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B & you mobile package: cheap and non -binding package

Customers who wish to discover the entire B & YOU range, must go to the official Bouygues Telecom website. The operator positions the B & YOU offer between the Sensation packages (with commitment) and the prepaid cards.

Opinion B & YOU 2023: Testing these packages without obligation is to adopt them !

B & you is the Bouygues Telecom Group of Mobile Package. Like SFR with its Red by SFR range, this is the response of the mobile operator to the arrival of Free Mobile on the Telecom market in 2011. In our opinion B & You in 2023 is an essential brand of the telecoms landscape thanks to calibrated plans, excellent network coverage, and reasonable prices. On the Internet, we are even in the top of the most popular telephone operators.

Before giving us our opinion B & You, we must first put the brand back in context. After having long been treated as a real autonomous label, B & You is now integrated again into the site and the Bouygues Telecom offers. The brand is located next to the sensation range which is with commitment. The latter is much less popular and a majority of contracts is therefore tied naturally around B & YOU packages.

B & you

Unlimited calls & SMS

Data in Europe: 16 GB

B & you

Unlimited calls & SMS

Data in Europe: 5 GB

B & you

Unlimited calls & SMS

Data in Europe: 30 GB

B & you

Unlimited calls & SMS

Data in Europe: 30 GB

Discover B & You in 2023, the Bouygues non -binding packages

Customers who wish to discover the entire B & YOU range, must go to the official Bouygues Telecom website. The operator positions the B & YOU offer between the Sensation packages (with commitment) and the prepaid cards.

The “Special B & You” series, in particular rivals frontally with virtual mobile operators like Red by SFR, Sosh or Free. In terms of prices, in our opinion B & You strikes hard. Today, this range of mobile plans is among the best on the market. The latest special B & You series consists of unlimited voice/SMS package with 40 GB for a price of € 9.99 (offer available in May 2023).

The B & You “Special series” mobile plan is generally broken down into two or three offers. Customers have a slightly more limited service offer than the rest of the customers. B & You series subscribe and manage by phone and on the internet. Customers have access to the same after -sales service as other Bouygues customers. However, they do not have access, on paper, with the same help in stores as with other offers.

A point to take into account, because for some customers, it can be unacceptable. If the B & You brand focuses strictly around mobile packages, it is however possible to subscribe to other products on the Bouygues Telecom site. For example, you can buy a smartphone associated with a sensation package (which allows you to spread the payment of the phone), a prepaid card, a 4G key or internet boxes.

On the other hand, unlike Red by SFR which offers its own separate Internet box, B & You prefers to direct its customers to the conventional BBOX of the fixed internet operator. Bouygues nevertheless proposed a dedicated box without commitment until 2014 but the brand finally abandoned the offer.

What packages with and without commitment offers B & You ?

As you can read above in our B & YOU review, “special series” packages are clearly the most interesting. In order to respond to the widest possible target, Bouygues has decided to set up three formulas (sometimes two depending on the time of year) around its mobile package. This is what we find in most competitors, and it allows as many people as possible to subscribe to a suitable mobile plan.

While the packages with engagement seem to be extinction, the packages without b & you are very successful. Beyond the lack of constraint, it must also be recognized that Bouygues Telecom, which also has a really excellent network, makes a real effort on the prices. Better: its offers see their price maintained over time. In other words, the price remains the same as long as you are subscribed.

B & You basic subscriptions offer the most attractive prices on the market. The operator tends to align its prices and promotions on Red by SFR’s offers while always offering its customers a little “extra thing”. For example, Bouygues Telecom often offers 3 months of subscription to the SPOTIFY musical streaming service (or Deezer).

Where Bouygues and in our opinion B & You are very strong is that the operator has a readable and reliable strategy for customers. The latter rarely have unpleasant surprises over time. The mobile plan remains at the same price, and the operator undertakes not to make it evolve after a year. Even in the event that B & You makes punctual discounts and promotions, prices remain the same as long as the customer keeps the same offer.

All this allows us to compare itself favorably to competition. Since the prices remain the same, if we look at the cost of B & YOU in the long term we quickly realize that these offers are a better value for money than most competing formulas. Other operators only apply to promotions on the first 6 or 12 months. Afterwards, customers are charged much higher monthly amounts for the same offer.

B & You offers packages for all budgets

You can see it for yourself in the above image of our review page on B & You, the operator breaks down its budget offer into a large number of formulas. A way for the firm to better segment its offer to attract as many customers as possible – whatever their budget. The biggest data consumers (streaming films for example …) will find their happiness in B & YOU offers with up to 200 GB of data. Icing on the cake: an option to navigate in 5g is available.

Nevertheless, the most popular B & You mobile package remains the one with 130 GB of Data 5G and unlimited calls / SMS and MMS at € 15.99 per month. 130 GB is a good figure for data. There are also several competing offers with a similar envelope. With 130 GB per month, you can already do a lot of things, especially if you do not share the connection of your smartphone. The overwhelming majority of customers will probably not consume half of this envelope ..

