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Velo BMW Electric

Thanks to the aluminum frame, which receives at the front a Suntour NCX hydraulic fork, this electric bike weighs 23.5 kg.

BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike: a discreet and efficient electric bike

BMW Active Hybrid E-Bike: a discreet and efficient electric bike

More and more car manufacturers offer electric bikes and scooters. This is the case of BMW which presented its e-bike Cruise produced in 2013 in 2013 in only 1,000 copies.

In the summer of 2021, its catalog has 2 different models, just as discreet, effective and relatively versatile. These are Urban Hybrid E-Bikes and Active Hybrid E-Bikes. It is the latter that we tried by going to the Bordeaux showroom of Edenauto, installed in the hangar number 17 of the Quai de Bacalan, facing a cycle path and the Garonne. Benjamin Servan, dynamic responsible for this exhibition point, was very enthusiastic about this model which also won us over from the first laps.

From electric car to electric bike

“” When we opened the showroom in September 2019, we placed BMW electric bikes at the bottom of the store. We sort of hidden them, because we knew nothing in the field “Says Benjamin Servan.

The head of the establishment had set itself the line of conduct to encourage the purchase of the German group’s electric cars. “” We were interested in these VAEs when we were asked to make figures. We then exhibited them in the window. I had never tried an electric bike before. By dint of seeing them every day, I decided to get on a “He reports. “” I quickly found the active Hybrid e-bikes extraordinary. His discovery was for me similar to my first experience in an electric car “, He recalls.

Over 120 km of autonomy

Usually offered at 3,529 euros including tax, the BMW Active Hybrid E-Bikes plays in the same courtyard as the Scott Axis Eride 20, Trek going+ 7, Mustache 28.7 and Cube Cross Hybrid SL 625 Allroad.

It distinguishes itself positively at 2 levels. First of all, a higher autonomy of 120 kilometers (depending of course the cyclist’s pedal stroke), facing rays of action that spread 65 km (Trek going+ 7) to 95 km (Mustache 28.7).

“” Some of my clients have confirmed a range beyond 120 kilometers, even in Boost mode. One of them uses it daily to make Cestas-Bordeaux trips [Editor’s note: 17 km] and return “, Underlines Benjamin Servan.

BMW Bikes also estimates that the electric brose drive motor is integrated into the pedals of its active Hybrid e-bikes is among the best. It presents a couple of 90 Nm, greater than the 65-85 Nm slice in which its competitors are placed. It issues maximum assistance of 380 %.
“Brose is a well -known BMW electric engine manufacturer, since it provides models for electric windows in our cars,” comments our interlocutor.

A price given to 2,823 euros

“” Since the opening of the showroom, we have sold about twenty copies of the Active Hybrid VAE. One of my clients is a real ambassador of this model. He produced a video of his use that he posted on YouTube. I sold several thanks to that “Consives Benjamin Servan.

“Overall, it is when the model is 20 %stored, as is currently the case, that this bike is sold. Its price then drops from 3,529 to 2,823 euros ”, he figures. “Few people know that BMW produces electric bikes. Buyers are not necessarily group customers. On the other hand, at least 2 or 3 then acquired a car from BMW or Mini brands, “he noted.

Lithium-ion battery 600 Wh

Existing in 3 frame sizes (s for cyclists from 160 to 175 cm; m: 175-185 cm; L: from 185 cm), the BMW Active Hybrid E-Bikes has a removable lithium-ion battery of a Energy capacity of 600 Wh.

The pack has a lifespan of the order of 700 complete charging/discharge cycles. One of its originalities lies in its only rather discreet BlueWater color, previously reserved for BMW 1 Series cars. This electric bike has hydraulic disc brakes at the front (180 mm) and rear (160 mm) Shimano MT200. The Japanese equipment supplier also provides the robust XT 10S transmission system designed for mountain biking. For the comfort of the cyclist, BMW Bikes has chosen a Selle Royal E-Bike Ezone. The 28 -inch continental continental tires are mounted on black rody rims.

