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The Xbox Series S is an entry-level Next-Gen console designed for a rendering in 1440p up to 120 frames per second. It is compact, does not have a blu-ray player and it is announced at 299 euros.

Xbox series S or Xbox Series X: which model should you choose ?

Microsoft is launching two new game consoles: the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series Xbox. They are very different, so which must be favored ? Here are our tips for choosing the right.

Sony and Microsoft have two very different strategies to approach the new generation of consoles. If Sony has chosen to offer a PlayStation 5 and a very close PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which in our view, to choose fairly easily what is the best model, this is not the case at Microsoft.

The Redmond firm has, in fact, opted for two models of consoles with very different characteristics. If the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have the DNA of Next-Gen consoles, they are not addressed exactly the same target.

Microsoft Xbox Series S Fandroid 2020

Microsoft Xbox Series X - Fundroid

The differences between the two models at a glance

Here are in a few words the big differences between the two consoles.

The Xbox Series S is an entry-level Next-Gen console designed for a rendering in 1440p up to 120 frames per second. It is compact, does not have a blu-ray player and it is announced at 299 euros.

The Xbox Series X is the Next-Gen technological showcase console from Microsoft which announces a native 4K rendering up to 120 frames per second. It is more bulky, it has a 4K Blu-ray player and is marketed at 499 euros.

Two radically different design

  • The Xbox Series S is much more compact and simple to store than the series X

Like the Xbox Series S revises most of the characteristics of the X series, Microsoft can offer a completely different design. And yes, the console does not have a blu-ray player and is much easier to cool. She therefore does not ask for the same ventilation system as the series X.

The minimalist design of the Xbox Series S // Source: Microsoft

The minimalist design of the Xbox Series S // Source: Microsoft

The side of the Xbox Series S // Source: Microsoft

The side of the Xbox Series S // Source: Microsoft

The console is designed for the horizontal // Source: Microsoft

The console is designed for the horizontal // source: Microsoft

Thought to be used horizontally, the Xbox Series S is particularly easy to integrate into a living room with its minimal size: 27.5 cm x 15.1 cm x 6.5 cm only. It’s the smallest Xbox ever designed and it makes it the most compact next-Gen console on the market.

Xbox Series x Closeup (2)

Xbox Series x Closeup (4)

Xbox Series x Closeup (3)

The Xbox Series X is equal to the PlayStation 5: a high -end and voluminous console. The dimensions are 30 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm. For its cooling, it has been designed to be used vertically, which makes it more difficult to integrate into a living room, compared to its little sister.

What is the difference in power between a series S and a X series ?

  • The Xbox Series X is much more powerful, but Microsoft promises that the series S will not be penalized by its power deficit

The two models have a very different technical sheet, but a common base in terms of architecture. In both cases, we find: an AMD Zen 2 processor, an AMD RDNA 2 graphics chip with the latest technologies (VRS, Ray Tracing, Mesh Shader, etc.) and an SSD with the Xbox Velocity Architecture. It is this common base that makes Xbox Series S a real Next-Gen console, capable of turning the same games as the PS5 (exclusively Sony) or the Xbox Series Xbox.

Xbox Series S Xbox Series X
Processor AMD Zen 2, 8 cores at 3.4-3.6 GHz AMD Zen 2, 8 cores at 3.6-3.8 GHz
Gpu AMD RDNA 2 20 Cu at 1.565 GHz AMD RDNA 2 52 Cu at 1825 GHz
Graphic power 4 tflops 12.15 Tflops
Ram 10 GB GDDR6 16 GB GDDR6
Bandwidth 8 GB at 224 GB/S
2 GB at 56 GB/s
10 GB at 560 GB/s
6 GB at 336 GB/s
Target rendering 1440p at 60 fps (up to 120 fps) 4K 2160p at 60 fps (up to 120 fps)
Storage 512 GB NVME PCIe 4 1 to go nvme pcie 4
Speed 2.4 GB/s given decompressed
4.8 GB/s compressed data
Disk No Blu-ray 4K UHD
Dimensions 27.5 cm x 15.1 cm x 6.4 cm 30.1 x 15.1 x 15.1 cm

Beyond this common base, we can focus on two major differences between the two consoles. First the power delivered, with a GPU which is limited to 4 tflops of raw power, it is three times less than the Xbox Series x. To this is added a deficit of RAM with 10 GB of GDDR6 against 16 GB for the Series X. These compromises are there because Microsoft aims to run the games with a lower rendering definition, going from 4K (3,840 x 2160p) for series x to 1440p (2560 x 1440p) for the series S. This is much fewer pixels to display, so less need of RAM and raw power, in principle. This rendering in 1440p can be displayed on 4K screens thanks to Upscaling (artificial improvement of the definition) managed by the console.