If you don’t really need data and find out a bis line by making the least possible, know that B & You also offers a really cheap package. For less than 5 euros per month, the 5 GB B & you package looks like the 2 euros package from Free Mobile with a much more usable amount of data (but for more than twice as expensive, at € 4.99 per month). All calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited. Even if it is just, if you put the SIM card of such a package in a real smartphone.

How much the B & YOU packages cost

Obviously, to make a B & YOU opinion, the price of each mobile package is an essential element. And as we have already said, B & You positions itself among the best on the market from this point of view. Whether in times of promotion or not, the brand without commitment is always one of the most competitive. B & You offers are the best mobile packages and market quality / price reports.

If we have a piece of advice to give you in this B & You opinion, it is to try to wait as much as possible the highlights of the brand to take advantage of an in addition discount. Many occasional promotions are launched throughout the year. However, when we take advantage of a reduction at B & You, we take advantage of it for a very long time – as long as we keep the subscription. In the end, it is easy to understand why it is worth waiting before subscribing to a B & You package to benefit from a really canon price.

Bouygues Telecom, an excellent 4G network according to Arcep

A critical point to judge the quality of B & You in our opinion is the quality of the network. The B & You brand uses the Bouygues Telecom network for its telecommunications – and it’s a very good thing. Indeed, the telecom regulatory authority (Arcep) recognized the quality of the group’s network as one of the best on the market. It is positioned just behind Orange, with a coverage rate of French territory which is 98 % for 4G. For 4G, the Bouygues Telecom antennas network covers more than 99 % of the territory.

B & YOU review: network

Unfortunately – and it’s the same everywhere – sometimes the signal is average in an area. These are things that happen, even if operators like Bouygues Telecom are constantly working to improve the quality of their network. Even you are of the opinion that B & You does not deliver in your area a network up to par, the firm does not seek to surround you. You have a non -binding package, so you can terminate at any time.

In our opinion B & You poses far fewer problems in big cities because the Bouygues Telecom network is excellent, there is nothing to say. On the other hand, the very “cities” inclination of this operator can punctually be problematic to customers who live in campaigns and little dense areas. Which is, apart from Orange, for example, a classic of operators in France. In general, if you live in a poorly covered area, the historic operator represents the best solution.

Since the end of 2020, Bouygues Telecom has been deploying a 5G network everywhere in France. In major French cities, you can take advantage of the ultra-fast network provided you have subscribed to a suitable package and you have a compatible smartphone. In the operator’s range, only one B & YOU package is 5G compatible, this is the “Special 5G series”. The package includes 130 GB of data for a price that barely exceeds 20 euros per month.

Should we opt for this 5G package ? Why not, even if in our opinion B & You like most other operators do not yet offer 5G connectivity really satisfactory. 4G+ offers practically the same flow rates for coverage that will allow you to hang it much more often. Nevertheless thanks to the without commitment, you are again free to see if the 5G connectivity of Bouygues is made for you in your area.

Conclusion: our opinion on B & YOU ? 2023 is the year when never to test these packages !

The Bouygues Telecom group has built a beautiful brand image in recent years with the offers without b & you. Everything was not won, and at the start, Bouygues’ offer was much less visible to the prices then unpublished by Free Mobile in 2012. But over time the operator’s bets proved to be winners. Bouygues knew how to position itself right where it is necessary. B & you are more like Red by Sfr than Free Mobile, which is much less generous in all dimensions.

In our opinion B & You really deserves that you are looking for, because you are guaranteed to have a comfortable package, low prices, a customer service with small onions and a network often better than free mobile. One of the best examples with this operator is the B & YOU non -binding offer 130 GB of 4G and 5G (including 30 GB usable in Europe) for only € 15.99 per month. By taking into account the quality of the 4G and 5G Bouygues network, it is difficult to find something really cheaper and equivalent.

Bouygues has one of the best 4G covers in France, with very good flows everywhere, even in rural areas. When allocating 5G frequencies, the operator obtained high frequencies that allow better flows than free. The counterpart is that the bouygues frequencies carry less far and penetrate less well in the buildings, which forces the operator to install more antennas and therefore slows down the 5G deployment compared to free mobile which, with its frequencies 700 MHz was able to offer 5G very quickly everywhere (but at the price of flows closer to 4G+).

If you are interested in a change in favor of a B & You package but time does not press, we nevertheless recommend that you be a little patient. Because you have to keep in mind the fact that promotions apply to life with this operator. What to try as much as possible to surf the incredible discounts and prices of the operator during sales period. We recommend that you be particularly attentive during the holiday season, for example around Black Friday, because B & You often takes the opportunity to break the prices – a high quality offer.

Especially since we point out, in our opinion B & You offers much better offers than competition on a point too often overlooked by low -cost offers: customer service. In this area, we are on something much better than at Free or Red by SFR. So if you have a problem, you can easily find a solution by making a phone call to an operator, without it being billed in addition to you.

