BOURSORAMA BANK PARFERAIRE: € 130 offered with Géraldine, all Boursorama Bank offers: the essentials to remember!

All Boursorama Banque offers: the essentials to remember


Bonus: 70 € extra (i.e. 200 € !) by combining my sponsorship offer with the Easymove banking mobility service

How to benefit from the Boursorama sponsorship offer ?

I am Géraldine, your female stock market

An exceptional and limited -term sponsorship offer !

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A sponsorship successful in 3 single steps

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1. Get my sponsorship

Communicate me your name, first name and email address so that I can quickly send you your personalized invitation containing your sponsor code

2. Open your account

Via the invitation received by email, open your online account on the Boursorama Banque site by providing supporting documents and receive € 110 as a welcome

3. Receive your bonus bonus

Once your account is validated, I contact you in order to pay your bonus bonus of € 20 € (or € 130 in all !))

Innovative and free services that make life easier

The Boursorama sponsorship offer allows you to benefit from advantageous conditions when opening a bank account. At Boursorama Banque, Visa Mastercard (Visa Classic or Visa Premier / Gold Visa) are free for life, most common operations are free of charge and wage domiciliation is not compulsory. Choosing to register at Boursorama Banque via my confidence sponsorship is without risk, easy and quick. Save money and benefit from a complementary and generous welcome bonus, paid by me to your account, as soon as your registration was validated.
If you are already a customer of another online bank – and you have already opened a bank account or a savings book at Bforbank, Fortuneo, ING Direct, Hello Bank or Monabanq – you will particularly appreciate at Boursorama The simplicity of management of your bank account. Many times have been the best online banking & the cheapest bank, I am sure that Boursorama and my sponsorship offer will reconcile you with the banks on the Internet.
At Boursorama, new customers are pampered. Exit accounts costs and banking products whose subscription is compulsory because it is linked to an account agreement. Do not wait any longer to open your current account and thus eliminate these useless banking costs. Becoming a “stock market” (for friends ��) is also becoming a godfather and making money in your turn ! By recommending the services of the bank with your loved ones, you will boost your personal finances.
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Boursorama Banque sponsorship

What are your advantages to choose me as a sponsor ?

Easy sponsorship

My goal: to support you in your efforts and make you benefit from this exceptional offer, with shared benefits, in all honesty and transparency.


A wise mother, I am always looking for good deals. The Boursorama sponsorship offer seduced me because it is free of charge, without risk and without commitment. In addition, the Visa Classic (or Visa Premier) credit card is free for life.

A quick contact

As a trusted stock market godmother since 2010, I respond clearly, enthusiastically, efficient and fast (generally within the hour) to all of your questions.

A trusted godmother

You can trust me completely and open your account online via my personalized invitation. It is an exceptional promo offer, for a winning-win-win-win sponsorship ‘ !

My godfathering commitments

Generous, I make sure that the premium that will be paid to you is as fair as possible. By choosing me as a confidence sponsor for your request for an account opening, you are sure to make the right choice

Available, I undertake to support you in your account opening approach and to answer all your questions concerning Boursorama sponsorship and its welcome offer

Reactive, I try to respond to your sponsorship request in less than 24 hours. Generally, I even send your Boursorama offer code in less than 15 minutes

Honest, I undertake to pay you the coast starting from my sponsorship bonus quickly. The euros offered are credited to you very quickly, most of the time even before the reception of your Boursorama connection identifiers

The Boursorama Bank advantages

On average, up to € 188 saved per year on your bank charges when a current account is opened at Boursorama
Free CB
  • Visa Classic cards and fully free first
  • In immediate or delayed flow (Visa Classic or Visa Premier)
  • Online ceiling changes
  • Authorized discovered (up to € 1,000)
  • The cheapest bank, for the 13th consecutive year (Le Monde / Bestbanque
  • Zero costs for the main current services
  • You only pay for services that have value. Goodbye unnecessary accounts !
  • Online services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and even from your mobile
  • Advisers available, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and even Saturday until 4:30 p.m
  • Société Générale subsidiary, Boursorama Banque combines reliability and quality of services
  • Termination at any time, at no cost
  • No need to domicile your income or change bank
  • Change of bank domiciliation facilitated thanks to the Easymove service, which communicates your new RIB, in a few clicks
Browse the online banks comparison published on my blog to realize the extent of the banking services offered by the Boursorama banking establishment. Free bank cards, an authorized overdraft, among the lowest banking rates on the market and an initial payment of € 10 when requesting your account are all advantages that should finish convincing the most skeptical between you.
In terms of mortgage and housing savings, the rates practiced by Boursorama are also very attractive and deserve that we dwell on it. It is not uncommon as well, according to promotional offers, to find rates offer flash at 0.95 % in fixed taeg (up to 48 months). Really, Boursorama Banque has everything to seduce a large customers. Note also that the Boursorama Banque reviews filed by my godchildren are very good.

