an unreachable customer service. It has resided in France for more than 20 years, has already had several accounts in different establishments which have never quibbed as to the opening of an account, it has a company that has been working wonderfully for several years and pays its taxes in France like everyone else. When calling customer service “Boursorama reserves the right not to disclose the reason for refusal” and we were hung up on the nose . Should we talk about racism ? Refusing an excellent customer for no valid reason is really shameful.

Flee these are total incompetent no care in the event of a scam !! I was defrained my account I lost 2000 € and the bank does nothing worse suspense the transfer to finally grant it to my crook !! Despite my declarations concerning the scam, so they endorse the frauds do nothing at all ! arrogant null customer service allows itself to judge

As a loyal Boursorama customers for many years, we have made the decision to change bank following a loan agreement. We have made 34 requests for account closing, each accompanied by supporting documents, 5 of which were shipped with a registered mail. Despite our efforts, we opened 3 complaints from Boursorama, and we contacted the mediator twice, without obtaining the slightest answer. This situation has persisted for 7 long months, because it always seems to lack mysteriously a different piece with each closing request. It is quite incomprehensible that Boursorama’s customer service has trouble understanding that historicals exist and that the parts we have already provided are recorded in their systems. Of course, icing on the cake, we are forced to pay agios thanks to their great generosity. Opening an account with them was a flawless experience, but leaving seems to be an impossible mission. Our despair is at its height. Do you have any suggestions to resolve this situation?

Incompetent and nitpickers impossible to solve any problem if you are abroad and what about the Visa card which is paid if it is not used!

Certainly, it is a card that is not very expensive but the quality of the service is not behind, for future customers the service is accessible by phone and for customers we can only contact them by email ! In addition, despite, the fact that I changed the ceiling with a powered account, I found myself 30 minutes at the service station in reserve by not being able to put fuel ! Result, I had to return to reserve to my home hoping not to break down ��


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Boursorama Banque Avis

After two online banking tests, I found with Boursorama Banque the perfect operation. The consultation of the accounts, the realization of the operations and the various services offered are of great facility and a great clarity. For me, it’s a faultless!!

Date of experience: September 23, 2023

Our 2022 transparency report is available

Super confirmation worked

The super confirmation has worked, however, it will be desirable to have the code in larger characters, because on my smartphone, I need a magnifying glass to view it. Sincerely.

Date of experience: September 21, 2023

Very efficient online bank and ..

Very efficient online bank without unpleasant surprises for over 3 years. Very well designed smartphone application.
Non -existent banking costs for a 5 -star banking service.
I recommend without hesitation.

Date of experience: September 18, 2023

Boursorama Banque client since 2017

Boursorama Banque client since 2017, I have always been satisfied !
What convinced me to choose this business was:
– The fact that she has been elected the cheapest bank for many years (14th time in 2022),
– Its exclusive discounts with more than 80 brands (Amazon, Carrefour, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, Ikea, Fnac, etc.),
– Its ultra ergonomic website with the possibility of consulting its expenditure for free, in -list or graphic for visibility and optimal management of its expenses.

If you want to change the bank, do not hesitate to use my sponsorship code ♥ ➡️ PACO0021⬅️ ♥ You will get a reduction of ♥ ❤️ ♥ 110.00 € ♥ ❤️ ♥

Receive + 40 € ✅ for the first opening of an individual stock market banking account with a request for Welcome or Ultim card.
Take advantage of + 70 € more ✅ for any first use of the Easymove banking mobility service (corresponds to the transfer of your automatic direct debits, without any approach from your creditors)) !

Date of experience: September 01, 2023

A crook stole me 2000 euros

A crook stole me 2000 euros. Called me with the Boursorama number, knew my name and account. Flaw in the safety system obviously or even worse crooks work at home. They refuse to reimburse me. Ashamed.

Date of experience: September 10, 2023

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Deplorable customer service (for the opening of an account !!))

Deplorable customer service. Very disapointed.
At the opening of an additional account !!
When opening the account on the application disconnect they refer us to telephone customer service which allows themselves to be unpleasant and take their (future) customers for stupid.

Tell me that I don’t know how to delete an application from my phone in such deplorable tone is insulting. To believe that it is still necessary to remind them that I call them to become a customer !!

I’ll go see elsewhere. Boursorama review your job policy for your customer service. It’s deplorable.

Date of experience: September 23, 2023

Easy management

Ease of account management without being forced to make an appointment with an advisor
Surveillance and action to regulate my account at any time and especially the speed of the entries

Date of experience: September 01, 2023

Very difficult account closure

After our separation, my partner and I asked Boursorama the fence of our joint account, on 06/12/2023.
At the beginning of July, an advisor informs me that all the parts are gathered and that the fence will intervene within fortnight.
Since then, I relaunch telephone every 15 days, and I am systematically answered the same thing: yes, your file is very complete, it has been transmitted to the service concerned, but we cannot tell you why your account is still not closed, nor when it takes place.
More than 3 months of waiting, and the feeling of being taken hostage.

Date of experience: September 19, 2023

Customer service is rotten

Customer service is rotten:
Very good bank, their application is fluid, clear, then simple to use
The only problem is customer service is the negative point. This is the very difficult black point to contact them by phone or email. Sometimes he doesn’t even respond to emails. And when you have the opportunity to have an advisor by phone, they are cold and not courteous.

