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6 applications to organize your to-do lists for work or studies

Todoist presents himself as an application which allows both to manage his personal life and his work, through lists easy to write, to synchronize on several devices, to personalize and to associate with labels.

26 tools to organize your to-do list

todo list

Available free of charge, this tool will allow you to organize and break down your objectives into subtaches.
You can create several tables (one by customer for example), create lists with cards and add checklists in these cards.


To do list dynalist tool

This tool allows you to naked infinite tasks and decompose them endlessly. Forget the limits (thanks to an unlimited number of articles and documents), the points (a simplified automatic entry) and freely reorganize your dynalist by sending ideas under any element.
This tool is available on Windows, MacOS, Linus, Android and iOS.


Basecamp tool

Basecamp allows you to organize all your tasks in one place to progress faster and find a feeling of accomplishment. Everything is gathered: emails, file services, task managers, calculation sheets, cats, meetings, etc.


To do list pomodoto tool

A to-do list tool coupled with the GTD method to manage to plan your tasks and perform them efficiently. Pomotodo is compatible with many devices.
It offers you complete workflow management. Thanks to this tool, you can bring together your ideas, plan your work, finish your tasks and review your history directly in the application.


To do list asana tool

With Asana, create graphic project plans to view the planning of each step; Plan and structure your work in the best way you suit you. Finally, follow each step of your projects and tasks.

The price: count € 10.99 / month for the premium version.


Wunderlist Tool to do list

A task management application that has a very complete free version. You can access the unlimited creation of tasks for free, the assignment of tasks to 10 people and 25 subtaches per project.

The price: the premium version is available for $ 4.99.


Teuxdeux tool

An application to easily create and organize your tasks. Thanks to its mobile application, you can take all your tasks with you, everywhere.

The price: this tool has a free trial version for 30 days. The paid version is $ 3 / month.



A small online and free application. The idea and to make the task of task. Return to order of priority the tasks to be performed. Click on the “Ready” button to start deleting the tasks finished.


To do list Things tool

A application only available on Apple products. It is very complete, fast and intuitive. There are many interesting features to manage, sort and organize all your tasks.

The price: count around $ 50 for the Mac version, $ 20 the iPad version and $ 10 the iPhone version.

Remember The Milk

Tool to do list remember the milk

A complete application that can be grafted with many services such as Twitter, Gmail, Evernote etc. You can easily add tasks, geolocate them, share them with those around you and filter them intelligently.

The price: this tool has a free version. For the pro version, count $ 25 for a year.


Any.do tool

A free application to manage your tasks easily. A minimalist interface and a very effective user experience. Simple, flexible, reliable and powerful, this tool is available on iPhone and Android.

Google Keep

To do list google keep tool

Offered by Google, Keep is available for free and available on all supports. Easy to use, it offers to easily create and manage notes and lists.


Todoist tool

A big application to manage and organize your tasks. You can consult your tasks anywhere and collaborate with other people.

The price: count $ 2 / month for a premium version.


To do list Android Tasks tool

Task is a clone of the old Astrid application (bought by Yahoo! and stopped). It is a complete and free application only available on Android.


To do list workflowy tool

This tool makes it possible to organize tasks and sub -tasks in a very intuitive way. To discover urgently if you do not know it yet: we recommend it to you !


Tick ​​Tick Tool

Ticktick is a very complete tool ! It offers many possibilities to allow you an advanced management of your tasks. The free version is interesting.

The price: count $ 20 per year for a pro version.


To do list Tomorrow tool

An application that will allow you to create to-do list by remaining focus on your main objectives.



UFO of this selection. Habitica starts from the principle that TO-DO List tools do not motivate the user enough to continue the execution of tasks over time. The tool therefore invites you to manage and perform your tasks as a game.
You define your tasks and with each realization you win parts, items and levels. If you miss or do not accomplish your missions, you lose life points. Original and interesting.


Omnifocus tool

Available on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, Omnifocus is a very rich application.
On the main screen, you will find a forecast of the next tasks to be accomplished accompanied by color badges allowing to quickly identify the most urgent. You can quickly enter a new task in the “Inbox” part, and then assign it to a folder or a list of your choice.

The price: count € 39.99 to access the standard version of this very good quality tool, and double to obtain the pro version on Mac.



With TOODLEDO, Planning VOS TASKS Using a very practical interface on all your supports: the application can be synchronized on your computer, smartphone and tablet.
You can customize each of your tasks with subtaches, additional notes, priority orders … A complete and free tool !


To do list Wrike tool

As suitable for individual use as for a team, Wrike allows you to effectively organize your tasks according to their emergency and their deadline.

The price: there is a free version (but with reduced features) for a maximum of 5 users. Beyond that, you will have to acquire the paid version (from $ 49 / month).


Yes Centrallo

Centrallo makes the promise to “centralize your life”. And, indeed, this ergonomic application makes it possible to bring together all the things you have to do by sorting them by lists and subsists.

The price: a slightly restrained free version exists. Otherwise, it will be necessary to turn to the premium version at $ 4.99 per month.



If you want a good alternative to Trello, do not look for: Pintask also uses the principle of cards for a simple and effective organization.

The price: this tool is free, but it can be enriched and customized using paid extensions.


To-do list Easynote free tool

100 % free, Easynote is a simple and efficient tool that works on all your supports, from computer to smartphone. It allows in particular to easily follow the progress of your tasks with a system of comments and notifications by e-mail.

Meister Task

Meister Task tool

Rather designed for teamwork, Meister Task wants to be simple, aesthetic and functional. Also based on a card system, it will allow you to organize your tasks in no time.

