Auchan Telecom: Mobile packages without obligation & cheap, limited series forfeit 20GB of Auchan Telecom

Auchan 20GB limited series

Consumption is limited to 3 hours per call, and 129 different correspondents per month (in France). Calls in France are deducted to the second from the first second.

Auchan Telecom package

Auchan Telecom operator service EI Telecom is 95% owned by the Crédit Mutuel-CIC group and 5% by NRJ Group. This virtual operator (MVNO) which uses the network of 3 mobile operators Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom markets mobile offers without binding at attractive prices.

Promotions: a limited series 10GB to only 5.99 €, 20GB at 6.99 € or an 80GB offer on sale at 9.99 € without duration of duration.

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Auchan Telecom: Packages at very affordable rates

Auchan takes advantage of the visibility of its multiple brands to offer adjustable packages and without commitment to the à la carte. Subscribers can thus manipulate their subscription as they please by adding the options and services that frame with their needs and their budget. The operator, who has been operating for several years the Networks of Orange, SFR and Bouygues Télécom, makes several packages available to his subscribers at very affordable rates.

Mobile phone plan Price Internet in roaming Network Calls SMS/MMS
10 GB € 5.99 10 GB 4G Unlimited Unlimited
20 GB € 6.99 10 GB 4G Unlimited Unlimited
80 GB € 8.99 12 GB 4G Unlimited Unlimited

The old packages offered by Auchan Telecom

The 70GB Auchan Telecom limited series

Auchan Telecom offers a promotion package at € 7.99 per month: 70GB of mobile data usable from mainland France, an unbeatable price, note that you have to open a new line to benefit from the promo. In terms of services, the mobile package competes with sector giants since subscribers can take advantage of unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France. As always, communications remain unlimited from the European Union and from the overseas departments. On the other hand, no calls or sms to the DOM with Auchan Telecom.

The 2h package

This “basic” package includes 2 hours of monthly calls and unlimited SMS/MMS. 20Mo are also included each month to download apps and surf on the internet from your smartphone (with available web refills). If you want to have a substantial data cover, it is possible to subscribe to paid options (3GB or 10GB). From the European Union (EU) and the French overseas departments, calls, SMS and MMS are deducted from the Metropolitan France package. On request, you can also take advantage of the “Visual voicemail” option (compatible from Android 4.1, iPhone 4S, Windows Phone 8.1).

Unlimited call/SMS/MMS package

Conversely of the previous offer, this package includes unlimited calls, as well as infinite SMS/MMS in mainland France but also from the EU and the DOM for occasional travelers. In terms of internet coverage, the formula includes 20MB in 4G. It is also possible to benefit from a more generous data envelope by subscribing to options (3GB or 10GB). In addition, a blocking option is offered in order to block all uses excluding package: surcharged numbers, surcharged sms, reception of calls and web navigation abroad (for 1 € more per month). Various bonuses are also included, namely: the presentation of the number, the international option to call to and from abroad (activated on request), modem and voice mode on IP.

Keep your number with Auchan Telecom

It is possible to benefit from the portability of your current number when you subscribe to an Auchan Telecom offer, and it is Auchan who takes care of everything. When subscribing, you just have to have the name/first name of the holder of the line at the operator you want to leave, your phone number, your Rio (operator identity statement) and the date of end of commitment. Note: To find out your RIO and your end of commitment date, you must call 3179 from your mobile.

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Auchan 20GB limited series

Auchan Telecom

The AUCHAN Télécom limited series package includes unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France.

Consumption is limited to 3 hours per call, and 129 different correspondents per month (in France). Calls in France are deducted to the second from the first second.

Mobile internet

20 2 Data

Reduced flow beyond

4G (Bouygues Telecom)

Auchan Telecom’s limited series package includes 20GB of mobile internet usable in mainland France. Once the package has been exhausted, you can continue to use the mobile internet, but the flow is reduced (operation also called “fair-use”).

This package is compatible with modem mode.

The Auchan Télécom package uses the Bouygues Telecom mobile network, exceptionally that of Orange or SFR, if the Bouygues network is not available in the Subscriber area.



No destination included

The Auchan Telecom package does not include any call/SMS/MMS abroad. Activable for free, the international option allows you to make calls and send SMS/MMS abroad. These communications are then invoiced in the offset according to the price in force. See the detailed conditions in the Auchan Telecom price guide.

From abroad

No destination included

The package includes roaming in Europe/DOM: calls and SMS/MMS are unlimited, and the package includes a Data Mobile envelope usable in Europe/Dom. In the event of abusive use, additional costs can be applied. With the international option (activated free of charge), it is also possible to use the package from abroad outside Europe/DOM: these international communications (issues/received) are invoiced in the offset according to the rate in force. See the detailed conditions in the Auchan Telecom price guide.

On the world map below, the destinations included are indicated in blue. The not included destinations are in gray. Under the card, you can modify the service taken into account: to fixed, or to mobiles. For more information on the destinations included in the package and prices for destinations not included, click on the country of your choice or look for it using the field of research. The country information will then appear after the card (if the information is available).