4G Internet box offer: Know everything., 6 4G boxes to access the Internet

4G box comparison

Like all other ISPs, Free has a classic 4G box offer.

4G Internet box offer: which to choose, how to subscribe ?

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If you are not eligible for fiber and if your ADSL offer does not satisfy you, you can take out a 4G Internet offer in order to take advantage of a good internet connection at home.

What is a 4G Internet box ?

Like the classic internet box, the 4G box is a modem transmitting a Internet connection via an ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi. The only difference lies in the type of network operated. Instead of the fixed network (as for ADSL or fiber, in particular), a 4G internet box uses, in fact, the mobile network.

These modems work like a phone: to access the Internet, simply connect the cables and insert the SIM card provided by your Internet service provider in the housing. So there is No connection to be provided. You can use the Internet instantly.

The 4G Internet box, for whom ?

The 4G box is mainly intended for households not having good ADSL coverage. In this case, no need to hope to see the fiber deploy. The 4G box then represents a Very good alternative. It offers, indeed, flows up to 10 times higher at ADSL.

The main condition to benefit is obviously to have a Very good 4G cover. Some operators also impose other conditions, such as not exceeding a certain ADSL flow, or to reside in an unwelcome area (Znd).

Attention :: 4G boxes are not nomadic. They can only be used at the subscription address.

How to subscribe to a 4G Internet box offer ?

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To claim a 4G Internet box offer, you must get closer to an internet access provider. You will need, at first, test your eligibility. A bad 4G speed in an operator does not mean bad speed in all operators. It all depends on the deployment of the operator in question on your area. Hence the interest in testing your line at Several Internet Access providers.

4G Internet box: what are the choice criteria ?

In addition to the eligibility conditions we have previously talked about, other criteria, variables from one operator to another, are to be observed, such as:

  • The debit offered for download and shipping ;
  • The data envelope (some rare operators offer unlimited 4G Internet – ideal for families whose internet consumption is particularly important);
  • The duration of engagement (most offers are without obligation – if you are not satisfied with the service, you can terminate your contract when you wish, at no cost);
  • The monthly price.

Note: theoretical flow vs real speed

The flow announced by ISP varies on average between 100 and 300 Mb/s in reception. But beware, in practice, it oscillates most of the time between 30 and 70 Mb/s. The quality of the flow depends, in fact, on the number of people connected at the same time to the 4G network. The greater their number, the more reduced the flow rate.

4G Internet box offers from the main Internet access providers (ISP)

Historical 4 FOIs, SFR and free are for the moment the only ones to offer The 4G Internet box+. This network offers a flow rate twice higher than the 4G network. At Orange, but also Bouygues Télécom, you will find the classic 4G boxes, which can all offer sufficient flow according to your uses.

Good to know: the 5G internet box, at Bouygues Telecom only

Bouygues is currently the only ISP to offer the 5G box. It offers up to 1.1 Gb/s for download and 58 Mb/s in sending. His price ? € 40.99/month.

Discover in the table below the specifics of each offer (at 13/06/2023).





Bouygues Telecom

Comparison of 4G box

You are not yet eligible for optical fiber and your ADSL connection is slow ?
You can then opt for a 4G box in order to take advantage of a quality connection.

-26 years
4G Box Unlimited

TV on smartphone and tablet + 70 channels with application B.TV
Amazon premium offered 1 year, then 6 € 99/month
Reserved at least 26 years old

1st month satisfied or refunded

Commissioning: 19 €
Termination: 19 €

-26 years
5g box Unlimited

TV on smartphone and tablet + 70 channels with application B.TV
If 5G not available with 4G (��22 Mb/s �� 3.8 Mb/s)
Amazon premium offered 1 year, then 6 € 99/month
Reserved at least 26 years old