Golden Boursorama sponsorship

Geraldine, your godmother !

Boursorama sponsorship, C

Boursorama sponsorship blog
Boursorama sponsor

On, easily obtain your Boursorama sponsorship code, allowing the opening of a current account on the online banking bank site, with payment of a bonus premium. Géraldine, Boursorama Expert godmother since 2010, supports you in your efforts. You are looking for a Boursorama godfather ? So don’t forget: a stock market godfather is good, but a Boursorama godmother is better !

This site is not affiliated with Boursorama Banque (C) Géraldine 2022

Bonus: 70 € extra (i.e. 200 € !) by combining my sponsorship offer with the Easymove banking mobility service

All Boursorama Banque offers: the main thing to remember !


It’s official : from October 2, 2023, Boursorama Banque changes identity and becomes Boursobank.

Major player in the online banking market since 1995, Boursorama Banque, Société Générale subsidiary, offers a full offer of banking services: current account, savings products, mortgage. In 2021, online bank was elected “cheapest bank” for the 14th consecutive year by the magazine The money world. Find our full article on the various offers available at Boursorama Banque !

  • Current account
  • Teenage account
  • Joint account
  • Pro account
  • Saving
  • Real estate credit and personal loan
  • Sotck exchange

Google Play: ⭐ 4.8/5
Apple Store: ⭐ 4.8/5

  • Full offer of banking products
  • Among the most advantageous banking on the market
  • Free and free income bank cards (in immediate debit)
  • No real time in real time
  • No instant messaging from the app
  • No temporary blockage of payments abroad
  • No temporary blockage of online payments

Updated data September 2023

Our opinion on Boursorama Banque

Online bank Balance Bank is a must of online bank. It has the distinction of offering a wide range of banking services: online bank for pro, online savings, online scholarship. We also appreciate its customer service that can be reached at expanded schedules, from 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and from 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday.

Balance Bank also offers many types of bank offers aimed at minors, young people, travelers and executives. We find Boursorama bank cards without income condition as well as bank cards at no cost abroad.

The current account and the bank card at Boursorama Banque

Boursorama Welcome card

0 €/month

Boursorama Ultim Card

0 €/month

Ultim Metal Boursorama card

Boursorama Ultim Metal
€ 9.90/month

International visa card with systematic authorization

International visa card with systematic authorization

Metal visa card with systematic authorization

✔️ Immediate debit | ❌ Delayed

✔️ Immediate debit | ✔️ Delayed flow

✔️ Immediate debit | ✔️ Delayed flow

Subject to acceptance by the bank

Subject to acceptance by the bank

Subject to acceptance by the bank

✔️ Free and unlimited

✔️ Free and unlimited

✔️ Free and unlimited

✔️ Free and unlimited

✔️ Free and unlimited

✔️ Free and unlimited

1 free withdrawal per month
1.69% beyond

3 free withdrawals per month
1.69% beyond

✔️ Free and unlimited

✔️ Visa Classic insurance

✔️ Visa Insurance Premier

✔️ Visa Insurance Premier

Updated data September 2023

The Welcome account at Boursorama Banque

There Welcome card, it’s the Free Banking Bank Bank Account with a free systematic authorization card in immediate debit. For the bank card to be really free, the customer must carry out at least one payment transaction per month. Otherwise, costs that amount to € 5/month will be invoiced.

Also note that the Welcome card includes some restrictions. Indeed, this card is in systematic authorization and with immediate compulsory debit with restricted withdrawal and payment ceilings.

Ultim: the free card with extended ceilings


Since June 2019, Boursorama Banque has been offering a new offer: the Ultim card. More premium than the Welcome card, the Ultim offer includes:

  • A free card associated with a state -of -the -art stock market
  • The absence of costs for all payments abroad And up to 3 free currency withdrawals.
  • Access to insurance and assistance guarantees a first visa card
  • Ceilings € 2,000/7 days for withdrawals and € 3,000/month for payments, as well as an overdraft authorization
  • Access to other services Bank Boursorama.

The Ultim card is available in immediate debit, without income condition and delayed flow, under conditions of income.

