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YOYO XEV electric car – Standard B license

Configure your XEV Yoyo vehicle or ask for a free trial.

Xev Yoyo

Xev Yoyo

Configure your XEV Yoyo vehicle or ask for a free trial.

The Yoyo, made in China by the Italian Startup XEV, belongs to the European category L7E, which classifies it as a heavy quadricycle. To drive the Yoyo, you must be at least 16 years old and have permit B1 (as well as permits A and A1 obtained before January 19, 2013). In France, the electric cart is sold from 15,890 euros.

Our XEV YOYO test

Our Eater Maxime Fontanier has already been able to do a wheels of little Xev Yoyo and delivers his impressions on video. Discover them below:

XEV YOYO engine and performance

The XEV Yoyo is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous engine placed at the rear, making it a propulsion vehicle. This engine has a nominal power of 7.5 kW (equivalent to 10 hp) and can reach a peak power of 15 kW (20 hp). However, it is important to note that the official brochure available on the page dedicated to this model limits maximum power figures to 11 kW (15 hp).

The maximum speed of the XEV Yoyo is limited to 80 km/h

The maximum speed of the XEV Yoyo is limited to 80 km/h

Battery, recharge and autonomy

The yoyo is fueled by an LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery with a raw energy capacity of 10.3 kWh air cooled by air. This battery is divided into three easily replaceable elements by tilting the hatch located at the rear and which supports the license plate. This characteristic can be interesting for self -sharing services, such as the “Enjoy” offer of the Italian energy company Eni, who plans to use the Yoyo. Although there are not yet swap stations in France, this ease of access to replace a faulty part of the battery can be considered an exceptional safety measure for a four -wheeled electric vehicle.

It takes about 4 hours to crush the Yoyo

It takes about 4 hours to crush the Yoyo

On the recharging side, the yoyo can be connected directly to a domestic outlet or to a public terminal via the type 2 socket. Whatever the recharging mode, the accepted charging power remains identical, or 2.3 kW. It takes about 4 hours to go from 30 to 100 % energy in the battery


The Yoyo price starts at 15,890 euros, which places it in a price range greater than that of the Renault Twizy, which is offered from 11,600 euros for the light version 45 and from 12,300 euros for the heavy version 80. The Citroën Friend, which only exists as a L6E quadricycle, is offered from 7,790 euros. All these vehicles are eligible for a bonus of 900 euros.

Try Xev Yoyo ?

Configure your XEV Yoyo vehicle or ask for a free trial.

YOYO XEV electric car – Standard B license

Roxad Motors, always on the lookout to find you the trendy vehicles of tomorrow, presents you exclusively the new Yoyo from Xev, the mini electric car with a devastating look. Price: excluding ecological bonus of € 900. With a range of 150 km, Yoyo reaches a maximum speed of more than 80 km/h. The maximum slope that can be grave is 25%, while the turning radius is less than 8 meters



Engine power: 7.5kW (nominal) 15 kW (20 hp in crest) Type of engine: Synchronous engine with permanent magnet type of engine drive: battery cooling propulsion: by air


Battery capacity: 10.3 kWh Battery type: Prismatic LIFEPO4 LIFEPO4 LIFEPO4 Flower Battery Battery Battery: 72V (Electric voltage) Loading time: 3.5 hours Charger type: IEC 62196 2 For domestic outlet 220 V or Recharge terminal Replacement of the battery: Innovative battery replacement service system with 3 removable battery modules Battery heating: electric rubber electric heaters.


Length: 2540 mm Width: 1500 mm Height: 1575 mm wheelbase: 1685 mm Distance between the wheels: 1320 mm Folder MIN. : 150 mm Weight without battery: 450 kg Max weight. Authorized: 850 kg Tire size: 155/65R14 ROOM Size: 14x5j 4×100 and42

Everything is included

Heating and defrosting front / rear audio USB luggage compartment Brakes with ABS Set of the Roof Setting Setting Charge Cables Quick ceramic heating AIR CONDITIONER Position and led steering indicators with halogen bi-projector position, stop stop, steering and reverse Full LED Infrementing system with Bluetooth and 2 speakers 3 USB sockets (smartphones) 180L, Access By electric tailgate steel rims with personalized discs Discs (2 front and 2 rear) Electric power steering Ergonomic Hi-tech adjustable Panoramic Hi-tech fabric with tinted glass and UV filter Type 2 loading cable and home loading cable

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Rough. Sophisticated. Modern. Nothing more.