1st month satisfied or refunded

Commissioning: 19 €
Termination: 19 €

4G box

4G box 250 GB

Commitment on 12 months

1st month satisfied or refunded

Commissioning: free
Termination: free

4G+ box

4G box+ 250 GB

1st month satisfied or refunded

Commissioning: 19 €
Termination: 29 €

4G+ box

4G box+ 200 GB

Calls to fixed and mobiles in France

1st month satisfied or refunded

Commissioning: 19 €
Termination: 19 €

4G Box

4G Box Unlimited

TV on smartphone and tablet + 70 channels with application B.TV

1st month satisfied or refunded

Commissioning: 19 €
Termination: 19 €

4G Home

Until October 4

4G Home 200 GB

Access to more than 70 channels

1st month satisfied or refunded
Flybox 4G box not included in the price

5g box

5g box Unlimited

TV on smartphone and tablet + 70 channels with application B.TV
If 5G not available with 4G (��22 Mb/s �� 3.8 Mb/s)

1st month satisfied or refunded

Commissioning: 19 €
Termination: 19 €

Updated September 20, 2023

What is a 4G box ?

To access the Internet permanently at your home, you must select from an access provider (ISP), an access offer. Our Internet box comparator allows you to be there among the various offers on the market. These offers are marketed with a “box” which, in addition to internet access, offers telephone access, and often access to TV.

The connection of the home box to its Internet service provider can use the Copper Network (Historic Fixed Telephone Network) It is ADSL (or VDSL2). The maximum theoretical flow rate on ADSL network is around 20 Mb/s (about 80 Mb/s in VDSL2), the problem is that in practice this flow is generally much lower because it decreases according to the distance from the central Telephone (NRA). Thus, above 5 km of removal from the telephone central (which is frequent in rural areas), the flow is around 1 Mb/s or less. Difficult to surf, and impossible to watch videos with such a low speed.

In recent years, this copper network has been replaced by optical fiber, much more efficient. But equipping all of France constitutes a titanic project, and this fiber optics is not yet available throughout the territory. Fiber allows you to reach flows of 1,000 Mb/s, or even 8,000 Mb/s. Something to watch a 4K video without problem.

In order to give high -performance internet access in areas not fiber optics, and located far from a telephone central, the ISP offer a supply of connections with a 4G box.

The 4G box is a box for having internet at home, using the 4G network. A 4G box thus makes it possible to obtain theoretical flows of around 300 Mb/s (in practice approximately 50 Mb/s at 100 Mb/s depending on the network load), enough to have a good quality connection to surf and even Watch videos online.

How to know if I am eligible for a 4G box offer ?

To avoid overloading the 4G cellular network, which is mainly dedicated to the Internet in mobility, ISPs do not open access to 4G boxes to everyone. To be able to subscribe to a 4G box offer the main criteria are linked to the geographic position of the home:

  • No fiber optic offer available
  • Bad internet speed on the ADSL
  • Good 4G coverage

If you meet these conditions, you are probably eligible for a 4G box offer, but you will have to check your eligibility on the ISP website, because it is it which precisely decides zone by zone criteria, and this may vary from a Fa to the other. So if you are in town, these offers are not for you, but if you live in rural areas with a bad ADSL connection and no fiber optics you will probably be eligible.

Which 4G box to choose ?

Our 4G box comparator allows you to find the best 4G box that meets your needs. Your main choice criterion should be the quality of coverage of the 4G network of your home.

If in mobile telephony you find that one of the operators (Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, or Free) is better than the other, it is probably towards this that will be necessary to guide your choice of 4G box, even If its price is not the lowest.

For NRJ Mobile his offer will probably be based on the Bouygues Telecom network, from the acquisition of his parent company (EI Telecom) by Bouygues Telecom.

Most operators offer a trial period indicating a mention “1st month: satisfied or refunded”.

Good to know

4G boxes are eligible for state financial assistance as part of the plan ” France very high speed »». It is your ISP that will tell you if you can benefit from it, and what this financial aid covers (commissioning costs, purchase of the box from Orange, etc.).

���� Learn more about the government’s website →

Installing the 4G box at home

The installation of a 4G box is simple. Just place it in the home in a place allowing good reception of 4G radio waves, and allowing good dissemination of WiFi in user areas. So avoid putting it at the bottom of a closet.

Unlike ADSL or fiber optic internet boxes, the 4G box does not offer unlimited internet access. Like mobile packages, the 4G box includes a quota of monthly data. This 200 GB quota to 250 GB is sufficient for reasonable use of the Internet. Only Bouygues Telecom offers a 4G box with unlimited internet.

