Audi: what auto news for rings (2023-2024)?, Audi: what innovations until 2025?

Audi: what innovations until 2025

In the lot, 75% of models leaving German production channels are intended for the market international, constituting a record once again. And in terms of innovation, the country of Goethe is again a locomotive, since more than 40% of patents filed come from the automotive sector.

Audi: what auto news for the brand to the rings (2023-2024) ?

Formerly kings of noble thermal motors, German manufacturers find themselves today embedded in an infernal electrification with forced march. Pending the stopping of these engines planned in 2035, the race for continuous power. That Audi reserves for 2023 and 2024 ?

Definitely, we will not stop them ! Despite a International context under high tension, the Germans remain (very) far First car buyers in Europe. On the production side, Germany also sets the tone since it easily purses the continent with 3.05 million vehicles made in the year 2021 despite a murderous semiconductive crisis.

In the lot, 75% of models leaving German production channels are intended for the market international, constituting a record once again. And in terms of innovation, the country of Goethe is again a locomotive, since more than 40% of patents filed come from the automotive sector.

As a result, despite the recent setbacks encountered by industry, Germany remains the homeland, with an adaptation capacity remaining impressive, as shown in our case.

Audi A4: a good old recipe

  • Marketing : 2023
  • Estimated price : from € 42,000

Year 2035 will ring the death knell for thermal motors at Audi. For his tenth generation Scheduled for 2023, theA4 will therefore have the heavy task of prospering its petrol and diesel mechanics one last time by betting on all -round electrification. All engines will thus benefit from a light hybridization, If not rechargeable.

THE Break before will be renewed by taking up proportions close to the previous generation But the sedan will abandon the classic rear trunk for a diving roof line Audi A5 Sportback. By deduction of a merger of the two ranges, there is only one step … that we cross without hesitation.

There grille Single should grow and integrate a soft -type front side nose surmounted by a hood of the bodybuilding genre – by that it is cut flat and does not exceed on the wings. THE dynamism will be reinforced by refined projectors, whose LEDs can be managed by a digital matrix.

The stern could adopt for its part OLED technology lights broken by the restyled Q5. Inside, the A4 should finally be able to fill its delay in the face of competition with a dashboard at much more fluid lines and with two large instrumentation and multimedia screens. The latter can integrate the assistant Amazon Alexa.

Audi A6 e-tron: she makes the pair

  • Marketing : 2024
  • Estimated price : from € 60,000

After the Audi A6 e-tron concept sedan, here’s the time of Break before, With a slightly more conventional but always very dynamic stern with its Artificially prolonged roof line By a béquet but which ultimately plunges very early to stop until the rear wings, particularly muscular like the sedan.

There Premium brand of the Volkswagen group therefore sees double to go and rub on the current MERCEDES EQE and to the future BMW i5. This A6 100% electric intends to seduce with its more aggressive style than its rivals. Beyond the only design, theA6 e-tron also surprise on the technical sheet by presenting a range of technologies advances made possible thanks to New PPE platform.

Let us hold in the Lot a 83 or 100 kWh battery For autonomy oscillating between 550 and 700 km. Let us also quote the 800 V architecture inherited from the big sister e-tron GT allowing to collect loads going as far as 270 kW, which is enough for Recover 300 km of autonomy in ten minutes. The matrix LED lighting part at the front and OLED via a large strip at the rear will also be One of the highlights of the model.


The Audi A3 will take the key to the fields. With his Unpublished version Allstreet, The compact rings intends to join the SUV vamp and openly inspire the A1 Allstreet, formerly Citycarver.

His ground clearance will be very slightly enhanced, Protective skis will appear and wheel drive frames will strengthen the adventurous appearance of this compact adventurous. Marketing scheduled for next summer.

Audi RS 4 Competition

Honor baroud for RS 4 which adopts a new Competition Pack. This consists of a controlled suspension, Pirelli Corsa Pzero tires and a reworked exhaust sound. The V6 Biturbo develops 443 hp for a 600 Nm couple. Scheduled only on the front version, the Competition pack will be offered from next summer for a additional cost of around € 10,000.

Audi Q3 restyled

THE Volkswagen Tiguan cousin will adopt a revised front face with spotlights giving it a new look. They will be able to accommodate Matrix LED. The cabin should also be discreetly retouched with unpublished garnishes and inserts. The equipment will be enriched while The range of engines will remain unchanged.

Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 should be revealed at the end of 2023 For marketing in 2024. It will always be derived from the MLB platform and will adopt the traction chain changes inaugurated by the A4, with micro-hybrids and a 360 hp rechargeable hybrid. The design will be inspired by that of E-tron electric models, with of course a generously open grille.

Audi q8 e-tron / q8 e-tron sportback

For his restyling, Audi e-tron will become Q8 e-tron. THE larger of Ingolstadt electric SUVs will present a subtly revised look. The essential will therefore focus on the technique since the vehicle will win a new battery to point to 100 kWh For a range reaching 600 km. THE Sportback and S versions will also be affected by this update.

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Audi: what innovations until 2025 ?

Audi A6 e-tron concept

Audi’s news promises to be rich, with new models that should land in the coming years. Here are the Audi news until 2025 !

Pending the final disappearance of thermal engines and the arrival of a 100% electric range in 2033, Audi Continues the renewal of its range, with the arrival of new restyled models planned this year: Q8 e-tron and Q8 e-tron sportback, Q8 thermal as well as the compact A3. As early as 2024, we should see the A3 Allstreet, A4 and Q5 arrive, without forgetting the A6 and A6 before e-tron.

Audi Q8 e-tron and q8 e-tron sportback: arrival in early 2023

Launched in 2018, the Audi E-tron was the brand’s first 100% electric model, a large 4.90 m long SUV. This was followed, in 2020, of a coupe SUV version called E-Tron Sportback. The model now becomes the Audi Q8 e-tron on the occasion of its mid-career restyling, with a new grille but especially revised engines (340 and 408 hp) as well as better batteries (95 and 114 kWh gross). Count from 86.€ 700 for the restyled electric SUV.

Audi A3 AllStreet: a brown version in early 2024

Already available in sedan and compact sportback, the Audi A3 will soon be available in brown version with the Audi A3 Allstreet, an appellation inaugurated by the A1. The ground clearance is raised by 35 mm, the driving position is higher, while the body has specific elements to offer it a backpack look. The official presentation of the A3 Allstreet is expected to take place at the start of 2024.

Audi A4 and A5: the family renewed in 2024

Scheduled for 2024, the sixth generation of the family sedan is different. Indeed, the next A4 and the A5 Sportback will only be one: the Audi A4 e-tron will indeed be a 100% electric model, while the Audi A5 will continue to extend the thermal versions, with the ‘Arrival of rechargeable hybrid engines.

Audi A6 e-tron: it switches to electric in 2024

Announced by recent eponymous concept cars, Audi A6 e-tron And A6 before e-tron should be launched in 2024. They will be designed on the new PPE platform, which will also equip the future Porsche Macan Electric, with an 800 V architecture allowing an ultra-fast recharge. Several engines will be offered, the most powerful of which will display 476 horsepower and up to 700 km of autonomy.

Audi Q5: a third generation in 2024

Scheduled for spring 2024, the third generation Audi Q5 will subtly evolve: its 4.70 -meter long size should be preserved, while its look will evolve, with a redesigned grille and refined optics. The cabin should accommodate new, more modern screens, while we will find under the hood of the Mild Hybrid Essence and Diesel engines, as well as rechargeable hybrid versions.