An American state plans to ban electric cars in 2035, here are 8 100 % electric American cars to watch closely

Here are 8 100 % electric American cars to watch closely

Buick has unveiled two concepts taking the form of a coupe and a sedan and announces the arrival of its 100 % electric Electra sedan from 2024 in the United States. The first is baptized WildCat EV, and takes the form of a superb electric 2+2 coupe, with very futuristic lines. But beware, because it should not directly announce a series model, but rather give an idea of ​​the stylistic direction that the brand will take in the next few years.

An American state plans to ban electric cars in 2035

Quick car electric load


We are in 2035 after Jesus Christ. All of America rolls in electric … all ? No ! A small state of irreducible cowboys is still resistant to the invader.

If Europe has made the decision to prohibit the sale of new thermal cars after 2035, Wyoming, a state in northwest of the United States, has decided to do the exact opposite: prohibiting electric cars ! Admitted objective of this initiative: to protect the local petroleum industry and the jobs it generates. Six parliamentarians, four senators and two members of the House of Representatives have tabled a bill to prohibit the marketing of electric vehicles by 2035. In the SJ004 proposal, elected officials offer to withdraw from trade cars which directly harm “to the state economy”. Their argument: throughout the last decades, the state would have invested significantly in the petroleum industry on which thousands of jobs depend.

The cowboy state (this is the nickname of Wyoming), does not intend to return to the horse and the carriages, but wishes at all costs to avoid the electric transition that is looming. And parliamentarians are not lacking in arguments, starting with the lack of electrical infrastructure, and in particular charging stations in Wyoming. Given this gap and the nature of the local economy, they describe the transfer to the electric car as a certain “mishap”.

An attack in rule of the electric car

In their text, parliamentarians also explain that ” Oil and gas production is the pride of Wyoming “, That she creates” countless jobs ” And ” ensures the economic balance of the state »». Their bill does not forget to directly target the electric car, accusing it, pell-mell, of being, dependent on expensive minerals and whose state is not provided, difficult to recycle, expensive to produce and requiring costly infrastructure.

This bill which would not be likely to succeed, including in the United States. Indeed, the parliamentarians of Wyoming are advancing against the current if we consider the new consumer aid and other tax credits implemented in recent days and which aims to promote the American automotive industry in its transition electric. In its car component, inflation Reduction ACT provides, among other things, a tax credit of up to $ 7,500 for customers in a new electric car. A sum probably insufficient for these six elected representatives of Wyoming.

Here are 8 100 % electric American cars to watch closely

We often talk about China, but the United States is very prolific concerning electric cars. 100 % electric, stuffed with technologies, American electric cars arrive in the dropper in Europe. Here is a selection of eight cars expected.

After making a selection of 100 % electric Chinese cars, expected in Europe, we attacked American car manufacturers. There are renowned manufacturers, like General Motors, Ford, Tesla … and the new ones who try to put themselves in the wake of Tesla: Rivian, Lucid, Lordstown, Canoo, Faraday Future or Fisker. This is the eternal story of the small agile, daring and creative start-ups … We do not know who will really manage to achieve its objectives.

Tesla Roadster

Delayed, then delayed and certainly still delayed. If you have planned to fall for the second edition of the Tesla Roadster, you must be patient (and wealthy). Hope, however, is that one day it finally happens. The roadster will be a car with disproportionate characteristics.

When announced, Elon Musk said that the roadster would be able to reach 1,000 km with a single load and alluded to a top speed greater than 400 km/h. He also said that its three -motors system (which includes an electric motor at the front and two at the rear) will allow the car to speed up 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.9 seconds. Nothing to do with the original roadster of 2008 designed on the basis of a lotus Elise. Apart from the official announcement, the new roadster made timid appearances during official Tesla events.

In France, count a price of 172,000 euros minimum. We are talking about a first delivery in 2023 … remember that during its presentation at the end of 2017, Elon Musk promised an arrival for 2020.

Tesla Roadster Frandroid 2020

Fisker Ocean

It is certainly the least known of the American manufacturers mentioned here, here is the Fisker Ocean. This 100 % electric SUV, we were able to observe it during several salons this year. The look of the Californian SUV makes you think irresistibly to think of the Range Rover Evoque. You will have noticed the solar sunroof, whose brand ensures that it allows you to grab up to 3,200 km of autonomy per year. Regarding this theme, we advise you to read our handling of the Lightyear 0.

