Auchan Telecom Opinion: What do consumers think of the Auchan package?, Auchan Télécom reviews: the opinion of subscribers on mobile plans

Auchan Télécom reviews: the opinion of subscribers on mobile plans


What phone to buy with an Auchan Telecom package ?

Auchan Telecom Opinion: What do consumers think of the Auchan package ?

On its website, Auchan Telecom displays having a satisfaction note of 4.2/5. Is this note realistic ? What are the opinions of Auchan Telecom customers on the Internet ? What do consumers think of offers, prices, network or even Auchan Telecom customer service ? Find our complete analysis of Auchan Telecom reviews in this article.

  • The essential :
  • Auchan Telecom is a mobile operator who offers Packages from € 5.99/month.
  • The operator was bought by Bouygues Telecom. It now offers by default the network of the latter.
  • With an average of 1.9/5 (Note collected in September 2023) on the Trustpilot Reviews, Auchan Telecom displays a reasonable score.

You want to take out an Auchan Telecom offer ?

Auchan Telecom: a customizable and non -commitment package from € 5.99 per month

Created in 2006, Auchan Telecom first belongs to the Euro -Information Telecom group, then to the Bouygues Telecom Business group – Distribution. Before you see in detail Positive and negative opinions on Auchan Telecom, Let’s go back to the mobile services marketed by the operator for a few moments.

Auchan Telecom offers A customizable and without commitment package whose price evolves according to the services you select.

Find the price of the Auchan Mobile package according to the services included in the table below.

At first glance, the offers seem more than affordable and the services included interesting. But what about really ? To find out, we have analyzed for you Auchan Mobile customer reviews According to different criteria such as the quality of offers, network, customer service, etc.

Auchan Telecom package: what are customer reviews on offers ?

The opinions present on the site are however very short and it is difficult to draw a real conclusion. To find out more, we went to read Auchan Telecom reviews on the Internet. Thus, on the Trustpilot opinion site, although AUchan Telecom does not have as good average as on his own site, the operator does not do so badly with an average of 1.9/5 and 21% positive opinion (figures collected September 2023).

This percentage does not seem so high at first glance, but it is important to put into perspective. Indeed, most people who will post an opinion on the Internet are dissatisfied customers. Most operators display a fairly low satisfaction rate. In this context, succeeding in convincing almost one in 2 customers on the internet is a beautiful score.

An attractive quality/price ratio: the biggest asset of Auchan Telecom

Auchan Telecom offers seem to seduce first thanks to their attractive prices. The operator’s subscribers are, in fact, many to quote value for money of the Auchan Telecom package in their opinions.

The best operator for me.

The best operator for me, in the city center of Montpellier where all the other operators are lagging behind, Auchan Telecom has a remarkable quality and a perfect network, from the takeover by Bouygues Telecom Business Distribution. The Bouygues network at low prices and without perfect frills !

Trustpilot review signed Jean – July 2023

Excellent operator

Excellent operator, in the heart of Montpellier and on the Bouygues network, this is the best offer I have been able to find to this day ! Reasonable price for an excellent 4G network quality, no calls of calls, no latency, and customer service easily reachable by phone is only positive 🙂

Trustpilot review signed Anita – June 2023

It’s been over 3 months.

It’s been over 3 months since I subscribed a 4G 30GB package for € 6.99 monthly and I am very satisfied. I had checked before I captured the Bouygues network well.

Trustpilot review signed R Fed – May 2023

Misunderstandings around portability at the time of subscription

Beware, however, of the portability of your number when subscribing to Auchan Telecom. It seems that several operator customers have misunderstood how the portability procedures take place to keep their phone number when subscribing to Auchan Telecom.

To avoid any problem, consult our article on the portability of the number before subscribing to Auchan Telecom. You will know how to recover your Rio code from your old operator and then give it to Auchan Telecom and keep your mobile number.

Watch out for portability

To run away absolutely, I have been in portability for more than a month, and still no SIM card . 5 shipments (supposedly) but still nothing. The mail arrives but not the SIM cards, but on the other hand the samples are made good

Trustpilot review signed Pascal

Impossible number portability !

I had to terminate and take a new number. In addition, you must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and, only 7 days later, the termination is taken into account.

Trustpilot review signed Fausto

What do Auchan Telecom customers think of the operator’s network ?

Auchan Telecom previously belonged to the company EI Telecom. The operator then proposed to its customers to choose between 3 networks: that of Orange, SFR or Bouygues Telecom. In December 2020, Auchan Telecom was however bought by Bouygues Telecom. Since then, the operator offers By default the Bouygues network to its new customers.

