Best free VPN for iPad: which supplier to choose?, Free VPN for iPad: 4 reliable and free suppliers in 2023

Free VPN for iPad: 4 reliable and free suppliers in 2023

Besides, know that hide.Limit your bandwidth. 10 GB per month will be allocated to you, which seems very little. Clearly, hide.Me is a good free VPN for iPad, but it remains limited, like most free services.

Best free VPN for iPad: which supplier to choose ?

You surely know, VPNs are software that has been on the rise for several years. These tools ensure your safety on the Internet, and also allow you to thwart geo-blockages and censorship. And if you want to install a VPN on your iPad to take advantage of all these advantages wherever you go without spending a penny, you must be careful to choose quality software.

This is all the purpose of this article: presenting you the best free VPNs on iPad that exist, so that you are not disappointed with your choice. But before listing the best services, we want to present you three much more qualitative solutions, also accessible for free over a given period.

Ranking of the best free VPN for iPad:

  • ExpressVPN (30 -day free trial)
  • Cyberghost (free 45 -day trial)
  • NordVPN (30 -day free trial)
  • VPN Atlas
  • Protonvpn
  • Tunnelbear

Tip for enjoying a premium VPN for iPad … for free

If you are looking for the best solution to have an excellent VPN for iPad for free, we have three options to offer you.

ExpressVPN – 30 days of risk without risk and limitless

In case you have already done research to find a free VPN usable on iPad, you may know that ExpressVPN is actually paid software. So why present it to you in this article ? Because, as you will see, there is a tip to enjoy it for free for 30 days.

Expressvpn iPad

To do this, just use the “satisfied or reimbursed” warranty set up by the supplier. You can subscribe to the ExpressVPN services, then request the cancellation of your subscription within one month. You will then be reimbursed without having to justify yourself.

This can therefore be a very interesting option if you need a free VPN on iPad on a given period, as for a trip or a business trip for example. If this is particularly worth it, it is that a premium service, and especially ExpressVPN, will offer you much better service than 100% free software.

Indeed, with ExpressVPN, you will first benefit from impeccable security. The software figures your incoming and outgoing traffic with a powerful algorithm, so that no one can access your sensitive information. Also, ExpressVPN camouflages your IP address to protect your identity and your location.

But where ExpressVPN goes further than a free offer, it is at the level of the servers offered. This supplier actually has more than 3000 servers located in 94 countries. This will allow you to thwart all geo-blockages by obtaining IP addresses in a large number of countries around the world.

Here, no bandwidth limitation (which can be the case with free VPNs) and customer support is accessible 24/7. ExpressVPN also has excellent speeds, and its application is very easy to handle.

The latter will settle without worrying about your iPad to follow you everywhere and make you benefit from its safety and all its features. To benefit from it for free for 30 days, this is where it happens:

Cyberghost VPN – A free test that can last up to 45 days

Taking advantage of the expressvpn refund guarantee is a great way to have a free VPN for iPad over a certain period. But be aware that it is also possible to proceed in the same way with another very qualitative software: Cyberghost.


Renowned for its level of privacy and ultra intuitive application, Cyberghost quickly became the reference VPN to Apple users and especially iPad. Its application is designed to protect your connection effectively thanks to AES-256 encryption coupled with the concealment of the IP address of your tablet under iOS.

In addition to guaranteeing your anonymity at all times and everywhere, Cyberghost offers you an optimal navigation experience, without slowing down (which most free VPNs do not do). Indeed, with this service, you will not undergo any bandwidth or connection interruption. As we experienced during our Cyberghost VPN test, disconnections remain very rare. And when they arrive, the Kill Switch emergency stop does its job correctly.

If we recommend it, it is also because this supplier has the particularity of offering no less than 9000 servers located in 90 countries. Thanks to this gigantic network coverage, it allows you to access sites blocked in many territories. You can even view French TV channels from your tablet by connecting to its optimized servers.

