BeIN Sports Bouygues Telecom: channels, prices, access, termination, beIN Sport subscription price: Subscribe and receive the channel – Comparison of Internet box offers and mobile packages.

BeIN Sport subscription price: subscribe and receive the channel

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BeIN Sports Bouygues Telecom: channels, price, access, termination

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Bouygues beIN SPORTS

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Appeared in 2012, Bein Sports has established itself as the essential of sports channels. Indeed, the TV bouquet has 10 TV channels and covers the biggest sporting events. Bouygues Telecom subscribers can access the bouquet on different supports for a correct price.

  • The essential
  • bein Sports at an operator costs € 14.99/month without obligation. The digital version of BeIN Sports Connect is she at 15 €/month always without engagement.
  • To view beIN SPORTS with the Bouygues TV You have to go to the Canal 51.
  • It is possible to terminate very easily beIN Sports at Bouygues, via your Bbox customer area.
  • beIN Sports broadcasts the Champions League up to 2024.

What chains are included in the BBOX TV Sports Bouquet ?

Like all Internet service providers, Bouygues Telecom offers The optional beIN Sports bouquet For its internet subscribers. From the BBOX TV, users can view their favorite sports on PAS one or two but 10 TV channels ! A great diversity of sports is therefore at hand.

BeIN Sports Bouygues Telecom

The distribution of programs is variable depending on the events of the moment. For example, during a Liga championship evening, several channels simultaneously broadcast a different match. At the same time, other channels are more specialized in a sport or in major events of the moment.

Basketball, football, rugby, tennis, handball, swimming, boxing, martial arts, cycling . The programs broadcast on each beIN Sports channel are distributed as follows:

  • beIN SPORTS 1 HD+ : Champions League, NBA, Wimbledon.
  • beIN SPORTS 2 HD+, 100% football channel: Ligue 2 (2 games a day, the rest is broadcast by Amazon and its Ligue 1 pass), Liga, Bundesliga, series A, the big football shows.
  • beIN SPORTS 3 HD+, Omnisports channel: tennis, handball, rugby, cycling, basketball, boxing, athletics, swimming, martial arts, volleyball, horse racing, pétanque, mechanical sports..
  • beIN SPORTS MAX HD, 7 channels for major sporting events: Ligue 2, D1 handball, NBA, ATP World Tour.

beIN SPORTS, allows you to follow all competitions in multi-screen

How much is the beIN Sports Bouygues Telecom TV bouquet and how to subscribe ?

As of August 10, 2023, for sports fans, all BeIN Sport channels are accessible without commitment for € 14.99/month.

Directly from the Bbox TV or from the customer area, there are Several ways of subscribing The BeIN Sports TV bouquet. The simplest method corresponds to Subscription via the Bbox TV. Indeed, just go to the BeIN Sports 60 or 357 channel from its Bbox, press on OK and to be guided, or if not to press the key Welcome of the remote control, to go to the section TV bouquet then in bein Sports. Via its customer area, The subscriber must connect, select its fixed line and go to the section Options and services. From there, you have to choose the TV bouquet bein Sports and click on Subscribe.

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How to access the BeIN Sports TV bouquet with the Bbox TV ?

Upon subscription to the BeIN Sports TV bouquet, the different channels are accessible via the Bbox TV. Ten channels are reserved for them. Here is the number of the beIN SPORTS channels on BBOX TV:

Bein Sport Bouygues Telecom channels BeIN Sport Bbox TV channel numbers
beIN SPORTS 1 HD+ BBOX TV channel 51
beIN SPORTS 2 HD+ Canal 52 of the Bbox TV
beIN SPORTS 3 HD+ BBOX TV channel 53
beIN SPORTS MAX 4 HD BBOX TV channel 208
beIN SPORTS MAX 5 HD Bbox TV channel 209
beIN SPORTS MAX 6 HD Bbox TV channel 210
BeIN Sports Max 7 HD Bbox TV channel 211
beIN SPORTS MAX 8 HD Canal 212 of the Bbox TV
beIN SPORTS MAX 9 HD Bbox TV channel 213
beIN SPORTS MAX 10 HD Canal 214 of the Bbox TV

Up -to -date information on 08/10/2023

BeIN Sports channels are likely to be modified with time.

How to terminate the BeIN Sport Bouygues Telecom subscription ?

The BeIN Sports TV bouquet is no longer interesting for you ? It is then possible to terminate subscription. To terminate BeIN Sports at Bouygues Telecom, the subscriber must access Bbox customer area, Just click on the tab See the options, Then select the option bein Sports, and finally See more information where the button will appear Terminate. The termination is then immediately. In case of difficulties encountered when terminating the bouquet, Bouygues Telecom customer service is available by phone.

BeIN Sports available on mobile, tablet and computer with Bouygues Telecom

If the beIN Sports bouquet is available on the Bbox TV, it is also On mobile and on tablet. However, a single condition exists: having Application B.TV. Free, it is available for All mobile customers and BBOX by Bouygues Telecom. It can be used with a 3G/4G connection (use dedicated to the data envelope) and WiFi. Thus the user accesses all of the bouquet channels.

BeIN Sports en replay, is it possible with Bouygues Telecom ?

Bouygues Telecom, like its Orange, SFR and Free competitors, does not allow its subscribers to access the replay Bouquet beIN SPORTS TV channels. Indeed, only the subscription to BeIN Sports Connect (15 €/month without commitment or € 14/month engagement 12 months) allows you to view its favorite replay programs. This service is available directly on the beIN SPORTS website only.

