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How to import local music to Spotify

Spotify Music Converter

Add MP3 to Spotify and synchronize them on your smartphone

Spotify is super cool to listen to music, but if there are mp3 songs that you do not find on the platform, here is how to read the musical files that are on your hard drive.

The first step is to go to Spotify preferences and activate the “Show local files” option.

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Then, by clicking on the “Add a source” button, you can select the directories where your MP3s are.

Wait a little while Spotify scan your local directory and click on “Local files in the menu on the left.

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From there, you can slip your local pieces into any playlist and then listen to it locally.

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But the good news is that Spotify also allows you to synchronize these songs on your devices. To do this, you will have to be on the same WiFi network with your device (smartphone) and your computer. After a while, the MP3 will be synchronized and you can listen to it on your smartphone.

Add MP3 to Spotify

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How to import local music to Spotify ?

One of the unique aspects of Spotify is reading music you have stored on your own PC. In this way, you can complete the Spotify track library with other tracks you have that does not contain in the Spotify database.

Normally, when you install the Spotify application successfully on your computer, the program automatically searches and synchronize local stored music on your hard drive. But, if you have a collection of MP3 files spread over several folders or even external storage ? You must manually Add local music to Spotify.

Import local music to Spotify

Tutorial to import local music to Spotify

Step 1. Add the local music songs to Spotify

Go to Preferences. Look for the column Local files and select the option Add a source.

Go to preferences

All music files without DRM will be imported instantly into the Spotify library. Then you will see the music added under the name Local files at the playlist bar.

Local files

Step 2 Create a new playlist

After adding music to the library, you can create a new playlist by clicking on Create a playlist in the lower left corner. Fill all the information in the box and a playlist will be created.

Create a new playlist

Once the playlist is ready, return to the file Local files And add the song you want to synchronize in the playlist.

Add local music to the playlist

Attention : Spotify only supports extension files .MP3, .MP4, and .M4P, files .MP4 not included. If Quicktime is installed on your computer, the files .M4A are also Soutebus.

Tutorial to download Spotify songs locally

In addition To import local songs on Spotify, you may also have the idea of ​​downloading Spotify songs locally. You need to use a professional music recording tool, Sidify Spotify Music Converter. It is an excellent tool to record and convert songs, playlists, spotify podcasts into MP3, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, WAV or ALAC with high quality and preserved ID3 beacons. With his help, you can Download Spotify songs as local files and move them to your USB key and your PS5.

Tool required – Spotify Music Converter

Spotify Music Converter key characteristics

Spotify Music Converter

Spotify Music Converter

  • Convert songs to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/ALAC/AIFF.
  • Preserve the high audio quality of Spotify after conversion.
  • Keep the tags to better organize the music library.
  • A click to engrave spotify music on CD.
  • 100% without viruses and plugins.


If you are looking for a way to read Spotify music or local Spotify files from your desktop to an Android device without having to download Spotify, there is Sidify Spotify Music Converter to help you solve these problems. Spotify Music Converter is an impressive Spotify downloader helps you to Remove DRM from Spotify directly or convert the Spotify playlist to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC/Aiff/Alac.

Note : The free trial version of Spotify Music Converter only allows you to convert 1 minute for each audio file, you can unlock this limitation by buying the full version.


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Deezer Music Converter is an excellent Deezer music downloader for users who can download music or Deezer playlists in high quality MP3, AAC, AIFF, Flac and Alac audio formats.