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According to masked prototypes, an i5 touring also seems to be on the way. It is likely that this version does not arrive on the market before 2024.

BMW – All new products for 2023

Electric series 5, M2, M3 and XM: this is how the Munich firm will address next year.

October 09, 2022 at 1:30 p.m
By: Filippo einaudi

BMW has a rather busy 2023 calendar, after an unfinished 2022 year in which the Bavarian manufacturer has so far met all expectations.

Next year, BMW is planning to update the middle of its range, with the new 5 series (also in electric version) and the restyling of the X5. There will also be the latest news in department M, which will line up petrol sports cars in addition to the first model of the new era, the hybrid SUV XM. Here are the BMW innovations expected for 2023:


The high -end version of the new 2 series will make its debut on October 12, even if the marketing is expected for next year, which makes it a novelty both for 2022 and 2023. Like its big M3 and M4 sisters, it will be marketed in two versions, standard and competition.

New BMW M2, prototype test by

One of the first information we have collected during the test of the BMW M2 prototype is that the latter could be available in propulsion only (and it is certainly not a bad thing). The brand would also have an xDrive variant in the boxes. The engine is confirmed: it will be a six -liter six -cylinder, adjusted on a power which should be around 450 hp, and therefore around 480 hp for the upper version. Some rumors also talk about a possible CS version.

Name BMW M2 and M2 Competition
Body Cut
Motors Petrol, 3.0, 6 cylinders twinbo 450 and 480 hp (estimate)
Arrival date October 12, 2022 (presentation), spring 2023 (launch)
Price 70-75,000 euros (to be confirmed)

BMW M3 Touring

Announced, seen and loved, the BMW M3 Touring was presented in June at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​and has been available for September since September. Although production and deliveries start in November, we will therefore see it between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

BMW M3 Touring 2022

The manufacturer has chosen to present the most powerful of the sedan versions, developing 510 hp, equipped with the Steptronic M gearbox, a standard all -wheel drive and a driving mode allowing it to derive as Ancient. A car that can transport up to 500 liters of goods and go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds.

Name BMW M3 Touring
Body Break
Motors Petrol, 3.0, 6 twin-turbo cylinders of 510 CV
Arrival date December 2022-January 2023
Price From 111,950 euros


While the M2 and the M3 Touring complete the range, the BMW M3 is preparing its new CS version, as evidenced by these test photos at the Nürburgringing.

Gallery: BMW M3 CS Spy photos on the Nurburgring

The power will be around 540 hp, transmitted to the ground by an automatic and full transmission, while the aesthetics will be unique to this version, as on the M5 CS, with aerodynamic and aesthetic elements. It will arrive in the first part of the year but will only be produced for a year, in a limited series.

Name BMW M3 CS
Body Sedan
Motors Petrol, 3.0.6 Twin-turbo cylinders of 540 hp (estimate)
Arrival date Spring 2023

BMW 5 and i5 series

It never passes too much time between the presentation of the series 7 and that of the 5 series, and if we consider that the flagship will be marketed (in a version with hybrid motors) at the beginning of 2023, the moment should be conducive to the presentation of road. In all likelihood, it will also be decided to introduce the electric derivative at the same time, namely the i5. BMW seems to have tightened the calendar of this model in relation to the previous hypotheses according to which it would only arrive at 2024.


The spy photos of the new BMW 5 Series show a now finished model whose sports variant, the M5, would already be at an advanced stadium. The latter is however expected only for 2024 and for the first time, in a rechargeable hybrid version. As for the i5, one can confidently turn to the i7 for its characteristics, all the same expecting a slight reduction in the battery.

BMW i5 Touring (Rendering)

According to masked prototypes, an i5 touring also seems to be on the way. It is likely that this version does not arrive on the market before 2024.

Name BMW 5 Series, i5 and i5 Touring
Body Sedan, station wagon
Motors Hybrid, petrol and diesel, electric
Arrival date In early 2022 – late 2022 (launch of the 5 -I5 series)

BMW X5 restyled

While sedans and family cars are the subject of a complete makeover, the fourth generation of the Bavarian SUV X5 offers a lifting of mid-carrier. BMW should provide updates to six -cylinder petrol and hybrid diesel engines, but also review its prices.

BMW x5 m60i, spy photos

Among the powerful versions offered during the BMW X5 restyling, there will be a brand new candidate, the M60i which will replace the M50i. This version will be equipped with the V8 4.4 BITURBO DE LA 760i, associated with an electrical unit of 48 volts and an automatic transmission with 8 speeds. The power will be around 530/540 hp, with better control of fuel consumption.

Name BMW X5
Body SUV
Motors Light hybrid for petrol and diesel, rechargeable petrol hybrid
Arrival date December 2022-January 2023
Price To confirm

BMW 7 Series

The Bavarian flagship was presented both in classic and electric versions, but on the commercial level, it is the second that arrives first. The hybrid motor model will come into production and sale from spring 2023.


The range of engines will include rechargeable hybrid units for which the company announces the latest evolution of the Edrive system with an improved electric part. She would then be able to drive in 100 % electric mode longer, up to 80 km. Are also announced a 735i of 286 hp, a 740i of 380 hp, a 760i xDrive (V8) of 544 hp and a 740D xDrive of 300 hp.

Name BMW 7 Series
Body Sedan
Motors Petrol and diesel hybrids at 6 and 8 cylinders
Arrival date March 2023


True surprise of BMW in 2022, the XM is the first model to be born with the letter M since the M1. At the same time, it is the first electrified m, which we already know more or less everything: powered by a 4.4 -liter V8 of 490 hp with an electric module served by a 27.3 kWh battery for a maximum power of 653 hp.

The M XDRIVE all-wheel drive system allows different driving modes, including one specific for all-terrain, and for the first time on an M, the equipment includes the four-wheeled wheels. It will be produced in the United States at the end of this year, for a planned launch in the spring of 2023. The price announced on the German market for the BMW XM is 175,000 euros.

All new products for 2023:

Body SUV Sports
Motors 8 -cylinder petrol hybrid
Arrival date Early 2023
Price From 175,000 euros

BMW news

BMW news

BMW news

It evolves and it has new design developments and new engines. The latest innovations allow intuitive use and provide features in the field of driving and parking aids.

The new BMW X6

It underlines its presence thanks to developments in design and new standard equipment. This update offers ideal conditions to ensure driving pleasure.

The new series 7

For the first time, a BMW model, available in thermal version, rechargeable hybrid and all electric, will be produced on a single line. A systematic reduction in the carbon footprint thanks to a sustainability strategy integrating the logistics chain and a high proportion of natural, recycled materials as well as the use of green electricity for production.