In any case, the B & You package does not engage you, and you can therefore stop the subscription at any time to go to another operator. To terminate, just send a letter with A/R to Bouygues before the next deadline. The operator will not complicate your task more. It’s quick and easy. At most you risk being offered a more interesting offer without obligation. Of course, if you want to keep your phone number it is entirely possible – it will be necessary to request your portability during the subscription by obtaining your Rio number.

And you, what is your opinion on B & You ?

B & you mobile package: cheap and non -binding package

Image operator B & You

B & you are the range of non -binding packages of Bouygues Telecom which extends from € 4.99 to € 24.99. These are the offers Low-cost by Bouygues Teelcom to surf its network.

B and you by Bouygues Télécom

B & You was born from the will of Bouygues Telecom to offer users of mobile phones, Low prices packages and without commitment. For the operator, this offer presents itself as the natural alternative to its Packages with commitment who began to have lead in the wing due to the many constraints they involve. In addition to offering plans at very small prices, the operator also organizes very regularly promotions which, unlike those of some of its competitors, extend over the duration.

The recipes for the success of B & You

The B & YOU plans allow you to take advantage of the wide coverage of the 4G network of Bouygues Telecom which extends over almost the whole territory of Metropolitan France. In addition, the operator has already positioned itself on 5G with a deployment on more than 25 major cities in France and more than 1,000 municipalities. So provided you have a compatible smartphone and be in one of the covered areas, it is already possible to benefit from a flow rate 10 times higher than that of 4G.
Note that B & You packages are essentially offers with unlimited internet. Thus, even after exhaustion of the volume of data offered in high speed, the customer retains internet access to reduced debit until the next deadline.
B & You also takes into account internet and mobile phone connection needs of its users when traveling in the overseas departments (DOM), as well as in other countries of the European Union.

The other strong point of the B & YOU offer concerns the purchase of smartphones associated with its mobile packages. A large catalog of products, integrating the models of the biggest brands, such as Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, Sony and many others, is indeed offered. The operator goes even further by offering buyout offers, as well as payment facilities in several times.
Finally, B & You is renowned with users for the good quality of the follow -up offered. From the mobile application or customer area on the operator’s website, it is possible to follow their consumption, report a problem or discuss with an advisor.

B & You Mobile Packages without obligation

All packages include unlimited calls to mobiles and fixed France and DOM. The first package includes 100 MB of the Internet while the more complete € 24.99 that includes unlimited calls, SMS/MMS, unlimited calls to 120 destinations, 130 GB of Internet in France as well as an internet envelope 40 GB/month usable in Europe/DOM.

– Four packages make up the basic offer of B & You:

  • A 100 MB package at € 9.99/month

Ideal for small needs in the Internet, this offer includes a volume of 100 MB of Data in 4G per month (with the possibility of blocking), as well as calls, SMS and MMS unlimited throughout the territory. These services are also valid during EU travel and DOM.

  • A 20 GB package at € 19.99/month

Same formula as the previous package, this time with a monthly web volume of 20 GB in 4G, with reduced flow beyond. For EU and DOM stays, 15 GB are available each month, in addition to unlimited for calls, SMS and MMS offered in the same way as in mainland France.

  • A 50 GB package at € 24.99/month

If you need more web volume, this package offers you 50 GB every month in 4G (with reduced flow beyond), 25 GB of which can be used for your trips in the DOM and in the EU. The rest does not change: unlimited for your calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France, but also in the EU and in the DOM. You also have unlimited calls to fixed 120 destinations.

  • A 130 GB package at € 24.99/month

This offer is reserved for all those with a 5G smartphone and a 5G network coverage in their geographic area. It allows you to enjoy all the advantages of the latest generation of mobile networks. The formula includes a monthly web volume of 130 GB in 4G+/5G, unlimited for calls, SMS and MMS in France and Europe, as well as 15 GB to use during its holidays. You also have unlimited calls to fixed 120 destinations.

– You will also find 4 non -binding and inexpensive packages at an even smaller price:

  • A 5 GB package at € 4.99/month

A mini package at only € 4.99 per month to have 5GB in France, DOM and Europe with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in Metropolitan France.

  • A 40 GB package at € 9.99/month

It is a cheap package giving access to 40 GB of internet in mainland France, including 14 gigas in Europe and DOM. It includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to mainland France.

  • A 130 GB package in 5G at € 15.99/month

It is a non -binding package with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to mainland France which give you access to 5G for only € 15.99 per month. In addition to its 130 GB, you can use up to 30 GB in Europe and DOM.

This formula gives 200 GB of web envelope for € 17.99 They allow you to make calls in unlimited calls, but also SMS and MMS in the direction of the Metropolis. Among the 200 GB of its mobile data, you can use in roaming up to 25 GB when you travel in the EU and in the DOM.

For customer service, you will have the choice between the Internet forum where a whole team of advisers is at your disposal from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., and customer service available from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can also go to one of the many Bouygues Telecom stores open throughout France.