Impossible for the moment to know what will be concrete the differences in play for the two consoles, especially in the years to come when the games are fully developed for the new consoles. If you are the type to watch the tests of Digital Foundry To find out how the games are running on each machine at the near pixel, it is certainly towards the Xbox Series X that you have to turn. On the other hand, if you already do not make the difference between the full HD and the 4K with a naked eye, or if you play on a Full HD screen, the Series S can probably suit you. It can also be a good idea if you are already changing your console at mid-generation. Because it is very likely that Sony and Microsoft will launch new consoles in a few years which will be more powerful, like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X on the previous generation. In this case, the series S can be a good investment while waiting for a visit to 4K in a few years.

Was the Xbox Series really Next-Gen ?

With such a power difference, one wonders if the Xbox Series is truly a new generation console. Some may remember that the Xbox One delivers an identical raw power of 4 tflops. First, the optimizations of the RDNA 2 architecture should make it possible to obtain, more or less, the same performances as the 6 tflops chip based on AMD GCN of the Xbox One X. Then, the latter aimed at a native 4K rendering, which is not the case with the series S.

The Xbox Series has truly considered a Next-Gen console. It will benefit from all the games that will be released on Xbox consoles for the years to come. The Xbox One X is part of the Xbox One generation and will thus be abandoned in the coming months, once the last Cross-Gen games have come out. It is because it incorporates an SSD and an RDNA 2 graphics chip that Microsoft can provide essential features for game developers on this new generation.

512 GB VS 1 TB of storage

  • Xbox Series X can store more games

Another important point that changes between the two technical sheets is the integrated storage. The Xbox Series S offers only 512 GB of storage space against 1 TB for the Xbox Series. On paper, it’s much less room to store games. Microsoft promises that games for series S will be able to occupy 30% less space, notably saving 4K textures.

Again, difficult to judge in advance. We can still remember that the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series will be entitled to external SSDs of 1 TB marketed by Seagate to relieve internal storage. It will also be possible to store game downloads on an external hard drive (but the SSD will be required to launch them).

Games and game prices

  • New and recent physical games are cheaper, but the Xbox Game Pass is a weight argument

As we had explained in our comparison between the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition, the price of the games is very different between their record version and the version that can be taken on the online store. We are talking about a difference of 10 to 15 euros on recent and new games between a store purchase or in digital format. Ultimately, it was this argument that pushed us to recommend the PS5 with Blu-ray player. In addition, the consoles without disc reader do not allow the games or to resell them.

The situation of the Xbox is a little different, however. We are thinking here of the Xbox Game Pass which allows for ten euros per month to access a catalog of more than 100 games including all new releases, now 23 Microsoft studios. It is therefore a new parameter to take into account: if the catalog of the Game Pass remains the same, the situation will be identical between the two consoles models. Add regular promotions for old games on the Xbox Store and you get a much more difficult choice.

Game enthusiasts who want the biggest outings from the first day will probably go to the model with disc. In all other cases, it is not at all ridiculous to imagine is enough of an Xbox without a disc player.

A big price difference

  • The Xbox Series S is much cheaper than the Xbox Series

The highlight of the Xbox Series S is above all its aggressive price of 299.99 euros. It takes 200 euros more to buy an Xbox series X more powerful, but more cumbersome. Such a price difference will ask to buy a dozen games in physical version on the life of Series X to be amortized, it’s not nothing.

The Xbox All Access to be taken into account

Microsoft will offer in France a new way of buying an Xbox console with the Xbox All Access service. This is no more or less than a credit over 24 months (at a slightly negative rate) integrating the purchase of the console and 24 months of subscription to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

For this subscription, the Xbox Series will be offered at 24.99 euros per month, while the Xbox Series X will be offered at 32.99 euros monthly. There is therefore a difference of 8 euros per month between the two models of consoles, which seems more painless than the 200 euros difference by buying counting.

Conclusion: believe or not in the promise of the Series S

If we had easily recommended the PS5 rather than the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, the choice on the side of Xbox is much more difficult. The Xbox Series S is really a very interesting console on paper. For 300 euros, this is a Next-Gen console which promises to be able to run all the games with a rendering up to 1440p and up to 120 images per second. Its lack of disc player is partially palliated by the Xbox Game Pass subscription which becomes more and more interesting. It also has the advantage of being much more discreet and compact than the PS5 or the Xbox Series. It is a “slim” console before the hour.