The other strong point of Cyberghost is its customer support that can be reached day and night and with advisers who speak French. To take advantage of all the advantages of Cyberghost without limit, simply turn to your free 45 -day trial period and then request a refund from the support.

Note that to get 45 days of free trial, you will have to go on the 1 year, 2 or 3 -year subscription. By opting for the 1 month subscription, you will only have 14 days to test the service for free.

NordVPN – 30 -day trial without commitment

The last alternative to extend your use of a good VPN on your Apple tablet is to opt for NordVPN. He also offers a free 30 -day trial.

Nordvpn iPad

If you do not know this supplier, know that NordVPN is another major player in the VPN scene. He is also paying, but is much cheaper than ExpressVPN. It will therefore be less expensive for you to advance the price of the subscription (even if it does not matter, since you will be reimbursed in the end).

However, this can be interesting if you decide to take advantage of NordVPN over a longer period. Because yes, if we present you NordVPN as an alternative to ExpressVPN and Cyberghost, it is because it is qualitative as a VPN for iPad.

To protect you, NordVPN figures your navigation data and masks your IP address, on all networks, whether public or private. NordVPN is also at the head of a large network of servers: more than 5,700 servers in 60 countries.

With this software, you can therefore thwart geo-blockages and censures set up on the web, in order to access content from around the world. Regarding speeds, NordVPN is a little slower than ExpressVPN, but it remains very acceptable.

With NordVPN too, you will have access to an unlimited bandwidth and a customer service reachable 24/7. The service offered by NordVPN is therefore excellent, and its application has a thought version for iPad.

You can enjoy it for free over a 30 -day period thanks to the refund guarantee offered by the software. The approach to follow will be the same as with the suppliers previously mentioned. So, get started right away just here:

The best 100% free and usable VPNs on iPad

You want to find a free VPN for iPad which you can enjoy permanently ? Find the best services that we can recommend to you, although relatively limited and not very efficient.

1) VPN Atlas

The first free VPN for iPad that we want to present to you is Atlas VPN. This is simply the best service usable on devices operating under iOS (see our free VPN ranking for iPhone).

Why opt for Atlas VPN rather than another service ? Quite simply because he is the one who combines the best safety, performance, and ease of use.

Speaking of simplicity, it is good to note that no means of payment will be asked to take advantage of its free offer.

Free VPN Atlas

As said above, Atlas VPN, it is above all the guarantee of good online safety. The company follows a policy of non-management of logs (which means that it does not follow and does not record information concerning your activities) and figures your internet traffic. Through its application, you will also find a Kill Switch to protect yourself from potential leaks and two VPN (Wireguard and Ikev2) protocols).

Despite this high level of security, we have seen that Atlas VPN is able to guarantee correct speeds. We stay far from those offered by ExpressVPN or Cyberghost, but the whole remains relatively good.

For example, you will have no trouble browsing the internet from your iPad, watch videos, etc. That said, do not count on this VPN to unlock foreign catalogs of streaming platforms. If this is something that interests you, you will have to turn to one of the suppliers presented previously in this comparison.

Atlas VPN’s iPad application is satisfactory. Simple, pleasant to use and practical, it will give you the possibility of activating protection in one click. Small bonus: a dark mode is available for those who appreciate that.

What must be remembered about this service ? Although this is the best free VPN on iPad in 2023, Atlas VPN has non-negligible defects. What are they ? Mainly the bandwidth limit imposed each month (5 GB) and the small number of countries covered by its servers. Indeed, you will have to settle for servers in 3 locations, Los Angeles, New York and the Netherlands.

To finish on a positive note, the free Atlas VPN offer is also: unlimited simultaneous connections, the possibility of downloading in P2P, or the multi-platform compatibility of its application. For example, you will have no trouble using it on devices operating on Windows, Linux, Android, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

All this convinced you to test it ? This is where it happens to download its application to your iPad:

2) Protonvpn

Another service that can be interesting if you are an iPad user is Protonvpn. This free software has some advantages to assert, although it is actually much more limited than a paying service. As for your safety, know that Protonvpn is very satisfactory.