Date of experience: September 20, 2023

The best banks

Here I am client at home since almost their beginning at the time when people did not really have confidence in relation to online banks and I absolutely do not regret my choice even if at the time when opening the I had some problems with the identifier to connect. For more problems, I have not been riding gold and the immediate speed card is just perfect to be able to manage your budget. I hope it will continue so, because from all the banks online or not that I have been able to test, it is by far the best. Thank you so much.

Date of experience: September 11, 2023

Black dots remain

Black points remains; Which means that I am no longer inclined sponsored major problems blocked with Eliot (virtual advisor) on requests that come out of basic. Collection of a higher check at 250 euros Employer check balances any account with an operator advice to open another competing bank account to be able to cashed it .

Date of experience: September 13, 2023

Your organization does not know how to manage them ..

Your organization does not know how to manage checks, exceeding € 5K, including those from companies, administration or recognized French establishment. That is problematic. We do not choose a bank for the difficulties or the constraints it brings but for the field of services rendered. Too bad, I was good with you, but since you decided otherwise, I bow.

Date of experience: September 10, 2023

Very reliable

Very reliable, fast in operations, no fees, I am super happy with Boursorama Bank

Date of experience: September 21, 2023

Cross your fingers so as not to need customer service

Points +: very attractive commercial offers, many services offered, full and ergonomic mobile application
Points -: Customer service to absent subscribers, nonexistent reclamation service (they do not answer questions and do not seek in any case to settle the PB and disputes), CB insurance of the Ultym card (supposedly the high -end +) also to Absent subscribers.

Date of experience: September 22, 2023

How awful

How awful! Customer service is nonexistent in the event of a problem! I I have a transfer which is constantly rejected without my understanding why!
They don’t even bother to answer you! The only way is to make a complaint (at the bottom of the screen in “Help and contact” to hope . After several days of expectations, of course! The site is very good on the other hand, I find it super simple. Impossible to deposit species and for checks, send by mail and hope that it does not get lost on the way and it costs you a stamp. So when I do my calculations, insurance € 2.99 + the cost of stamps per year .. more than 5/month. So I’m going to Hello Bank ! 5 €/month insurance included and dumping of checks and species in BNP agencies, and a prime customer service. Perfect ! I’m testing !

Date of experience: September 23, 2023

Following a special request and ..

Following a particular and urgent request (abusive sample following scam of the Hubside store), the advisor oriented me very quickly on the manipulations to do online.
Very responsive and efficient!
A big thank-you

Date of experience: September 13, 2023

Does his job very well.

Everything works remotely, fast, efficient, without unnecessary frills, and not expensive.

Date of experience: September 21, 2023

Very good bank that does not pen and ..

Very good bank which does not pen and travel insurance more Complete than certain bank (ca) which it pen

Date of experience: July 09, 2023

A very ergonomic interface

A very ergonomic interface. Customer service that answers the phone if necessary

Date of experience: September 19, 2023

Updated on Sep 15. 2023

5 stars for Boursorama is amply deserved.

I should have changed banks long before! If I had known that an online bank could be as efficient and at no cost . 5 stars for Boursorama is amply deserved.

Date of experience: September 12, 2023

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Our 2022 transparency report is available

About Boursorama Banque

Information written by the company

Boursorama Banque has been ranked the cheapest bank for 15 years (1). Today more than 5 million customers trust Boursorama Banque, making it the leader of the online bank. The promise of Boursorama Banque remains the same: simplify the bank, give purchasing power to their customers and give everyone the power to act on their money.

  • A 100% online bank
  • A wide range of products:
    • Daily bank
      • Free Bank Cards (2) International
      • Bank account and free bank payment card (3) for teens
      • Pro account
      • Credits
        • 100% online mortgage
        • Consumer credit: Personal loan, Lombard credit, CLI €
        • Saving
          • Life insurance
          • Per
          • Savings booklets: account on booklet, Bourso+booklet, term account, booklet A, sustainable and solidarity development booklet, housing savings plan, housing savings account
          • Insurance
            • Home Insurance
            • Means of payment insurance
            • Borrower insurance
            • Provident Death Insurance
            • Sotck exchange
              • Pea
              • Crowdfunding Immobilier
              • PEA-PME
              • Accounts titles
              • Piloted financial savings account
              • Innovative services

              (1) Source Le Monde/ – December 2022. Detail of profiles, tariff studies and their source since 2009 available on

              (2) Supply of a debit card (international payment card with systematic authorization) Visa Classic Welcome or Visa Ultim; Supply of a debit card (international payment card with delayed debit) Visa Ultim. Free bank cards subject to at least one payment transaction carried out per month or respectively € 5 for the Classic Welcome visa and € 9/month for the Ultim visa. Detail of the Conditions on

              (3) Supply of a debit card (International payment card with systematic authorization) Visa Classic Freedom


                • 44 Street crossing
                • 92100
                • Boulogne-Billancourt
                • France


                • Bank
                • Financial institution
                • Money transfer service
                • Private sector bank
                • Real estate investments