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12 free tools to send large online files

The platform offers two possibilities for sharing: either by e-mail directly, or by generating an access link that you will then have to share manually.

5 free online services to send big files

Easily share your large files by hosting them on secure services, specialized in large file sharing.

Sharing the latest photos of your evening with friends or your last vacation video with your loved ones can be quickly complicated for you, as for people you want to send your data.

Rather than storing your documents on a USB key or a hard drive that will be necessary to run in the hands of all the protagonists, the simplest solution is undoubtedly to have your large files pass through a dedicated online service.

Free cloud storage services are legion but do not all offer the same advantages or the same guarantees, especially with regard to safety. The writing has selected for you five free online services to send big files.


As indicated by his name, Swiss Transfer is a service based in Switzerland. Proposed by the host Infomaniak, it allows you to send up to 25 GB of files in one go, all for free and without it being necessary to register. All files sent are stored about thirty days before being deleted from servers.

Safety side, all elements stored on Swiss Transfer are protected by a encryption system. For each shipment, the user has the possibility of configuring password protection, the expiration time (1.7,15 and 30 days), as well as the number of authorized downloads (1, 20 and 60).

The platform offers two possibilities for sharing: either by e-mail directly, or by generating an access link that you will then have to share manually.


Based in France, and more particularly in the Paris region, Transfernow is a file transfer service offering several offers, including one free. Accessible from both a PC and from a mobile web browser, it will allow you to easily send files and directories of up to 4 GB with an availability of 7 days.

All file formats with the exception of executable files (.ex) and hidden files can be transferred to the platform. The elements sent by Transfernow can be protected by a password, and all transfers made are secured by an HTTPS connection.

In its free version, Transfernow proposes whether or not to activate the notifications related to the transfer. It is thus possible to be alerted when a file sent has been downloaded, but also to receive a recall before the stored elements express. The platform also makes it possible to choose whether or not to activate the preview of the files sent. For use as a guest, you can make up to 3 transfers per hour.


Smash is a French service, based in Lyon, which allows you to share your files without weight limit. The service does not require any registration and immediately operates in your browser. After having slipped your files, Smash allows you to choose the sharing mode of your files: by email, generating a link, or directly on Slack.

For each sharing initiated on Smash, you can personalize the design and content displayed on the download page of your recipients. It is also possible to choose the validity duration of your choice (7 days by default), to add a protective password for your files, to activate or not an overview of shared elements (photos, videos) but also Disable download notifications.

Smash files are protected using 256 -bit AES encryption and are stored on Amazon Web Services servers. Therefore, files are located in the USA and Europe.


No doubt the best known of all, Wetransfer offers, in its free version, to send up to 2 GB of files in one go. The service can be used for free without registration and without connection and allows you to share your files with a simple drag and drop. You can choose, to send directly the sharing link with a message to your loved ones, be generated a link that you will have to share manually.

Wetransfer Protects all files stored by encryption and allows you to send a maximum of 20 files in one go. The platform does not allow you to configure a limit in number of downloads or duration. All data stored on the service are automatically deleted spent 7 days.

12 free tools to send large online files

Send heavy files

You need to send a heavy file to your contacts, but the latter is too large to be sent by e-mail ?

Do not panic: there are many solutions for Send large files online for free.

Here are 12 that we have selected: you are spoiled for choice to transfer your files too heavy.

Swisstransfer, to send files for free up to 50 GB


Launched in February 2019 by the Swiss host Infomaniak, Swisstransfer is to date the best free transfer solution. Completely accommodated and developed in Switzerland, Swisstransfer allows you to send up to 50 GB of data and offer all the options you may need: customizable validity duration up to 30 days, password protection and sending by e- Mail or by link.

Simple, secure and respectful of privacy, Swisstransfer has everything to please, and no registration is required.

Smash, to send your large files without advertising

Smash Transfer Files

Smash is a very good solution since it is completely free, without size limits and without commercial advertisements.

Taking advantage of a simple and intuitive interface, Smash has the deletion of the uploaded file after 7 days maximum.

The fastest tool for the upload of your files, Smash provides the addition of a password to secure, at best, send your files.

Only problem ; Beyond 2 GB, it will be necessary to wait several hours before your files are shared.

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Fast, free and without obligation

TransferNOW, to determine a download deadline

TransferNow Transfer Files

TransferNOW allows you to transfer large files up to 5 GB.

Another very appreciable feature of TransferNOW: you can customize the expiration date of the file (from 24 hours to 14 days after sending).

