Balance Banking Bankrama Sponsorship: 180 € offered promo code!, Boursorama Bank sponsorship: € 150 offered to the godchildren, € 100 for the godfather, to be seized before Monday, January 30, 2023 at 5 p.m! Savings guide

Boursorama Bank sponsorship: € 150 offered to the godchildren, € 100 for the godfather, to be seized before Monday, January 30, 2023 at 5 p.m 

The online banking market is very competitive, as a market leader Boursorama must be at the forefront in terms of services offered to its customers, in order to differentiate themselves, but also to meet their needs even better.

Valid offer BOURSorama sponsorship code – Valid offer

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13413 Sponsor (s)

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Terms of the promo offer

Boursorama is probably one of the best online banks in France with Hello Bank, Bforbank. It is a subsidiary of Société Générale.

You want to know more about this online bank and possibly take advantage of a great discount on Boursorama for your subscription ? You are in the right place. 😉

We will give you all the details on this bank and you will even be able to find a godfather, already a stock market, which you will be able to contact to ask all your questions before your subscription.

Who is Boursorama Banque ?

This is one of the first online banks to have launched the market in France in 1995. A real pioneer at the time of the beginnings of the Internet, this actor, a subsidiary of Société Générale, took advantage of his bonus of 1st entering this market to become leader and remain it more than 15 years after.

Boursorama has really dusted a sector made up of traditional banks can innovative by offering a simple and transparent service, at ultra low, or even free prices with a clear positioning: being the cheapest bank.

What are the services offered by Boursorama Banque ?

A full offer of banking services are offered for any Bankrama Banque customer.
By opening a bank account, joint or individual current account, booklet, life insurance, scholarship, savings you will benefit from payments and service fees reduced to the minimum. All these services are accessible from a very ergonomic and well -designed customer area.
The service is very practical on a daily basis and offered at rates often among the lowest on the market, if not the lowest with Fortuneo.

The opinions exchanged on the Trustpilot platform are a guarantee of trust and tend to prove the seriousness of this online bank.

Boursorama is distinguished by many prices obtained over the years in its very long online bank experience for over 10 years: best customer service, bank with the cheapest online banking costs, etc.

The site started as a financial portal presenting the stock market courses, hence the name of Boursorama and quickly diversified to include all the services of an online bank.

What are the characteristics of the Boursorama banking offer ?

The main interesting characteristics to remember on the Boursorama Banque offer in terms of prices are:
– The opening of a current account with a Visa Classic card, Welcome card, Ultim Metal Visa Card or Free First offered Bank Card (immediate or delayed debit), without income conditions.
– The minimum payment condition of € 300 to validate the opening of the account
– All other bank charges such as transfers, account holding costs and others are free, which means that this bank is really very advantageous in terms of cost of conventional banks.
– Possible mobile payment with Samsungpay or Googlepay thanks to NFC (contactless payment) technology with your connected watch that you can find on Boursoshop !
– Authorization or blocking when you wish to pay on the Internet, payments and withdrawals in Europe. This is an important security element.
– Regular promotions called Pink Weekend

What types of accounts you can subscribe to at Boursorama Banque ?

The list of accounts is very complete and Boursorama Banque offers in particular:
– the current, the most standard and the most subscribed account, which imposes some conditions such as a income of € 1000/month min.
– The Welcome account, which is offered without conditions, with a free visa classic bank card with immediate debit. This account requires being used with a minimum monthly transaction or € 5 will be billed/month on 12 sliding months.
– A Kador account for minors aged between 12 and 17 years old and who want to benefit from a 1st bank card with a web application on their smartphone.
– A professional account, as the name suggests, for professionals, which incorporates some advantages such as an authorized overdraft of around € 3000, a pro book paid weakly at 0.3% but it is always better than nothing. – The term account (CAT), which is a 100% online savings account to remunerate your capital over a fixed period in advance. The term account is available over 12 months with a fixed gross annual actuarial rate of 3%. This is a completely secure placement: at maturity, you recover your capital as well as the interests. To subscribe to this product, you must make a single payment of a minimum amount of € 30,000. You can hold several term accounts.

You have the possibility of taking advantage of the immediate increase in the ceilings of your bank card subject to eligibility for major ad hoc purchases. This is valid for customers with more than 3 months of seniority.
Bourse offers complete this already very rich banking offer in order to invest according to an investor profile defined in connection with the bank (discovery, classic, trader, etc.). Note that you have the choice of visual when selecting a card.

If you want to reduce the amount of your income tax for the current year, be aware that Boursorama offers its FCPI FIP FIP tax exemption, available 100% online.
By investing in FCPI (common investment fund in the innovation) or FIP (local investment funds), financial control, you can take advantage of a tax reduction per funds that can go up to € 4,500 for a single person or € 9000 for a couple which is particularly interesting these days.