�� Learn more about the Ultim Boursorama card

Ultim Metal: the new Premium card at no cost abroad

In December 2020, Boursorama launched a new higher -end offer: the Ultim Metal card. Accessible under income conditions unlike the Welcome offer, the Ultim Metal offer, includes:

  • An international visa card at 9 € per month
  • The absence of costs for all withdrawals and payments abroad
  • Free international transfers
  • Ceiling of € 3,000/7 days for withdrawals and 50,000/month for payments, as well as an overdraft authorization
  • Free access to all Boursorama insurance: Boursorama Protection, Travel Insurance, etc.
  • Access to all the Bank Boursorama Services: Stock Exchange, Savings, Life Insurance, Credit, Insurance

Ultim Metal therefore allows you to compete with neobancs and their offers at no cost abroad.

Freedom: the bank account for minor

In December 2017, Boursorama Banque launched Freedom, a free bank account for minors aged 12 to 17. The Freedom offer is reserved for children of Boursorama Banque customers.

With this free offer, the teenager benefits:

  • a Visa bank card with systematic authorization : available contactless payment and free abroad payments
  • of a dedicated application To easily manage your account.

Many features are available: SMS alert, sending RIB/IBAN through the application or WhatsApp, urgent request for money to parents via the application.

The Boursorama Pro account


In 2017, Boursorama Banque launched its offer for professionals. PROSSORAMA PRO is a professional bank account for individual entrepreneurs and self-employed entrepreneurs at a rate of € 9/month.

Here is a list of services offered by Boursorama Pro:

  • A Boursorama Visa Classic card: delayed or immediate flow
  • an authorized overdraft: up to € 4,000
  • an insurance “Protection PROTEMARAMA PRO”: It protects the means of payment, keys, professional papers and professional mobile equipment
  • A pro book: paid to 0.30% gross without payment ceiling.

The bank charges offered by Boursorama Pro are among the cheapest on the online bank accounts market for professionals !

�� How to open an account at Boursorama Banque ?

  • Fill in the online form online form with personal info
  • Sign the electronic contract with the code you will receive by SMS
  • Transmit your supporting documents by adding them via your phone
  • Balance Bank Check the file and give an answer within 5 days
  • Proof to open a Boursorama Bank account:
  • A copy of a valid identity document: national identity card, passport or stay card
  • A proof of address of less than 3 months: electricity bill, tax notice, housing tax, telephone bill
  • A RIB with name and first name: The RIB must correspond to a bank account held in another establishment, it is compulsory for any opening of a bank account.

Other Boursorama Banque products

Boursorama Bourse: the online scholarship

With the stock market stock offers, it is possible to place stock market orders to invest. It is a product recognized by the press which received “the 2018 Excellence Prize” for the “Discovery Trader” category (Prize awarded by Savings 2018 Savings files)).

Boursorama defines 4 investor profiles:

  • Discovery : to start on the stock market
  • Classic : to place orders less than € 3,500
  • Trader : to place orders greater than € 3,500
  • Ultimate Trader : for active traders
4 Boursorama Banque Bourse profiles

Discovery Classic Trader Ultimate Trade
Brokerage fees € 1.99 including tax per transaction up to € 500 and beyond 0.60 % including tax on the total amount of the order € 5.50 including tax per transaction up to € 1,000 and beyond 0.48 % including tax (with minimum of € 8.95 including tax) on the total amount of the order € 16.65 including tax per transaction up to € 7,750 and beyond 0.22 % including tax on the total amount of the order € 9.90 per transaction up to € 10,000 and beyond 0.12 % including tax on the total amount of the order
Custody right Free Free Free Free
Monthly subscription Free Free
(Minimum 1 transaction/month)
(Minimum 1 transaction/month)
(Minimum 30 transactions/month)

Credit at Boursorama Banque

Currently Boursorama Banque offers two types of credits:

  • Real estate loans
  • Consumer credit or personal loan.

This is one of the only online banks to offer mortgage to its customers, which is a significant advantage if you want to make it your main bank. It is possible to make an online mortgage simulation but also to subscribe from home. As of February 17, 2020, Boursorama Banque offered a rate of 1.65% (TEAG) over 15 years, including insurance.

Here are the 5 steps to take out a mortgage:

  1. Complete the mortgage form (with income, charges, wealth)
  2. Obtaining an immediate response in principle
  3. Transmit the necessary documents requested with an electronic signature
  4. Study of the file and validation by Boursorama
  5. Electronic signature of the mortgage offer

Balance Bank also offers the consumer credit, A rewarded product. The Boursorama Banque personal loan received “the 2017 Excellence Prize” issued by the Savings files which indicates:

A very attractive offer. The costs excluding the insurance of the borrowings studied are significantly lower than the observed averages of our test bench.