A convincing Bouygues Telecom network

Bouygues Telecom covers 91% of France and 99% of the population. The operator even specifies being present in low -populated areas such as mountains or seaside. The operator is present on 5000km of beaches and within more than 150 ski resorts. A fairly wide coverage which convinced the subscribers of Auchan Telecom. Most recent Trustpilot opinions citing the Bouygues Telecom network are, indeed,. Auchan Telecom customers are satisfied with network coverage and 4G flows.

Excellent operator

Excellent operator, in the heart of Montpellier and on the Bouygues network, this is the best offer I have been able to find to this day ! Reasonable price for an excellent 4G network quality, no calls of calls, no latency, and customer service easily reachable by phone is only positive 🙂

Trustpilot review signed Anita – June 2023


Very good flow. Perfect operation. I also confirm easy contact with customer service.

Trustpilot review signed Anne-Laure Brizard

Misses around the takeover by Bouygues for customers on the SFR or Orange network

Some Auchan Telecom customers are however unhappy with their network. It seems that Auchan Telecom’s acquisition by Bouygues Telecom has trained network problems For some subscribers who were at that time on SFR or Orange networks.

Sad customer management

Auchan sold its customers of the SFR network in Bouygues in February 2021 without warning all of its subscribers. Since then, I no longer receive 4G, nor 3G and calls have been chopped to the point of being inaudible. I reported the incident and that’s where I learned that I had passed on the Bouygues network.

Trustpilot review signed dug

Other customers simply regret that the Bouygues network on which they were tilted does not work in their area.

Subscription without my consent

I realized that I was billed for a subscription to which I have never subscribed. It’s a fraudulent act. Customer service does not want to know anything.

Trustpilot review signed Cyprien Eudeline – September 2023

What are consumer opinions about Auchan Telecom customer service ?

Auchan Telecom customer service

From its website, Auchan Telecom specifies being reachable by telephone by composing:

  • THE 200 From an Auchan Telecom mobile.
  • THE 0 969 360 200 From a landline.

According to Auchan Telecom reviews published on the Trustpilot site, it seems however that it is difficult to reach a telephone advisor. Many customers evoke the impossibility of joining the operator through this. Do not panic, however: these same opinions specify that after a message published on The Auchan Telecom Forum, They quickly received an answer from an Auchan Telecom advisor.

In the event of a problem with your Auchan Telecom line, we therefore advise you to Go through the operator’s website.

Impossible to take out a package on their platform.

Impossible to take out a package on their platform. After several research, contact service commercial which can not do anything. Hello low cost

Trustpilot review signed VIKEN – September 2023

I recommend, very competent technical service

(. ) I was dealing with the technical service which is technically very competent nothing to complain about. The package has not moved for 1 year and a half. Bouygues Telecom network

Trustpilot review signed Alex 67

Summary table for consumer opinions on Auchan Telecom

You don’t have time to read all the opinions published on the Internet concerning Auchan Telecom ? Find a Summary of the opinions of Auchan Telecom subscribers in the table below.

  • Effective services for a mini price
  • Large coverage of the Bouygues Telecom network
  • Reactive customer service from the website
  • A lack of knowledge of subscribers on the concept of portability.
  • Network problems linked to the takeover of the operator by Bouygues.
  • Customer service that is difficult to reach by phone.

Updated on 09/12/2023

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Auchan Télécom reviews: the opinion of subscribers on mobile plans

Auchan Telecom customer review

Subscribe a mobile plan requires information on fashion operators. The best way to know the strengths and weaknesses of a brand is to trust its customers. That is why Auchan Telecom customer reviews deserve some attention. They reveal the true nature of the virtual operator and the problems that his subscribers encounter.

Here are the recurring remarks of consumers about it:

  • satisfaction with the personalization of his offers;
  • the appreciation of inexpensive and promotion packages;
  • regrets about network coverage;
  • Several criticisms of customer service.

Auchan Telecom customer reviews on its mobile and services packages

Average note based on 11 reviews

  • Useful opinion
  • Recent opinion
  • Positive
  • Negative opinion

The prices are not expensive that’s true, however, the quality is not always there either. Yet before I was at Bouygues and it’s supposed to be the same network, so see in a month or two

Gilou 02/03/2022 at 12:08 p.m
Was this opinion useful ?
Unjust levy without my mobile plan for several weeks

Hello Order nº: xxxxxxxxx 6748 (last 4 figures) No information on your part, after the levy of 12 euros (absence of telephone chip and abusive direct debit). Are you crooks ? If not, pay me off my money and close my Auchan Telecom Mobile Package Opening Request

Alexis 09/14/2022 at 10:29 am
Was this opinion useful ?
Unable to manage their customers

I was overcharged for an unnqured option and Auchan Telecom refuses to reimburse me. Especially !

