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12/16/2022 Gael Brianceau

All the news of hybrid and hybrid cars rechargeable

Unlike its predecessor, the fourth generation of Prius will not have waited long to add a rechargeable version to its range

To avoid the constraints of electric cars, hybrid cars remain an interesting alternative in 2017. With their two minimum engines and their batteries, they are certainly more expensive than their petrol or diesel equivalents. But they also prove to be more sober, in any case in town, their territory of predilection, and do not suffer from a problem of autonomy. Rechargeable hybrids even add another argument. At the cost of an even higher rate: the possibility of connecting to the mains to achieve longer distances in 100 % electric mode. If hybrid city dwellers are rare, this technology is starting to develop in compacts, family, roads or SUVs, even in sports. So, to keep you informed, find the test of the main hybrid cars on the market or news of new products, quickly click on the items below. And if it is rather the electric car that has your favors, therefore find our file knowing everything about electric cars.

Citroën C5 x: a new cheaper rechargeable hybrid engine for the family

Citroën C5 x: a new cheaper rechargeable hybrid engine for the family

Almost missing from the Peugeot-Citroën models, the 1.6 Turbo 180 hp without electrification still resistance under the hood of the C5 X. But the large Citroën also turned his back in 2023, for the benefit of the 180 rechargeable hybrid.

02/03/2023 François Lemaur

Discover all the hybrid and plug-in models that will be launched in 2023

All hybrid and rechargeable hybrid cars expected in 2023

Rechargeable hybrid and hybrid models will be numerous in 2023. Whether it’s restylages or replacement, nearly 50 new products are expected.

01/14/2023 Didier Ric

Alfa Romeo Tonale: what you need to know about the rechargeable hybrid SUV Q4

Alfa Romeo Tonale: what you need to know about the rechargeable hybrid SUV Q4

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale Phev Q4 represents an important step in the “From 0 to 0” strategy of Alfa Romeo. Indeed, from a 0% electrified brand in early 2022, it is an ambition to become a zero emission range and 100% electric in 2027. 5 years to be the fastest automobile brand to reach carbon neutrality.

Will the Electric Urban SUV Jeep Avenger be elected car of the year 2023?

Can Jeep do the heist with its small electric SUV Avenger ?

Since its creation in 1964, the election of the European car of the year has never crowned a jeep. Would the 2023 edition be the right one, with a Jeep Avenger that does not lack assets ?

01/09/2023 Didier Ric

The second generation Kia Niro is one of the contenders for the European car of the year 2023

Kia Niro, elected car of the year 2023, an almost impossible mission ?

Among the seven finalists for the election of the car of the year 2023, would the Kia Niro be the candidate who is least likely to climb on the first step of the podium ? What an insurmountable defect does he conceal, what is his Achille heel ?

01/06/2023 Didier Ric

With its electrified four-cylinder, the Mercedes-AMG C63 S is a PHEV which announces 156 g/km of CO2

Mercedes-AMG C63 S test: not the one you think is normal ?

The C63 lives with its time by abandoning its V8 for an electrified four-cylinder. With 680 hp, the machine is incredible, but on the emotion side the account is not there for those who have known the world before.

12/16/2022 Gael Brianceau

The Mercedes-AMG S 63 lives with its time by becoming a PHEV capable of traveling around thirty km in electric

Go up with us on the Mercedes Slved S class by AMG

The Mercedes Class S is limousine par excellence, synonymous with luxury and comfort. But when AMG gets involved, the wise Mercedes turns into an electionizing monster of 802 hp. Guided tour.

06/12/2022 Gael Brianceau

The Peugeot 3008 remains a reference even in rechargeable hybrid

Rechargeable hybrid SUV: which model for the family and inexpensive to ride ?

Rechargeable hybrid family SUVs start to be numerous on the market. To make the right choice, comparisons of electric autonomy and empty battery consumption are important.