4 levels of assistance

Thanks to the aluminum frame, which receives at the front a Suntour NCX hydraulic fork, this electric bike weighs 23.5 kg.

Distinctive sign: Active Hybrid E-Bikes adopts lighting perfectly integrated into the back guard at the rear. A well -readable BH BIK BIKS DISPLAY BIKES screen allows you to immediately identify by a color code the level of assistance, from its total inhibition (gray) to its maximum boost point (red), passing through Eco (green ), Eco+ (blue) and sport (orange). Instant speed, the energy level remaining in the battery and the estimated autonomy are also well identifiable. This bike is compatible with the Ebikemotion application which allows you to display more information, transfer data to a Strava profile and have a GPS.

First handling

We were 3, between 20 and 55 years old, to try the high -end electric assistance of BMW electric assistance for a few kilometers. The youngest of us had never tried Vae and did not intend to do it soon. And yet, all 3, we felt the same call to draw on the cycle path as soon as we put our hands on the ergonomic handles.

The engine in the crankset sets off in a flexible and progressive way from the first wheel round. Balance on the machine is immediate. The powerful assistance constitutes a new call to spin on the asphalt. She is very present up to 27 km/h where she is quite suddenly interrupted. However, the engine sends from time to time to this look of small pushes regularly in order to support the rhythm.

A very discreet VAE

Metallic paint, extremely silent engine well integrated into the pedals, battery associated with the frame in a invisible way: only the ease of evolution at the handlebars of the Active Hybrid E-Bikes betrays its hybrid-electrical hybrid propulsion.

We all went further in distance than we allowed us our timing of the day. Once on the saddle, this high -end BMW bike no longer lets you. He really invites you to leave the car to the garage to use it both on paths in natural pain and to get to the office or to run. On the return of the test, we all displayed bananas. To the point of being truly tempted to sign a check to leave with. Too bad that BMW does not offer its own financing solutions to acquire it in a more flexible way.

Partnership with competition bikes pros

“” BMW electric bikes are designed by its DesignWorks department. They are stored in Munich where all orders succeed. I have my copies delivered to Excel’Cycle, a few hundred meters from our showroom, 88 courses Saint-Louis, “reveals Benjamin Servan. “This specialist in extraordinary and very high -end bikes for the competition is represented by 2 triathletes. I prefer that it is professionals like them who go up, settle and try our electric bikes “He explains.

“” As if they were cars, I accompany my clients to the end. Including by going with them to Excel’Cycle for the delivery of Active Hybrid e-Bikes. My clients benefit from a very complete handling session, with many tips. So to find the best position on the bike and use the brake pads as little as possible », Appreciate our interlocutor. “” They are of a real kindness. We do not place ourselves in competitors. On the contrary, since our bikes will most often be maintained at Excel’Cycle where accessories will be purchased by our customers », Justifies Benjamin Servan.

Ebike Generation and I thank Benjamin Servan for his welcome and his availability.

Good electric bikes

Velo BMW Electric

During the first living room of the Côtes-d’Armor electric vehicle held at the Bluegreen golf course in Pléneuf-Val-André, BMW did not only exhibit its new IX3 and IX models.

In front of them, the Urban Hybrid E-Bikes and Active Hybrid E-Bikes electric bikes have also experienced success. And not necessarily from customers accustomed to the brand.

The prices of these VAEs are regularly submitted, to the point of being able to save more than 700 euros at certain periods.

Urban Hybrid E-Bikes

Usually offered at 2,521 euros, the Urban Hybrid E-Bikes model is, as its name suggests, a model designed for use in the city. Since it is approved like a VAE, its power is limited to 250 W. But the torque of its engine installed in the rear wheel is 75 nm.

Which is much better than the canyon roadlite models: we al7.0 of (60 Nm), Orbea Keram Asphalt 30 (40 Nm) and Mustache Friday 28.1 (50 nm) in the viewfinder of the German manufacturer at the exit of its Urban Hybrid.