Free Protonvpn

This free service creates a quantified VPN tunnel to protect your navigation data (such as your passwords, your bank details or your online activity) and it protects your IP address. Also, note that Proton is based in Switzerland, which is a good point for your confidentiality because this country respects the privacy of Internet users. Protonvpn also applies a so-called “no-logs” policy, which assures you that it does not keep any data relating to your use of the service.

This is an important point to emphasize, because it can happen that some free VPNs are remunerated by selling your data: this will not be the case here. For information, know that Proton’s privacy policy has been audited by independent firms. In addition, it finances its service thanks to the sale of premium packages, so you have nothing to fear.

To go further, Protonvpn offers you an application compatible with as many devices as possible. This is also why we believe that it is the best free VPN on iPad, because it will settle without worry on your device. Note that Protonvpn offers an unlimited bandwidth, which is very interesting given its free.

However, if that may seem sufficient, keep in mind that Protonvpn remains more limited than a premium service. In terms of covered countries in particular, it is very limited. You will find servers in the following countries: the United States, Japan and the Netherlands. To get around geo-restrictions, you will therefore be very limited.

In addition, the speeds (flow rates) observed on the free offer are quite disappointing, and the P2P traffic is not supported (unlike Atlas VPN). So, if you want to download torrents or watch streaming videos, you may be blocked. If this may however be enough for you, then there is no doubt that Protonvpn is one of the best free VPNs for iPad.


The service that comes third in the ranking of the best free VPNs for iPad is This software has satisfactory characteristics given its free. First, know that to ensure your safety, me pretty good. iPad

This VPN Inums your navigation information and camouflates your IP address. This will guarantee your confidentiality and your online protection more global. In this same idea, it is also very interesting to note that hide.Me does not keep data on you or on your online activity.

Like Atlas VPN and Protonvpn, finances itself thanks to the sale of paid packages, and therefore does not proceed to the resale of information. No fear therefore to have at this level. But hide.I have another rare advantage for a free service: it offers live and competent live cat support, which is more than appreciable.

However, if you want to use this VPN on your iPad to thwart geo-blockages, for example, the risk of disappointment is quite high. Indeed, hide.Me in its free version offers only four locations: the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada.

We are therefore far from what is available to you with the premium suppliers that we have mentioned above in this article. Also, the speeds we were able to note are quite limited, which will compromise your navigation, especially if you want to watch streaming videos or play online for example.

Besides, know that hide.Limit your bandwidth. 10 GB per month will be allocated to you, which seems very little. Clearly, hide.Me is a good free VPN for iPad, but it remains limited, like most free services.

4) Tunnelbear

Before concluding, there is a fourth free VPN on iPad that we want to present you. These are Tunnelbear. If we present it to you as part of this comparison, it is that its application is simply handled and settles on iPad without worries. At the security level, know that Tunnelbear has nothing to envy to other software presented.

Tunnelbear iPad

To protect you online, it figures your navigation data and it camouflages your IP address in order to preserve your location and your identity. But if Tunnelbear is particularly appreciated, it is because it has a rare advantage: its free offer gives you access to all the servers of the supplier.

You will thus have almost 50 locations around the world, which should delight you. Also, know that this software, like the other free VPNs that we have talked about, does not keep information about you and therefore does not resale. Tunnelbear generates its income by offering the sale of paid subscriptions, simply.

Know that if Tunnelbear is so low in our top of the best free VPNs on iPad, it is that several shortcomings should be noted with this service provider. First of all, know that the speeds demonstrated at Tunnelbear via its free offer are more than average.

But where Tunnelbear Pishe really peach, it is at the bandwidth that is allocated to you in the free offer: it is only 500 MB per month. Suffice to say, not much at all. To give you an idea, it will spend in less than an hour for normal navigation.