03/12/2022 François Lemaur

The Wey Coffee 01 rechargeable hybrid SUV

Record autonomy and broken price: test of the reloadable hybrid Wey Coffee 01

With great blows of superlatives on the electric autonomy, power and equipment while taking the opposite way on the price side, the Coffee 01, the first vehicle offered in Europe by the Chinese manufacturer Wey, promises the. Super deal or mirage ? Answer with our test.

01/12/2022 Pierre Lefebvre

The new Toyota Prius

New Toyota Prius 2023: the pioneer of hybrid cars changes everything !

If Toyota has finally launched in the whole electric, he still counts as much on the hybrid. In particular on his prius, pioneer of the genre and whose fifth generation between today on stage.

12/16/2022 François Lemaur

Nissan Qashqai E-Power: the real consumptions of this hybrid sold as an electric

Nissan Qashqai E-Power: the real consumptions of this hybrid sold as an electric

For the third generation of Qashqai, Nissan has developed an innovative hybrid technology, announced as an electric. It remained to know the real consumptions of this funny hybrid.

12/13/2022 François Lemaur

Renault Austral E-Tech 200: Truth figures on the new hybrid engine

Renault Austral E-Tech 200: Truth figures on the new non-reloading hybrid engine of the diamond

Completely modernized in form, the new Renault Austral is also on the merits, with a new 200 hp hybrid traction channel on high -end finishes. Approval, consumption, performance, the Magazine automobile tells you everything about this unpublished engine.

11/11/2022 François Lemaur

New DS 7 rechargeable hybrid: will he really be further than the old one?

New ds 7 rechargeable hybrid: he really goes further than the old ?

For its restyling, the DS 7 has not only offered a touch of toiletries. The rechargeable hybrid versions have also changed battery in favor of a larger element.

09/11/2022 François Lemaur

Toyota Corolla

4 versatile hybrid cars and inexpensive to roll

About ten years ago, only a handful of hybrid cars were available on the market. They are counted today by dozens, and it is only spoiled for choice. In this top-4 of models that we do not recharge, versatility is only equaled by sobriety !

05/11/2022 François Lemaur and the editorial staff

The Peugeot 3008 plug-in descends upmarket using a 180 hp strong rechargeable hybrid version

Peugeot 3008: now 3 rechargeable hybrid engines for the family SUV

In rechargeable hybrid, the Peugeot 3008 only left the choice between 225 and 300 hp. A pair completed since this November by an 180 hp version with characteristics close to 225 but a little cheaper.

03/11/2022 François Lemaur

The new Range Rover Sport Hybrid rechargeable

What is the new rechargeable hybrid sports rage is worth ?

Like its big brother, the Range Rover Sport plays balancingists between luxury, high performance, muscular hybridization and authentic all-terrain capacities. But, if the alchemy works, it is not without counterparties.

03/11/2022 Pierre Lefebvre

3 rechargeable hybrid cars measured to buy without thinking!

3 rechargeable hybrid cars measured to buy without thinking !

Dispatched at the start, rechargeable hybrid technology, however, many advantages on a daily basis for those who know how to make good use of it. If you have the necessary infrastructure, here are 3 models that will not disappoint you.

10/29/2022 François Lemaur and the editorial staff

The new Suzuki S-Cross in a hybrid version is not given, but it is well equipped

SUZUKI S-CROSS HYBRID test: not a gold case according to our measures !

Specialist in microphone hybridization, Suzuki changes bracquets by going to “self -reloadable” technology. But too expensive and not sober enough, the new S-CROSS 1.5 Dualjet Hybrid does not convince.

24/10/2022 Gael Brianceau

Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid: 130 or 160 hp?

Alfa Romeo Tonale Hybrid: 130 or 160 hp ? Our exclusive measures to choose the right

There are not many solutions to drive different if you want to ride in SUV. Except to turn to the new Alfa Romeo Tonale. It remains to choose between the 130 and the 160 hp in petrol. The AM helps you, with its official measures.

24/10/2022 François Lemaur

In town, this e-power is dynamism, as a great sweetness for use. But he drinks a little too much

New Nissan Qashqai E-Power: what is the electrical propulsion SUV that is not recharged ?

