A comparison of the different light electric scooters, light electric scooter: Top 5 for the city in 2023

Top 5: Light electric scooter for the city


The very last Inöe Bloomy However, you will allow you to use your electric scooter all year round thanks to its IP65 water protection. A very good choice to use it on a daily basis.

A comparison of the different light electric scooters

Lightness is one of the essential criteria when selecting a Women’s electric scooter. A large majority of people want to buy an electric scooter for their daily trips. These people therefore seek an autonomous, but also light scooter.

Why lightness is an essential criterion ? If you have to take the metro or even store your scooter in your apartment with floor, the weight is an important criterion. Still if you have to climb stairs on your trip.

Having a light electric scooter is therefore a very good criterion. But you still have to know from which kg the scooter is considered to be “light” or “heavy”. To do this, inquire is the best way to know. The answer will appear just below.

Know when your electric scooter is considered light

Before comparing different models of light electric scooters, you must first know how to identify them.

In the world of the electric scooter, the light electric scooter is useful when it is necessary to wear it at least 2 times or more per day. To consider that a scooter is light or not, here are different scales:

An ultra-light electric scooter: less than 14 kilos, the scooter is considered ultra-light. It is easy to take with you.
A fairly light electric scooter: Between 14 and 19 kg, the scooter is quite light but it should not be worn a lot (no more than 2 times a day and on short distances). On the other hand, the autonomy or the weight will be higher.
a fairly bulky electric scooter: Between 20 and 30 kg, the scooter is bulky and it must be carried a maximum of 2 to 3 times a week.
A heavy electric scooter: Beyond 30 kg, the electric scooter is really heavy and it must be worn at most 1 or 2 times a month to be good.

Here are different criteria in order to get an idea of ​​the weight and the number time. After understanding weight differences, it’s time to get to the heart of the matter.

A comparison of light electric scooters

There are many light electric scooters on the market. These models vary according to the brand and the need of targeted consumers. Here is a selection of 3 models of ultra-light electric scooters. The three of them are below 14 kg below.

The most powerful scooter is also the lightest, which legitimately places it in first position. It’s about the E-Twow Booster S+ Premium V2. This electric scooter is compact while remaining efficient. It is therefore very appreciated since it is proof that you can have an ultra-light and nervous electric scooter at the same time. The second and third place are harder to assign.

His positive points:

its maximum speed up to 35 km/h
its IPX4 certification which is resistant to the strong projections of water
its autonomy of up to 35 km
its maximum crossing that can climb slopes at 23 %

Its negative points:

its price higher than other models
its lower wheels (8 inches)

2nd: the Pablo electric scooter

Indeed, even if the Xiaomi is less powerful and autonomous, it is 1.5 kg less. In addition, it costs 90 € less. However, the Pablo is more interesting for daily use. The pablo goes faster, further and rises more -sophisticated slopes. It is for this reason that she returns in second place.

Very appreciated currently, it is even compared to the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. To compete with such a reference, the Pablo has a very attractive value for money.

His positive points:

its 10 -inch shock and vibration -resistant wheels
its disc brakes
Its 10.4 Ah battery
his price

Its negative points:

its weight (slightly larger compared to other models)

3rd: The Xiaomi Essential electric scooter

The Xiaomi Essential finds itself in last position. Due to its low autonomy, the use of this electric scooter is recommended for small journeys or occasional uses. It is a less suitable scooter than others for daily use in town.

His positive points:

its price (the cheapest)
Its double braking system

Its negative points:

its speed (not even going up to 25 km/h)
its 250W engine which allows it to climb slopes of 10 % maximum

Here is the ranking of the lightest and powerful electric scooters at the same time. But do you know why a scooter is light and what makes it heavy ?

The elements that increase the weight of your electric scooter

Having a light electric scooter is not for nothing. But there are lots of criteria that make a scooter is heavy or light. If you want an electric scooter whose weight is low, here are the criteria that will allow you to buy one for less than 14 kg:

  • the wheels : In general in gum, they are lighter and less large.
  • engine : He too is less powerful and it will be done with light materials.
  • battery : The element that plays the most on the weight of the electric scooter. A lithium battery will be privileged (less than 4 kg)
  • The materials of the structure: The steel structure is more solid but also heavier. For a light scooter, the structure is generally made of carbon.
  • The presence (or not) of a saddle: The presence of a saddle will increase the weight of the electric scooter considerably.

Here are the different elements to take into consideration to make a light electric scooter. Over time, these elements will be used less and less since other innovations will come out.