The Bank has been offering a novelty for a few months with a principle of budgetary coaching, Wicount, which is enriched regularly and now joins my real estate, which allows you to have visibility on your real estate heritage and to follow its evolution over the years. It should be noted that you can take advantage of a mortgage.

What are the different payment cards offered by Boursorama ?

Three cards are offered, without entry conditions, with differences which are mainly linked to the payment ceilings, the type of immediate or delayed debit, the insurance included or not, bank charges on payments, especially abroad.

The names of bank cards are: The Welcome card, the Ultim card then the metal card.. Here is their description to help you choose the one that suits you.

There Welcome card presents the following advantages, especially for the lowest income:

– Free as soon as you use the card at least 1 time by less otherwise the card is billed € 5
– 50 € minimum must be paid to activate the account
– Same insurance as for a Visa Classic card
– The balance displayed in real time on your application
– No commissions applied to your purchases
– 1 withdrawal offered / month, 1.69% commission is applied for the following withdrawals. A ceiling of € 400 is applied over 7 slippery days.
– You have the right to an overdraft of € 1000

There Ultim card presents the following characteristics, suitable for customers who do not wish to be limited in terms of thresholds:

– Free as soon as you use the card at least 1 time by less otherwise the card is billed € 9
– 300 € minimum must be paid to activate the account
– Possibility of delayed flow justifying a monthly income of 2400 € minimum
– You have the right to an overdraft of € 2500
– The withdrawal and modular and 2000 € on 7 slippery days
– The modular payment ceiling is € 20,000 over 30 slippery days

There metal card is the most advanced clarity in terms of advantages at Boursorama and it is intended for users who appreciate the premium side:

– Price of 9.90 €/month with two colors offered, either gray or pink
– To take advantage of the immediate speed it will take € 500 minimum deposited in activation
– For deferred flows, you must be able to justify an income of € 6,250 minimum per month
– You can make your purchases abroad without additional costs
– In terms of insurance you will benefit from the equivalent of a first visa card with advantages such as loss of keys, personal effects, your phone and others
– The overdrafts are allowed up to 10,000 €
– The modular payment ceiling is 50,000 € over 30 slippery days
– Virements abroad are free
– The little more nice thing if you are traveling is the possibility of going to the VIP lounges of airports in the event of late for your flight

Is a Boursorama cashback offer available ? Yes !

Indeed, like most neobancs today, it is possible to automatically receive credits or bonuses when you make your purchases ! The cashback program is called The Corner, and it allows all customers to take advantage of discounts or refunds or reduction vouchers for free online or stores.

Among the signs we find in particular: La Redoute, Expedia, Hotels.Com, Shein, Center Parcs, Fnac, Darty, Cdiscount, Amazon, Leroy Merlin, Boulanger, Booking, Carrefour, Ikea, Zalando, etc.

What are the interesting innovations you can find with this online bank ?

The online banking market is very competitive, as a market leader Boursorama must be at the forefront in terms of services offered to its customers, in order to differentiate themselves, but also to meet their needs even better.

Client proximity is a development axis for this player who has set up a team of advisers specializing in bank loans, real estate, life insurance, scholarship to best understand your personal situation and thus offer you the best investment, of course without particular. Advisers are available during the day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
If we take a step back, is it not better to have the responsiveness of an advisor through a bank on the Internet rather than having to make a physical appointment 3 weeks before with a bank with a storefront with Advisers who change too often ?

A very ergonomic mobile application is made available to customers with many possibilities such as views of its accounts, the possibility of opposing a visa card and other, instant transfers, etc

Description of the advantages of the Boursorama online application really very practical

The Boursorama Banque mobile application is extremely well designed and very ergonomic. It allows you to easily manage your Bourso accounts but also accounts that you would have in other banks, such as an interface aggregator, rather than multiplying applications. This will give you a global view of your available finances. She takes up all the basic services such as the possibility of consulting her accounts, making transfers, managing her balance and bank cards.

The Boursorama application is constantly evolving. It is very well secured, in particular thanks to a principle of identification from a fingerprint sensor.
You can also categorize your expenses using a very useful intuitive tool for organizing your expense. Charts are integrated by default with Wicount.
You will be able to see the evolution of your finances with a fairly distant history over several years.

How to get sponsored on Boursorama ?

Via You will be able to activate the Boursorama sponsorship promotion (amount of the variable premium depending on the period of the year) thanks to the many site sponsors who propose you to sponsor you.

Tip: To take advantage of the sponsorship offer when you change the bank, you just have to consult the announcements of the sponsors and use the code or bourse sponsorship link indicated during your subscription or to have you sent a sponsorship by the godfather indicating your name, first name and date of birth.
You can of course contact them to request their opinion on the bank or ask your questions. They will be happy to answer you and advise you.