With its original hybridization where only an electric motor causes the wheels while a 1.5 sophisticated essence is responsible for producing electricity, this qashqai is very silent and soft to use. But it is not as sober as hoped.

10/22/2022 Christophe CONGREGA


E-tense Range

Range of electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrid cars

Go to zero emission mode and enjoy an unprecedented driving experience on our electric cars and rechargeable hybrid vehicles. E-Tense technology is available on each new DS automobile models: 100% electric on DS 3 or rechargeable hybrid on DS 4, DS 7 and DS 9. In order to anticipate the profound changes in the automotive industry, the brand adopts an offensive strategy and aims to become 100% electric from 2024.

Automobile innovation is born from the competition

With our commitment as well as our title of double champion in Formula E, we have incorporated in our rechargeable electric and hybrid models technologies from motorsport as energy recovery during braking. Born of performance, our electric models open other horizons to you, with style.

New DS 7

Refinement for the sole guide

New DS 7

Rechargeable hybrid

DS 3

The art of refinement

DS 3

DS 9

The power of elegance

DS 9

Rechargeable hybrid

New DS 3

The art of refinement

New DS 3

DS 4

When the technology dreams of travel

DS 4

Rechargeable hybrid


The advantages of a rechargeable or electric hybrid vehicle

Electric car benefits

100% electric car benefits

Electric vehicle advantages

Electrical advantages

Performance & Pleasure

Live a unique experience on our electric cars and rechargeable hybrid vehicles:

  • Zero pollution driving, without noise or vibration in electric.
  • Reduced emissions and the power of a heat engine and a rechargeable hybrid engine

Roll in town in all circumstances

Roll in electric or rechargeable hybrid car without traffic restrictions:

  • Free parking in some cities for electric vehicles
  • Freedom to circulate in low -emission areas (ZFE) and during pollution peaks

Ecological bonus and conversion bonus

Take advantage of state aid to buy an electric vehicle or a rechargeable hybrid car:

  • An ecological bonus of € 6000 for an electric vehicle or rechargeable hybrid.
  • The conversion bonus of up to € 5,000 for a new or used vehicle

Profits on maintenance and fuel

Zero emission vehicles and rechargeable hybrid cars allow several savings:

  • Reduced maintenance of certain parts which wear out less quickly such as brake discs
  • Fuel savings because the charging cost is much lower than the cost of diesel or gasoline

Were you made for an electric vehicle ?

Refinement goes into 100 % electric mode

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Only You Ambassadors

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Thanks to an interactive card, contact the ambassador of your choice according to its location or the vehicle possessed. He will be delighted to share with you his experience of the universe of automobiles.

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Share your e-tens experience (rechargeable or 100% electric hybrid vehicles). Benefit from exclusive advantages for you and your godchildren.

All your questions about electric and hybrid

Legal notices ¹ Electric: The independently indicated autonomy and electricity consumption values ​​are in accordance with the WLTP test procedure on the basis of which new vehicles have been received since September 1, 2018. They may vary depending on the real conditions of use and different factors such as: speed, thermal comfort on the vehicle, driving style and outside temperature. The recharging time depends in particular on the power of the charger on board the vehicle, the charging cable, as well as the type and power of the charging station used. Be sure to get closer to your point of sale for more information. More information here. Hybrid: the values ​​of fuel consumption, CO₂ and autonomy emissions indicated comply with the WLTP test procedure on the basis of which new vehicles have been received since September 1, 2018. This WLTP procedure replaces the European Driving Cycle (NEDC), which was the test procedure used previously. The test conditions being more realistic, the consumption of fuel and the CO₂ emissions measured according to the WLTP procedure are, in many cases, higher than those measured according to the NEDC procedure. The values ​​of fuel consumption, CO₂ and autonomy emissions can vary depending on the real conditions of use and different factors such as: recharge frequency, driving style, speed, specific equipment, Options, tire types, outside temperature and thermal comfort aboard the vehicle. Be sure to get closer to your point of sale for more information. More information here.

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