Of course here, it is out of the question to talk about activities such as streaming, gaming or download. Tunnelbear can therefore be a good free VPN for iPad, but you must know its faults so as not to be disappointed.


Now that we have arrived at the end of this guide presenting the best free VPN on iPad, you know all the solutions available to you.

The best free VPNs for iPad are therefore, in order, Atlas VPN, Protonvpn, Hide.Me and Tunnelbear. However, you should keep in mind that these solutions are less qualitative than premium services, even if you opt for their paid solutions. We have also published an article helping you choose between free or paying VPN.

Free VPN for iPad: 4 reliable and free suppliers in 2023

Today, VPNs are more and more used software, and that does not escape iPad users. Indeed, just as one would install and use a VPN on a computer or tablet, many also use it on iPad. This makes it possible to mask the IP address, but also to unlock geo-restricted content.

In this article, we will present 4 VPN really free for iPad which (unlike the vast majority of free VPNs) are reliable, serious and really hold the road for services at 0 €. Note from the outset that if you are looking for the best free VPN for iPad, do not hit “free VPN” from the App Store on your iPad. This will only show you very bad VPNS that will undermine your safety.


The best free VPNs on iPad in 2023:

  • Expressvpn (free for 30 days)
  • Cyberghost VPN (free for 45 days)
  • VPN Atlas
  • Proton VPN
  • Tunnelbear
  • Windscribe

Before presenting the three VPN suppliers to zero euro for iPad, we want to present you a solution that will allow you to use the best VPN on the market without limit for 30 days.

The best free VPNs for iPad for more than 2 months

When you turn to a free VPN, the first thing to have in mind, is that it can never have all the advantages of a paid VPN. Indeed, who says free says lack of income for the supplier, and, in fact, the latter will either have to limit his offer, have to offer premium options (freemium solution), or sell your personal data without your knowledge. Do not worry, free VPNs for iPad that we will present to you do not sell your data and have opted for the limitation option + the freemium model.

Free expressvpn for 30 days

However, there is a solution that allows you to enjoy the best VPN for iPad for free. This solution will be to use the satisfied or reimbursed period of 30 days of ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN on the market and has a 30 -day repayment guarantee period which allows you, in a way, to use it for free while enjoying its advantages. So yes, to take advantage of it, you have to start by paying (oops, we said it was free …) but then you will only have to send a message to customer support to get your refund within 30 days.


Why opt for this solution in order to have the best free VPN for iPad ? There are many reasons ! Indeed, as we told you a little earlier, free VPNs will always have a limit to a level. Often this will relate to the bandwidth, the number of countries, the features, etc.

With ExpressVPN, you will have none of these limits and will therefore be able to take advantage of:

  • 3000 servers in 94 countries
  • No bandwidth limit
  • Best speeds on the market
  • Customer assistance 24/7 by cat online
  • No logs
  • 49% discount and 3 free months on the 1 year subscription

If you want the cream of the cream, while enjoying your VPN on iPad for free, ExpressVPN is the solution to choose. The only constraint is that you can only use it “for free” for 30 days.

Free VPN cyberghost for 45 days

To make the most of the advantages of the best VPNs on iPad for zero euro, we invite you to use the free 45 -day trial of cyberghost. This VPN recognized worldwide offers a complete cybersecurity solution with access to more than 9,000 servers in 90 countries. Its application on iPad is well thought out and fully translated into French.


Cyberghost VPN in short, it is:

  • the largest infrastructure (more than 9000 servers)
  • 90 covered countries
  • A quantified end -to -end connection
  • Protection of his online privacy
  • Unlimited flows
  • 7 simultaneous connections with a single account
  • a multi-support application very easy to use

Thanks to Cyberghost, you can confidentially navigate all your Apple supports without having to pay. Indeed, the trick is to choose a package for a year or more and to play your 45 -day refund guarantee so as not to pay anything in the end. For information, its monthly offer includes a free test of only 14 days. It is for this reason that we encourage you to subscribe to a lounge duration package.

