Yamaha Neo s: Price, autonomy, recharge, performance, test – Yamaha neo’s electric: the Neo S 2.0

Essay – Yamaha Neo’s Electric: The Neo S 2.0

The other equipment includes an LCD dashboard, a LED lighting device and a small space under the saddle to store a jet helmet. Connected, the Yamaha Neo’s can be associated with the Yamaha’s Myride application in order to follow the various vehicle information from your phone.

Yamaha Neo

Yamaha Neo

First electric scooter marketed by the brand in Europe, the Yamaha Neo’s has been available since 2022. Limited to 45 km/h of maximum speed, it authorizes up to 70 km of autonomy in its two -batteries configuration.

Motorization of Yamaha Neo’s

Integrated into the rear wheel, the electric motor that drives the Yamaha Neo’s accumulates 2.3 kW of nominal power and up to 2.5 kW in crest for a torque of up to 136 nm. Approved in the category of electric scooters without a license, the Yamaha Neo’s displays 45 km/h of top speed. It is therefore much less efficient than the Yamaha E01, classified on the equivalent segment 125.

Battery and autonomy of Yamaha Neo’s

Basic, the Yamaha electric scooter has a single battery. Totaling 967 WH capacity (50.4 V – 19.2 ah) and placed under the saddle, it withdrew in a few seconds to be recharged at home or at the office and weighs 8 kilos. In terms of autonomy, the manufacturer communicates for 37 kilometers in WMTC cycle. Optionally, it is possible to acquire a second battery to double the autonomy.

NB of batteries WMTC autonomy
1 37 km
2 72 km

In recharge matters, the manufacturer announces 4 hours to 80 % and 8 hours 100 % for a battery. External, the charger connects to a simple domestic socket.

Cycle part

Mounted on 13 -inch wheels, the Neo’s has a 90 mm telescopic fork at the front and an 80 mm swingarm at the rear. The braking device associates a 200 mm disc at the front with a drum brake at the rear.

With a battery, the weight of the scooter is 98 kilos (90 kilos without battery).

The other equipment includes an LCD dashboard, a LED lighting device and a small space under the saddle to store a jet helmet. Connected, the Yamaha Neo’s can be associated with the Yamaha’s Myride application in order to follow the various vehicle information from your phone.

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Length 1,875 mm
Width 695 mm
Height 1,120 mm
Saddle height 795 mm
Wheelbase 1305 mm
Mini floor clearance 135 mm
Weight without battery 90 kg

What is the price of Yamaha Neo’s ?

Marketed in France since 2022, the Yamaha Neo’s is far from being among the cheapest electric scooters. In its basic configuration, with a battery, it is displayed at a price of € 3,599 before deduction of the bonus. If you wish to acquire the second battery and double the autonomy, you will have to pay 1299 euros more, or almost € 5,000 in total. Different options are offered, including a top case, billed around 200 euros.

Essay – Yamaha Neo’s Electric: The Neo’s 2.0

Yamaha has been an important player in the 50cm3 thermal scooters market for over twenty years. In addition to the renowned BW’s/Booster (Yamaha version/MBK version) and other aerox/liquid cooling nitro, the Japanese manufacturer thus succeeds in this period to sell more than six hundred thousand neo’s/Ovetto on the “old continent”. But in a current market where the development of electric vehicles continues to accelerate, Yamaha reinvents its neo’s by endowing it with its second generation of electric electric motor.

Essay - Yamaha Neo’s Electric: The Neo

Writing note

In short price: 3,199 € Power: 2.5 kW at 400 rpm Torque: 136 Nm at 50 rpm Weight: 98 kg with a battery

If Yamaha is today more recognized in the world for its two -wheelers with a heat engine, the firm has long developed electric scooters for a long time. In 1991 at the Tokyo Automobile Fair, we remember the presentation of the Frog, the brand’s first electric scooter while later the Passol or the EC-03 were soon to do their first rounds of wheels. Our little electric neo’s is thus the fruit of a long line of electric and thermal models which allowed it to arrive at this technicality, but also inspired its outdoor drawing. Compact, nicely plump and attractive at will, the features of this new scooter recall the original thermal neo’s boil, particularly in terms of its double optics before LED. In the purest Jin-Ki Kanno Ev Design style, the gaze of this new little two wheels plays on your affect and your youth memories for those who have had one at the time. He also keeps a childhood je-nes-so-what in the lines, which will remind some “Eve”, the friend robot all dressed in Wall-E in the animated film of the Pixar studios.

Essay - Yamaha Neo’s Electric: The Neo Point of belt or other gear, the unilateral oscillating arm n

His inimitable style and minimalist front and rear sores thus give him a certain cachet. Too bad, the rear flagship block is completely relegated to the mudguard, as an outgrowth very visually present in front of a rather tapered saddle cul. Then in detail, we appreciate the grainy black rubber moldings, which we find on the contours of the front apron. In addition to bringing a nice matt finish, they will be able to prevent scratches and other frequent little shocks at this location of the fairing. In addition, we generally like, the good overall adjustment of these fairings on the neo’s, the logos in relief on the sides and the attorney for the engine cooling, visible next to the rear drum brake. Available in white “Milky White” as our test model, you will also find the Neo’s in black “Midnight Black” without additional cost.

Easy to grasp, the lateral crutch is practical Without obviously a pot D

With its “brushless” electric motor entirely integrated into the gray rear wheel, the black rim is directly bolted on it. To change your tire, you just have to remove the 5 large nuts visible around the edge, to lift only the periphery. The neo’s is fitted from Maxxis Ma-EVF with low rolling resistance, specially studied for the vehicle. At the front, it rose on an aluminum molded rim with 10 sticks. Further back, the trunk under the saddle offers 27 l of capacity with a single on -board battery. After verification, it turns out that you can take a small or medium -sized jet helmet in the accommodation provided for this purpose, but the biggest models like mine in size XL, unfortunately do not pass. Despite this, this trunk remains quite deep and allows you if necessary to take several things, in a backpack for example. The scooter battery developed and produced internally by Yamaha is very easily fait with its 8 kg and reasonable volumes (50.4 V/19.2 Ah – 225 x 375 x 105 mm). She can, at your convenience and optional (around € 800) as in the lower photo, be split to almost multiply by two the autonomy of the scooter. In this case, the carrying of a backpack is always possible.

The battery blocking leg, which oversees them here in gray to the With a large handle, each battery is easy to pull up to clear them

After this little tour of the owner, it is time to climb on the beast and its seat at 795 mm. Farm but welcoming by its curve, the saddle allows me to easily place the two feet on the ground with my little meter eighty. Facing me, the wide floor low enough at the feet, is an advantage for accessing the scooter which immediately seems fairly menu. With only 98 kg (with a single battery), its general size is a real plus for beginners and puts you immediately with confidence. We have the feeling of having a bike between the legs ! On board, the position is very relaxed with the tibias placed well in front of you, almost vertically hidden behind the apron. Higher, with the bust also almost straight, you have a slightly bent arms which overlook a fairly simple operating handlebars on a handlebars.

Large and well thought out, the passenger handles leave room for your mimines The Neo

In the center, a small LCD skylight includes the few driving information available on the dashboard (classic speedometer, trip or clock. )). Well visible, this will also allow you to control the state of, or on-board batteries, in addition to the selected driving mode “Std” (Standard) or “Eco”. Finally, after downloading the free Yamaha Myride smartphone app, you can also receive the notifications of your calls and other emails. You can not stop progress ! More seriously, always through this application on your phone, you can quietly control from your sofa, the load of your batteries, export your journeys or easily locate your scooter on a card. Clever !