The huge 17.1 inch central screen impresses, in a vertical position by rolling or horizontal to watch a movie stopped. Fans of Tesla Model 3 or Model will all find their account there … It can also rotate 90 degrees. When you stop, you look at it in landscape mode to enjoy the multimedia content. On the move, the vertical mode will be more suitable for less distracting the driver. The instrumentation is displayed on a small screen behind the steering wheel.

Announced autonomy are between 440 km (Ocean Sport, The basic model, with electric motor placed on the front axle) and 630 km (Ocean Exreme, with two motors on each axle) on WLTP cycle.

Its first delivery is scheduled for November 2022, in Austria or in the United States. In France, delivery is noted for April 2023. The prices are between 41,900 euros and up to 69,950 euros. It seems high, but these prices include many options and are therefore attractive to competition.


Lucid Air

If you are looking for a major challenger for the Tesla Model S, the Lucid Air is a good candidate. In equal segment, the majority of electric cars trying to display the characteristics of the Tesla are far from approaching them. But, this is not the case with the Lucid Air.

On the technical sheet, the Lucid Aid offers 827 hp, against 680 hp for the Model S plaid. If the two models are playing on the 0 to 100 km/h, the Lucid Air is faster in recovery for the 80 to 120 km/h (1.9 against 2.2 seconds)

Autonomy level, the Lucid Air even pays the luxury of consuming less on the fast tracks (from 17 to 21 kWh / 100 km, against 19 to 22 for the Model S plaid after automobile-proper). Even the load is faster, 300 kW against 250 kW maximum continuous current. Another detail: the battery operates in 800 volts against 400 volts at Tesla.

At the end of August 2022, Lucid unveiled the edition Air Sapphire Edition. This model Lucid Air Sapphire is equipped with three engines, with 1,200 horsepower in total. With an additional rear engine, it is supposed to reach 100 km/h in less than two seconds and 160 km/h in less than four seconds with A top speed at 321 km/h.

If the two cars are so similar, it is that Lucid Motors recruited an engineer … Peter Rawlinson, the latter worked on the Tesla Model S and the Lucid Air. The prices in Europe start at 100,000 euros for the entry -level version, pure, they go up to 218,000 euros for the Dream Edition (price for Germany). Reservations for the first model of Lucid Motos are already open to the manufacturer’s site. In France, we cannot yet pre -order it. Lucid targets Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Norway.


Rivian R1S

Like Lucid, Rivian often makes economic news, because his announcements and other figures are scrutinized by the industry. Rivian’s first big communication was the huge contract with Amazon. The American group worked in close collaboration with Rivian to design the delivery vans assembled at the Rivian factory, normal, in the United States. Rivian presented two models: a pickup named R1T and a SUV named R1S. The R1S, like the Lucid Air cited above, already roll on American roads.

It is a large 7 -seater SUV, always with a 100 % electric motorization. Its characteristics are very close to the R1T, the two cars share the same platform. The Rivian R1S wants to be perceived as the worthy heir to the big American SUV. He is already marking spirits by his look of an ice cabinet, like a Chevrolet Tahoe or a Ford Expedition. Therefore, this does not make it a very efficient car.

Battery capacity 105 kWh 135 kWh 180 kWh
Power 300 kW (408 hp) 522 kW (710 hp) 562 kW (764 hp)
R1T autonomy 370 km 480 km 640 km
R1S autonomy 386 km 499 km 660 km

The Rivian R1S is available in the United States from $ 70,000, and no availability date is announced in Europe. Rivian has published huge losses for the second quarter of 2022, we are talking about $ 1.7 billion, but 98,000 pre -orders were recorded with 25,000 vehicles that should be delivered in 2022.

Cadillac Celestiq

… it’s “ultra-luxe”. We are talking about a 300,000 dollars ticket for entry -level, without option.

The Celestiq will therefore offer hand assembled materials, all -wheel drive, four steering wheels as well as the new generation driving system of GM, Ultra Cruise. The powertrain will be, the same, from GM work, this is Ultium technology.

Pre -orders will be opened in 2023, and the first deliveries are planned in 2025. Obviously, Cadillac is not immune to a slight delay. This SUV could arrive with us a little later, as General Motors heard which sees the electric an opportunity to return to Europe.

Lifestyle canoe

Canuno is a young American startup. We have selected this American manufacturer because we appreciate their approach to the car. This is the case, for example, of the official NASA car.

This seven -seater car reminds us of the Volkswagen Id. Buzz, its design was guided by efficiency, but also carpooling. Thus, we move away from the classic design of cars, its panoramic glass roof and its side windows enveloping the whole cabin in the back, will undoubtedly offer an ideal view of the whole outside. The passenger space at the rear will make an impression, with its bent bench like a sofa and its vast central space.