Franck 10/27/2022 at 10:44 am
Was this opinion useful ?
Excluding package and invoice by internet not practical

I did off -package with my Auchan Telecom mobile package. I receive an invoice by internet and not even in paper version. It’s really not practical ! Not being very comfortable with computer tools, I have not seen the invoice and now I am rebuilt.

Claude 11/10/2022 at 10:16 a.m
Was this opinion useful ?
Not only do they overflow, but in addition customer service is nonexistent ..

€ 15 overcharging in a few days, email, messages, multiple attempts to reach customer service (it hangs up on its own after 20 minutes of waiting. ))
Auchan Telecom is the worst of Mnvo. Go your way. Termination after 12 days. that is to say !

Olivier 06/18/2023 at 11:19 p.m
Was this opinion useful ?

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To start studying consumer opinions, you have to focus on the content of Auchan Telecom packages. This first criterion can already highlight potential. Fortunately, this is not the case for this operator, who offers very good offers.

Auchan Telecom Package Opinion

Auchan Telecom plans are rather appreciated by consumers.

What do consumers of the 2h Package of Auchan Telecom think ?

The entry -level mobile package of Auchan Telecom has 2 hours of calls. It allows consumers to discover the operator with advantageous conditions. Indeed, This subscription requires no commitment, what subscribers appreciate. There is thus no risk to subscribe to test the offer.

In addition to the possibility of terminating at no cost, Auchan Telecom customers are seduced by personalization of the package as opinions underline. The operator allows them to choose their internet envelope when subscribing. Subscribers therefore have the assurance of paying only what they need. The alternatives offered are 20 MB, 3 GB or 10 GB included.

Even if it is not an unlimited formula, this offer therefore holds great promises. It does not constitute customers to loyalty or to restrict their uses of the web. Consumers are on the contrary encouraged to Test and approve the 2h package. This contains enough volume of monthly communications. SMS and MMS are notably unlimited in mainland France.

To whom is the 2 hour package of Auchan Telecom ?

In view of customer opinions, this package limited to 2 hours of calls is suitable for several targets. It can in particular be used for young people to reach their families and to navigate a little on the internet. The subscription is also intended for seniors who wish A very basic and cheap package. Whatever the profile of the consumer, he in any case has the opportunity to change his offer easily.

Zoom on the unlimited package of Auchan Télécom: all the opinions of the subscribers

In addition to the 2 -hour package, Auchan Télécom has an unlimited package. This offer guarantees calls in mainland France at the rate of 3 hours per communication. It also makes it possible to join France from the EU and the DOM. Its content is therefore richer than that of the previous formula.

However, The opinions of Auchan Telecom subscribers underline the same positive points. Personalization of the Internet envelope is notably always possible. Consumers like to be able to choose between 20 MB, 3 GB and 10 GB offered. These quantities correspond well to the different targets referred to in the operator. From younger to seniors, Auchan Telecom manages to satisfy several types of audiences.

The Auchan Telecom unlimited package also attracts customers via contract conditions. The fact of not having to commit to 12 or 24 months is often popular with subscribers. They appreciate being able to test the offer Without too much consequences for their portfolio.

How to order an Auchan Telecom mobile package ?

If the description of these Auchan Telecom offers convinced consumers, here is The procedure to subscribe.

  • Go to the merchant site of the virtual operator Auchan Telecom.
  • Select the 2h package or the unlimited package.
  • Personalize the internet envelope by clicking on the desired quantity.
  • Add everything to the basket.
  • Validate the basket and enter the necessary information.
  • Pay the order and confirm its membership.

The assessment of Auchan Telecom customers on package prices

The content of an Auchan Telecom offer rarely is enough to convince consumers alone. They need to make an opinion on the price of Auchan Telecom mobile packages before subscribing. For this, nothing better than trusting the appreciation of Auchan Telecom customers. Their many online opinions testify toA globally positive point of view.

Consumers satisfied with Auchan’s inexpensive packages

The MVNO Auchan Telecom is a part The least expensive operators on the market. It presents inexpensive and non -binding packages throughout the year. Its status as a virtual operator effectively allows it to save service costs. It can therefore market offers at very attractive prices.

