5 mobile applications to manage your business cards, 7 mobile applications to scan and synchronize your business cards in a CRM

7 mobile applications to scan and synchronize your business cards in a CRM

No need to press your smartphone’s camera trigger to scan your business cards. Abby Business Card Reader automatically detects them. Your contacts can be reached by phone with a single click on their number. The mobile application is distinguished by its particularly efficient text recognition.

5 mobile applications to manage your business cards


Itespresso.FR offers you a selection of apps to switch to “zero paper” and maximize the potential of business cards.

Digital transformation also involves management of business cards.

Many applications promise to go to “zero paper” to store contacts, enrich them and develop customer relations. They allow, at least, to photograph business cards to extract information … with more or less success. Beyond their performance for character recognition, these applications differ mainly in their ability to use data.

There are many extension possibilities: creation/dissemination of cards, collaborative functions or integration with other software.

Itespresso.FR has selected five, available at least on iOS and Android, with assessments greater than 4 stars.

1 – Camcard

The application is developed by the Chinese company INTSIG INFORMATION, also at the origin of CAMSCANNER. In addition to iOS and Android, it is available in the form of a plugin For Outlook (2003 to 2013 versions on Windows 7 and 8.1).


Cards can be digitized in both sides, in 17 languages ​​including French. Contacts are saved on the phone and on a remote server to allow the Synchronization on other devices.

Information can be enriched by notes, reminders and tags to facilitate research. Their export is possible to Google and Outlook contact notebooks, as well as to Excel, SugarcRM and Salesforce (in which Camcard is also directly integrated).

On the customer relations, the user is notified when his contacts update their profile. He can access the news of their business and the history of conversations.

This latest feature is only accessible in the “team” version, offered from $ 5 per month for each user with a one -year commitment. It also provides tags and reminders, import-export with Outlook and Excel, as well as a “secretary” fashion making it possible to delegate the scanning of cards to a third party.

Export options to Salesforce, SugarcRM and the Google contact book are only available in the “Business” version ($ 12 per month for each user). Which also makes it possible to create a centralized database and to develop collaborative uses, in particular through a system of assignment of tasks.

The free version (Lite) allows you to scan up to 200 cards on Android and 500 on iOS. It displays advertising and allows connection only on a device both.

Camcard opens its technology to third -party applications through a API (programming interface) and a SDK (Development kit). The first requires the installation of the Camcard app to allow automatic character recognition; not the second.

2 – Haystack

Developed by the Australian company of the same name, the application digitizes cards by both sides In 25 languages ​​including French, then records contacts in the phone and in the cloud. It allows you to add notes and tags.


The connection is direct with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot (Marketing Suite) and Mailchimp (e-mailing)). It can be done with “hundreds” other solutions via The zapier integration platform.

The free version does not include advertising and does not limit the number of scanned cards. However, it only supports one user.

To work in a team, you have to go to the “For Business” formula, billed $ 7.95 a month for the first user and 3 dollars per additional user. In addition to the various suspected integrations and export to Excel, it adds an administration console intended to facilitate the Creating cards from models and their assignment to employees.

The latter can then share them, especially by flashcode, contactless (NFC) and in their e-mail signature. Then Analyze performance (openings, clicks on links, viewing any integrated videos, etc.).

Each employee can have several cards, each associated with an e-mail address. Haystack offers training options for the use of the solution as part of the “For Enterprise” offer. Accessible from 100 users, it allows, among other things, a finer control of the personalization of the cards.

3 – Evernote

The digitization of business cards is accessible as part of the Premium and Business Evernote paid formulas. Users of the free version (BASIC) can benefit from it for a year provided you connect their LinkedIn account.


The information is saved in “contact notes”. On Android, in the absence of a function both sides, It is necessary to digitize the two sides in different notes and to merge them.

If the email address on the card is the same as that associated with the LinkedIn Contact account, the data is automatically imported.

Like Camcard and Haystack, Evernote is connected to Salesforce. The extension is available in the premium offer (6.99 euros including tax per month), which also includes a Offline access to mobile notes.