What are the alternatives to bein sport for subscribers of Bouygues Telecom sports fans ?

BeIN Sports has managed, since its appearance in 2012, to rise to the place of leader for the distribution of the biggest sporting events. BeIN Sports is competed by SFR Sport, The most important competitor, Canal+ Sport And Eurosport, less important competitors. Indeed, with its 10 channels, BeIN Sports covers more sports and different championships than Canal+ with its only Canal+ Sport channel.

The Sport Pack Subscription

For all sports enthusiasts, Bouygues Télécom has launched a new 100% sport offer that also includes a media subscription the team.

The channels of the Sport Pack offer
Eurosport 1
Eurosport 2
Fight Sport
Motor Racing

Up -to -date information on 08/10/2023

You want to take out a Bouygues Sport TV offer ?

Canal+ Sport subscription

Canal+ Sport is one of the most complete sports offers on the market since it has the advantage of offering several sporting subscriptions within it.

The channels of the Canal+ Sport offer
Canal+ Sport
BeIN Sports channels
The 3 Eurosport channels
The 3 multisports foot+channels, rugby+, golf+
Auto Moto

Up -to -date information on 08/10/2023

Canal+ Sport costs August 10, 2023, € 45.99/month without commitment and is often the subject of promotions.

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Frequently asked Questions

How to watch bein sport bouygues ?

To enjoy beIN SPORTS BOUYGUES On your connected, mobile, tablet or computer TV you need to download Application B.TV Who is free and available for all Bouygues Telecom customers.

What are the bein sport bouygues channels ?

BeIN Sports channels are available on the channels 51 to 53 For beIN SPORTS 1 to 3, and the channels 208 to 214 For beIN SPORTS 4 to 10.

BeIN Sport subscription price: subscribe and receive the channel

You like sport and you would like to see more on TV ? What HD channels TNT offers you is not enough for you ? We have the solution, the Bouquet beIN SPORTS , THE video streaming 100% sport. Contents, price, screens compatible, offer, find in this article all the details to subscribe.

BeIN Sports offer

BeIN Sports is a bunch 10 HD channels devoted to the world of sport. These channels include 3 100% multisports and 7 event channels. Subscribers have access to the most beautiful sports competitions of the moment. THE Bouquet beIN SPORTS Allows you to view your sports programs on several screens at the same time. L’ computer , TV, the Tablet , smartphone or game console as Xbox , No matter what medium you choose. Everything is possible !

This Sport bouquet Also allows you, thanks to the BeIN Sports application, to follow your mobility emissions. You will get it by subscribing to the 100% online offer called beIN SPORTS Connect. This offer has an interesting feature, the replay function. You can see or review all your games when you want. With the replay mode, it does not matter if you missed the start of the game, you can go back up to 2 hours.

If you are passionate about round ball and you don’t want beIN Sportsque to attend Ligue 1 matches, it’s possible ! To do this, simply choose the other beIN SPORT application, the BeIN SPORTS LIGUE 1 conforama app.

�� Register Beinsport via Canal+
�� Price 15 € to € 29.99/month
�� Pack Beinsport / Foot / Netflix / Canal canal+
�� Platform PC, tablet, smartphone, console
⭐️ Free trial 1 month free

BeIN Special Sports World Cup 2022

For the 2022 World Cup in Qatar And be sure not to miss any match is BeIN SPORT that you will have to have with a 100% game retransmission. The chain of the Qatari BEI group, Media Group will therefore evolve at home so you can not miss a second from this World Cup in particular thanks to the ben replay.

To follow the World Cup, you can take a BeIN Sport subscription for 1 month with the Canal+, Netflix and BeIN Sports offer with the first month to try. This will allow you to test the offer while watching all the World Cup matches and if you do not want to extend, you can terminate for free before the end of the first month.

Here are the BeIN Sports subscription offers available with or without commitment.

Bein Sports

BeIN Sports +36 % in 4 years!

The toll chain specializing in sport has regularly increased its prices since its launch in 2012. And the various supports that broadcast beIN SPORTS (Internet access providers, television operators) do not all the same prices. Decryption.

Launched in June 2012, Bein Sports quickly made a place in the French sports television landscape. With a mass argument: the price. For 11 €/month, it was then possible to subscribe to this toll chain which broadcasts on several channels of competitions and sports programs. The affordable price combined with a subscription without commitment quickly undermined Canal+, which then reigned without sharing on the paid retransmission of many sports.

But as early as 2014, the monthly price began to increase to go from € 10.99 to € 11.99 to then be established in 2016 between 14 and 14.99 €. An increase of € 4 in 4 years which is equivalent to a leap of +36 % !

Evolution of beIN prices since its launch

Tariff table-Bein-Sports

In addition to this forced tariff march, another peculiarity of the beIN’s offer is the price difference charged by the different operators. Currently, the Qatari channel costs € 14.99/month on Free, SFR and Numericable; € 14 on Orange and via Canal+ and € 13.99 for subscribers in Bouygues. By passing directly by bein, the price is then either 14 € for an offer without obligation, or of € 13 with a 12 -month commitment. Particularity of the 2 subscriptions via bein: they are only available on computer, mobile phone and tablet (and on certain Samsung and LG Smart TV).

Bein Sports has indeed shaken up the broadcasting of sport on television but between continuous inflation of prices, the arrival of SFR on the retransmission market of sports competitions, the reaction of Canal+ which now offers subscription packs distinct including a dedicated to sport, viewers lovers of sport will have to juggle with their remote control and especially with their budget !