To see also estimate your Data consumption Internet with our simulator

Can I take my 4G box on vacation ?

No, unlike a Mobile Package FAI does not allow the use of the 4G box to another place than from your home. This is sometimes called the ” 4G Fixed »». So don’t plan to go on vacation with your 4G box, because it is associated with the 4G relay antenna which covers your home.

Can I use a 4G box for gaming ?

The use of a 4G box for gaming is quite possible and can offer a satisfactory experience, especially if you are in an area where ADSL connections are slow or unstable. Thanks to speeds of up to 50 to 100 Mb/s, the 4G box allows you to play online without too much latency.

But you have to take into account certain elements. First, the stability of your 4G connection is crucial: poor reception can cause interruptions or lags during your game sessions. In addition, online gaming can consume a lot of data. Most 4G box packages have a data limit, you could reach it quickly, especially if you also download games or updates. You should thus favor a 4G box offer with unlimited data. Finally, although 4G is adapted for most online games, professional gamers or those who play games requiring ultra-faible latency could still prefer a wired or fiber optic connection.

The 5G box at Bouygues Télécom

Bouygues Telecom is the first operator to launch a 5G box. Customers can take advantage of the operator’s fixed 5G, an offer reserved for people who are not eligible for fiber in very dense areas or who are eligible for fiber but whose connection could not be made. The Bouygues Telecom 5G box is compatible with WiFi 6, the latest WiFi standard.

Like the operator’s 4G box, the 5G box offers an unlimited amount of data. This is the only operator not to impose a limit on the number of gigas to use.

Alternatives to the 4G box

A 4G box is actually a 4G trade router, personalized by the access provider and in which he inserted a specific SIM card.The advantage of this solution is that it is delivered ready to work.

It is also possible to build up your 4G 4G box, by directly buying a 4G router for just less than € 100 (the main public brands are TP-Link, Huawei, Zyxel, Netgear) and by subscribing a mobile telephone package with an operator. Indeed these are starting to offer packages to more than 200 GB at attractive prices.

To see also see the mobile plans with Over 200 GB

This approach has several advantages:

  • Usable, even if you are not in an area eligible for 4G box offers
  • Mobile solution: you can take it with you, on vacation, on the move
  • Higher choice of 4G router, some of which have a connector to add an external reception antenna greatly improving the quality of the 4G signal, and therefore the flow obtained.

The downside is the need to know it technically to properly configure the 4G router, and not to be able to rely on the ISP in the event of a problem or a router breakdown. You also need a SIM card dedicated to the 4G box. You must therefore either subscribe to a dedicated subscription or use a multi-Sim offer.

To see also see the mobile plans with option Multi-Sim

We can also cite as an alternative solution the use of a smartphone in connection sharing mode. However, this solution is more designed as a troubleshooting solution than daily use. In addition, the reception quality of a 4G box, and the quality of emission of WiFi to redistribute access to the house are generally of much better quality in a 4G box than in a smartphone.

An original alternative at Free

Like all other ISPs, Free has a classic 4G box offer.

But Free also offers Freebox Delta (Delta and Delta S) which are high -end internet boxes. When on an adsl network these freebox delta allow in certain conditions to combine the speed of the ADSL with the speed of 4G. So when the use is low, all transmissions go through the ADSL, but in case of significant need 4G automatically assists the ADSL to increase the available flow.

This ADSL + 4G aggregation allows in case of necessary to obtain a maximum theoretical speed up to 200 Mbit/s. The 4G connection does not require a specific plan because a quota of 250GB/month is included in the subscription price.

Take the internet with you for a day, a weekend, a vacation

The ready-to-surfer 10 GB D box

You want to connect several devices ? We offer 10 GB of internet mobile prepaid valid for 1 month and an airbox 4G ready to use to connect up to 10 computers, tablets, mobiles at the same time. Rechargeable according to your needs.