Finally, TransferNOW provides paid offers that can provide new features to the tool (sending up to 200 GB, files available for 1 year, etc.)).

Wetransfer, the best -known large files sending

Sending heavy file

Wetransfer is one of the most famous large files for sending large files.

Wetransfer allows you to send files for free, up to 10 recipients at the same time and all with an intuitive interface.

Practical and easy to use, Wetransfer is however limited to 2 GB per transfer. As for files, they are deleted after a week (in free version).

PCloud, to send a large email to 10 people

Sending large file

Pcloud provides free sending large files up to 5 GB. By creating an account on the platform, it will be able to send up to 10 GB.

Related to sending, all your shares are secured by a password. Their self -destruction occurs, again, 7 days after your shipment.

In addition, PCloud allows you to send an email to 10 recipients maximum or you make available a download link.

Filemail, to transfer your files for free

Filemail transfer files

Filemail is a real heavy goods vehicle transfer: he accepts the attachments of up to 5 GB (and it is even possible to send an entire folder).

The free version of Filemail offers a deletion period of 7 days, but only gives access to two shipments per day.

Filemail also has a paid version. This offers the sending of large files up to 250 GB and all the safety options such as password or even shipping.

Send AnyWhere, the file download link in QR code format

Send AnyWhere Transfer Files

Send AnyWhere allows the sending of large files of a size of up to 10 GB (with 7 days of validity).

Small originality of the tool: it is possible to send a link in the form of a QR code to facilitate download on mobile.

If you need to make a very big sending of files, Send AnyWhere offers, via its “Sendy Pro” package, sending your files up to 50 GB and 1 TB of Cloud storage.

Grosfichiers, to send up to 30 emails with heavy files

Grosfichiers allows, as its name suggests, to transfer large files (10 GB maximum) for free, simply and without creating a user account.

You can customize your message and send up to 30 emails at a time and the files disappear after 14 days.

Filetransfer.Io, the quick file sending tool

Filetransfer.IO is a free and very fast large and very fast file sharing tool.

With files that remain available for 21 days and the possibility of downloading the files sent up to 50 times, the tool makes it possible to simplify the sending of files quickly and secure.

The platform is free. However, there are also paid options to accelerate document sharing.

Sendbox, to protect your large file by a password

Sendbox Files Transfer

With Sendbox, easily send a bulky file of 3 GB maximum.

Simple and easy to use, Sendbox guarantees you the transfer of your large files quickly.

Sendbox puts a high point of safety. You can in particular define a password so that only your recipient can open it.

It also offers paid versions to improve and complete the already well provided tool.

Tresorit Send, for sending secure files

Thanks to Tresori Send, benefit from sending your large files up to 5 GB.

Tresorit Send provides end -to -end encryption and very advanced safety options.

It also offers a paid offer in order to access the Cloud, to send larger files (up to 20 GB for the most expensive package) and with information on monitoring in particular significant for large companies.

Wormhole, simplified and secure sharing

Born following the Firefox Send stop, Wormhole is the new Firefox tool and does not lack options.

Totally free, Wormhole allows you to put online files up to 10 GB. This provides very advanced end -to -end encryption and features, even free, very interesting such as creating QR code for downloading files.

As with each tool, it offers a paid version. However, being a recently open tool, this version is still in development.

Frequent questions about sending large files

You ask yourself questions about the tools available to send your big files, here are some answers to help you see more clearly.

Why use a large files sending service ?

Generally, it is because your email is too large for messaging.

Indeed, most couriers have very little storage in their emails to let you send your biggest files. Some only allow maximum 10 MB.

The second reason is the fact that you are looking for a secure tool to send large files. These tools have focused on security thanks to many options and encryption. Adding password or setting up download links allow you to secure your shipments.

Finally, you are looking for a tool allowing you to send to several tens, even hundreds of people at the same time, without limits of download time. These options are however generally available by subscribing to paid versions offering, all, different advantages.

How to choose the right service to send your large files ?

To choose the right tool, you must already know your needs and expectations.

Most of the tools presented above offer the transfer of your files between 2 and 10 GB, all without registration or paid offers. For the most part, you have the possibility of adding a password to secure your shipment.

However, you must, as explained in the preamble, know your needs. Some tools, not to say everyone, offer paid versions that provide new features that can facilitate your shipments and thus become essential.

It will therefore be necessary to determine which tool is most suitable for your situation and thus define your real needs before leaving, fucked head, to such or such large file of large files.

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