This small electric city car will revolutionize your driving in town !

The Cavallari group invites you to discover exclusively on the French Riviera New Xev Yoyo Model Model,
latest generation 100% electric cart.
Created to meet your urban needs, this very small size is specially Designed for the city.

Economic at will:

An unbeatable km cost and cheaper maintenance

Available from € 15,000 to € 16,000 according to colors

Cumulate the Nice Metropolis Prime 3,000 € and the State premium of € 900

Tiny, it is ideal in town:

2.50m (length) x 1.50m (width) x 1.56 m (height)

Yoyo by Xev, revolutionary micro-city

Free and without commitment
Ecological bonus & bonus info
We are listening to you !
Your resellers Yoyo Côte d’Azur

A small, super practical city car to park

The Yoyo is among the models of Mini smallest city dwellers currently proposed.
Its dimensions are 2.50m (length) x 1.50m (width) x 1.56 m (height).

The Yoyo Xev is both less wide And less long that most models of urban cars.

The small size of the Yoyo allows fluidity and of park in reduced spaces.
Yet the driver and his passengers will not feel cramped in the passenger compartment, which remains spaciously spacious.

Micro template, but spacious

Despite its size, the cartoon in micro yoyo was designed to be despite everything very comfortable, even for large people.
Come and test it in your XEV Côte d’Azur dealerships !

Well thought out, she is pleasant and bright, Thanks to the 2 panoramic driver roofs and passenger and large glass surfaces.

A powerful engine reaching 90km/h

You will be perfectly at theEndness for driving in an urban environment : the 100% electric engine of the Yoyo XEV reaches Up to 90 km/h and deploys a power of 7.5 kW, which can go up to 15 kW.
She without difficulty tackles the 25% slopes, current on the French Riviera, thanks to its featherweight of 525 kg.

Even more sobriety consumption

Entered, this small electric car classified label CO² at 0g has 2 power modes ::

  • In town, it saves the M mode which uses the half engine power
  • Out of town or on difficult land, use the Sport mode which delivers the maximum power of 20 kW and climbed the slopes no problem

Up to 150km of autonomy

Automy in the city of the Yoyo city car reaches up to 150 km with a single load, count 120km on average in normal use.

Question duration of loading, its batteries recharge 80% in 3 hours from a simple 220 -volt power outlet.

2 recharging modes

You will appreciate being able to recharge it to choose from a classic outlet, either with a Type 2 cable (supplied with the vehicle) on public terminals (more details in our electric recharging guide).

Of course, your journeys become hyper economical !

Interchangeable batteries

Xev thought of his yoyo for Avoid being short of battery ::
with the XEV Battery Swapping, You will never wait for your loading battery to be able to circulate !

Sold with 3 batteries removable And easily accessible at the rear of the vehicle, you will replace a battery arrived at exhaustion with a battery that you will have previously loaded.
Simple, practical and efficient !

Where to drive it ?

Its power allows it to roll on the road with a 90km/h top speed and it is Authorized on a highway.

This 100% electric cart is accessible from 16 years to license holders B1.

Equipment worthy of a large

XEV has bet on the comfort of equipment worthy of a large Large ergonomic seats, Electric windows and mirrors And power steering.
Easy to heat with a Ceramic heating in energy energy which will not empty your batteries, it also has the air conditioner independent.
On the gearbox side, you have the choice between Automatic box or normal box.

Keyless key starting between with start button, Remote control via smartphone Electronic locking of steering, doors, air conditioning and windows; info Connected to your smartphone by Bluetooth for music; navigation system and applications managed via a 7 ’screen. She has everything !