To subscribe to the consumer credit at Boursorama Banque, however, you must first be customer Boursorama.

Savings at Boursorama

Boursorama offers the 4 regulated savings booklets:

  • A booklet whose rate is set at 0.75% until 01/02/2020, capped at € 22,950
  • Ldd (Sustainable and Solidarity Development Booklet) whose rate is set at 0.75%, capped at € 12,000
  • Pel (Housing savings plan) whose rate has been set at 1% since 07/28/2016;
  • Cel (Housing savings account) whose rate is set at 0.5%.

In addition to these 4 booklets, Boursorama offers a Online booklet account Here are the characteristics:

  • Account remuneration rate: 0.10% gross per year
  • No ceiling
  • No opening or closing costs
  • No management fees
  • Savings available at any time.

How to contact Boursorama Banque ?

What is the Boursorama Banque phone number ?

THE Boursorama Bank phone number To be composed varies according to the desired service (customer service, opposition, headquarters). Here is a selection of phone numbers to contact Boursorama Banque:

Contact Boursorama Banque

The sales department if it is during the opening of your account:
0 800 09 20 09
Free service & call from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. except holidays

Customer service can be reached at 01 46 09 49 49 (available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday from 8:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

If you want to oppose your bank card:
For a Visa Classic card: (+33) 9 77 40 10 08
For a first visa card: (+33) 4 42 60 53 44

You can also contact your bank card insurance and assistance.

Boursorama Bank addresses

If you want to make a Check deposit at Boursorama Banque, You will have to send your checks by mail to the following address:

Balance Bank
TSA 71 1111
92730 Nanterre Cedex

The registered office of Boursorama Banque is located at the following address:

Balance Bank
44 Street crossing,
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Boursorama on social networks

Boursorama Banque is obviously present on social networks. Here are his main accounts:

  • Facebook account of Boursorama Banque
  • Boursorama Bank Daylimotion Channel
  • Boursorama Twitter

The sponsorship offer at Boursorama Banque

Boursorama Banque offers one of the most interesting sponsorship offers on the market. The godfather will be able to touch a very attractive bonus at the effective opening of his account by his godson.

Want to know more ? Discover our detailed presentation of the Boursorama Banque sponsorship offer.


subscribe online

F.HAS.Q: Boursorama Bank

How to deposit a check at Boursorama ?

The shipping of checks is made in a few steps:

  • Connect to your customer area to “My checks and species” and apply for a free check slip slip
  • Send the slip and check in a freed envelope at Boursorama Banque TSA 30 007 93 497 Montreuil Cedex

Why Bousorama Banque requests a RIB at the opening of account ?

Boursorama Banque requests a RIB at the opening of an account to allow the Customer to make the first payment necessary for the validation of the account as well as the payment of the welcome bonus !

  • Comparison: Boursorama vs Fortuneo
  • Comparison: Boursorama vs Hello Bank!
  • Comparison: Boursorama vs ING
  • The latest innovations at Boursorama Banque offers
  • Comparison: banks cheapest
  • Boursorama: elected “The cheapest bank” in 2019 and 2020

Boursorama offer 80 euros, what consists of ?

L’Boursorama Bank offer is a welcome offer for all new Customers of Boursorama Banque. It consists in the payment of a welcome bonus in the amount of € 80 For anyone who makes the process of opening a current account at Boursorama. Be careful however, it is necessary to know a few parameters to not only be sure that we can take advantage of this € 80 offer but also to know how to do it to get it ..
Until Monday € 130 offered for the opening of an account at Boursorama !

�� How to obtain this Boursorama offer, what are the conditions ?

The conditions to obtain the offer of € 80 offered are simple. You must open a bank account by entering all the information and supporting documents required, sign your account agreement and wait for the return of customer service. Once your request has been accepted, you will receive your means of payment and you will then have to activate your bank card by using it. The € 80 will then be paid to you in 15 days.