Some tips for your to-do list

  • Stay simple ! In the definition and titles of your tasks, go to the most direct
  • Do not hesitate to create subtaches
  • Use action verbs in the definition of your tasks
  • Update your progress regularly, delete the finished tasks and reward yourself for the work accomplished !
  • Be rigorous and disciplined. Always work the same way

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6 applications to organize your to-do lists for work or studies

Many people work with to-do lists to organize and prioritize their actions: here are 6 applications to manage yours easily.

Posted on 09/14/2021 at 4:47 PM

6 applications to organize your to-do lists for work or studies

TO-DO lists have been adopted by many users, because they are extremely simple to create and they can very easily know what we have to do in a day or a week, for example.

There are several different programs to develop and consult these lists: here are many of which you have the opportunity to choose, between your daily needs and habits.

1. Microsoft To-Do

TO-DO is the application of Microsoft lists, it is part of the large family of free office applications offered by the publisher. Only a Microsoft account is required to be able to use it like other software from the Office suite which has a free available available online online.

It is also possible to use TO-DO directly via your browser or download the software for Windows 10 and soon Windows 11. The service will also follow you on smartphone since Microsoft has developed applications for Android or Apple iOS.

Microsoft to do: lists, tasks and reminders

Microsoft to-do is a list of things to do by Microsoft and which allows you to plan your day, create lists and tasks, etc. Free, without advertising, in French and multiplateform.

  • Downloads: 3718
  • Release date : 2023-09-07
  • Author : Microsoft Corporation
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Office
  • Operating system : Android – Online service – Windows 10/11 – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

2. Any.DO

Completely free, the Any app.Do can be used on phone, but also on a tablet and of course on a computer. It allows you to very easily manage your lists – and synchronize them on other applications that you use daily as WhatsApp, Trello or Google Agenda, especially.

On a computer, you can download the Windows or Mac OS application as well as the Google Chrome browser extension. Free account creation allows you to synchronize your content on several different devices.

To spoil nothing, the developers imagined a simple and fluid interface for Any.Do, you can very easily make quick additions, change the first day of the week or even configure your notifications, among other features


Any.Do is a service that offers you to create lists, tasks and reminders as well as calendar entries, in order to organize yourself at best. Any.do also support the link with other applications.

  • Downloads: 1450
  • Release date : 2023-09-20
  • Author : Any.do
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Professional office
  • Operating system : Android – Google Chrome extension – Online service – Windows – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch – MacOS

3. Google Keep

If you like to use the Google environment and you are looking for an application for your to-do lists, you will enjoy Google Keep, which allows you to easily take notes in all circumstances. Since the application works with the Google account, you can access all your content from any device, with your identifiers.

Quite sober, the interface has controlled without too much difficulty, you will easily manage to create your first notes and add content to it such as vocal recordings, images or notes taken by hand.

Google Keep

Google Keep is the notes taking service offered by Google. You can dictate your notes, take photos, write on your screen, etc. Multiplate and free application.

  • Downloads: 2626
  • Release date : 2023-09-21
  • Author : Google
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Internet
  • Operating system : Android – Google Chrome extension – Online service – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

4. Colornote notes Notes

You always use a Android phone or tablet ? In this case, you can bet on the Colornote notes application for all your useful memos in daily life. It allows you to take notes quickly, to record a list of races, a reminder or simply the list of actions that you must take to work over a day, a week, and why not a month.

You can use different color codes and sort your notes, but also add “secret” notes and configure notifications to never forget anything.

Colornote notes Notes

COLORNOTE is a free and free advertisement application that allows you to create lists or texts. Each note can be colored for better visual categorization. To download for Android.

  • Downloads: 1296
  • Release date : 2023-05-27
  • Author : Social & Media Inc.
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Office
  • Operating system : Android

5. Todoist

Todoist presents himself as an application which allows both to manage his personal life and his work, through lists easy to write, to synchronize on several devices, to personalize and to associate with labels.

A real help management help, Todoist is also consulted in the form of tables (and not lists) if you opt for Todoist Boards. Not only can tasks be created and managed, but you can also use the sections, subtaches or planning to better organize yourself with this program. In addition, this application can be associated with Dropbox, Google Agenda or Slack and Gmail.


Todoist is a task manager. It allows you to create tasks, add notifications and empty your mind while being sure not to forget anything !

  • Downloads: 1131
  • Release date : 2023-09-21
  • Author : Must
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Bureau
  • Operating system : Android – Google Chrome extension – Microsoft Edge extension – Mozilla Firefox extension – Linux – Online service – Windows 10/11 – iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch – MacOS – MacOS

6. Evernote

Evernote is undoubtedly one of the best known software to create notes and organize your daily life in a methodical way. Many formatting, organization and update options have been designed to simplify your life with Evernote, known for its very well worked interface.

Another significant advantage: even when it works in the background, the program does not consume many resources. You always have your memos on hand, and this is not likely to slow down your system if you bet on this software. Indeed, it is specified that synchronizations are not too often done, precisely in order to avoid slowdowns of the connection and / or the system.


Evernote is a powerful and fast tool that allows you to create, update and synchronize notes and clips from your office, and it can synchronize with a cloud account from any imaginable device.

  • Downloads: 8787
  • Release date : 2023-09-21
  • Author : Evernote
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:Office
  • Operating system : Android – Online service – Windows 10/11 – iOS iPhone / iPad – MacOS

All these to-do lists programs can be synchronized on several devices and operate very intuitively. Choose yours according to your preferences and habits, to be as effective as possible.