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Test of the Amazon Prime Photos Service for Android

As you are a bonus subscriber, Amazon reminds you that the storage of photos is unlimited. However, he invites you to take monthly subscriptions to store videos. If you don’t interest you, touch Close to continue.

Bad news for Amazon Prime members – one of the best services will soon disappear

Photographers and videographers must be careful: they will soon have to move their creations elsewhere.

Amazon Prime

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Amazon revealed that the company will close its cloud storage platform soon. The firm has just sent an alert email to Amazon Drive customers to confirm that the service will be closed at the end of next year.

This decision is part of Amazon’s efforts to push the Amazon Photos platform, which will gradually become a central place to storage photos and videos.

And after ?

“”Over the past 11 years, Amazon Drive has served as a secure cloud storage service for bonus subscribers to save their files“, can we read in the e-mail concerned.

“”On December 31, 2023, we will no longer support Amazon Drive in order to focus our efforts on the storage of photos and videos via Amazon Photos. We will continue to offer customers the possibility of saving, sharing and organizing photos and videos safely with Amazon Photos.“”

Users will have to recover all their files before the closing date, the photos and videos of the Prime members may however be automatically saved on Amazon Photos.

The service will remain fully operational until December 31, 2023, but the company specifies that from January 31, 2023, it will no longer support file download on Amazon Drive.

She adds that the Amazon Photos application is available now on iOS, Android and desktop. Current Amazon Prime members benefit from free and unlimited storage of resolution photos and 5 GB of video storage. You are not a bonus subscriber ? You still have 5 GB of free storage for your photos and videos.

The new members of Amazon Photos will be able to choose from a selection of monthly and annual subscription formulas. The service allows users to display photos on Amazon devices such as Fire TV, Echo Show and Fire tablets. While the Family Vault function allows the members of Amazon Prime to invite up to five members to benefit from one “Storage and unlimited sharing of photos“”.

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Test of the Amazon Prime Photos Service for Android

Since June 1, 2021, Google has announced the end of unlimited storage of photographs on its Google Photos Service. The question of an alternative then arises. Today we are going to present the Amazon Photos test to you, the photo and videos storage service included in Amazon Prime.

Access Amazon Photos

To get to Amazon Photos, use the following link: https: // www.Amazon.FR/Photos/

During your first connection, you will need to connect a device with which to synchronize your photos to Amazon Photos.

The Amazon Photos App on Android

To connect your Android phone to Amazon Photos and synchronize your photos and videos, just download the application. The latter is available on the Google Play Store.

Start by downloading and installing the application. During its first opening, you will arrive on this page. You will then need to connect to your Amazon account.

Give the necessary permissions to the app and validate. You then arrive on the application page of the application. This is where you will make the first settings: automatic recording and use of mobile data.

As you are a bonus subscriber, Amazon reminds you that the storage of photos is unlimited. However, he invites you to take monthly subscriptions to store videos. If you don’t interest you, touch Close to continue.

Last step, the application asks you if you want to save content from other files than photos of photos, for example application files or download folder.

Once the configuration has been made, you can follow the contents to your Amazon account live.

Connect your computer to Amazon Photos

There is an Amazon Photos Application on Windows and Mac to consult and save photos present on your computer. To access it, access your Amazon Photos account and click on Connect the device.

Downloading the utility for PC Amazon Photos then launches. Once open, you will arrive on this window. Click on Install.

The next step is to connect to your Amazon account so that the utility can send the photos on it.

Once connected, you will arrive in the main Amazon Photos window. The utility is going to scan the files itself Images And Videos of your computer to import them.

You can now return to the Amazon Photos website that will confirm that your computer is well connected. You can click on Continue to the web application.

After a few minutes, you will see your first photos appear. Depending on the number of photos to synchronize and the quality of your internet network, it can take from a few minutes to several hours.


When you have a subscription Amazon Prime, Photo storage is unlimited, while you will have 5 GB of video storage.

For a subscription without subscription, he will have a 5 GB space to share between photos and videos.

Comparison with Google One

The two solutions have their advantage depending on whether you have a paying or not subscription.


Google Photos offers certain interesting features such as research in photos. The latter can be done by place, by face or by subject, For example “landscapes”. Unfortunately, these research functions are not included at Amazon.

At Amazon Photos, we will find for example the family albums that allow you to create a family group of 5 people with whom you will share with your family members. While at Google, it is possible to share your photo library automatically with a trust in trust.

Finally, Google One subscribers will have photo retouching features, nonexistent at Amazon. These will allow you, for example, to add a blurring effect, to automatically retouch the characteristics of your photo (contrast, brightness, etc.) or to apply many filters.

In conclusion, we find the same photo editing features, whether in terms of tools, filters or backgrounds. Note however that certain filters or tools (portrait mode for example) are reserved for subscribers for Google Photos.

Free package

With Google, when you subscribe to a free package, you have 15 GB of free storage to distribute between your photos, videos, emails and document drive.

At Amazon Photos, you will only have 5 GB available.

At Amazon Photos, as soon as you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you have unlimited storage of photos and 5 GB for videos. All for € 49.00 per year.

With Google One, you will only have the storage you pay, to be divided among all Google services. To date there are 6 packages ranging from € 1.99 per month at € 149.99 per month.

In conclusion, for a free offer, it will be necessary to prefer Google and for a paid offer, that of Amazon will be more advantageous.