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Adidas Running by Runtastic

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Adidas Running: Sport and GPS 4+

I had before Runtastic, who suited me perfectly for the occasional runner that I am trying to motivate himself and follow his progress with an app. Runtastic was bought by Adidas, and everything becomes paying . Now I can only consult the statistics month per month, if I want to watch my weekly or annual stats -> paying ��. Which was not before of course of course . So thank you adidas for paying for what was previously free . Thank you Adidas, good ad !
Basically adidas monetizes the pleasure of playing sports, wherever he can . I do not find it so much that values ​​you ! You do not think that you would get out of it and that it would make you a better advertisement if you accompany sportsmen a minimum instead of making them pay for everything ??

CODY45THEBEAR, 06/12/2022

Before I love it now she does nothing ..

Good morning,
I am very disappointed with this application since buying back by addidas. Under Runtastic it was very complete with the splitting of races with intermediate times, now more access to intermediate times … Moreover no transmission of activities such as Yoga Pilates and other sports in Apple Activities … it’s very disappointing and prejudicial of the motivation to see our effortless efforts. Honestly I don’t understand the choice to do this is the only thing that pushed me to keep it. Already that the sharing of races on social networks had become complicated, see unmanageable. Now it’s impossible. Congratulations Addidas … In a few years you have made the most complete Run application to the most mediocre, I come to prefer that of my Apple Watch which is simplistic at will. This is a performance to salute you will probably have the Gérard 2022 of the most mediocre application of application ever seen ! Note seen your prowess on the updates before, it was the only way to point out … on this side it is a success !
From a very very disappointed user and who will change cremerie. Good luck to the courageous who wish to continue with Addadas … You will need it given the turn that the events take.

Well but we can still improve

It would be the percentage of a slope by bike in the statistics and to be able to adjust the distance 100 m 250m 500m 1km

It would be much more internal encouragement when it remains very can distance from a race

It would be good if you could draw your route to program your theoretical average speed of the course and save it in the objectives for the bike. GPS

We could have an automatic segment system for the bike to compare oneself.

Access to data is not always very intuitive. We have a part of the data in News and the complement in progress. It would be good to group it will simplify.

For road bike, you can put the average speed per km in the form of a table and add other useful parameters.

During the bicycle journey you could display more settings on the screen with a switch to have several pages including the tracet GPS. Max speed, duration of the course, average speed, instantaneous speed.

It would be an arrow which indicates that we decrease or increase the average speed to know if we accelerate or we are late.

I hope you will see my opinion.
But anyway thank you.

Adidas Running by Runtastic

Adidas Running by Runtastic

Jogging, running, walking, hiking, cycling, skiing .. Record and share all your sports activity On Adidas Running by Runtastic. Speed, distance, calories, training time, follow all important statistics and even use the application On your connected watch.

Follow all your training by GPS, achieve objectives, defy your friends and share all this on social networks. Also have new functions and delete ads by going to the pro subscription.

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The Ultimate Running App for Pushing Your Limits.

The Easst and Most Complete Apple Watch App for Tracking All Your Running Sessions.


In One Screen, You Get the Main Workout Metrics:
– Workout duration / distance
– Average / Instant pace
– Current Heart Rate
Elevation (If Altimeter is Enabled)
GPS accuracy (top right corner)

Normal YouRace Mode

Apple Watch Screen Capture

Advanced Settings
Set the Parameters Before and During Your Run, All On Your Watch.

Apple Watch Screen Capture

Time, Distance, Pace, Heart Rate and Even GPS Accacracy Are Always visible.

Apple Watch Screen Capture

Action Button Compatible
Start an activity at any time with one click.

Apple Watch Screen Capture

Custom Running Action
Add a segment, Adjust the distance or Even end the session with a click.

Apple Watch Screen Capture

Visualize Your Time, Distance, Pace, Heart Rate.


Swipe Left from the hand scree, you get all the data you need for a great interval session.
You Display The Running Data for the Current Interval.
Start A New Interval by Double Tap or Pressing The 2 Side Buttons (If you have setup this Behavior).
The Interval Number is inclusive and a new interval is recurded.

Yourace Screenshot

Apple Watch Screen Capture

Interval Data Display
Time, Distance, Speed, Heart Rate and Target Display for Each Segment

Apple Watch Screen Capture

Interval Creation
Create Your Training Plan Entirely from Your Watch, and Launch it at any Time During Your Run

Apple Watch Screen Capture

Summary training
View each segment, their pace and your heart rate at the end of the session

Fashion race

Swipe Right to Follow Your Race Target.
Unique Way to Adjust Watch Accuracy to Perfectly Match Race Distance.
– Set a planned a target distance to get the estimated finish time.
– Adjust your watch estimates with double tap when you reach a kilometer or a mile. The Correted Data Will Appear On This Screen (Distance, Pace).
– Access to Regular Data on the Main Screen.

Yourace Screenshot

Apple Watch Screen Capture

Select Target Distance
Choose your distance and your goal and let yourself you led to the finish line

Apple Watch Screen Capture

Data breed
Complete race data with fixed distance, heart rate and estimated finish time

Apple Watch Screen Capture

Action Button Ready (Ultra)
One click during your run to readjust the distance and get the best estimate

Pro – $ 4.99

Advanced features:

– Customize Each Screen
– Two Display Themes
– Auto Workout Backup
– Strava Export
– TCX / Fit Export
– More Metrics.

Yourace Pro

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Workout Information is stored within the app on the iPhone, and pass on to apple’s health and activity apps on the iPhone.
It is not stored or smell anyWhere Else Unless specificly exported by the user from the app, or from Apple’s Health System.

No data is collected and smell out of the iPhone.