Ultimately, everything is played out on the confidence that can be made to Microsoft’s promises concerning the console’s ability to really be comfortable with games in 3, 4, 5 See 6 years. Difficult to know in advance if the compromises chosen by the firm will be too difficult to wear for developers.

But this promise seems above all to concern enthusiasts of video games. Those for whom to run a game in Full HD or in 1440p would be two totally different things. To this audience, Microsoft rather recommends the X series and we would be tempted to follow (if we stop at the Xbox consoles). For the others, the series S could well be a very good deal allowing access to the Next-Gen at a low price and to benefit from the catalog of the Game Pass. The series S seems to have been designed with the subscription in mind, as it makes sense for a console devoid of disc player.

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Compare Xbox consoles

Xbox Series Xbox Console

Shared characteristics of the new generation

Xbox Velocity Architecture Quick Resume DirectX Raytracing Shadow Variable Audio Spatial Games up to 120 FPS Smart Delivery Thousands of games available on four generations of consoles compatible with Xbox One Accessories Access more than 100 Games with the Xbox Game Pass **

Storage and possibility of extension

Xbox Series X 1 TB Custom SSD Disk Internal Storage
Xbox Series S 512 GB or 1 TB Personalized SSD internal storage

Xbox Series X and S The Seagate storage extension card of 1 to For Xbox Series X | S connects to the back of the console via the dedicated port and reproduces the experience of the custom SSD disk of the console, thus offering an additional storage space while keeping the same performance. ** USB 3.1 For external hard drive **

Image frequency

Xbox Series X and S up to 120 fps


Xbox Series X 12 Téraflops
Xbox Series S 4 Téraflops

Resolution for games

Xbox Series x True 4K
Xbox Series S 1440 P

Optical disk

Xbox Series X UHD 4K
Blu-ray player
Xbox Series S not included


Xbox Series X up to 8k
HDR technology
Xbox Series S Compatible 8k
HDR technology ***

Xbox Series X and S Variable refresh frequency mode with low automatic latency Dolby Vision


Xbox Series X and S Dts 5.1 Dolby Digital 5.1 Dolby TrueHD with Atmosphere Windows Sonic

Ports and connectors

Xbox Series X and S 3 Ports USB 3.1 Gen 1 output Hdmi 2.1 Wireless 802.11ac with double band Ethernet 1 Gbit/s

Radio accessories

Xbox Series X and S Xbox Wireless Radio with dedicated double band


Xbox Series X Compatible with physical play discs and dematerialized games
Xbox Series Sit from the disc

Xbox Series X and S Stay and save resolution videos 4K at a frequency of 60 fps Digital games and backups are safe on the Cloud The dematerialized games travel with you preinstall new dematerialized games; Play as soon as they go out with the Xbox Game Pass, instant access to a library of more than 100 games, online multiplayer mode, EA Play and access to games from the first day **


Xbox Series X and S Access hundreds of applications and services. Watch 4K Ultra HD 4K videos on your favorite applications, such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+ and much more


15.1 cm x 15.1 cm
x 30.1 cm 4.45 kg
6.5cm x 15.1 cm
x 27.5 cm 1.93 kg


Xbox Series XBOX console
Xbox Series S console
Xbox Xbox Series Xbox wireless controller
Xbox SERIES S XBOX wireless controller
Xbox Series X Ultra High Speed ​​HDMI Cable
Xbox Series S HDMI High Speed ​​Cable

Xbox Series Xbox Console

Xbox Series X

549.99 € estimated resale price *

Black console and controller Xbox Series S and Xbox Series S 1 To

Xbox Series S

From € 284.99 estimated resale price *

Available in the form of autonomous purchase or as part of Xbox All Access, with 24 monthly payments and two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate included. ^

* Retail prices may vary. ** Sold separately *** If used with the very high speed HDMI cable, sold separately

Xbox Series X VS Xbox Series S:
the comparative


Microsoft has confirmed that two consoles will be launched for the arrival of the new generation: the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series Sries. But what is the best for you, and what are their differences ?



As you could imagine, the Xbox Series S was much finer than the Series X. In length, it measures 27.5 cm against 30.1 for the large. For the width, count 15 cm for the series S and a small millimeter more for the X, but as said above, it is at the level of the depth that the margin is done: 6.5 cm for the series S and 15.1 for series x. Dimensions that make the smallest series in Microsoft’s history.

The reader

The biggest difference between the two consoles is played in the reader since … the series S does not have one. Microsoft therefore offers a console that is fully in digital, and in which you will not be able to slide disk. Unlike the X series which is, for its part, equipped with a 4K Blu-ray player.