Thanks to future engineers, future electric scooters will be lighter with greater performance. In addition, these scooters will be able to drive on roads leaning on angles greater than 20 %. This technology should not be long.

The disadvantages of light electric scooters

A light adult electric scooter… we all dream of it ! But many people are looking for “crazy” characteristics while wishing scooters within 12 kg. This type of electric scooter does not yet exist. Despite new technologies, engineers have still failed to create 12 kg scooters with 60 km of autonomy.So you have to face the facts. A light scooter has fewer attractive features.

To start having efficient characteristics, you have to turn to a slightly heavier model (between 14 and 19 kg). The scooter is therefore less light but it is more autonomous, powerful and comfortable.

As we have seen above, light electric scooters have many negative points. Here is a list of things to improve over time:

These elements will allow you to make journeys on sloping or irregular terrain more easily, to go more far from it and to have a better driving experience. In addition, all this will be done in an ultra light vehicle.

Finally, choosing your light electric scooter is a real obstacle course. Indeed, the scooter must adapt to your means of transport and your daily journeys. In addition, look at the total charging time to see if you don’t have time to recharge it completely. The presence of front and rear suspensions is also essential to a scooter, because some light devices do not have it.

You may realize that the characteristics of a light electric scooter are not sufficient for your daily use. It is then necessary to opt for a scooter weighing between 14 and 19 kg. It is still quite light, but these models will surely meet your needs more. Do not hesitate to inquire and turn to similar devices. We can cite, for example, the Speedway Super Mini 4 Pro electric scooter. This electric scooter is quite light since it weighs 17 kg and can go up to 50 km. Thanks to its 500W engine, the scooter can go up to 45 km/h and climb slopes at 25 %.

Top 5: Light electric scooter for the city

Light electric scooters are on the rise. Practices by their very low footprint, They are easy to carry in addition to a route in public transport. But also to store them at home, especially if you miss the place.

What criteria should be taken into account when purchasing ? What is the Best trottinet modellight electricity in 2023 ?

Response in our comparison of light electric scooters.

Light speed electric scooter

Light electric electric scooter buying guide for the city

Rather for adolescents or adults ?

Not everyone will have the same use. If a teenager may be more sensitive at the look of the electric scooter. An adult will bet more on Safety and transportability a light electric scooter. Because yes, the electric scooter is not a means of transport reserved for children. In 2023 it was even the fashionable means, both in an approach of practicality and ecomobility.

We remind you that according to the legislation of July 2020 (last regulations to date), it is necessary to be at least 12 years old to be able to use an electric scooter on the public highway.

If everyone (or almost) knows the famous Xiaomi M365 electric scooter, some models highlight their minimalist and futuristic look like UNAI E500 with, too, 12 kg on the scale.

Bloomy Inoe electric scooter

How much autonomy do you really need ?

In the case of daily use, autonomy can be a determining factor in the purchase of a light electric scooter. It is important to target well above all the course that you have to realize. It is not necessarily the same in an electric scooter, as in car or public transport. There is also a connected watch specially designed To tell you, both using its screen and by wrist vibration system, the best path to take.

In this category, the autonomy of a light electric scooter is mainly Between 10 and 40 km maximum. Indeed, the weight of the battery counts very much in the lightness of the vehicle. This is often what makes the difference between a light adult electric scooter and a heavier offering a supplement of autonomy.

The charging time is also to be monitored. If you have the possibility of recharging it to your work for example, it may be interesting to have relatively fast recharge to ensure your return trip in any relaxation.

Tires adapted to the road

Small electric scooters are generally equipped with top wheels 6 and 8 inch. Airline tires offer better driving comfort, even more on light electric scooters which generally do not offer suspensions to save weight. But these tires are more vulnerable to punctures than tubeless tires without air chamber, or full tires. The last model completely prevents it from puncturing by reducing the comfort of use somewhat.

Everything is therefore a question of choice and sacrifices !

Urban electric scooter LEGERE WEEK ANOKI Pas Cher Beach

The sapping folding system

The flap of the stem on the deck is an important element for both storage and for the transport of an electric scooter in the metro, tram or bus. Whether by fatigue, lack of autonomy or speed on your route, taking public transport can be very useful in using an electric scooter compared to an electric bike, even also foldable.

Each manufacturer has a folding system very special. Some models even offer A completely foldable handlebar For even simpler storage at home. This allows you not to leave your electric scooter outside and thus avoid theft and failure of the equipment.

Dualtron Togo electric scooter (double brakes)Dualtron Togo electric scooter (double brakes)

Dualtron Togo electric scooter (double brakes)

Top 5 light electric scooters

Discover our selection of light electric scooters with their strengths and low weights.