The Evernote Business version (13.99 euros) adds unique authentication, user activity history and a centralized database device.

4 – FullContact

The application presents itself as a unified contact manager on which an audience activation platform was built.

full contact

Card digitization in both sides is accessible with the free offer … but within the limit of 10 cards. After this quota, you have to migrate to FullContact Premium (8.33 dollars excluding tax per month for a user with one year commitment).

Information extraction has the distinction of being Made by humans, via Mechanical Turk (Amazon) and CloudFactory services. So that the process takes on average 20 minutes.

The premium formula allows you to synchronize up to 5 accounts (Google, iCloud, Exchange / Office 365). It automatically enriches contacts with public information available on the web.

Several interconnection platforms are supported: Zapier, Piesync, Blendr.IO and Tray.io. Native integrations are also available. They make it possible to clean the basics of contacts or to obtain information before a meeting.

The Premium version manages up to 25,000 contacts – which it can update from their signature on Gmail – and allows you to scan 1,000 cards per year (more thanks to packs).

The collaborative is accessible with the Teams offer (from 60 dollars per month for each user), which gives access to a shared contact book.

FullContact also offers an usable and free marqueable API for the first 100 cards.

5 – Lens Office

The free Microsoft application includes a business card scanning function (in addition to white or black documents and tables).

The information can be saved in OneNote and OneDrive, in addition to the address book (possible export in VCARD). Information extraction is optimized for English, German, Spanish and simplified Chinese; not French.


Note : The five CI-presented applications have a free limited version of functionality (number of contacts, ability to follow actions on shared cards, presence of advertising, etc.). For paid versions, the prices indicated do not take into account, as far as possible, promotions that are regularly found on the App Stores.

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7 mobile applications to scan and synchronize your business cards in a CRM

You are crumbling under the business cards ? Two options are available to you: collect Rolodex binders (a little bulky in the pocket) or transfer all these little papers to your CRM tool. You just need to take said card in picture. The applies scan, sorts and integrates contact data directly into your business management tool. Practical to keep your up -to -date professional address book !

Abby Business Card Reader


No need to press your smartphone’s camera trigger to scan your business cards. Abby Business Card Reader automatically detects them. Your contacts can be reached by phone with a single click on their number. The mobile application is distinguished by its particularly efficient text recognition.



In addition to scanning your paper business cards and synchronize them with your CRM, Camcard creates shares that can be shared online via a QR code. The little extra: if you change jobs, address or telephone number, all people with your e-card will be notified. An appreciable function to maintain your professional network up to date.



The famous commented notes take application includes in its premium version a very practical business card scanning option. Once scanned, the card is read and the data archived. The application will even try to find contact on LinkedIn. Evernote is compatible with Zapier, which allows you to interface it with other web tools that you use on a daily basis (Dropbox, Slack, Mailchimp, etc.)).

FullContact Card Reader

FullContact Card Reader

Particularity of FCCR: These are humans who transcribe the coordinates present on the business card photographed (and not the OCR textual recognition technology). A period of 30 min maximum is to be expected for a correct 99% result. Again, possibility of couple the mobile application in Zapier to automate a task. For example, create a new customer sheet in your CRM.



Here, the recognition of OCR text is supplemented by a rereading of the Sansan teams. You can choose to scan a single recto pave card or more cards at the same time. Practical if the harvest was good at a professional show. Zapier integration allows you to couple Sansan with more than 1000 apps.



Snapaddy digitizes your business cards and ensures direct integration with well -known CRMs such as Salesforce, Sage or SugarcRM. You can also export the contact details of your CSV (Excel) contacts or go through Zapier.


Kayo offers you all the essential features for your sales team to gain in efficiency. Business card scan, qualified forms and documents to be shared to facilitate post-event conversion, the capture of leads is considerably simplified. To boost your sales, you can combine Kayo with more than 1,000 applications and tools. Its online platform also ensures optimal monitoring of all your professional fairs.

And how it works with Lelsy?

That you use FullContact Card Reader, Snapaddy. It is possible to create integration via our Zapier and Blender connectors.io. You can contact us to set them up or look at the integrations available via this page.