In terms of raw specifications, Xbox Series X and Series S are somewhat similar, the first being still more powerful. The two consoles have an AMD Zen 2 to 8 hearts processor, but it should be noted that the X series will have a slightly faster frequency at 3.8 GHz, compared to that of the SERIES S, which is 3 , 6 GHz. Basically, this means that the Series X processor can manage a little more data per second, but the difference is not so important and will probably not be noticeable by most players.

RAM level, the series S has 10 GB in GDDR6 against 16 for its big sister. We find the same difference with regard to the raw power of the two machines. They both take a RDNA 2 GPU, but that of the X series is measured at 12 teraflops while that of the series s stops at 4.

  • Version: SERIES X Series S
  • Dimensions 15.1 x 15.1 x 30.1 6.5 x 15.1 x 27.5
  • Weight 4.45 kg 1.93 kg
  • GPU power 12.15 TFLOPS RDNA2 4 TFLOPS RDNA2
  • CPU 8-CORE AMD ZEN 2 Closed to 3.8 GHz (3.6 GHz with SMT technology) 8-CORE AMD ZEN 2 clocked at 3.6 GHZ (3.4 GHz with SMT technology)
  • GPU AMD RDNA2 with 52 CUS @ 1.825GHz AMD RDNA2 with 20 CUS @ 1.565Ghz
  • BANDING 10GO @ 560 GB/S 6GO @ 336 GB/S 8GO @ 224 GB/S 2GO @ 56 GB/S
  • Target performance 4K 60FPS native (up to 8k and/or 120 fps) 1440p 60 fps (up to 120 fps)
  • Internal storage 1TO PCIe Gen 4 NVME SSD 512GO PCIe Gen 4 NVME SSD
  • SSD / HDD 2 transfer speed.4GB/s without compression 4.8GB/s with compression 2.4GB/s without compression 4.8GB/s with compression
  • Variable Rate Shading yes yes
  • Reduced load time yes yes
  • Raytracing yes yes


The two consoles have a SSD in PCIe 4.0 which guarantees very short loading times. On the other hand, the owners of the Xbox Series S will be satisfied with a capacity of 512 GB against the 1 TB of the Series X. It will also be possible to extend the storage capacities of the two consoles using … Memoir cards ! As in the heyday, and it was Seagate, the partner of Microsoft, who is responsible for the production of the latter. And if you don’t really want to play it nostalgia, know that it is also possible to extend the storage using an external hard drive USB 3.1.

The resolution

Another difference is at the level of the definition offered by the two consoles. The Xbox Series X will display native 4K at 60 frames per second (up to 120 with a lower resolution), while the Xbox Series S will offer a display reaching maximum 1440p (from 2K). Regarding the images per second, whose hardcore gamers are fond of, the series is also able to go up to 120 despite their differences.


One might wonder if the Xbox Series S would not ignore a few features, when it is a little less efficient. Well the answer is no. The two consoles will be provided in the same way, with in particular: the Xbox Velocity Architecture, the Smart Delivery, the Quick Resume, Raytracing Hardware and the Rate Shading variable.

Credit: Xbox


The connection also will be similar on the two machines. The SERIES S and X will each take an HDMI 2 port.1, three USB ports including one at the front, an ethernet port and finally a slot for a memory card as said above.


Regarding retrocmpatibility, once again no jealous. Both are able to manage all games of the Xbox One generation (with the exception of Kinect Games) but also the entire Xbox 360 and Xbox game catalog original. Besides, don’t get rid of your Xbox One accessories. They too will be compatible on the two consoles. Finally, you should know that the series will not perform the Xbox One X improved versions of the Retrocompatible Games, but the One S version with “Improved texture filtering, higher and more coherent framerate, faster loading times and automatic HDR”.

The price


Microsoft has also announced the prices of the two consoles. To get your hands on the Xbox Series X, it will take € 499.99. For its little sister, the Xbox Series S, the price will be € 299.99. But that’s not all, since Micromania will also offer you the Xbox All Access offer ! The latter allows you to buy one of the two consoles from € 24.99 per month, with a 24 -month commitment, while integrating the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and the EA Play in the offer. What have access to a huge game catalog as soon as the two consoles are released.

Xbox All Access

The Xbox All Access offer will soon be offered by Micromania-Zing.

Exit and pre -order dates

Speaking of exit, we now have a date. The two consoles will be available from November 10, and you can pre -order that of your choice from September 22 on the Micromania store.