Concretely, what price scale are we talking about ?

  • A cheap package with 10 GB of data for € 5.99/month.
  • A subscription with 20 GB of mobile internet for € 6.99/month.
  • A 80 GB mobile package for only € 9.99 monthly.

Consumers seem satisfied with the prices displayed. They can easily be seduced by the operator’s offers thanks to these prices. Compared to the rest of the market, the MVNO is, in fact, rather well. He manages to remain below the symbolic bar of 20 € which is often exceeded by competition. In addition, the operator very often offers reduced prices with significant data volume.

Mobile packages without time condition at Auchan Telecom

Auchan contracts have the advantage of not based on a gradual increase in prices. The invoicing proposed during the subscription is not supposed to evolve. No reassessment is planned after 6 months, a year or two years except for mobile packages on promotion. This policy prevents Auchan Telecom criticism from consumers but beware, the operator remains free to change the price at any time without your agreement.

Do you have to choose the Auchan Telecom promo packages ?

In addition to its annual range, Auchan Telecom practices regular promotions. It may be to punctually lower the price of a standard package. However, the operator generally prefers Create a limited serial package. This must be subscribed imperative before the end of the promotion. It disappears, in fact, from the catalog after the period provided for by the operation.

Consumers are sometimes chilly in front of the packages on promo. However, There is no need to worry about a scam In the case of Auchan Telecom. The MVNO keeps its promises and guarantees promotional prices over a long period. The duration of the contract depends on the conditions of the current promotion. It is thus possible to obtain a new non -binding package which lasts more than a year.

Auchan Telecom’s limited series include more mobile data. It is for this reason that Customers prefer them often at the range of the range. Their value for money is more advantageous, especially during the first 6 months. These are also formulas with unlimited communications, which the French favor.

In summary, The advantages of Auchan Telecom promo packages are :

  • more competitive prices for a limited period or not;
  • Maintaining the lack of commitment in the contract;
  • more substantial internet envelopes, up to 100 GB;
  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, EU and DOM.

Auchan Telecom Package Promotions

Also read Auchan Telecom promo codes: Packages and telephones stored

Auchan Telecom customer reviews on operator services

Mobile packages are accompanied by various services in order to enrich their features. At Auchan Telecom, the purchase of a smartphone or recharges is notably allowed. Some of these proposals win customer satisfaction, while others seem to disappoint them. Here is what their opinions reveal about this.

Which operator for the mobile network of Auchan Telecom and that customers think of it ?

The first displayed disappointment of customers d’Auchan Telecom concerns the mobile network. This was provided by SFR before February 2021. Since this period, it is the Bouygues Telecom Business – distribution group that manages the virtual operator. As MVNO, Auchan Telecom still does not have its own infrastructure.

This observation generates several misunderstandings and criticisms on the part of subscribers. Those who took advantage of good flows with SFR regret the transition to the Bouygues Telecom network. Conversely, some customers seem delighted with this change of coverage. It therefore becomes difficult to make a global opinion and defined on the subject.

Future subscribers should know that The virtual operator Auchan cannot act on its network. Now that he is linked to Bouygues Telecom by contract, it is impossible for him to award other covers. This means that consumers have an interest in inquiring before the flows offered to avoid being without any service or with network problems. To do this, just consult the card of the Bouygues Telecom network. It specifies the not covered in 4G areas and the white areas.

Auchan Telecom customer reviews on 5G

In terms of 5G coverage, Bouygues Telecom is progressing quickly. Nevertheless, Auchan Telecom does not yet benefit from its advances. The virtual operator has No 5G package For now. He is satisfied with the 3G and 4G networks of his partner which provide very good flows.

Consumer criticisms on the use of international packages

Another negative point to mention, the international dimension of Auchan Telecom plans remains limited. With the 2h package, Only metropolitan France can be reached at nochy. The subscription does not support communications from or abroad. Consumer criticisms are quite virulent on this subject. They point the finger at invoicing outside the package of calls and internet navigation outside the metropolis.

A customer opinion published by “Themulot” on July 27, 2020 on Poulpeo sums up the problem well:

“A telephone that close to the Swiss border captures the Swiss network, makes an update of only 32 MB app, a blockage of my SIM ensues without warning me, in order to pay the bill off for € 15 package … ”

It is therefore advisable to remain very vigilant about the uses of the Auchan mobile packages. The first thing to do is Disable mobile data on your phone. This saves them by avoiding their use in the background. Thus, they cannot generate billing offset, in France and abroad.