We recommend that you choose your godfather based on the opinions for any account opening. These opinions are the subject of a moderation on the part of the 1 -party site and are therefore a mark of confidence to be taken into account, in particular if the godfather proposes to donate part of his premium.

And of course once you become a customer on this online bank, you can become a sponsor in turn offer your advertisement or welcome offer on ! 😉

Note: to benefit from the premium (often from 80 euros to 130 euros), the godchildren must request the bank card. Otherwise no premium is donated.

The Boursorama banking bonus for referrals and sponsors vary regularly and we suggest you wait for the Boursorama flash offers for your subscription. You will be able to maximize your credit bonus.

What is the amount of the Boursorama sponsorship premium ?

The amount of the Boursorama sponsorship offer varies throughout the year but is generally between € 80 and 130 for the godson.

It should be noted that with 1arial, in order to offer more attractive announcements, many sponsors donate part of their sponsor bonus which is also between € 80 and € 130.

Through this complementary reversal, if we take the bonus paid by Boursorama + the complementary premium paid by many sponsors, we arrive at bonuses for godchildren who can easily go from € 150 to 200 € or more !

1Parraine suggests ensuring the seriousness of the sponsors by contacting them upstream and browsing their opinions, the latter being strongly moderate by the 1 -party partner.

Throughout the Boursorama year increases sponsor and godson bonuses during the Pink Weekend, Black Friday or other.

What are the documents requested for stock market sponsorship ?

The following elements will be requested to open a Boursorama Banque account:
– A copy of your identity document with name first name
– Recent proof of address
– Revenue proof conditions through your salary slips
– The RIB of one of your current banks
– amount of € 300 minimum as 1st payment
– Please note: you must be of age and never have been a client before to take advantage of the premium with one of our Boursorama Banquerema sponsorship codes.

For sponsors, the following sponsorship conditions are to be noted:
– that they must be major
– that 4 maximum sponsorships per month are authorized
– Whether they must hold a single current account or joint account with a bank card of the Welcome, Premier & Ultim, or Classic & Kador type either a savings book, or a PEA, or a credit in progress Immo or consumption, either a simple insurance or life insurance product
– That they can easily access their monitoring of current stock markets from their customer area in the “My sponsorships” section.
– It is no longer the current commercial offer when the godfather sends its sponsorship invitation that is taken into account, but that in progress when the godson begins its opening of account

The site is also very complete if you wish to manage a share portfolio or SICAV with brokerage fees or duties strongly reduced compared to conventional banks and numerous expert reports offering investment advice.

More recently consumer or real estate credits can be taken out at very competitive rates.

And if you wish to make Boursorama your main bank, know that the Easymove service will help you simplify and automate all your procedures and in particular the issues of automatic transfers currently in place with your current bank and which will be transferred without intervention on your part.

When sponsor and godson bonuses paid ?

The sponsorship bonus bonuses / welcome offer are paid on the day of the effective opening of the bank account or membership of a life insurance contract. It is important for this that all of the documents requested have been provided because it conditions the opening of an account.

Good plan tip: if you are a business or have the freelance status, we also invite you to discover Qonto online bank for pros with its associated sponsorship promo through a sponsor code.

Average note for Boursorama Banque: 9.7/10 via 2941 notice

Boursorama Bank sponsorship: € 150 offered to the godchildren, € 100 for the godfather, to be seized before Monday, January 30, 2023 at 5 p.m !

Boursorama offers a new boosted sponsorship phase ! Offer to enter before Monday, January 30, 2023 17 hours !

Boursorama Bank sponsorship: 150 € offered to the godchildren, € 100 for the godfather, to be seized before Monday, January 30, 2023 at 5 pm!

Boursorama sponsorship, up to € 150 offered ©

Posted on Wednesday January 25, 2023 by Denis Lapalus

⚠️ Please note, this article was archived. The information contained in this article is probably no longer up to date.

�� Vise insurance: return of 3% minimum on the Euros Fund

You want to place without risk, while ensuring an appreciable return ? The offer of our partner Carac allows you to focus on the Euros fund with a Rate guarantee of 3% minimum for the year 2023 ! No obligation to focus on account units ! 500 euros are enough to take out the Carac life insurance contract

150 € offered via sponsorship until Monday January 30, 2023 at 5 p.m

More than one in two account is open at Boursorama Banque via sponsorship offers. No secret. The recurring offer of € 80 offered is widely exceeded during sponsorship offers. Indeed, not Boursorama your main bank, you will pocket 150 €. Making Boursorama Your main bank is not complicated, and your premium will be paid to the Boursorama Banque bank account recipient of operations to be transferred, at the latest 60 days after the signing of the request for a change in domiciliation. I will be your sponsor personally, my name is Denis Lapalus, my sponsor code is by 5922KK. I am a satisfied customer of Boursorama Banque, a reactive bank. Being an old ING customer, following their closure, I accepted the transfer of my ING accounts at Boursorama.