Buy a ready-to-surfer box

The ready-to-surfer cover. A SIM card with 10GB

The prepaid sim card

You with a 4G computer or tablet ? The ready-to-surfer pocket offers you 10 GB of the Internet to connect with a rechargeable SIM card, valid for 1 month.

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You travel regularly to France and Europe ? We offer you the LET’s Go internet packages so that you stay freely connected.

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Discover the new recharges ready to surf and benefit from 5 GB, 15 GB or 35 GB of mobile internet in mainland France and in Europe, DOM and Switzerland/Andorra areas.

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Ready-to-surfer recharges. 5 GB, 15 GB or 35 GB of mobile internet in mainland France and Europe, DOM and Switzerland/Andorra areas

frequently asked Questions

The 4G ready-to-surf

Internet connection offer in mobility subject to conditions. Subscription in mainland France and use in mainland France and Europe, DOM and Switzerland/Andorra areas on networks and compatible equipment. Included an initial credit of 10GB valid for 1 month and an airbox 4G. Rechargeable on Orange.fr – 12 p.m. max by session. Recommended hands -free kit. Detailed conditions on Orange.Fr

What to do with 10 GB ?

With 10 GB you can surf the internet for more than 400 hours and watch your movie in HD video for 2 hours and listen to music streaming for 25 hours. Personalize your uses on our site

How to recharge my ready-to-surfer offer ?

Find our recharges here
Several means are made available to you to recharge your offer:

  • In Orange store, tobacco offices or in Relay stores
  • From the online store:here
  • Blocking page: When the credit is exhausted, a blocking page will propose to subscribe to a recharge and thus find the use of the offer on Orange.fr, “store” section then “mobile” tab
  • On 0800 224 224, the ready-to-surfer line number will be requested, as well as the number of your charging ticket (previously purchased in store or in tobacco offices)

What are the recharges for ? Can I personalize my offer ?

To continue surfing the internet, you can recharge your ready-to-surfer ready-to-surfing offer when you wish and according to your needs with the range of recharges: 5 GB valid 14J, 15 GB and 35 GB valid 31 days.

How long my line remains active ?

It remains active 12 months even if you no longer have a credit, which allows you to recharge it occasionally. With each activation of a new recharge, your line is extended by 12 months regardless of the duration of the recharge purchased.

What is the difference between the duration of the recharge and the duration of my line ?

The credit purchased with recharging must be used between 14 days for recharging 5 GB and 31 days for recharges 15 GB and 35 GB. When you have used all the credit your recharge is consumed. When you have reached the number of days your recharge expires. However, your line remains active 12 months, without credit, to allow you to recharge it.

What if I need more regular use ?

If your Internet connection is insufficient you can subscribe to a LET’s Go 10, 40 or 80 GB Mobile Internet package per month.

Can we be connected to several at the same time to the airbox ?

You can share your Airbox; up to 10 devices simultaneously connected.

What is an airbox for ?

With the Airbox 4G, go wherever you are on the internet from your smartphones, laptops, tablets. At home, on vacation, office or on business trip, take advantage of a 4G connection in order to access all your content.

What are the offers compatible with an airbox ?

  • THE Let’s Go Packages Without commitment 10 GB, 40 GB or 80 GB of mobile internet per month in mainland France and Europe, DOM and Switzerland/Andorra areas.
  • SIM 10GB card from the ready-to-surfer cover, valid for 1 month in mainland France and in Europe, DOM and Switzerland/Andorra areas.
  • A map Multi-Sim To use the gigas of your mobile package in a 2nd equipment.

Can I use my airbox abroad ?

Airbox can be used in France and Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra areas. Roaming is disabled by default. You can activate it in the airbox administration interface.

Right to retract : You can withdraw from the subscribed contract and/or your purchase without giving a reason within 21 calendar days from the date of your order.
To exercise your right of withdrawal, we advise you to consult the commercial assistance page. In the event of ordering a service offer, we will charge you in proportion to the date of receipt of your withdrawal as well as any communications made and not included in your package.

Why buy online

  • Exclusive promotions
  • 100% secure payment
  • 3 delivery methods
  • Withdrawal within 2 hours of a mobile in store
  • By your side 24 hours a day
  • Right of withdrawal 21 days