Note that there are specific options to use its international package. Auchan Telecom advises its customers to subscribe to them before any exit from France. He offers in particular for Switzerland, but also for the Maghreb. However, Even these options are criticized by subscribers who blame them for their price. They actually cost between 5 and 12 € per month.

Mobile package calls abroad

To read also International Package: Comparison of offers to call abroad

Is it a good idea to buy your smartphone from Auchan Telecom ?

Despite these few setbacks, Auchan Telecom remains an operator with good services. In particular, it allows the purchase of a phone at a lower price from its website. This is an opportunity that Customer opinions note positively. The testimonies report on functional and unlocked devices for any operator.

So it seems that Procure a mobile at Auchan Telecom Either a good idea. Here are some positive points noted by subscribers:

  • The operator grants an average of € 80 discount on certain models;
  • Limited series plans further increase the amount of reduction;
  • Many recent models are available as soon as they are released;
  • The store has multiple renowned brands;
  • It is possible to opt for a reconditioned device.

Another asset of Auchan Telecom on this subject concerns the contract associated with the mobile. Indeed, the MVNO is one of the only ones to offer discounts with non -binding packages. Consumers appreciate this practice, because the operator allows them to enjoy the phone without constraint. Most of the time, competitors demand a commitment of 12 to 24 months to obtain the device.

Auchan Télécom is therefore An operator to advise for the purchase of a smartphone. Its discounts do not equal certain promotions practiced by competition. However, his shop presents some items from € 1 and interesting discounts.

What phone to buy with an Auchan Telecom package ?

According to its customers’ opinions, the operator offers a multitude of high -performance mobiles. Most of his discounts, however, relate to Oppo, Xiaomi or Samsung models. These brands are well perceived by the general public which attributes correct notes to them. Note that each model can be obtained new or used. This alternative allows you to pay your phone even cheaper.

The regrets of subscribers about the shared customer service of Auchan Telecom

The most important services for customers are provided by Auchan Telecom assistance. Formerly independent, it is today shared within the Bouygues Telecom group. The meeting of several MVNOs under the aegis of the operator gathered their customer services. This action has the effect ofLie the processing deadlines demands.

In short, the Bouygues Telecom Business Distribution group holds:

  • Cdiscount mobile;
  • Mobile CIC;
  • Crédit Mutuel Mobile;
  • NRJ Mobile;
  • Auchan Telecom.

These five operators represent a park of nearly 2 million customers. The feedback from these subscribers are therefore quite Mixed on technical and commercial support.

Auchan Telecom customer opinions report Problems during number portability. Often made late vis-à-vis the announced deadlines, it is even sometimes nonexistent. The activation of the SIM card also poses some concerns for certain subscribers. In this case, they seek to reach the operator, but remain unanswered for a long time.

The question of customer service is therefore An essential point of improvement For Auchan Telecom. The MVNO must strengthen its teams within the group formed by Bouygues Telecom. Without action on his part, consumers may start to strongly not recommend his services. It would be regrettable, with regard to the quality of its mobile offers.

Contact Cdiscount Mobile

Read also contact Cdiscount Mobile customer service: numbers and solutions

Back on the advantages and disadvantages of Auchan Telecom packages

The summary of Auchan Telecom customer opinions leads to a rather positive assessment. Subscribers seem to appreciate the operator’s mobile plans, especially for their prices. Subscription conditions are also part of the assets of the MVNO which opts for the without commitment.

That said, Auchan Telecom still suffers from network problems and lack of efficiency of its customer service. Unfortunately, these elements are not completely part of its field of action. The Bouygues Telecom Business – Distribution group, to which it belongs, by hand on these services. It is therefore difficult to determine to what extent they will evolve positively in the future.

If we had to quote Improvement prospects according to Auchan Telecom customers, This is what would come out:

  • Guarantee better network coverage for all subscribers;
  • Reduce the processing and delivery of orders;
  • Better support subscribers abroad;
  • further increase the mobiles discounts.

Moreover, it must be recognized that AUchan Telecom has solid bases. Its packages win consumer membership and seduce new customers every year. It remains one of the cheapest MVNOs on the market, with very attractive promotional offers.

Back on the operator’s positive and negative points
Benefits Disadvantages
A range of customizable packages. Rather limited internet envelopes excluding promotion.
Rather low prices with interesting promotions. Very little international care.
All contracts are without obligation. Long portability treatment times.
Buying a smartphone is possible from € 1. A shared customer service which is struggling to satisfy consumers.
Bouygues Telecom’s mobile network is available at reduced prices. No internet offer for the home.

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