�� Offer Passageorama Banque sponsorship, up to 110 € offered !

Receive up to 110 euros offered By opening your current account at Boursorama Banque and using your bank account within 3 months. Sponsor Code: Dela5922kk (Denis Lapalus).

QR Code of the sponsorship offer including my Boursorama sponsor code

Boursorama sponsorship rules rules

  • The godfather and the godson must imperatively be major and legally capable.
  • The godfather and the godson must imperatively be natural persons.
  • The godson must never have been a customer at Boursorama.

For the godson

The godfather will benefit from a € 100 bonus for any bank account opening request initiated by the godson before 01/30/2023 at 10 a.m. and accepted by Boursorama Banque.
Details of the conditions of eligibility in the sponsorship regulations.
This bonus will be paid to the bank account held by the sponsor on the day of the effective opening of the godfather of the godson and subject to the compliance by the latter of the conditions of the sponsorship offer

For the godson

For the opening of a bank account
For any first effective opening of a Banking Banking Banking Bank account or a professional bank Bank Bank (“the bank account”), the godson will receive a bonus of € 80 if the bank account opening request is accompanied by A bank card request accepted by Boursorama Banque.

A bonus 80 € for ordering a Welcome or Ultim bank card:
The godson will benefit from € 80 of premium for any order of bank card visa Welcome or Ultim carried out concomitantly at the request for a bank account opening, and accepted by Boursorama Banque. The sum of € 80 will be credited to the bank account of the godson on the day of its effective opening subject to acceptance of the bank card application file by Boursorama Banque.
The free eight first contributions for the subscription of the Metal offer:
The godson will benefit, in accordance with the price brochure, from the free eight first contributions for the subscription of the concomitant metal offer at the request for the opening of bank account (price in force on 04/11/2021, subject to change pricing policy by Boursorama), subject to acceptance of his file by Boursorama.
A payment of 80 cents will be paid on the same bank account in the 8th month.

The sponsorship offer is limited to complete and compliant referral accounts: in the event of subscription via the course in the application (eligible for Welcome, Ultim and Metal Cards to Systematic Authorization only): the file must be complete and complies during the opening of the bank account via the application. Any incomplete file after 5 working days will have to be redone since the first stage of the subscription route.

In the event of subscription without the application (eligible for all cards, with immediate debit or systematic authorization): the file must be complete and conform within two months the initial request: all the supporting documents (outside of the first payment, unless the latter is made by check in the event of a paper subscription) must be attached before this date.
The first payment will have to reach Boursorama Banque no later than 5 working days after receipt of the email which will indicate to the new customer that it can proceed to this first payment to open the right of the Metal offer reserved for new customers ( free eight first months of subscription) or at the bonus of € 80.
Offer limited to a single offer per person.
Please note, the godfather cannot receive more than 20 sponsorship bonuses over 12 slippery months.
Offer not combined with exceptions with other Boursorama Banque promotional offers.
See the Rules.

For the Easymove banking mobility service: you will benefit from € 70 premium for any first use of the Easymove bank mobility service.

The banking mobility request form must be signed electronically in the month following the effective opening of the bank account, by all holders of the Bucharama Banque Banking Bank Accounts for Transfer. Offer reserved for holders of individual banking accounts or BACKE BANDSORAMA BANK (excluding professional bankruptcy bankrama bank) and limited to a reward by recipient account of operations to be transferred, within the limits of two bank accounts per customer.
The premium of € 70 will be granted for any request for banking mobility for which Boursorama has been able to send the new bank details of the customer to at least one (1) transmitter or recurrent transfer transmitter. To this end, and in the event that permanent transfers are canceled in the former customer’s bank, as part of the use of the Easymove service, the number of permanent transfers replaced automatically on the Boursorama Banque bank account will also be taken into account.
The premium of € 70 will be paid to the Bankrama Banking Banking Bank Account for transfers to be transferred, no later than 60 days after the signing of the bank mobility request form.
Offer limited to a single offer per person and not combined with any other Boursorama Banque offer.
If the customer does not maintain his Easymove banking domiciliation during the 24 months following his effective activation, or in the event of closing of the customer’s account, either on the initiative of the customer himself, or on the initiative of Boursorama in the event Of reprehensible behavior of the Customer, Boursorama reserves the right to collect from the associated bank account the amount corresponding to the commercial premium from which he benefited within the framework of the commercial offer.