Canuno plans to put its minivans on the market from 2023 in the United States, at a price of 34,750 dollars. Several variants will be offered, including Delivery for professionals.

Dodge Charger

We are attacking here an American icon, a sportswoman named Charger Daytona SRT. Dodge works in the electrification of its range, which would then allow it to envisage marketing in Europe, as for General Motors and Cadillac.

It’s done, Dodge promises us a electric version of the muscle-car for 2024. The style has been revised to gain modernity, but also in aerodynamics, a key element to improve autonomy. We have approached this concept in this article in detail.

Buick Electra EV

Buick has unveiled two concepts taking the form of a coupe and a sedan and announces the arrival of its 100 % electric Electra sedan from 2024 in the United States. The first is baptized WildCat EV, and takes the form of a superb electric 2+2 coupe, with very futuristic lines. But beware, because it should not directly announce a series model, but rather give an idea of ​​the stylistic direction that the brand will take in the next few years.

The second is the Electra-X. He then takes up some elements of the coupe, on the other hand he distinguished himself by his raised silhouette.

We don’t want it in Europe: Ford F 150 EV, GMC Hummer EV, Lordstown Endurance and Tesla Cybertruck

This is a subjective opinion, shared by the writing Fundroid. Personally, I love pickups. Little known in Europe, these are the most popular vehicles in the United States. They offer a lot of use, with a huge towing capacity. Like huge SUVs, these are now sophisticated and luxurious products … with a huge efficiency problem.

Pickups have made great progress in terms of efficiency. But, they are always large tanks that move in space and, as such, they remain the least economical cars. These pickups have also become imposing, especially since they have four doors and security systems. Finally, the automotive infrastructure in Europe is not suitable for these cars. To move, to park, maneuver in difficult situations and integrate into public and private car parks.

In fact, in some countries, 100 % electric Hummer EV pollutes more than certain thermal cars because of its gargantuan consumption of energy to move.

In short, despite the futuristic style of Cybertruck, we do not want it in Europe. Except, at the limit, for small pickups like the Ford Ranger.

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Here are the 10 American electric cars that could hit the front in Europe

American manufacturers are electric, and it makes you want !

September 26, 2022 09/26/2022 • 18:26

The Detroit show, the city nicknamed Motor City, is an opportunity to see the latest innovations in the American automotive industry in its cradle. We have detailed each model on site for you.

Chevrolet Equinox EV

This year, Joe Biden himself came to cheer up the troops of “Big 3″, the 3 geants of the automobile based in Detroit: ” I think we can appropriate the future of the automotive market “, He swears. And for that, a single leitmotif: electric ! Joe Biden’s speech at the Detroit lounge is a good photo of the inventory of the electric car in the world and more particularly in the United States as an introduction.

For most of the last century, we directed Le Monde (automobile). And something went wrong. We risk losing advantage as a nation, and China and the rest of the world catch up with us. Today, if you want an electric vehicle with great autonomy, you can buy a manufactured in America. Companies have announced new investments of more than $ 36 billion in electric vehicles and $ 48 billion in the manufacture of batteries in the United States. And we just start. As part of the infrastructure law, we invest $ 7.5 billion to build A network of 500,000 charging stations. The big trip to America will be entirely electrified.

After our file on the 8 American cars to watch closely, here is a visit to the Detroit show, with all American electric cars presented there. It must be said that with the anti-inflation plan of Joe Biden, American manufacturers are encouraged to switch to electric.

Ford electric cars

With this observation, the manufacturers align the 100 % electric news in Detroit, even if the first star of the show is very thermal with its large traditional V8: the new Ford Mustang of seventh generation. However, she shares the scene with the Mustang Mach-E and especially the 100 % electric Pick-up F-150 Lightning, a real phenomenon in the USA with its 200,000 orders and a year of waiting before they can ride with the truck silent.

For a beginner rate around 40,000 dollars, the already best-seller of Ford offers excellent performance with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in about 4 s thanks to its generous power of 580 hp and its torque ” van »From 1,050 nm. What easily take more than 900 kg of payload and tow a trailer up to 4.5 t. On the autonomy side, it announces 515 km. Its wise look of traditional pick-up just allows itself the fantasy of a strip of LEDs on its entire front, while inside, the premium versions are entitled to digital instrumentation and a large vertical screen taken from the Mustang Mach-E.

The reign of pick-ups

While waiting for the Tesla Cybertruck, joining the Rivian R1T, several competitors are placed in the Starting blocks, Starting with the General Motors group and its Ultium platform, designed for different types of vehicles.