In addition, if you are finally convinced by Cyberghost, you will benefit from the most advantageous prices. Right now, for example, its 2 -year package is just € 2.19 per month.

The best 4 free VPNs for iPad… but limited

Now that you know our little tip to enjoy the best free VPN for iPad for 30 days, we will present you 4 suppliers who are really free (you will not have to take out your bank card at all) and that you can use without risk.

Few free VPNs for iPad that we can really recommend for security reasons. The vast majority retains logs and absolutely does not ensure the missions that are expected of a quality VPN.

With the 4 free iPad VPNs that you will discover below, you will sail calmly but go meet a lot of limits that we will detail each time.

1. VPN Atlas

Atlas VPN a lot deserves its position as a leader and best free VPN for iPad. The reasons are numerous but they mainly concern: the level of security offered, the speeds and the quality of its application.

Free VPN Atlas

Let’s start by approaching the subject of security and anonymity. After all, it is the essence of using a VPN on iPad or any other device. Atlas VPN offers a Kill Switch, an AES-256 bit encryption, two protocols (including Wireguard).

Better still, the company applies a “no-log” policy. This means that no information related to your online activity is registered on its servers. The objective ? Guarantee you total anonymity.

If we consider Atlas VPN as an excellent free service for iPad, it is also because it gives access to simultaneous connections, satisfactory speeds, and a well thought out application. The latter is simple to use and even has a dark mode. In one click you can connect or log out of a server.

Now it’s not all rosy. Although this is the best VPN on iPad, we will have to compose with a few limitations. This includes a 5 GB bandwidth per month and a limited number of covered countries. In total, the free VPN Atlas offer only provides access to servers in 3 locations and 2 countries (USA and Netherlands).

Despite everything, it remains for us the reference in 2023. If you are ready to do with such limitations, know that you can take advantage of its offer at 0 € by clicking on the following button:

How is Atlas VPN finance ?

This is a question that must be asked before choosing the slightest free VPN for iPad. Indeed, depending on the answer, you may make a serious mistake.

By opting for the free VPN Atlas offer, be reassured because you will not have a unpleasant surprise. The company finances its free plan through its paid plan. We are talking about a freemium model. Here, there is no question of resale of personal data.

The goal of Atlas VPN is simple: attracting you with its free plan and making you want, thereafter, to switch to its paid offer. How ? Well simply by giving you access to more servers and countries, servers dedicated for streaming, additional features, etc.

If you want to learn more about its paying plan, take a look at our VPN Atlas test. Do we recommend its paid offer ? Not really. Although very affordable, it remains according to our tests withdrawing from market cadors (ExpressVPN, Cyberghost and even NordVPN).

2. Proton VPN

Proton VPN represents another good service free of charge and iPad compatible. For what ? Because it is really free, secure, very easy to use and has no bandwidth limit. In other words, you are not going to have a limit of the type “2 GB of bandwidth per month” with Proton VPN. If you want to use it to transfer 1000 GB per month, no problem, there is no limit.


From a security point of view, Proton VPN is one of the best free VPNs for iPad. Based in Switzerland, this supplier does not keep any log and has a very appreciable privacy policy for anyone concerned about maintaining their private life.

Obviously, Proton VPN is not perfect, and although it is an excellent VPN really free for iPad, it has some notable weaknesses.

Indeed, you will only have access to 3 countries which are the USA, Japan and the Netherlands. Yes, you have read correctly, it is not possible to connect to a French server with the free VPN Proton offer.

Also, it is not possible to download in P2P with the free offer of the supplier.

Finally, the speeds on free servers are more than disappointing and will therefore not offer you a very good streaming or navigation experience.

How does Proton VPN finance itself ?