In summary, to obtain the offer of € 80 of Boursorama Bank you must:

  1. Open your bank account
  2. deliver all the required supporting documents
  3. be accepted by Boursorama Banque Customer Service
  4. Activate your bank card
  5. Subscribe to the Welcome or Ultim offer

�� The general conditions of the offer

Here is General Conditions Linked to the Welcome Boursorama Bank offer:

  • to be of age
  • be a natural person
  • be taxually domiciled in France
  • Not being relieved Banque de France
  • Welcome bonus valid for a person and one time
  • that the date of the welcome offer is always valid
  • The offer cannot be combined with another Boursorama Banque offer
  • Subscribe to the Welcome or Ultim offer

Nothing very surprising in these conditions. Note also that Boursorama Banque supervises its offer with a deadline, But experience has shown that it regularly renews its welcome offer which therefore remains stable over time.

Offer condition 80 € Boursorama

In order not to be trapped, try to keep in a corner of your head this date if you want to have time to think, because it should not be that Boursorama Banque changes commercial policy and that this offer goes under the nose !

�� The special conditions of the offer

Afterwards particular conditions “ Bank Boursorama:

  • Check the input conditions (see below)
  • Go to the Boursorma Banque site to open your bank account (individual or joint)
  • Offer valid with the classic current account or the Welcome offer
  • Enter the code offers in force during the first subscription stage
  • inform the whole administrative aspect (2 months for the file to be complete)
  • Wait for acceptance of the file
  • Reception of a confirmation email to proceed to the 1st compulsory payment
  • proceed to the payment of 50 to 500 € to activate the account

Afterwards, The Boursorama welcome bonus of 80 euros will be paid the day after the payment, Difficult to do faster !

Boursorama Bank cards

Welcome offer

✔️ Until 80 € offered !

Several comments to be taken into consideration concerning this Boursorama Banque offer:

First of all, it is important to specify that there are 3 types of accounts with which this Boursorama offer is compatible:

  • The Welcome and Ultim offer without income conditions but with a compulsory operation per month to maintain free card
  • The Boursorama Pro offer: the pro account offer

The Ultim Metal offer is not compatible with the offer of € 80 offered, nevertheless the new customers benefit from a first year of free subscription.

Boursorama Banque bank cards

For The income conditions of the Welcome and Ultim offer, they are nonexistent, That is to say that the bank is open to all income. Be careful however, you will have to carry out at least one payment operation with your card per month, under penalty of paying € 5 monthly for Welcome and € 9 for Ultim.

The Complete Premium Visa Ultim Metal offer is accessible without income condition and its monthly subscription is € 9.90 per month. Subscribers benefit from a free subscription year.

Note that it is also possible to obtain an additional € 50 offered in the event of domiciliation of your income with Easymove, and that the account transfer process is free !

Finally, another very important element, paying attention to informing the promotional code in force. We have inquired with customer service and we had confirmation that if this code was not registered during the first registration phase then you will not have the right to € 80 welcome.

We do not really understand the meaning of such an approach apart from trapping the stunned, but hey, you will have to bend there to take advantage of the Boursorama offer !

Do you need a specific stock market offer to benefit from the offer ?

Yes ! As indicated just above, you will imperatively have to come back The Code Boursorama BRS80 In order to take advantage of the Boursorama welcome offer of 80 euros. This promo code must be part of the first phase of subscription to the Boursorama bank account, failing which it will not be possible to obtain the 80 euros offered by Boursorama.

Note that if you are going through our link to open an account The code will be automatically integrated into your account opening form.

Our opinion on this Boursorama Banque promotion

Overall, this promotion of Bungerama Bank of € 80 offered remains all that is most classic both in terms of the amount and the process. It should be noted, however, that online bank is that which delivers its welcome bonus as quickly as possible, since it is turned maximum within 48 hours.

Also, it offers simple conditions to obtain it : No obligation to use your bank card before such or such a delay, nor to make a certain amount of expenditure, as may be the case in other banks online. In addition, benefiting from an additional welcome offer of € 50 in the event of bank domiciliation with Easymove is quite incentive, especially since Boursorama Banque takes care of A to Z, and that the service is free.

It is also important to recall that the Bankrama Banque bank account should be kept at least a year, Otherwise the amount of the offer of € 80 will be debited from your bank account.

We can also point out that Boursorama Banque requires a promotional code to integrate during the registration phase to obtain the welcome offer. An approach in our opinion useless and which must surely generate complaints to them, since not everyone has the reflex to do so. Beyond that, the stock market offer of € 80 is really interesting, with simple conditions to obtain it and a fastest payment on the market !

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  • How to open a Boursorama Bank account
  • Boursorama Bank review
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  • Boursorama insurance
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A suggestion or a remark on the Boursorama Banque offer ? Put us a little comment, we will be happy to answer you or bounce back on your remarks �� !

Good plan of the week ! ❤️

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