At Orange, you will make a maximum savings on the Livebox combined with the 5G 100GB mobile plan, which had believed it? At Orange, fiber and 5G are gathered in a pack less than € 33!

Who would’ve believed that? At Orange, fiber and 5G are gathered in a pack less than € 33

This mobile plan includes:

At Orange, you will make a maximum savings on the livebox combined with the 5G 100GB mobile plan

Combining your Internet box and mobile package at Orange is the best way to save money.

We can never repeat it enough but it is very advantageous to combine your package and internet box At one and the same supplier. Indeed, most operators offer monthly discount On mobile plans if they are subscribed with an internet box. And this is the case at Orange at the moment. We explain to you.

First part of the winning combination: Livebox

Orange is currently offering three Internet boxes for sale. And the cheapest internet offer is the livebox. It is therefore this one that interests us to benefit from the Best price box + mobile at Orange. Billed € 22.99/month for box + mobile customers instead of € 24.99/month the first year (then € 42.99), Livebox is an entry -level offer that includes television, telephony as well as a fiber connection. It’s the Best quality/price ratio from Orange, Especially the first year.

Even if this Orange Internet offer only includes conventional services, it is more than enough for people who want a stable fiber connection as well as an ultra HD 4K TV decoder.

The Livebox offers the following services:

  • Fiber up to 500 Mb/s by climbing and descending
  • Fiber connection included
  • Orange TV with up to 140 TV channels included on the Ultra HD 4K decoder (on request)
  • Unlimited calls to fixed

Admittedly, the Livebox is not the best offer for the flow, but it still allows to benefit from a competent fiber, ideal for everyday uses such as downloading of large files or even the viewing of series and films in 4K.

To have a € 5/month discount on the 100 GB 5G package

Once you have chosen Livebox, you can have access to several orange packages. But, in order to achieve the biggest economy thanks to the open delivery, we advise you toOpt for the 5G 100 GB package. For what ? Simply because its basic price is already hyper advantageous: only € 16.99/month.

So, with the open discount applied by Orange for the subscription of a box and a mobile plan, this 5G subscription sees its price drop by € 5/month throughout the life of your contract and is thus displayed to only € 11.99/month (for 12 months then € 26.99/month). Less than 12 €/month for an orange package with such a large mobile internet envelope, it’s really a good plan !

This mobile plan includes:

  • Unlimited calls in France and from the Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas to these areas and France
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS in France and from the Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas to these areas and France
  • Internet mobile 100 GB usable in mainland France and Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas

Thanks to the Livebox + 100 GB 5G package combination, you can therefore save as many savings as possible and pay only € 36.98/month the first year your Box + Mobile subscription at Orange. And, if you are a large family, know that the open delivery also applies to additional mobile plans: up to 4 packages at reduced prices for your loved ones.

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Who would’ve believed that ? At Orange, fiber and 5G are gathered in a pack less than € 33 !

We can no longer say that Orange costs too much: 32.€ 98 for a livebox and a 100 GB package in 5G ! So to take advantage of the best network in France, more hesitation, it’s time to bring its subscriptions together.

Man and woman get a check because the orange fiber+cheap mobile pack

Ida Zlotykamien – published on 05/17/2023 at 11:45 am

Fiber, while simplicity: shock price at 20.99 €

Since you are eligible for fiber, like 18 million French households, it is time to take out an adequate subscription. By choosing Orange as FAI, You ensure a quality network and Free fiber connection by a specialized technician.

The Livebox Fiber subscription includes a Livebox 5 design, compact, made of 100% recycled plastic materials, which is automatically configured. Theoretical flow is to 500 Mb/s, both for download and sending, What download your evening movie in just 3 minutes. The proposed telephony is the formula unlimited in France and internationally, But it only concerns fixed. For laptops, we can fall back on instant messaging services or visio calls.

On request, the modem will be accompanied by a latest generation TV decoder, 4K ultra high definition compatible. It is free, but we will have to pay 40 € activation fees before we can access the 140 Orange TV bouquet channels.

You hope even more ? That’s good because orange, As a welcome gift, offer 6 months of subscription at the paramount American streaming platform+. Let us recall that the commitment to the Internet subscription is toa minimum year.

The 100 GB mobile package in 5G

12 years already that the arcep designates Orange as the best mobile operator in France. So why not afford a top package for barely more than the price of a low-cost ? Because by associating The 100 GB package in 5g at the Livebox, it only costs 11.99 € the first year, on promotion. Better yet: we can associate up to 4 packages mobile by livebox subscription, just to benefit the whole family.

Are included in the formula, which is without engagement :

  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS In France and from the Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas towards these areas and France;
  • 100 GB of mobile data Usable indifferently in mainland France or in Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas;
  • THE Loan of a smartphone in 24 hours In case of breakdown, loss, breakage or theft.

Total cost of the operation: 32.98 € the first year by combining the discounts, and 65.98 € then.

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With Orange, 5G is accessible from € 20.99

5G offers a flow three times faster than 4G and allows you to manage a maximum data at the same time. At Orange, it is at hand from € 20.99 per month !

5G from € 20.99 with Orange

The editorial staff Ariase – published on 03/23/2023 at 11:50 am

You have a 5G compatible smartphone or plan to buy one ? You live in an area covered by 5G ? Discover the three 5G orange packages, elected best mobile network in France by Arcep.

5G with the 140 GB package, the most interesting offer

The 140 GB Orange package is undoubtedly the 5G package at the best data-prix of the operator. It is without commitment and for less than € 21 per month the first year, it allows you to enjoy a substantial volume of Data 5G: enough to surf the web for several hours per day without problem. It also gives access:

  • Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS in mainland France
  • Unlimited calls/SMS/MMS from Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra to these areas and France
  • To a second SIM card for a tablet or an airbox

5G and a smartphone at a reduced price with the 150 GB package

For a little more gigas and a 24 -month commitment, the 150 GB package also has many advantages in addition to giving access to 5G. For € 32.99/month the first year then € 44.99, you will benefit from many orange services such as access to a multi-SIM on request and:

  • Unlimited calls in France and from Europe, the French overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra to these areas and France
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS from the above areas
  • To a 5G compatible smartphone at an advantageous price among many Xiaomi, Samsung, Honor, Oppo or even iPhone models from subscription and every two years

In addition to that, you can always count on a very responsive customer service in the event of a problem and a bonus on the recovery of an old smartphone.

5G with the 220 GB package, the most complete Orange offer

We move up a gear with the Maxi Data Orange package, ideal for ultra -key people ! This package at € 52.99/month for 12 months then € 64.99/month is also 24 months old commitment.

It includes all operator’s services, starting with access to 5G and:

  • 220 GB of Internet including 100 GB from Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra
  • Unlimited calls from France and Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra
  • Unlimited calls to fixed to more than 100 destinations and to the fixed and mobiles of Europe, the USA and Canada
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS in France and from Europe to France and Europe

To this is added an internet multi-Sim and a 2nd on request for a second smartphone, tablet or airbox and the possibility of buying a new smartphone at 1 € from the subscription then at advantageous price every 2 years.

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