The lithium-ion battery with an energy capacity of 300 WH, integrated into the barely visible way, endowed with a range up to 70 kilometers. With its aluminum frame, the Urban Hybrid E-Bikes accuses a weight of 18.5 kg which is not the best in its category. Black in color, there are 3 sizes: s for cyclists from 160 to 175 cm, m (175 – 185 cm) and L (from 185 cm).

As long as it is black

It is up to everyone to choose, depending on their use and their capacities, one of the 5 levels of assistance that spread 0, 100 % for Boost mode. It is the latter that offers optimal engine performance. But beware of autonomy in this case. Between the 2, the Eco modes (30 %), Comfort (50 %) which provides the best compromise between the range of action and the assistance, and sport (70 %) recommended for the rise.

The Urban Hybrid is entirely black, or almost, up to the 28 -inch Rody Airline Corsa rims equipped with large extra sport extra sport tires. For comfort, the VAE has a Royal Mach 2 saddle. And to brake short, the Japanese equipment supplier Shimano provides the 180 mm discharge hydraulic braking system at the front and 160 mm at the rear. It is also on its catalog that the transmission system ofore XT 10V was chosen.

The rigid fork does not encourage too much to get out of the cycle paths and wearing in good condition.

Active Hybrid E-Bikes

Leaving the Urban Hybrid, the Active Hybrid E-Bikes model appears much more versatile and convincing. Already by his ease of taking a cyclist over 100 kg. It is true that its Alu Drive Drive Drive Drive Drive motor has a torque of 90 Nm. A value greater than the 65-85 Nm slice in which its competitors Scott Axis Eride 20, Trek going+ 7, Mustache 28 are placed.7 and Cube Cross Hybrid SL 625 Allroad.

The device is quieter than that of the city dweller. It gets started in a flexible and gradual way from the first wheel round. Once the theoretical 25 km/h has been reached, it regularly sends small pulses to support the pace.

With this machine, the equilibrium is immediate and the desire to descend a deep in it to win. The price is necessarily related: 3,529 euros, already reduced to 2,823 euros.


Also in aluminum, and available in the same 3 sizes, the aluminum frame of the Active Hybrid is coated with the rather discreet Bluewater shade, which also covers many copies of BMW 1 Series cars.

The battery has an energy capacity doubled compared to the urban model: 600 Wh. Hence an autonomy beyond 120 kilometers which corresponds better to the desires of escapades. The manufacturer indicates that this pack would benefit from a lifespan of around 700 complete charging/discharge cycles.

For equipment, we find the suppliers of the Urban Hybrid E-Bikes. Thus Shimano for hydraulic brakes with MT200 discs (180 mm at the front and 160 mm at the rear), but also for the robust XT 10S transmission system designed for mountain bikes. The 28 -inch wheels are made up of continental tires Cruiser mounted on black rody rims.

The buttocks of the cyclist will rest on a royal e-bike ezone saddle. Comfort completed by the presence of a Suntour NCX hydraulic fork.

The most convincing of the 2

Question Weight, the Active Hybrid E-Bikes increases the scale to 23.5 kg. Note the presence of mudguards on this model. The one on the back adopts perfectly integrated lighting.

For cyclists addicted to digital screens, this electric assistance bike receives on the handlebars a BH bikes Display BM509 device. It clearly informs its user on the level of assistance thanks to a color code, the instant speed, the energy balance available in the battery, and the estimated autonomy.

In addition, the system is compatible with the Ebikemotion application which allows you to display more information, transfer data to a Strava profile and count on a GPS system.

Active Hybrid E-Bikes is the most endearing electrical assistance bikes currently in the BMW catalog (see the expression of the facial of our tester Pascal Houssard: the green of a golf is not the favorite terrain of the urban model )). Designed for versatility, Active Hybrid is efficient and comfortable. Pure pleasure. Going down the saddle, many will find it difficult to satisfy another VAE.

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