A good question to ask yourself when you choose a free VPN for iPad is “how the supplier does it earn money ?». As we told you above in this article, the free VPNs that we present to you are reliable and secure. In other words, they do not finance themselves by reselling your data.

The Economic VPN Economic System is therefore simply based on the sale of paid package. In addition to its free offer, the supplier offers different paid offers that allow access to all covered countries (more than 50), download in P2P or have better speeds.

Do we recommend these paid offers ? No. For what ? Because they are not at all up to a 100% paid VPN, like ExpressVPN, which has much more advantages for a lower price.


The third free VPN for iPad that we want to present to you is named It is a provider of German VPN which is available for free within the limit of 10GB per month.

This means that you can transfer, each month, 10 GB of data using the VPN. Be careful, it goes very quickly. 5 HD movies on your iPad and your monthly quota will be exhausted.

As a free VPN for iPad, hide.Obviously has limits and the latter are very quickly felt. In this case, you will be limited to only 4 countries (USA, Germany, Canada and the Netherlands).

Once again, it is therefore impossible to have a French IP address with the free hide offer.Me, which is a bit of a shame in our opinion.

Like Proton VPN, hide.I won’t let you make P2P with its free package and you will also not have the possibility of unlocking foreign catalogs from SVOD platforms.

Note, however, the availability of a live cat, something very rare for a free VPN supplier for iPad. If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact them via their support by cat, the response time is very short.

How to hide.he financed me ?

Same question as for Atlas VPN and Proton VPN, what is the revenue source of ? No, this is not the resale of your data. The supplier is 100% no log and therefore does not keep any trace of your online activities, like any good free VPN for iPad that we could recommend.

Unsurprisingly, the supplier therefore opted for the Freemium route, by offering paid subscriptions for users who would like to unlock more features.

In this case, paying for hide.Me, you could have more than 50 countries available, no bandwidth limit, the possibility of downloading in P2P or 10 simultaneous connections.

Once again, paying for these upgrade offers are not worth, in our opinion, not, compared to the choice of a 100% paid VPN like ExpressVPN or Cyberghost.

4. Tunnelbear

Finally, the fourth free VPN for iPad that we wanted to present to you is Tunnelbear. This supplier from Canada has something to seduce since its free offer gives access to all the countries of the supplier (around thirty, including France).


On the other hand, where Tunnelbear is likely to disappoint you, it is on its monthly bandwidth limit. Indeed, with Tunnelbear, you will only be entitled to 0.5 GB of bandwidth per month. Suffice to say that this limit will very quickly be reached.

If this free VPN for iPad can be useful to help in emergency for a few minutes, it will not be usable in the long term. 500 MB, it goes in about half an hour with normal navigation on the internet.

Despite everything, we appreciate the presence of a large network of countries to allow you to easily change the IP address and locate you abroad for a short time.

How is Tunnelbear finance ?

We will not surprise you anymore if you are told that the economic model of Tunnelbear is also based on freemium. In addition to its free subscription for iPad, this VPN offers paid subscriptions, rising the bandwidth limit and offering more simultaneous connections.

Unfortunately, once again, we believe that these paid offers are not worth if we compare the quality/price ratio with other VPN suppliers who have opted for a 100% paid model.

Despite everything, for free use, Tunnelbear is still worth it and deserves its place in our ranking of the best free VPNs for iPad.

Conclusion: which free VPN to choose for iPad ?

You understand, choosing a free VPN for iPad is not easy. Although many choices exist, most suppliers are not effective, see dangerous.

If you want the best free VPN for iPad and are ready to sacrifice the duration of use, opt for ExpressVPN, the best paying VPN of the moment, enjoying its 30 days satisfied or reimbursed intelligently.

If, on the other hand, you are ready to limit your number of countries and certain essential features, but do not really want to take out your payment card, opt for VPN Atlas, which is the best really free VPN for your iPad.