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An application that makes homework instead of students

Anicet Mbida offers us every morning what is best in terms of innovation.

It was back to school on Monday and students start to have homework. But (fortunately), there is an application that makes them in their place, the kind of application that we dreamed of when we were a student. We take a picture of a question of our homework, for example “solve the equation 12×2+3x-7 = 32”, and not only the program will give the right answer, but in addition, it will detail all the steps to find it : first de facto, apply formula B2-4AC, simplify … All this exactly like when the teacher corrects.

Better still, he is also able to solve bathtub problems, the one that fills at 42 mm3 per minute, but who flees and where the age of the captain must be found. Just take a photo statement, the program makes image recognition and gives all the steps to solve the problem.

And it also works for history-geo, physics and biology. It’s called Socratic, it’s free and formidably effective.

Yes, but it’s cheating, an application for duncres.

It is not at all how they see each other. They consider themselves to be “homework help”. Because in addition to the answer and the steps to find it, they recall the concepts used, give tips and even whole courses on the same theme (what are called MOOCs). Their goal is therefore to serve as a review tool when you are educated or learning tool when you manage on its own.

But obviously, some will use it to cheat on their homework. However, it is more complicated to ban the smartphone at home.

But it works for all subjects ? Even French and philosophy ?

Almost … it should be noted that the application is American and that it is quite recent so everything is not yet translated into French. For math and physics, there are not too many problems. But for the humanities, it is better to have a statement in English. Otherwise, she is content to do research on sites like Digischool or Yahoo Questions/Answers. She is not able to give a dissertation plan for example, but that cannot be long.

So beware Ladies and Gentlemen Teachers. You know how to take into account the calculators when you give homework. Soon, all these applications will also have to be taken into account on smartphone.

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