Weebot Anoki electric scooter: ultra-comfortable

Quickly comfortable fast -fashioned AKOTERE LEGERE

New model Among the best light electric scooters, the Anoki weevot is designed for daily use in an urban environment. Available in 2 battery models, It is ideal for moving easily.

A little less light (17 kg) that the other models of our comparison, the Anoki of Weebot however offers a best power, better autonomy, as well as excellent driving comfort. With 45 km/h of maximum speed on the 48V 16Ah battery (40 km of autonomy), the performance is excellent for a model of light electric scooter.

Comfort is provided by Pneumatic suspensions front and rear, as well as 8.5 inch inflatable tires. This allows the Anoki weevot to be one of the best electric scooters of the year. By controlling the manufacturing quality from start to finish, the French brand Webot allows its customers to obtain a very good model of cheap electric scooter at the fairest price.

Practice both in public transport and to store it at home, the anoki is foldable, at the level of the gallows, but also of the handlebar For more compactness. The drum brake on the rear wheel allows effective braking in all circumstances.

Anoki weekends

  • High -end manufacturing quality
  • The most power of this top 5
  • Very comfortable thanks to its front and rear suspensions
  • The best value for money
  • A maximum speed of 45 km/h

Weak points of the Anoki weeke

  • One of our comparison (16.5kg)

E Twow Booster GT 2020 SE: Best compromise power/lightness

E-Twow GT Edition electric scooter Smart Edition

The E-Twow Booster GT 2020 electric scooter is the new flagship model of the famous Romanian brand E-Twow.

Thanks to its light structure, the GT 2020 (Smart Edition) is even better equipped than its small sisters in the range with in particular Sound enlarged allowing to put your 2 feet easily for more comfort.. Its system of patented folding has been completely revised to provide better ease of withdrawal in just 1 to 2 seconds.

Equipped with a brushless engine of 700W reaching the 40 km/h Max speed, the E-Twow Booster GT 2020 is One of the lightest in the equivalent power market with its 12.9 kg .

Its Lithium Samsung 48V 10.5Ah battery allows you to have a autonomy of 35-40 km Depending on your driving. These technical performances are supported by the addition of the KERS system for braking energy.

IP54, the new GT 2020 (Smart Edition) offers relatively good water resistance if you are led to use your electric scooter in the fine rain. This GT version has been redesigned by the brand and offers new components such as A drum brake at the rear, a crutch or even reflectors on the wheels.

Its 8 -inch tires in a tender gum offer a good compromise in terms of comfort (with the help of its front and rear shock absorbers) and save you the punctures of the models with. But at maximum speed, these tires can be more difficult to control.

This model has undergone an improvement for the year 2021, now called E-Twow Booster GT SE (Smart Edition) which adds a Bluetooth connection to manage your scooter from the application of the manufacturer andWow Connect without additional.

It is thus possible to control the battery and engine temperature through the application. An easy way for you to check the proper functioning of your machine on your vehicle. No maximum maximum speed on this e-Twow GT Smart Edition but new very nice features.

Strengths of the Booster GT 2020 (Smart Edition)

  • Powerful 700W and almost silent engine.
  • New generation folding system
  • Comfortable handlebar.
  • Intuitive control buttons.
  • Extended deck
  • Bluetooth connection to control the condition of the vehicle

Weak points of the Booster GT 2020

  • The charger is a bit bulky.
  • Non-inflating wheels.

Inöe Bloomy electric scooter

Light light electrical scooter ino Bloomy IP65

The French brand Inöe develops the most water -resistant light electric scooters. If you are looking for a Cheap waterproof electric scooter, Weebot advises you on the purchase of the Bloomy scooter.

Inöe Bloomy has a relatively light weight of 16.5 kg. Perfectly suited to urban journey with urban route with 30 km of autonomy, This electric scooter has unlike its rivals, large 10 inch tires Inflatable with air chamber for safer driving at 25 km/h at top speed.

Light and foldable with a single pressure, the Inöe Bloomy electric scooter is convenient to store in a car trunk. Due to its low size, the bloomy is ideal in addition to a course by being easy to transport.

This light electric scooter has an IP65 protection index. One of the most rain -resistant electric scooters ! A real crush at Weebot.

Inoe electric scooter

Strengths of Inöe Bloomy

  • IP65 water resistance
  • Large 10 inch wheels
  • Comfortable handlebar.
  • Quality French brand

Weak points of the Inöe Bloomy

  • 25 km/h maximum

Inokim mini plus: the lightest of light scooters !

Inkim mini ultra light inkim

Inokim Mini Plus is a lightened version of the Inokim Light 2 Super. It is the lightest electric scooter of our comparison. At first glance, she impresses with her sleek design and ultra-thin size.

With a Weight of only 8.5 kg, It is almost the lightest electric scooter in its category. It is even lighter than the Xiaomi M365, the Segway Ninebot ES2 and the minimum plus Evo which are considered among the most compact scooters in the world !

Thanks to its engine delivering a maximum power of 250 W, the Inokim Mini Plus allows you to speed of 20 km/h. Unlike Inokim Light and Quick models, this scooter uses a button to accelerate instead of the classic trigger.

A battery of 5.8 Ah integrated into the frame offers a Autonomy of 20 km under optimal conditions. For a full load, it takes 3 to 4 hours. If this is no longer the case and your battery is worn, at Weebot, we offer several possibility in order to satisfy your need in the matter !
Answer a simple questionnaire and we will send the product that our experts will solve the problem linked to the autonomy of your electric scooter !

Personalized service weevot internal battery electric scooter

Thanks to an ingenious folding system, this ultra light electric scooter can be folded in a few seconds. Two additional small casters are placed under the tray. They make it possible to hold the scooter vertically or to pull it in trolley mode.

The Inokim Mini is equipped with a 6 -inch inflatable wheel at the front (with air chamber), and a complete 6 -inch wheel on the back (in tender gum). On the braking side, it is Equipped with an EABS brake at the front and an electromagnetic brake at the rear. It also has a USB port (5V 1A) on the handlebars allowing to load a smartphone or a camera for example.

Strengths of the Inokim Mini Plus

  • Ultralight !
  • With a USB port on the handlebars.
  • Very handy.
  • Compact and refined design.
  • Powerful brakes (EABS system).

Weak points of the inkim mini plus

  • Absence of an LCD display screen.
  • Less powerful engine.
  • Autonomy to be improved (only 20 km)
  • Impractical 6 inch tires for driving

Ninebot by Segway E22E: an unbeatable value for money

Ninebot segway E22e electric scooter

With its weight of 13.5 kg, The Ninebot by Segway E22E is an electric vehicle designed for city use for daily journeys of less than 20 km.

The aluminum structure of the Ninebot E22E is very solid for a discreet look. Raised with tires 9 inches Robust (double intensity pneumatic), it is a very agile electric scooter due to its size and lightness.

Its tray is covered with a coating non-slip And this version has a waterproofing standard IPX4. Easily foldable, it can accompany you everywhere. Whether in a car trunk or even in public transport to optimize your journey time.

The brushless engine of 300W can deploy 700W maximum power to drive without problem at 20 km/h. It is possible to graft an optional battery to increase its autonomy about 45 km.

Strengths of the Ninebot by Segway E22E

  • Discreet.
  • Easy to fold and transport.
  • Good autonomy.
  • Excellent value.

Weak points of the Ninebot by Segway E22E

  • The least powerful for its weight.
  • A little long recharge time (3-4h).
  • No suspension and therefore a terrible comfort

New: Eroz Kapacity 8, scooter made in France

Electric scooter made in France Eroz EK8 8 inch 400W

Relatively little known on the electric scooters market, Eroz is a new French brand on the market.

The materials are of excellent quality here ! This eroz Kapacity 8 or EK8 as a diminutive is intended for urban users with its 8 -inch inflatable tires. This electric scooter with Brushless 400W engine has a high -end manufacturing allowing it to obtain a Excellent value .

Strengths of the Eroz EK8

  • 400W engine at the rear
  • Good finish quality.
  • Attractive design with LED warning on the sides
  • Rear footrests for more driving comfort

Weak points of the Eroz EK8

  • Not the lightest of our ranking

Conclusion: light electric scooter 2022

Best light electric scooter 2021

To conclude this comparison of the 5 best light electric scooters, The E-Twow Booster GT 2020 (Smart Edition – SE) offers the best power/lightness compromise. If you are looking for an ultra light electric scooter, then The Inokim Mini Plus is almost the best option available to you.

For those looking for comfort and power, turn to the Anoki Weebot which is an excellent compromise and perfectly versatile on the road.

The very last Inöe Bloomy However, you will allow you to use your electric scooter all year round thanks to its IP65 water protection. A very good choice to use it on a daily basis.

If your budget is a little tightened, the new Ninebot by Segway E22E will be an excellent choice offering you discretion and good general quality.

Finally, if you are looking for an electric scooter designed in France, it is towards the Eroz EK8 that you will have to turn even if it is not the lightest.